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Glenn Frey - You belong to the city lyrics

sun goes down, the night rolls in You can feel ... it starting all over again The moon comes up and the music ... calls You're gettin' tired of starin' ... at the same four walls You're out of your room and down

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Move to the city lyrics

pack your bags And you move to the city There's somethin' ... missin' here at home You fix your hair And you're ... real pretty It's time to get it out on your own You

Chava Alberstein - You go to the field את תלכי בשדה lyrics

האמנם האמנם עוד יבואו ימים בסליחה ובחסד ותלכי בשדה ותלכי בו כהלך התם ומחשוף ומחשוף כף רגלך ילטף בעלי האספסת או שלפי שיבולים ידקרוך ותמתק דקירתם או מטר יש...

Lucky Dube - Remember me lyrics

where ever you are remember me In what ever ... you do I love you Daddy where ever you are ... remember me In what ever you do I love you You left for ... the city many years ago Promised to come back And

Hawkwind - We took the wrong step years ago lyrics

about the things that we should have ... done before The way things are going the end ... is about to fall We took the wrong step years ago We took the wrong step years ago We took the wrong step years ago Look

Rozzi Crane - The city lyrics

or rain, every morning just the same I kept my face for the ... front for the whole drive Out in the night ... faces lit up by the fire As the smoke rises, my mind's

Bare Bobby - Million miles to the city lyrics

it now we were kids back then living down on the farm We ... were told that the city could only bring us harm ... Well how far away is the city you know that's a great big town And Barbara said why it's

Quarterflash - Welcome to the city lyrics

dollar tips and the lipstick cigarettes Get yourself a job with your ... fingertips Too many tickets for the backseat ... matinee Two hours later and you're looking for another face

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The message lyrics

everywhere People pissing on the stairs, you know they just ... don't care I can't take the smell, can't take the noise ... Got no money to move out, I guess I got no

Father John Misty - I went to the store one day lyrics

jealous, rail-thin Prone to paranoia when I'm stoned If ... put me in a home Say, do you wanna get married And put an ... end to our endless progressive ... tendency to scorn Provincial concepts

Heimdall - Return to the fatherland lyrics

years have passed Many wars I have fought Before I ... came back to you For you I killed - for you I cried O ... of my life I ran away towards some place far beyond I

Running Wild - Bad to the bone lyrics

years ago with the world at war Hands bloodied ... - devastated Better believe they're back for more Pounding the world with a fist of steel ... heavy handed Careless of the pain we feel Bastards -

Persephone - The day you went away lyrics

birds hid in the trees There wasn´t the smallest breeze ... While the woods froze in nameless ... grieve Unable to believe that this would be the day... No more waves came

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Keys to the city lyrics

money got lots of time. Bottom of my list is tea with the ... mayor, got the key to the city, now you better beware. All the beer in the bars and shops is

Powerman 5000 - Return to the city of the dead lyrics

is what lies in between Over the streets and below the sky ... s choked by gasoline When the dogs break free and the walls ... talk back and the meek turn down the lights It

Brooks Elkie - If you're goin' to the city lyrics

you're goin' to the city You better have some cash If you ... re goin' to the city You better have some cash 'Cause ... the people in the city Don't mess around with trash

Mike Jones - City is mine lyrics

..who, it's offical baby (You belong to the city)... the city is mine (You belong to the ... night)...swishahouse (In the river of darkness)...I'm ... runnin the game (He's the man of the nite)...yeahhhh

Go:audio - Drive to the city lyrics

move around like the sound of a melody in my ... head just you with your notes and your beat But you're missing C, and that's me ... about that time when we need to go somewhere It's true There are things that i think i

Jessie & The Toy Boys - Key to the city lyrics

re the kids in America hands in the air-ica out of control ... (hey hey hey) We're smoking the chronic we're hooked on the ... n roll (hey hey hey) so you better not waste our time

3 Colours Red - Back to the city lyrics

.. off my cloud Abolishing the honouries Yours is mine to ... point of view How can I come to please you? So hold it up ... with a high esteem But there's something... missing

The Guess Who - Back to the city lyrics

of lies They'll always take you by surprise Bringin' pieces ... of pain You'll maybe never sleep again ... on a secret relation Down in the soda sunlight Picked up on a

Nipsey Hussle - Keys to the city lyrics

I do what I need And that's the reason that they love me, ... making money, (Yea) I got the key to the city! It feels ... good to be on top, I got the key to the city! This is how

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Flawless (go to the city) lyrics

Cause you're beautiful (Like no other) ... 'Cause you're beautiful (maybe tonight, they'll see you tonight) ... And it's no good waiting by the window It's no good waiting

At The Lake - The spring of forgiveness lyrics

remember a new born child The fear in her eyes and hopes torn apart? “Live your life ... not to hurt a man” … And you’ve gone away Waiting here

Jimi Blue - Key to the city lyrics

got the key to the city 4x I got my homeboys ... with me Come with me I got the key to the city Ah,cause I ... on,Air force on Swoosh on the side Swoosh on the tongue

Heavatar - To the metal lyrics

song is to the metal To the one I love We have seen a ... lot these years Though some of them were tough Still I always knew you ... won't leave me We have been many Now we're few You wonder:

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - To the moon and back lyrics

the dirt and the gravel Through the years and ... the miles Every road that you traveled Through the tears ... and the smiles Through the clear and the muddy Through the thick and thin The quiet

The Dubliners - Will you come to the bower lyrics

you come to the bower o'er the free boundless ocean Where ... in thundering motion Where the mermaids are seen and the ... wild tempest gather To loved Erin the green, the

Owl City - To the sky (ost "legend of the guardians") lyrics

in the sea of faces, There's a dreamy world up there, ... from here, Travel light let the sun eclipse you, 'Cause your ... flight is about to leave, And there's more to

James Vincent Mcmorrow - Follow you down to the red oak tree lyrics

you down to the red oak tree As the air ... moves thick through the hollow reeds Will you wait ... for me there until someone comes To ... have not grown cold I have stole from men, who have stole

Golden Earring - To the hilt lyrics

– wanna fly Right through the needles eye Wanna be chilled ... – wanna be thrilled Press your luck right to the hilt Hey ... we Outdo ourselves. One day you'll be tied and gagged Your

Adam Young - To the sky lyrics

in the sea of faces, There's a dreamy world up there, ... from here, Travel light let the sun eclipse you, 'Cause your ... flight is about to leave, And there's more to

Emblem3 - To the moon and back lyrics

lay your weary head down And I'll ... fight off the monsters Underneath your-or ... or-or bed And I love you To the moon and back Make me Yours Take me with you Girl,

Seafret - To the sea (feat. rosie carney) lyrics

my sail. And we're made to watch the walls fall down. ... 'Cause goodbye's too strong, too strong a word when I'm weak ... from everything that I'm told. Yes, I'm weak from

Miguel - To the moon lyrics

in my pocket And I'm ready to go I'm talking tic tic time ... bomb ready to blow Just one more time ... right First class flight to the stars Strap in pretty thing

Ryan Leslie - To the top lyrics

[Verse 1:] Im just trying to play my position, If you ... seek, let me be your physician Guarantee Im the ... piece youve been missing, In Your Life Baby Let me say its a

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - To the world (feat. r. kelly & teyana taylor) lyrics

Intro: R. Kelly] Let me see you put your middle fingers up To the world, I made up in my ... my way, I'm burnin' shit down tonight I'm doin' things my way

Eddy Arnold - Many tears ago lyrics

tears ago you said you'd love me Oh how happy was ... this heart of mine Then a dark cloud came from out ... of nowhere And the sun went down no more to shine Many tears ago I learned too well

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Two years ago lyrics

higher than towers Wasn't anywhere we ... couldn't went We had unbreakable powers ... Even love was not a way you could describe it And then there comes a collision Nothing

Alice Cooper - Years ago lyrics

down alone All my friends went home years ago All my toys ... and So am I inside Mom The carnival has closed years ago ... hour ? No, Steven, we have to go back now Isn't that our

Connie Francis - Many tears ago lyrics

said your cheating heart will make me ... I should've listened when they told me so Many many tears ago But I could not believe the ... things they said Because my heart over

Bamford Gord - Years ago last night lyrics

think we’re past it over the sad times at least i’m ... and i can’t wait until tomorrow when the darkness ... seems like years ago last night chorus: these tears will fade away and

Oar - City on down lyrics

in the end my friend, we will all be ... together again Clutching onto my hand, in a valley we'll ... we'll smile, march on another mile On hallowed hills, ... attached to the land we'll be still No one's

Elvenking - The losers' bal lyrics

was told by my Grandma' Many years ago, I was just a child ... an honest man Look on what you've done with pride!" The years have passed I'm a

Heaven Shall Burn - The omen lyrics

time has come for you Why don't you see the omen ... Open your eyes and cast their lies aside Your craven ... kings are headed nowhere Your blinded leaders, they're

Jason Gray - The other side lyrics

stood on the edge of 8 years old On a mountain top in ... a breath Throwing ourselves to certain death But the kings ... of the hill must fight to keep their rule I went

Conquest - The last sphinx lyrics

many years ago the sphinxes ruled the world But ... people came here and the Earth became so cold The ... fell and people turned them into stone But one of them

Heaven Shall Burn - To harvest the storm lyrics

from the ashes, the ashes of the dreams you ... burned So many wars these eyes have seen So many agonies my soul went through I ... died with them so many years ago Just in darkness my eyes

Celkilt - The alchemist lyrics

six and sixty years I worked like a slave Night ... day all this time in my cave There was dust in my hairs, and ... I was tired of working on the philosophal stone Was

Empyrium - Many moons ago lyrics

I walked a path ages old The moon amongst the clouds ... by silence I wandered the moor an endless landscape by ... my side when in the mist I saw a light dancing

Kenny Rogers - The stranger lyrics

I know where you'll find her Down the road ... about a mile and a quarter. You'll know the place by a ... shackey barn That stands in the field by a run-down farm By

Shadow Gallery - The queen of the city of ice lyrics

Chapter 1:] Long ago the skies turned gray the ... us cold until one thousand years would pass and we'd sail away ... upon our knees Falling with the rain, with the rain a queen

Khalid lyricsKhalid - The ways (with swae lee) lyrics

of them gon' talk, I know, I know ... Most of them gon' fall, I know, I know ... girl I really wanna know your ways I really wanna know your ways I really wanna know your ways I really want a power

Chapin Harry - Halfway to heaven lyrics

s no tick tock on your electric clock But still your life runs down. I'm ... halfway to heaven and my home in Forest ... eleven and I've got some time to kill. I missed my bus

Shining - The claws of perdition lyrics

suicidal haze, unreal like a torturous dream Old stinging ... f***ing bleeding Drowning in the womb of misery, the mother of ... depression The slaughter of all hope, the

Level 42 - The chinese way lyrics

a journey back in time Leave the western world behind Cross the mountains to Peking Where the paper lanterns gently swing ... The Chinese way Who knows what they know The Chinese legend

Kenny Loggins - To-ra-loo-ra lyrics

ra-loo-ra-loo-ral Too-ra-loo-ra-li Too-ra-loo-ra ... loo-ral Hush now, don't you cry Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral ... Too-ra-loo-ra-li Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral That's an

Big Time Rush - The city is ours lyrics

BTR] The city is ours (2x) (The city 2x) [Kendall] ... walls Billboards lighting up the block Everyone one of us on ... my side Cars beep, beep when they pass us by We ready to get

Highland Glory - Beyond the pharao's curse lyrics

Lyrics : Grefstad). Out in the desert many years ago Two ... in sin Worst of all curses the pharaos gift To be living as ... Chorus : Beware of the magic that dwells in

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