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You Wont Be Alone Before I Get You By My Side lyrics

Browse for You Wont Be Alone Before I Get You By My Side song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed You Wont Be Alone Before I Get You By My Side lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to You Wont Be Alone Before I Get You By My Side.

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Jadakiss - By my side lyrics

Intro: Ne-Yo] Right by my side [Jadakiss] HA-HAH!!! UH ... HUH! B. Hudson, Jadakiss, Ne-Yo I think it's me and ... you tonight ma You see every good woman needs a

Inxs lyricsInxs - By my side lyrics

the dark of night Those small hours ... Uncertain and anxious I need to call you Rooms full ... of strangers Some call me friend But I wish you were close

The Kooks - By my side lyrics

you feel like you've fallen out of use Come by ... my side The starved pain my girl you have induced Come ... dine by my side Everything she said to me was true

Ben Harper - By my side lyrics

t you get ahead of me and I won't leave you behind if you get unhappy show me a sign ... there's no love like lost love no pain like a ... heart there's no love like you and me and no loss like us

Copeland - By my side lyrics

s takin' time, all this fear I pushed back to move on Beating me like a panic attack since you've gone And if I ... never fear to be more alone, I do now I turn to see my

Vanessa Amorosi - By my side lyrics

can I tell you how much I love you Yhow can I say what ... words cannot say How can I tell you all that I need to ... What can I do to make you stay Please don't go away

Loser - By my side lyrics

wrote you a thousand letters all inside ... my head I'd tell you how I'm sorry for all I didn't said ... We crashed into one another everything we ... had I want you to know that I have only one regret I'd

Bloden-wedd - By my side lyrics

m all alone, I hear your voice from far beyond, the stars ... Tears in my eyes, the winter is fall, I'm waitng for the ... angels call I'm fading away, through the rain I

Chris De Burgh - By my side lyrics

s all right I'm not lost, I've got a reading on the ... Southern Cross, And I've been listening to the radio, ... For signs of new life, Some people find the game

Rebecca Lavelle - By my side lyrics

can't keep my heart from breaking When you're not here Don ... t want another night of waking Without you near Can't ... face another day without you Don't wanna face it alone I

Shaw Tyler - By my side lyrics

woke up today Thinking of you Think that I know what I ... want to say Gonna tell you tonight It's you on my mind ... And I can hardly wait Count down Breath in and

Tyler Shaw - By my side lyrics

woke up today Thinking of you Think that I know what I ... want to say Gonna tell you tonight It's you on my mind ... And I can hardly wait Count down Breath in and

Ignite - By my side lyrics

s a battle, all my own but steadfast right by my side, best friend I've ever ... known, you've always had my back, lost my stability, ... straight down bloodied up my face, pick myself up again

Nicole Scherzinger - By my side (ft. akon) lyrics

Ahwwww Konvict Sellin se selling me To think that ... I could leave you Sellin se selling me To think that ... I don't need you Ahwwww How could I tell

Paul Cattermole - By my side lyrics

out for something unknown There's a hole in my love I want to feel but only ... the right stuff I'll unlock my heart and you gotta love (oh) ... Show me Everything don't need no secrets Give

S.o.j.a - By my side lyrics

act like I left her, but I really beg her to stay. And ... the more that I press her is the more she slips away. ... Act like I don't need her but...Yo, you ... re necessary... Like ten days from now I won't

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - By my side lyrics

I saw an eclipse of your smile within my own reflection ... On your look, so beautiful then A tear ran down my ... face, all my memories erase Oh, why'd you have

Emphatic - By my side lyrics

call your phone just to hear your voice And say: Hello, I miss you baby And it's driving ... me crazy How are you, it's been so long I can't believe ... that you are gone Have you found somebody new? No one

Kasabian - By my side lyrics

on, By My Side Come on, Both sides ... Come on, By My Side Come on, Both sides ... of the shadows, send the children to their saints You ... create these zombies, just to keep them from their saints No communication as

Leroy Sanchez - By my side lyrics

Oooh Ooooh) It's crazy now but not when it ... all began I found my way back but now I'm lost again I put all my faith in love, ... but this is the end It's like I'm breaking down, 'cause

Dream Evil - By my side lyrics

venom of steel, the enemy's closing in With dark intentions and souls of black ... Blood in the wind, a battle that can't be won ... Thunder of steel - Lightning attack There is no way

3 Doors Down - By my side lyrics

blazed a trail I dared to run They built this ... world and I have come I need another, like a brother ... For a cryin’ shoulder This could be the last time, you

Kanako Itou - By my side lyrics

machi no mukidashi no NEON KARAA ugomeku yoru ... Kesenai kanashimi kizamitsukerareta itami ni kararete ... Mou tomerarenai ikari no uzu ni nomikomarete shimau

Matty Mullins - By my side lyrics

take long drives, no destination in mind And I don't care ... where we're going As long as you're by my side Right by my side, it's so right I found the missing piece to my puzzle The

The Automatic - By my side lyrics

things that run in my blood I just gave up so fast I've ... got nothing left to give secrets don't keep ... themselves I'm sick of hiding the answer from the question here what did I find in my

Debbi - By my side lyrics

know you always love me, always care. ... I wanna take you with me, take you there. I want ... to, be close to, You'll be my perfect guy. When I feel like smileing You'll be right by my side. (2x)Sun sun,

Christina Novelli - By my side (feat. bryan kearney) lyrics

calling at your name but i don't heal them paper next ... to me again but I don't see pain right now I ... hear it's time I'm feel and all i see is you ... so when you pill my guns tonight and I will bring you back

Dean Reed - You by my side (la novia) lyrics

by my side that's how I see us I close my eyes ... and I can see us With or not with you say I do ... now My secret dreams ever come ... true now I see the church I see the people Your folks

Jadakiss - By your side lyrics

ll be by your side (General) I'll always find a way I love you too much, to loose ya Sweet ... dancin, you’re there right by [VERSE 1:] (By your side)

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - If the lord wasn´t walking by my side lyrics

don't know just what I'd do If the Lord wasn't walking by my side When I was drifting ... (when I was drifting on the sea of a despair) ... and I was wandering (I was wandering if Jehovah's up

Lynam - By your side lyrics

at me now Now that you're gone Gave you everything ... that You could ever want Guess I was ... crazy Being so blind Now I'm so happy Just to be alive

Eva Cassidy - Wont be long lyrics

here I am by the railroad track Waitin' for my baby, he's comin' back Comin' ... to me on the 503 Ooh and it won't be long, no it won't be long I get so lonesome since my man's been gone There

Eminem lyricsEminem - Eminem - by my side ft. stat quo lyrics

Intro: Eminem] OHH! Stat Quo! Here we ... go! C'mon, c'mon! You ready? (heh) Let's do it man ... Aftermath [Stat Quo] + (Eminem) Yeah (where you get that

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Right by my side (feat. chris brown) lyrics

Nicki Minaj] It all comes down to this I miss your morning kiss I won't ... lie, I'm feeling it You're gone now, and I'm missing it I'm so dumb, I must admit

A Heartwell Ending - You're my dream catcher lyrics

feel the poison in your veins Just know its form the ... we shared So stop pretending your afraid You never ever close ... your eyes in the first place So don't you tell

Nostradameus - Death by my side lyrics

had a life, I had a dream I had plans, I had expectations ... So many things were there for me Now the ... lie you made me believe in Is like a nightmare, and it's

A Day To Remember - You already know what you are lyrics

Used to tell me: You got to choose a side Now it ... s four years later, And they beg for advice. Don't trust the ... critic he's a cynic Make the call for yourself

Mc - Nicki minaj - right by my side ft. chris brow.. lyrics

Nicki Minaj] It all comes down to this I miss your morning kiss I won't ... lie, I'm feeling it You're gone now, and I'm missing it I'm so dumb, I must admit It's too much, to hold it in I

Juicy J - This bitch by my side lyrics

got a main bitch, I got a new hoe Love my AK and ... I bought a 44 She so seductive when she takes them clothes ... off Nigga get wrong then that bitch is going off It's her birthday so I

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - By your side lyrics

if you call my name You know my heart you claim I'll be right here By your side ... Through thickness and through thin You ... know my love you win I'll be right here By your side

Phantom Blue - You're not alone lyrics

it comes again Always trying to run But you never leave ... my mind Night after night feelings pour like rain ... Can’t take it when we’re apart Don’t you

Agnetha Fältskog - Stand by my side lyrics

I feel we're still together Only a touch away, Memories of you I still remember ... Words that you used to say, used to say. ... Stand by my side, I need you near me Feeling you close to

Miracle Of Sound - Journey song - stay by my side lyrics

By My Side Distant silhouettes Empty horizons Sing a still duet Affections tighten Kindred ribbons Spring us from our tethers Rivers ... drifting Vivid and together Stay by my side Soft

Colosseum - Demons swarm by my side lyrics

languish in their absence while silence moans Paralyzed in ... dormancy, lifeless slumber drowning in emptiness ... Senses still flicker awaiting the hopeless awakening to a

Sinergy - Suicide by my side lyrics

everyday through this nightmare no signs of waking up ... Surrounded by my fear and frustration ... paralysed here I stand So I surrender now, and give up on

Delain - Get the devil out of me lyrics

don't know what to feel, I don't know what to say Ooh, I don't know what to do, what ... makes me treat you this way Oh I get nerve in my ... bones or I get nerve in my heart Why don't you leave me

Hatebreed - You're never alone lyrics

is for the kids that have no where to turn ... Who have nothing to live for You think you haven't ... the will to persist You have to search withinyourself

Sebastian Bach - By your side lyrics

long my dear departed where did you go I can't believe you ... re gone and the lights go out so slow I'm missing you each morning Days gone ... by Again I feel the longing to look you in the eye You know I'll never let you go You know I'll never hurt so bad

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - I want to be alone lyrics

lock myself inside my room I WANNA BE ALONE With you ... around, you'll only an add on I WANNA BE ... ALONE Its been disturbed by my thoughts I WANNA BE ALONE With you around, you'll only an

Maejor Ali - Get you alone lyrics

on my mind thinkin' 'bout when I get you alone ... You already know it's goin' down when I get you alone You know what I came here to do ... when I get you alone I'ma give it all to you when I get you, when I get you alone You know it, you know you in

Magnum - Midnight you wont be sleeping lyrics

know how it feels to cry But it's only lovers Know the ... reason why They stay together And when your time has ... come You'll soon discover Look at what you've

Paramore - Be alone lyrics

what if I don't have, A lot to talk ... about? I shut my mouth and keep it, Locked ... until it counts. And what if I don't ever want, To leave my ... house? Stay on the couch while All my friends are going

Thomas Anders - You will be mine lyrics

make you me feel alive Now you are in my life I want you by my side I know in time ... Oh I've died eight times and this is it You're my ... lost chance, babe, that I will got I know in time You

Eminem lyricsEminem - Get you mad (feat. king tech) lyrics

. yo! [Eminem hachs up spit] Mic check...(My dick!) ..., two [Eminem hach up spit on mic] Ffff ... f***...(My dick!) my nuts.. My attitude is

Hughes Glenn - Get you stoned lyrics

live ten miles down a dusty road You ... pull back, gonna overload I make you sing like a mocking ... bird You better hurry better hear my word You are a ... wide receiver And you're magnificent A disbeliever, won't you let me vent I gotta notion

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - Get back in my life lyrics

are relentless I am defenceless Why did you ... knock me down tonight? You beat me senseless I just don't get this How many times do I ... have to try? Your whisper, so clear The world disappeared I've fallen to the

Pretty Ricky - Get you right lyrics

Yeah Yeah Baby let me lay ya down On the ... carpet when I come round Get rug burns when I tear ya down ... On the ground all I wanna hear is that ooh ahh ... sound I'ma push up on ya slow Get ya right by the end of the night Do something sweet Like

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You are not alone (rapversion) lyrics

you know what I feel And if you feel the same way too Just ... close your eyes You're not alone... C'mmon! C'mmon! Wave your hands in the air! If I

Plies - Get you wet lyrics

Intro x2:] Bet if I suck on that p**** bet that ... ll get you wet And rub my hand on that clit bet that'll ... get you wet And rub my tongue down your neck bet

Eric Burdon - Be mine lyrics

impossible believers, If they worry ev'ry minute that ... goes by. Be the magic of the morning. Be mine, ... all the time , Be mine, be mine. Baby, be mine. Why do you belong to someone? Try to

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