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Blondie - Look good in blue lyrics

look good in blue It matches your skin, your eyes dripping ... with pain Someone like you Getting off on the lies ... 'cause it dulls your surprise again If it's

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - You look good in my shirt lyrics

you walked up behind me and covered my eyes And ... whispered in my ear, guess who I rattled ... But all along I knew it was you And, the longer we talked,

Sondre Lerche - You sure look swell lyrics

sure look swell Don't let that faze you No wrapping could replace you You're a rare, dear mixture ... of love You sure look swell Don't let that lead you That isn't why I see you You're a rare, dear mixture of

Cody Chesnutt - Look good in leather - axe song lyrics

I can do anything I want Because I look good in leather I can talk any kind ... of talk Because I look good in leather And I know you ... wish that you could look like me Listen, I can

Alice Cooper - You look good in rags lyrics

loose I've seen 'em strutting good stuff, I've seen 'em ... penny they spend there But you look good in rags With dirt in your hair Yeah you look good

Secrets - You look good in plastic lyrics

don't see me when I look in the mirror It's someone else ... staring back at me I'm a ghost in a ... walking corpse Who is haunted by ... It's all I need to know Your screams, are like music to

Alexi Blue - You get me good lyrics

I think about you ever things a blur Can't get you out ... of, get ya out of my mind Close my eyes with a smile ... of my face Cuse I think about ya, think about ya all

Empire Cast - You're so beautiful ft. jussie smollett, yazz lyrics

Jussie Smollett:] Sometimes you feel insecure Trust me babe ... know that I'll still hold your hand (haha, I'm just sayin') ... You look so good when you walking by Sexy comes in

Eve's Plum - Blue lyrics

you go you twist me around you control my every thought ... here you go and you push me down I know you like ... to watch me crawl no air heading my direction I need help I

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Sure looks good to me lyrics

bittersweet But it taste good to me Take my turn, crash ... supposed to be So don’t rain on my parade Life’s too ... the freedom to fall Yes it sure looks good to me Time

Ricky Nelson - Waitin in school lyrics

been a-waitin' in school all day long a-waitin ... on the bell to ring so I can go home Throw my ... 'Hello, baby, let's get somethin' goin''' Headin' down to

George Jones - You always look your best lyrics

look good in anything you choose to wear Even a trace ... of gray would look good in your hair And you look fine in ... sunshine baby or the shadows of a ... storm But you always look your best here in my arms. You

Phantom Blue - You're not alone lyrics

it comes again Always trying to run But you never leave ... my mind Night after night feelings ... pour like rain Can’t take it when we’re ... apart Don’t you know you stole my heart Night after

Blackberry Smoke - Sure was good lyrics

bad luck ain’t no crime Lord knows I’ve ... rolled boxcars in my time but it sure was good ... it was good as it could be sure was good it was good enough

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Tangled up in blue lyrics

one morning the sun was shining I was laying in bed Wond'ring if she'd changed it all If ... they said our lives together Sure was gonna be rough They

George Strait - You sure got this ol redneck feelin blue lyrics

Sure Got This Old Redneck Feeling Blue By George Strait Oh ... brawls That I got myself into Just a stitch or two got ... the ache That came with losing you Am I

Indigo Girls - Tangled up in blue lyrics

one morning the sun was shining I was laying in bed ... Wondering if she'd changed at all if ... said our lives together sure was gonna be rough They ... t big enough Me I'm standing on the side of the road rain falling onto my shoes I'm

B. B. King - Do you call that a buddy? lyrics

was early one Monday mornin' And I was on my way to ... It was early one Monday mornin' When I was on my way to ... school That was the mornin' When I broke my mother's

Canned Heat - You can run, but you sure can't hide lyrics

feel, Lord, the pain of a worried mind That wants ... and hide To stay or go, she sure just don’t know You can run, ... but you sure can’t hide I’ve made

Silvertide - Blue jeans lyrics

s the kind of girl you bring home to your mother She looks good in blue jeans even ... under covers She's a devil in bed, between the sheets Ask ... her if she's a saint and she'll get down on her

Saga - You look good to me lyrics

I know where they are close your eyes and you'll see further ... looking good so far Take a picture , ... full exposure one more day goes by eyes ... over driven leave them wondering why If you know it You

Marvin Gaye - You sure love to ball lyrics

baby, please turn yourself around Oh baby, so I ... can love you girl Oh baby, I'll make you ... feel so good Oh sugar, just like you want ... me to Oh baby, you sure love to ball Oh baby, you sure love to ball Oh honey, I

Greedy Invalid - You aint so good for me lyrics

a white dwarf In the darkness of space You ... swallow down Everything that lives I met you on the ... And I didn’t know That you’re gonna eat me up too I’m

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - You look good lyrics

a boat, on a beach In the water, in the sand, in ... the back of a bar Cold beer in your hand Breaking hearts, ... breaking necks When we rolling down the street, heads turning all day when they see you

George Strait - You look so good in love lyrics

how you sparkle and oh how you shine the blush on your ... cheeks is more than the wine and he must do sumthin ... i didn't do whatever he's looks good on you

The Professionals - Little boys in blue lyrics

boys like you, they got a job to do In a ... uniform, I'll tell you what to do Help old ladies ... street Direct the traffic in the sleep It's a job that you won't mind But I'm always

Hoodie Allen - Good intentions lyrics

women And let 'em ride in shotty while we be doing ... like a Krispy Kreme Oh you got a sugar rush, now you're ... missing me? Go and tell your old boy that he history No

Lil Cuete - You got me lyrics

Gotts Secret Let Me Tell It You Girl (I Must Confess)(I Must ... Let Me Start By Telling You That You Got Beautiful Eyes N ... With Dimplez Like That, You Got This Gun Hipnotized. I

Kram - Good love lyrics

need you to look In my head before you came ... i felt like i was dead i got good love mmm rockn'roll ohhhh ... a sweet girl she blew my mind and we've been hangin' out

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - You made life good again lyrics

m always looking for a minute that we can steal 'Cause ... I need more of how you make me feel I used to be ... the king of wasted time 'Cause it ... no difference till I made you mine Now I wake up in the

Kenny Loggins - You can all join in lyrics

s a little song you can all join in with It's very simple and ... I hope it's new, yeah Make your own words up if you want to ... Any old words that you think will do, well yeah I'm

Linda Ronstadt - You're no good lyrics

now that we're through Feelin' better, cause I'm over you ... it left a scar Now I see how you really are You're no good, ... you're no good, you're no good Baby, you're no good (I'm

Before Their Eyes - You talk a good game lyrics

changed the locks but you can't keep us out Your looks ... are but useless now You know you act a fool And we ... know exactly who you are Don't cover up now It

Bell Book & Candle - Rhapsody in blue lyrics

ya anyday - I wanna hear you say, you say you are my ... rhapsody in blue anyway - I need ya anyday - ... hold ya wanna stay and feel you are my rhapsody in blue

Blood Orange - You're not good enough lyrics

Verse 1] Deep in the play I see you as you ... are looking over Friends in my way You never could have ... been a good lover Watch what you say Could never mean a word

Michael Bolton - You're no good lyrics

now that we're through Feelin' better, 'cause I'm over you ... a scar But now I see how you really are You're no good, ... you're no good You're no good, baby you're no good I'm

Gehennah - (you're the) devil in disguise lyrics

an angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh ... yes you are The devil in disguise You fooled me with your kisses You cheated and you ... schemed Heaven knows how you lied to me You're not the

Rich Boy - Good things lyrics

Maurece; Gold, Qua Bo; Featuring: Polow Da Don , Keri Good ... things don't last forever, baby ... There's something 'bout you girl that drives me crazy Ain ... no if's and but's or maybe's You will always be my friend You

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Look me in the heart lyrics

to talk, the words got caught in our throats When we finally ... have been further apart Look me in the heart If you think that love is blind Baby look me in the heart And you’ll

The Knack - In blue tonight lyrics

it was like an eternity coming out of the silence mission ... bells in the distance are they ringing for you and me no it's your ... restless heart beating double time as you drown your pain in wine trying to make

Reba Mcentire - You're no good lyrics

Now that we're through Feelin' better 'Cause I'm over you ... a scar But now I see How you really are You're no good, ... you're no good You're no you're no good I'm

Wilson Phillips - You're no good lyrics

now that we're through Feelin' better, 'cause I'm over you ... it left a scar Now I see how you really are [CHORUS] You're ... no good, you're no good You're no good, baby you're no good I'm gonna say it again You're

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - You on a good day lyrics

Keisha:] You messed up from your chromosomes to your enzymes ... Remember the time when you took my ride [Amelle:] I ... and later when I asked you bout it you just said yeah

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - You're so good for me lyrics

I feel low, I go to your embrace You know the way to ... on my face Just the touch of your hand can change a man Oh, ... girl, you're so good for me And when it seems

Major Lazer - You're no good (ft. santigold, vybz kartel, d.. lyrics

re no good for me But the way you movin ... at me, oh it might be You want a Jamaican one She ... she love me and I'm nice Nothing after he return, nothing at

Anika Moa - Good in my head lyrics

proposal I dont know you Cover the full view Chorus: ... I'll say goodbye with no reason why I'm ... colder than life and it's hurting inside No one can say that I

Neil Sedaka - You're so good for me lyrics

eyes And reached to touch your face But found that you ... were gone. Now the tears begin to show, And now I think I ... Now I realise that baby you're so good for me, Don't

Joy Division - You're no good for me lyrics

t know what I'm doing - don't know where I'm going ... Leading me to ruin - I should have traded you in ... Yeah you think you're something but you're no good for me

The Byrds - You all look alike lyrics

she took me by surprise Said you'd come to town, last summer ... I'd never seen the likes of you before She pulled a gun and ... not in fun I'm dyin' on the floor You all look

The Hellacopters - You're too good (to me baby) lyrics

the morning you're the shining sun of day When sun is gone ... you lighten my darkened way You´re the only one who could get ... this kind of hold girl You walked right in and you took

Humble Pie - You are so good for me lyrics

you're so good for me I know you're so good for me Good for ... me, so good for me. I need you baby, more than I can say ... 'Cause you touch my soul in every way You've got the

Hall And Oates - You must be good for something lyrics

hollow Loving chained to dollars I can’t live ... with your totalitarian Standards ... Sitting in the back seat Beauty on a ... back street Cleaning in a k-mart dress, now you’re

The Beach Boys - You´re so good to me lyrics

re kinda small And you're such a doll I'm glad you ... re mine You're so good to me How come you are You take my hand And you ... understand When I get in a bad mood You're so good to

Kenny Rogers - You were a good friend lyrics

best friend I've ever had You were a maverick running all ... When it was down to just you and me. Good friend, why ... did you have to go? Just when I was

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Look back in anger lyrics

amp;quot;You know who I am," he ... and shook his crumpled wings Closed his eyes and ... quot;It's time we should be going" (Waiting so

Kmfdm - You're no good lyrics

unforgiving Whoever the hell you think I am Bring me to my ... knees Let me be myself again Forgive, forget Hold it against me in contempt Drowning me

Monrose - You can look lyrics

can see you like the way I'm posing in ... the magatine I can see you like it when I'm struttin' on ... your tv screen When you see me in the club, wanna ... touch you wanna rub Wanna get your

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Look back in anger (david bowie cover) lyrics

quot;You know who I am," he said ... and shook his crumpled wings Closed his eyes and moved ... quot;It's time we should be going" (Waiting so long, I

Tom Beck - Look me in the eyes lyrics

You remind me of a Guy that I was knew ... Shoes take fly every night in a mile high crew for everything and nothing at all man ... can you sleep at night these cool

Cimorelli - You got me good lyrics

it! AMY: I like the way you rock it out you're like my ... first big break! You know i love what you're all ... about! You give 'em more than you take. You got me thinking,

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