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You Were My Baby Baby Baby I Thought That You Love Me lyrics

Browse for You Were My Baby Baby Baby I Thought That You Love Me song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed You Were My Baby Baby Baby I Thought That You Love Me lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to You Were My Baby Baby Baby I Thought That You Love Me.

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Aviation - You were my everything lyrics

Talking:] This goes out to someone that was Once the most important person in my life I didn't realize it at the time I can't forgive myself for the way I treated you so I don't really expect you to either It's just... I don't even know Just listen… You're the one that

Messy Marv - You were my world lyrics

Verse 1:] I Use 2 Cook And Nigga Clean 4 You Jump On The Plane And Touched Down With The Cream 4 U I Could Of Been Scandelous But I Came Back With All The Bread I Held You Down When Them Niggas Was Tryin To Bust You Head Nigga My Mama Put Up The House To Get You Outta Jail

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - You were loved lyrics

all want to make a place in this world We all want our voices to be heard Everyone wants a chance to be someone We all have dreams we need to dream Sweeter than any star you can reach Is when you reach and find you found someone You'll hold this world's most priceless thing

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - If you were my woman lyrics

you were my woman And I was your man There would be no other woman You'd be weak as a lamb If you had the strength to walk out that door My love would overrule my sense I would call you back for more If you were my woman If you were my woman

The Downtown Fiction - You were wrong lyrics

up your mind. The room is closing in, you need to find A place where you can run Before you're locked down. This stuff's becoming too predictable. Give me what you got, I'll take it cause I, Really think I'm in the wrong direction. You're giving u

Jjamz - You were my home lyrics

you left I was broken Couldn't see them? How I could go on With my life Now the cycle continues I'm the one with secrets Cover in your lies every time Dying inside You'll be back I should've known We for off the track Now I'm alone You were my home Now my worl

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You're my heart, you're my soul '98 (rapversi.. lyrics

8 on your FM dial! You're listening to the f***iest station in the nation! And today we're just Modern Talking! Here's the No.1 track For the love of my life Everything I sacrifice Just to make her my wife Kiss me hot like fire Never cold like ice I'll

Gwen Stefani lyricsGwen Stefani - You’re my favorite lyrics

pretty simple, But I have explored Thought I had found it, But I wasn’t sure Always a feeling that there could be more Could be more… But I’ve been there, done that, Buyed it, tried it more than I can count Shook it, stirred it, Broke it, smoked it

Thomas Anders - You're my heart, you're my soul lyrics

in my heart, there's a fire That's a burning heart Deep in my heart, there's desire for a start I'm dying in emotion It's my world in fantasy I'm living in my, living in my dreams You're my heart, you're my soul I keep it shining everywhere I go You're my heart, you're m

Lil Eddie - Thought you were mine lyrics

to old school on my record player. those sad love songs get you through being alone. how i wish that you were here. trying to erase the picture from my records. seeing you with him thinking this is insane. really caught me off guard, i thought we were really rocking hard

Shanice - You were the one lyrics

know things don't last forever but I thought that you were true I guess I've been mistaken cause our love is done and through It hurts me cause I know I was true to you and I'm sorry for whatever I've done to you Chorus oo-oo-oo baby you wer

Lionel Richie - Through my eyes lyrics

yeahh Oeeehh nanana Wowowowow Baby we were so in love Only one that I could trust I would never give that up Cuz no one like her Knew you were my everything Was so glad that you with me Had to tell my family I found that girl And out a kn

Atreyu - You were king now youre unconscious lyrics

is no light in sight Only a tunnel of pain Only your legs will carry you Carry you to the end! Live your life for yourself Or live for the struggle at best Just don't let it strangle you Just don't let it strangle you! And after all this No one will

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Baby boy lyrics

Im in a daze Looking for that someone And everyday, I sit and kneel and pray Oh, sweet love, can I get some? So why do you desert me, baby boy? I need your love right now! And if you desert me, baby boy Dont you leave me in your crowd Talki

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - If u were my man lyrics

you were my man, I could be your fantasy And if you were my man, I'd give you sweet ecstasy Yes if you were my man, what I'd od If you were my man, if you were my man Boy I see you lookin' at my body With that look in your eyes And even though you're standing with y

Chicago - Baby, what a big surprise lyrics

before my very eyes I thought that you were only fakin' it And like before my heart was takin' it. Baby what a big surprise Right before my very eyes. Yesterday it seemed to me My life was nothing more than wasted time But here today you've softl

Jacob Latimore - Love again lyrics

since the day you came (the day you came) I've been entertained From the way you smile your face You brighten up my day And now I know my life has changed You made me a better man Now I wanna get out the game Cause something's got a hold of

Jc Chasez - If you were my girl lyrics

Uh Ooh-oh Yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah-yeah You better get it again, come on, get up on me, ma Sweet as the juice in a peach, my mouth ready for water falling (Ooh oh) Grab on to me and you'll get a dose, strap on and don't get down We'll keep on r

Relient K. - When you were my baby lyrics

still remember what happened Yeah, I know right where I was The sky was looking overcast On the outskirts of love That’s when you said keep on driving Although the sun’s gonna set You said you had to see how far we could take this Yeah, how far we cou

Bay City Rollers - If you were my woman lyrics

you were my woman And I was your man If you were my woman I'd be your man Oh baby when I feel your touch The magic in your fingers takes control of me My love for you is way too much Don't turn me off, don't leave me Don't set me free Hold on to what we've got If nothin'el

Mandy Moore - Quit breaking my heart lyrics

were my first slow dance thought that we had a chance but together was too hard for you hanging out with your friends and I accept these things all i need is for you to be true i know you care but it's just not fair when you're not around i want yo

Megan & Liz - When you were mine lyrics

could tell you what you wore on that first date We talked for hours and we stayed up too late For a hundred days we were amazing Didn’t need nothing more As our minds were changing, lights were fading Nothing left to fight for Can we take the time to say what I like? Can

Megan And Liz - When you were mine lyrics

could tell you what you wore on that first date We talked for hours and we stayed up too late For a hundred days we were amazing Didn’t need nothing more As our minds were changing, lights were fading Nothing left to fight for Can we take

Joan Jett - Love me two times lyrics

me two times, baby Love me twice today Love me two times, baby I'm goin' away Love me two times, baby One for tomorrow One just for today Love me two times I'm goin' away Love me one time Could not speak Love me one time Yeh my knees got weak love me two ti

Babyface - You were there lyrics

passes, the world changes But I'm still the same ole' kid And your jokes still bring me laughter As if you still were here And it hurts When I smile 'Cause my heart still remembers When you were around 'Cause you were there When no one was Just

Indigo Girls - Baby don't you break my heart slow lyrics

like the way you wanted me every night for so long baby and i like the way you needed me every time things got rocky (ah ah ah ah) i was believing in you (ah ah ah ah) was i mistaken do you say do you say what you mean i want our love to last forever but

Monica - If you were my man lyrics

1. First time I saw ya face I must admit it broke my heart to know you had anotha chick i know you wont believe i made this up but i saw her look like me with anotha dude at the club and i always knew one day that she would hurt ya but please dont shed

Hopsin - You are my enemy lyrics

Verse 1:] Yo, I work hard and barely get paid, how did I get stuck on this page, I've been starving for like six days, I should go and get a switch blade, and try to find out where this bitch stays, I'm a lit flame, what's your future I predict pain, slit veins,

Lyle Lovett - You were always there lyrics

sun comes up The world goes round and round There's no bad luck, its Just the luck you found You steal away Into a lonesome sun Another day Is lowered in the ground I feel my heartbeat It's pounding in my head I hear the hooves beat They mus

Vonda Shepard - Baby don't you break my heart slow lyrics

like the way you wanted me Every night for so long baby I like the way you needed me Every time things got rocky I was believing in you Am I mistaken do you say, Do you say what you mean I want our love to last forever But I'd rather you be mean than

Cherish - Before u were my man lyrics

Verse 1:] Baby take a seat Got something I wanna say to you Before things get crazy I'm a need to let out the truth I wanna tell you, no I have to tell you I gotta let this out before he do And before you say a word I'm a need your undivided please Until I'm finish

Marcos Hernandez - If you were mine lyrics

you were mine, I'd be your everything and you'd be the only thing that I would ever need If you were mine, I would tell everyone that you are the only one that I could ever want Ohhh Yeaaa Everything I dreamed about Everything that I talked a

The Kelly Family - Say that you love me lyrics

my baby if I could only evoke the love My heart yearns for like the desert longing for the rain Sometimes my baby when I feel lonely and I cry Oh I laid myself down to close my eyes And wish that you were here Chorus: Say that you love me Say t

Matty B Raps - You (ft darby cappillino) lyrics

sung a melody the other day I was humming to myself, “Man I wish you were my girlfriend” And I was hoping you would come my way But you keep to yourself cause you probably got a boyfriend It ain’t my character to be that guy I ain’t tripping, I’ll be dipping if thing

Ll Cool J - You're my heart lyrics

LL Cool J] Do you remember, the first time you fell in love The way it felt, the way it feels Bein able to say, from the bottom of your heart {*smooch*} I love you for real Your eyes, meet; you feel your heartbeat Palms are sweaty you can't kee

Patsy Cline - You were only fooling lyrics

were only fooling (while I was falling in love) Words by billy faber and fred meadows Music by larry fotine You were only fooling, While I was falling in love, It’s a story as old as adam and eve, I was making love but you were making believe, Y

Beneath Dead Waves - You were nothing lyrics

I’ve had time to reflect, Come to my own conclusions, Justify my reasons, And fight my confusions, Fought through all the pain and doubt, And I’ve come to realise, It was always your problems, And not mine that I despised. Augmented every argument

Cloud Cult - You were born lyrics

were born into a strange world. Like a candle, you were meant to share the fire. I don't know where we come from, and I don't know where we go. But my arms were made to hold you, so I will never let you go. Cuz you were born to change this life. You were born

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - You are my light lyrics

re still captivatin' even though its been so long, You used to love me, tell me baby what went wrong, Cos now you're much to the beat of a different song, I try to understand that we needed space, But everywhere I turn I see your face, And I've been waiting for you

Dead Or Alive - Wish you were here lyrics

I need somebody to play with baby You have what somebody else has to stay with I simply cannot ignore you Come over here, I'll do something for you Girls won't, boy's don't You've got me, you get a lot of meat I call you up and *all I

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - You were mine (dixie chicks) lyrics

can’t find the reason to let go Even though you’ve found a new love And she’s what your dreams are made of. I can’t find a reason to hang on What went wrong can be forgiven Without you it aint worth living alone Refren: Sometimes I wake up cr

Stevie Nicks - If you were my love lyrics

there are no saviors This night outside my window Wasn't anyone's fault My hands reach for numbers Someone that could tell me You were my love I tried to explain it Someone that was crying It wasn't anyone's fault My hands reach for numbers Someone that could t

Avalon - You were there lyrics

wonder how it must have felt when David stood to face Goliath on a hill I imagine that he shook with all his might. Until you took his hand and held on tight Cause you were there, you were there In the midst of danger´s snare you were there, you w

Melanie Amaro - Love me now lyrics

jump the world! and love me now. Let’s not wait, for tomorrow. Take this moment, and let’s own it. Let’s spend our day, in the sun’s gold. and when the night falls, and darkness calls All you gotta do is smile, stand for me boy. COME LOVE ME NOW Like there

Beat Win - You're my everything lyrics

naemami neolbomyeon teojildeutae simjangi neon ani naemami neottaeme eolmana gamsahanji Baby gamanhi nuneul gamgoseo naemamsoge sarangeul neukkyeobwa modeun sesangi uril wihaeseo taeeonangeot gateungeol You’re my everything everyday everynight neol saranghae yeong

Aretha Franklin - You are my joy lyrics

is love My darling There's no denying it In my responses I was lying Wherever you were I wanted to be with you Lover of my life So many times I wanted to be there Oh darling Just to be where Wherever you were I wanted to be there with you The joining of ou

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Baby, don't you break my heart slow lyrics

like the way you wanted me Every night for so long, baby I like the way you needed me Every time the things got rocky, yeah I was believing in you Was I mistaken? Do you mean, Do you mean what you say? When you say our love could last forever Well

Patty Ryan - You're my love, you're my life lyrics

you're an angel from the sky You fill my fantasy The way you look takes me so high You're everything to me And all I want is your photograph How I'm longing for your smile So come and touch me Come and feel me Hear me cry You're my love (you're my love) You're my life

B. B. King - You shouldnt have left me lyrics

shouldn't have left me, baby Baby, you shouldn't have gone away Oh, you shouldn't have left me, baby Baby, you shouldn't have gone away Oh, you left the one that love you, woman Cryin' every night and every day Someone that you love more, baby Made you break my heart in

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Is that you on that plane lyrics

know that you are leaving but I hope that you can stay The hardest part about healing was knowing what you would say When your garden was covered in snow, love I could tell what you wanted to say And then when you called me again, love You told me you were going to break

Bros - You're my life lyrics

love be our tutor Let's learn by it's mistakes Let you be my future Never have I felt a love like this before Cause you're my life, my never ending light Love me tonight and forever You're my life (oh baby) Cause when you're in my arms the sun Shines so br

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - When you were young lyrics

months and they would drag you from your throne, but you ain't got no place to go. You were the bad one from the day that you were born. You can run. I don't think that you can hide. Have you found the knife and cigarettes in your locker with your

Jackson Janet - Love me for a little while lyrics

I like it when it feels this good You always seem to make me smile Can't nobody do what you do When you love me just a little while I, I know you got somewhere to go And I got somewhere to be right now I'll make 'em wait all day long If you wanna get a little

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You rock my world lyrics

..oh... My life will never be the same ‘Cause girl, you came and changed The way I walk The way I talk I cannot explain the things I feel for you But girl, you know it’s true Stay with me, fulfill my dreams And I’ll be all you’ll need Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh, it feels

Roy Orbison - You're my baby lyrics

love that hair, long an' black Hangin' down to the middle of your back Don't cut it off whatever you do I need it to run my fingers through 'Cause you're my baby, ah-ah, you're my sugar Don't mean maybe, you're my baby Got me a dollar that I

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Love me insane lyrics

yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah Lo-lo-love me insane Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah You pick up all of the pieces and put 'em back again You stitch and sew my heart up all by hand, yeah I know a good thing when I see one, yeah And you know I didn’t see this coming So,

Alabama - You're my explanation for living lyrics

we had a good night last night Like every other night We made love and everything was just right (just right) Oh, lovin you is as fresh as a dew in early morning And you're my explanation for living And you're my, my explanation for living mhm Without

Anita Baker - You're my everything lyrics

the sun in the morning I got the moon at night I got your arms around me, everything's alright Holding you tight is how I like to spend the rest of my life Feel the warm breeze blowin' down through the trees I got your love beside me, child that's all I need My heart a

Richard Hawley - Baby, you're my light lyrics

time the longing in you wears the girl that grows it And if he relieves you know that then you've blown it And as life goes on you know you get to taste All you find 'Cos baby, you're my light Baby you're my light Next time the feeling is the same, don't have to show it A window o

Matt Maher - You were on the cross lyrics

everything is lost And everything I've loved before is gone Alone like the coming of the frost And a cold winter's chill in my stony heart And where were You when all that I've hoped for? Where You when all that I've dreamed? Came crashing down in shamble

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