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As You Drown - You should be paranoid lyrics

eyes behind every corner, their ears around every bend Big brother rears his ugly fascist head Forcing you to your knees, again Watching you! Peeping toms with gun and badge Controlling you! Your freedom raped by government Liberty's last dying breath Killed by the fear monger

Lil Eddie - You should be with me lyrics

like this right here, Whoaa, Ayy, Whoa, Ayy, Whoa, Ayy, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, (x2) Seen you run away, Never knew your name, Waited for the day, That you would talk to me, I'm ready now that I know, Everything about you, you,

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - You should be dancing lyrics

baby moves at midnight goes right on till the dawn My woman takes me higher my woman keeps me warm What you doin' on your back aah What you doin'on your back aah? You should be dancing, yeah dancing, yeah She's juicy and she's trouble She get

Brian Mcknight - You should be mine lyrics

feat. Mase) [Mase:] Mase, and Brian McKnight, Bad Boy C'mon We don't stop, we rock we rock Yo I hit you with the sound that the world can't take Can't sit out the gig playing 2.8 Real studded jewel funded Got to love it First rap cat with the R&B budget Every day on the TV me

Conor Oberst - You should be in sweden lyrics

saw you at the subway the other day You were drinking hot chocolate I thought about asking you for a sip But on second thought I didn't want to burn my tongue I chased you up the stairs and outside I got into a taxi cab I didn't want to see you, you were looking good I wanted

Sammie - You should be my girl lyrics

Jazze Pha] Ladies and gentlemen [Big Boi] You me girl we could do the thang You me girl we could do the thang You me girl we could do the thang We could do the thang We could do the thang [Sammie] I know she like me i kinda dig it So i did m

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - You should be there lyrics

Verse 1:] I'm looking right at you, but you're not there I'm seeing right past you, but you seem well aware Your body is here, but your mind is somewhere else So far gone and you think I can't tell Can't tell that you are disconnected You pulled away and I miss your pre

Jeffrey Osborne - You should be mine (the woo woo song) lyrics

you want all the warmth that you deserve And the heat is on your mind Don't you even think about it I'll be there just wrapped around you I can't hold back what I feel inside. It's just a fact [Chorus 1:] That you should be mine. Anything you want You've

Jon Secada - You should be mine lyrics

was only last night When noticed something wasn't write Then she looked in to my eyes Left me wondering Feeling like Such a fool This can't be true Why is this happening to me I really want you like you can't believe I guess I'm gonna play the game So before you go There's s

August Burns Red - You should be taking flight right now lyrics

are painted as a brightness Surrounding the tired and desperate eyes Of that figure standing on the edge. Can it pull its weight when it takes That step and spreads its lovely arms To free-fall without fear? Shots in my direction dance with my life, Danger in consequen

Funeral For A Friend - You should be ashamed of yourself lyrics

used to be an open place This used to be a place for conversation A weary welcome and a tired embrace You know I only wanted I only wanted to see your face [Chorus:] Feminists are beautiful And you can hold that against me Born with a dick doesn’t mean that I’m a miso

Shwayze - You could be my girl lyrics

la la (4x) sha la la (4x) (girl) sha la la (4x) (girl) sha la la (2x) (girl) ayo cisco let’s take ‘em on a trip… like we had a party and put shrooms in the dip now i’m tripping and my girl won’t listen when i tell her that i love her and I really really miss her let’s do it

The Faders - You know you should lyrics

re so cool and you know it Cos you know everything I'm pretty hot and I know it And I know it You should be givin' in Cos this ain't rocket science, it's ABC If you don't love me Baby, you know you should If you don't want me Baby, you know you should I wis

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Should be higher lyrics

dream of a day when I dare to believe you're the answer When the shame and the guilt are removed and the truth appears With the touch of your hand I lose who I am if I want to I try to resist but succumb to the bliss of your kiss You should be highe

The Cribs - Things you should be knowing lyrics

s been sometime since I first met you Noone thinks about you more than I do If you won't let me find you How am I gonna get through I was straight and acted like a fool You were drunk and inbelievably cool You won't find a friend who Knows you like I do I

Just Go With It - Dj zebra roxanne and you should be dancin mix lyrics

you don't have to put on the red light those days are over you don't have to sell you body to the night Roxanne you don't have to wear that dress tonight walk the streets for money you don't care if it's wrong or if it's right Roxanne You d

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - You could be mine lyrics

m a cold heartbreaker Fit ta burn and I'll rip your heart in two An I'll leave you lyin' on the bed with your ass in the air I'll be out the door before ya wake It's nuthin' new ta you 'Cause I think *we've seen that movie too 'Cause you could be m

John Barrowman - You'd be so nice to come home to lyrics

d be so nice to come home to You'd be so nice by the fire While the breeze on high sang a lullaby You'd be all that I could desire Under stars chilled by the winter Under an August moon burning above You'd be so nice, you'd be paradise To come home to and

Mika Nakashima - You'd be so nice to come home to lyrics

be so nice to come home to You´d be so nice by the fire While the breeze on high sang a lullaby You´d be all that I could desire Under stars chilled by the winter Under an August moon burnin´ above You´d be so nice, you´d be paradise To come home to and love You´d be so nice

Nina Simone - You'd be so nice to come home to lyrics

d be so nice to come home to You'd be so nice by the fire While that breeze on night sings a lullaby You'd be all my heart could desire Under stars chilled by the winter Under an August moon shining above You'd be so nice you'd be paradise To come home to and

Anita O'day - You'd be so nice to come home to lyrics

d be so nice to come home to You'd be so nice by the fire While the breeze on high sang a lullaby You'd be all that I could desire Under stars chilled by the winter Under an August moon burnin' above You'd be so nice, you'd be paradise To come home to an

Nashville Cast - You're the kind of trouble ft. charles esten lyrics

I was young, I was told Try to be just as good as gold Fly right, child, walk that line Keep it straight, and you'll be just fine Well, they didn't have to worry About a thing I do But you're the kind of trouble I could get into People say you can't

Stevie Nicks - You may be the one lyrics

may be the one But you'll never be the one You think you'll understand But you don't understand You may be my love But you'll never be my love You may take my hand You who demands so much And then there was the kiss Right out there in the universe How did that happen No, it cou

Ratt - You should know by now lyrics

blood is thicker than water I'm livin' out my life I'll have my friends forever We'll walk the sands of time You should know by now You should know by now You should know by now You should know by now I never take no chances Don't stand for compromise I'l

Breakbot - You should know (feat. ruckazoid) lyrics

ain't the fancy things that you give to me Even though you know I ain't mad at that It's all about the times that you spend with me When I was dumb enough?, Hey-ey And even know I couldn't get you everything You ain't the type to be mad at that, Cuz all you want to do is give

Jyj - Be my girl lyrics

wanna hurt nobody This is a song for you Skippin all the afterparties Girl I’m goin home with you Don’t even think about it You gon feel what we gon do Cause we’ll be falling in love all night long Said I know she wanna be mine She should know that I can please mine And

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - You should see me in a crown lyrics

my tongue bide my time Wearing a warning sign Wait till the world is mine Visions I vandalize Cold in my kingdom size Fell for these ocean eyes You should see me in a crown I'm gonna run this nothing town Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by You should see

Gerald Levert - You oughta be with me lyrics

come you look so sad You got me feeling bad 'Cause I know that I can make you happy Don't want to see you blue But you won't give me a chance The guys that you hang around Just try to bring you down And I don't like it at all Girl give my love a try I'll keep you satisfie

Blue October - Should be loved lyrics

staring, you're the reason I feel so unhappy all the time I've given you everything I know how Your standing on the top of my shoe Keeping me from gaining ground I'm sorry if you feel like I let you down Can you tell me what have I done so wrong

A Day To Remember - You should have killed me when you had the ch.. lyrics

I say goodbye to a town that has ears and eyes I can hear you whispering as I walk by Familiar faces smiling back at me and I knew This would make them change The only thing that's going to bother me Is that you'll all call yourselves my friends Wh

Dead By April - You should know lyrics

should know You should know Don't tell me to Let go the past Cause it's all I got Throwing away too fast Memories will last Full of love and apologies Trying to go on with a broken heart I thought it through like a thousand times What went wrong What went wrong

Jeremy Zucker - You should get to know me lyrics

Chorus: Jeremy Zucker] I took a picture with you tonight You look like somebody out of a fashion magazine I know you think that I'm not polite You should get to know me Swear I'm not as bad as I seem Ohh, ohh, oh I'm not as bad as I seem Ohh, ohh, oh I'm not as bad as

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - U should be here lyrics

, (yeah), your rockin' wit the toast of New York Tony Yayo (Tony Yayo), Lloyd Banks (Lloyd Banks), 50 Cent (50 Cent) G-UNIT (G-Unit), and here we go! You should be here wit me bitch You should come and make me rich Girl you know you need a pimp Girl you k

Pia Mia - We should be together lyrics

should be together We should be together You should be with me in the shade, with the breeze blowin' free, life is easy for right now And I should be with you in the bed, sippin' Kool-Aid, no room for the bullshit for right now Yeah, we should be together

Hammers Of Misfortune - You should have slain me lyrics

die you left me You should have slain me I stand before you Now you shall face me I am the bastard Of your carousing I am the true heir And your undoing Father your henchmen And lackeys surround me Cast not the first stone and you shall be saved Lies! You foul wretc

Naomi King - You should have said no lyrics

two letters aren't that hard to say You could have done it easily Just two letters and we'd be the same We'd be together, you and me The two letters aren't that hard to make You could have given your head a shake Just two letters, one second to take B

Melissa Manchester - You should hear how she talks about you lyrics

s so very nice you should break the ice Let her know that she's on your mind Whatcha tryin' to hide when you know inside She's the best thing you'll ever find? Ahh, can't you see it? Don't you think she's feeling the same? Ahh, I guarantee it She's

R. City - You are lyrics

Girl I look in your eyes as you don't wanna sleep alone (sleep alone) So by the end of the night, Girl I promise Imma take you home (take you home) Verse 1 Extra, extra girl no lie You got an extra ass and you look so fly I can tell by the look in your eye You wanna take me ho

Sneaky Sound System - You should have told me lyrics

into my life, like a high chase car collision I'm thinkin to my self "What is his mission" To slide into my world: precise precision Centered around me was a goody good song Move, I'll take ya up on and on On and on and on and on. The gals were something lines,

Faith Hill - You will be mine lyrics

I win, tails you lose I always play by my own rules And I don't believe in wasting time So long before we end this night I will have held you I will have kissed you I will have claimed you You will be mine I will have loved you Wrong or right I will have your

Kelly Price - You should've told me lyrics

wouldn't call in the midnight hour I wouldn't tuck you in and turn the nightlight out You would walk through the door and I wouldn't say hi I would walk out the door and wouldn't say bye-bye It's funny that I never thought about it that way I never knew the things that I did no

Hey Violet - You don't love me like you should lyrics

were wings on fire, burning circles in the sky You and I Lately, I'm defeated Wanting you to read my mind But you don't try Are we dead or half asleep? Love me right, oh baby, it's time to leave You better wake up soon and realize Cause I feel misunderstood You

Jeanette - Be in heaven lyrics

m so in love with you, it's forever I'm never feeling lonely baby, 'cause you're by my side think you should be here tonight. I'm going crazy and not really Hoping I can taste your kisses all the time, So rag me baby 'cause you make me feel so fine.

Joe - You should know me lyrics

Dj Intro:] Ladies And Gentleman Id Like To Take Yall Back Back To The Future When We Used To Slow Jam At The Parties So Fellas Grab Your Lady And Take Her To The Dance Floor You Already Know [Joe:] I Remember When We Had So Much Trust And Nobody Couldnt Become Between Us Do You

Paramore - Be alone lyrics

what if I don't have, A lot to talk about? I shut my mouth and keep it, Locked until it counts. And what if I don't ever want, To leave my house? Stay on the couch while All my friends are going out. You should be alone, Yeah, you should be alone

Phantogram - You are the ocean lyrics

song is about you Cause I can't live without you when a song is about you then you know you've got problems that you can choose There's a hole in my conscience There's a hole in my country like a nose that keeps running like a hose that won't stop flowing and I know t

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - You should know better lyrics

s that sneaking Around behind my back door Is that you coming back To do what you did before One wrong move will surely Get you caught in the act That's a fact You should know better You should know better than that You come home on that stuff Does he kno

Banks - You should know where i'm coming from lyrics

if I said I would break your heart? What if I said I have problems that made me mean? What if I knew I would just rip your mind apart Would you let me out? Maybe you can stop before you start Maybe you can see that I just may be too crazy to love If I tol

Andy Grammer - You should know better lyrics

m on the phone, you turn your back on me We're all alone, why is this happening I never thought I would be questioning the one I, one I love But here we are wrapped up in silence Can we sound the alarm both so defiant and Don't know where to start I keep colliding with the one I

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - You deserve better lyrics

yeah, understand you going throw some things with this nigga This nigga ain't worth it Keep it real nigga Take it with 'all this shit Fly around the world Make love to your 'states Young nigga Treat you like you suppose to be treating Like you deserve better bab

Shola Ama - You should really know lyrics

week when you were crusin Your best friend moved on me once again I did not wanna tell you So I just kept it to myself You should really know I am into playing you Baby you gotta know Cos your love is all I'm living for If you look into my eyes t

Another Sunny Day - You should all be murdered lyrics

day, when the world is set to rights I'm going to murder all the people I don't like The people who have left me down without reserve The people who are cruel to those that don't deserve The people who talk too much The people who don't care The peopl

K. Michelle - You should have killed me lyrics

and all the lessons I've learned.. I done been through it all, I done had people try take my life... Leave me for dead, but victories that much greater when you climb out from the gutter, ya feel me Yous a bitch yous a lame yous a coward, I thought ur love was sweet until it

K. Michelle - You should've killed me lyrics

and all the lessons I've learned... I done been through it all, I done had people try take my life... Leave me for dead, but victories that much greater when you climb out from the gutter, ya feel me Yous a bitch yous a lame yous a coward, I thought

Nia Peeples - Be my lover lyrics

time I see you Boy I can't deny Some new emotion shakes me up Everything I'm feelin' takes me by surprise I've kept it to myself for long enough Every night I'm dreamin' To wake up to your touch You're a friend And Boy you've been the best There's n

Jack Peñate - Be the one lyrics

the one (repeat) The stage was set for me to play but I decided on the day that i did not believe the page I walked away because of you just like Tiresias I knew that me and you were fated too we asked the church to save our souls they said me were too early and to

Snow Patrol - You could be happy lyrics

could be happy and I won't know But you weren't happy the day I watched you go And all the things that I wished I had not said Are played on lips 'till it's madness in my head Is it too late to remind you how we were But not our last days of

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - You don't know lyrics

dont know where you belong You should be more careful As you follow blindly along ... You just need to belong somehow. Relying on rhetoric ... Not well versed on topics ... Any idea what youre talking about ? Revisions of history Fair well in some company Bu

Nashville Cast - Be my girl ft. sam palladio and jonathan jack.. lyrics

know it's wrong but I want you Even if you can't tell By the way that you're lookin' I know you want me as well And before the nights over We're both gonna give in So come a little bit closer Where you and I can begin So let's, move fast, groove slow Does

Pillar - You should know lyrics

it ain't so joe here we go so Writing words that'll flow drop another verse til I'm old Hit 'em with a fat groove make 'em jump back Ain't givin' in 'cause we cut 'em no slack 'Cause the reason that we're here is to open up your ears Make you face all of

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