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Gerry & The Pacemakers - You, you, you lyrics

makes me love you this way? Oh, and what makes ... sun shine so brightly? It's you, you, you, you Who tells ... me will always soar? It's you, you, you, you When I'm

Julianne Hough - You, you, you lyrics

way I was starin' when I saw your face And how I felt as ... train, train Just to hold your hand in the pourin' rain, ... cliff, cliff Just to kiss your pretty lips, lips, lips I'd

Sharm - You lyrics

s only me I won't hold on to your promises They all lie

Collective Soul - You speak my language lyrics

s he trying to say But you, you speak my language Yeah you, you speak my language All

Bratmobile - I love you, you little crocodile lyrics

Love You, You Little Crocodile ...........

Discharge - You lyrics

detector See through your lies Through your disguise ... See through your lies Through your disguise ... See through your lies Through your disguise ... You got more flaws Than

Ledapple - I first love you (you're my first love) - led.. lyrics

Cheoeum mannatdeon nal Gachi gatdeon kape nan Gachi tatdeon beoseu Iksukhan dongnedeul nan Baraeda judeon gil Neone jip golmokgil nan Neoui chueokdeureul Neoui g...

A Wilhelm Scream - You kiss their ass and they shit on you lyrics

because I can't think less of you. You f*** with us and we'll ... be f***ing you soon. We're in line, a number ... Just know we've got yours. We keep our collective

Alice's Garden - You and i lyrics

VERSE 1) You, you have to be I live in a dream ... You, Your on my mind I, I hope I can ... find (VERSE 2) You, you have to be I just can't ... believe You, you take me there I, I really

April Wine - You could have been a lady lyrics

been a lady They all need you to make love to When you ... awake, you find them on the bed lyin' ... beside you They all love you, you're a good girl And I

Mary J Blige - (you make me feel like) a natural woman lyrics

tired Before the day I met you Life was so unkind You're the ... peace of mind (Chorus) Cause you make me feel You make me feel ... was in the lost and found You came along to claim it I didn

Br549 - You are the queen lyrics

and this is what I say You are the queen and you're the ... That there has ever been You rule my very soul, I'm ... worthless on my own Your majesty will always be

Lincoln Brewster - You never stop lyrics

never stop You, You never stop reaching To the ... place I am On and on You, You keep on reminding me I'm in Your hands So write it down ... forget it No matter what Your love it won't fail me No

David Bryan - You tore my heart out lyrics

out My human heart out You ripped it from the bone You ... Cannot compare now To what you've done to me You, you tore ... my heart out I thought you could see The simple person

David Byrne - You don't know me lyrics

re lookin at me but you don't know me I'm invisible ... eye I'm apart of ev'rything you're doin' 'm apart of you ... love songs I'm the part of you you can't control I'm the

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - I love you, you big dummy lyrics

has no body I love you, you big dummy No body has love ... Don't breathe ah lie I love you, you big

Carpenters - You lyrics

else turns to grey Yours is the voice that wakes me ... sends me out into the day You are the crowd that sits quiet ... mad sense I make Ref: You are one of the few things

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - You took my heart lyrics

So tonight, I wanna talk to you about the relationship ... s about money... [Hook:] You took my heart from me I'll ... limit, 2 for 5's the gimmick You line something up, I tie

D.r.i. - You lyrics

I want to be with you for the rest of my life ... I may never want to see you again That’s how it goes, ... people change But you know that I don’t have to

Bobby Darin - You're the reason i'm living lyrics

re the reason I'm living You're the breath that I take You're the stars in my heaven You're the sun when I wake You ... re the reason I'm living Oh you carry me through All of life

Dean Reed - You lyrics

who have the power you who have the guns, you who ... keep us always an the run. you who have the press - to tell your dirty lies, you who have ... all that money buys. You who have the army to kill your enemies you who have the

Daniela Friskies - You are my dreaming of lyrics

are dreaming of, you are dreaming of, of of. You ... are dreaming in of, of of. You are dreaming in the of, of of ... dreaming in the of. You are dreaming in the of, of of

Stefanie Heinzmann - You made me see lyrics

not know was in front of me your love caused a chain reaction ... I'm breaking free even if you always knew but didn't dare ... what I want is here with you to take a chance at love's

Helloween lyricsHelloween - You always walk alone lyrics

I think it's right for me you say to me I will repent what ... I think it's right for me you say to me I will repent what ... of life for me this music you hear the strength we have

Jimmy Needham - You make me sing lyrics

and dance For all they have You're making the skies say your ... name You're making me do the same You make me sing That from ... the LORD he reigns And you, you make me sing That from the

J. Geils Band - You are the only one lyrics

that's for sure (Chorus) You, you're the only one You're ... the only one You, you're the only one There are ... go But baby I want to tell you Just how good you make me

Kenotia - You've dug your own grave, now lie in it lyrics

Please forgive me when I tell you its not what I wanted. Hey you, keep breathing. Just keep ... breathing. Hey you, if it's meant to be, it will ... come back to you. So now here we are in

Michael Kiske - You always walk alone lyrics

way I think is right for me You say to me I will repent what ... way I think is right for me You say to me I will repent what ... of life for me this music you hear The strength we have

Made Of Hate - You, departed lyrics

a bright blast from the sky You were taken away You were ... open-minded And now you are laying dead All I can ... night Beside the sparkles in your eyes Is a sound of the

Magazine - I love you you big dummy lyrics

pale as a chipped potato you're a real peach just out of ... in another kitchen You think I'm a lame duck I don ... I don't give two hoots you're too big for your bossy

Anne Murray - You light up my life lyrics

me Alone in the dark, but you've come along And you light ... up my life You give me hope to carry on You ... a chance to say, hey, I love you Never again to be all alone

Melee - You make my dreams lyrics

I want you've got And it might be hard ... and dreams that scatter You pull them all together And ... I can't explain Well, well you, you make my dreams come true

Mellowdrone - You and i lyrics

Someday I'll try and fix you, ok Yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah ... yeah, yeah) Yeah (yeah) You, You lied You said you'd ... stay Now you're gone Why didn't you feel

Anika Moa - You're the light lyrics

our friendship is good You took the trouble to hear me ... Now I owe you a favour times ten You're ... me tonight and I'll treat you right my dear You have a ... My problems are nothing to you you sort them through I'm

Nofx - You put your chocolate in my peanut butter lyrics

you, you have too much hair, And we ... don't like what you wear, And you have really ... breath, So were gonna beat you to death. Because there is ... of us, And only one of you, We've got plenty of reasons

Pond - You are not an astronaut lyrics

you were the astronaut in my only ... so far away at night but how you shine like a new car you in ... because rocket ships can get you high, can't keep you warm

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - You just don't care lyrics

you You'd have to leave And you listened with a cryin stare. ... Now you've got the nerve To tell me ... baby Yeah, Yeah, a no, no You don't care You just don't

Sarina Paris - You lyrics

all I do is cry Because you left me and you didn't even ... lonely, can't live without you [Chorus] You Every beat ... Every second, every moment You Every still of the night,

Augustana - It only means i love you (you were made for m.. lyrics

things right It doesn't keep you warm at night It doesn't ... help you learn how to fight It doesn ... even if it's made to bleed You know that you can count on me

B. B. King - You and me me and you lyrics

me way back in the country You fed me on love and greens You laid my head upon a feather ... mighty sweet dreams Don't you know we got something going

Black - You dont always do whats best for you lyrics

The fact that I still love you and I’m not supposed to ... care I wanted not to But you don’t always do what’s best ... for you Was your first name “lover”, was your second “nomore”. What the

Bondspaceee - You lyrics

got a green hair, you got red eyes, you got a ... blue shirt, you got a pink skirt, ref. you're all need you are my life

Jackson Browne - You didn't need a cloud lyrics

I saw you, you were looking through your ... which way the wind blows You saw me - I was walking down your highway You didn't need a ... the wind was blowing my way You didn't need a cloud to know

Buzzcocks - I love you, you big dummy lyrics

pale as a chipped potato you're a real peach just out of ... juice in another kitchen You think I'm a lame duck I don ... f*** I don't give two hoots you're too big for your bossy

Irene Cara - You took my life away lyrics

to the truth This i fear, you've left me here With the ... mistakes made in my youth But i'll be strong-though ... I just go on wanting your love There's nothing left

Carola - You bring out the best in me lyrics

looking for, baby As long as you're right here beside me Then ... I promise you, my love I'll never let you ... no, oh no, oh no Because you, you bring out the best in me

Chron Gen - You make me spew lyrics

dunno why you think that you are so brilliant you think ... that you're superior to me you may have won the last miss ... t mean a single thing 'Cos you - oh you - you make me spew

Cosmo Klein - You make me happy lyrics

an empty road I followed your tracks to be with you Now I ... I was searchin' for Baby, you're the one that I adore Baby ... you're the one that I adore

Cowboy Junkies - You will be loved again lyrics

could he take you in his arms and help you to ... be free then leave you forgotten and is it enough ... to cry? When you're so broken... Her cold ... eyes tell you you're not welcome she tells

Darkheart - You lyrics

keeps me afloat. But for you, Diving underwater. ... Thanks for you, I'm flying in the sky. ... Will you stay with me? Question ... thousands. Ref. Ooooou You are the light of my life,

Dave Days - You lyrics

and your face. You keep me up; you keep me ... hoping One of these days you might come around, my way. ... I'm here. I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue.

Eddy Arnold - You're nobody till somebody loves you lyrics

re nobody till somebody loves you You're nobody till somebody ... cares You may be king you may posses the world and its ... gold But gold won't bring you happiness when you're growing

Faith Evans - You are my joy (interlude) lyrics

baby I dedicate this song to you, my child You, you are the

Fleetwood Mac - You make loving fun lyrics

wonderful you, You make me happy with the things ... It would be different and you know it will, You, you make ... And I don't have to tell you that you're the only one.

G-dragon - You do (outro) lyrics

That’s me who you? Not me GD That’s me who you ... Not me GD That’s me who you? Not me Not me Not me Do you? You do You could be ... hal su isseo i said You can do it too man gita

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - You were up to something (feat. caddywhompus) lyrics

Hook: Caddywhompus] My God you were up to something (x5) ... I heard she was the one if you want your tip boss So P.E. ... in [Hook: Caddywhompus] You, you, you were more than

Gloria Gaynor - You'll be mine lyrics

we used to climb. I look in your eyes and you'll be mine. ... mainstream. Someday soon. You don't know me, but I know you ... (you don't know me). You have no idea what I do (what

Heartland - You lyrics

with brand new strings Your favorite faded pair of jeans ... Yeah, there's a few ways you could define perfect But if ... only had one word it would be you You, in every way and

I Wrestled A Bear Once - You know that ain't them dogs' real voices lyrics

your skin girl, shed your skin Dance for him like your mother used to Just like your father taught you to do He ... eyes from his head Why don't you believe me? When I tell you you're f***ing intimidating

Iwrestledabearonce 2007 - You know that ain't them dog's real voice lyrics

quot;You Know That Ain't…" ... Ringtone "You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' ... Real Voices" Shed your skin girl, shed your skin

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