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You See Sometimes We Need The Hard Times To Bring Us To Our Knees lyrics

Browse for You See Sometimes We Need The Hard Times To Bring Us To Our Knees song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed You See Sometimes We Need The Hard Times To Bring Us To Our Knees lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to You See Sometimes We Need The Hard Times To Bring Us To Our Knees.

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Alyssa Milano - We need the children lyrics

time has come When we all have to take a stand We ... can make it together By placing our hands in ... each others hands In your darkest hour In your time of

Petra - We hold our hearts out to you lyrics

by Bob Hartman Music by John Elefante & Dino ... Elefante Here we are gathered once again under Your Name ... Thinking of the ways we all have caused You shame But

Kiss - Hard times lyrics

I recall days in the city And I think back, oh ... t pretty Every day life in the city Out in the street we ... had to take it With friends around, ... couldn't it What wasn't there, we had to make it Hangin'

Petra - We need jesus lyrics

1: When will the world See that we need Jesus? If we ... open our eyes We will all realize That He ... loves us When will the world See that we need Jesus? When our hearts are as one

Beneath The Massacre - The stench of misery lyrics

times. Despair pushed us on our…Desperate times. Despair pushed us on our knees. Bow down ... one too many times. Rising. Dead is our will to ... world. Skin infected with the stench of misery. Wipe the

Plan B - Hard times lyrics

the hard times, people say that you gotta be ... strong Through these hard times, people say you gotta keep ... going on Through the hard times, people try and kick you when

4him - The waiting lyrics

WAITING Mark Harris I know, you know, We all have taken blows ... At times the weight is more Than you and I ... can bear I hurt, you hurt We live and breathe the word But

Bellarive - Bring us back lyrics

didn't You didn't just take our sin You filled us Filled us ... up with Your righteousness Yes Your love washed ... over us Over us With Your blood You covered us Covered

N-sync - Hard to say goodbye to yesterday [acapella] lyrics

do I say goodbye To what we had Good times that made us ... laugh outweighed the bad I thought we'd get to see forever but forevers gone ... away It's so hard To say goodbye To yesterday

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - We are the dead lyrics

kind of hit me today I looked at you and ... wondered if you saw things my way People ... will hold us to blame It hit me today it ... hit me today We're taking it hard all the

Millencolin - Hard times lyrics

you are winning, when you are winning I'm with you. I ... what I do. And I'm your best friend, I'm your best ... friend, I pretend, just like a new trend. You know

Van Morrison - Sometimes we cry lyrics

we know, sometimes we don't Sometimes we give, sometimes we won't Sometimes we're strong, sometimes we're ... wrong Sometimes we cry Sometimes it's bad when the going gets tough When we look in the

Mötley Crüe - You're all i need lyrics

of my knife Faced away from your heart Those last few nights ... It turned and sliced you apart This love that I tell ... padded prison cell So many times I said You'd only be mine I

Body Count - Bring it to pain lyrics

moment I laid eyes on you I knew a close encounter was ... inevitable Now we're alone Your eyes staring deep into my ... soul Together we sit in darkness You know I

Hard-fi - We need love lyrics

Birmingham, in London - what we need now is love. Not hate ... fear, blood and tears - what we need now is love. Walking ... down my street tonight, west London style... There's

Blind Pilot - We are the tide lyrics

time is ever on the road, The ride is in what we make. I ... walked a year to hear a howl in this give and ... Alright! And war is in our hearts, And blood is in the

Feeder - We are the people lyrics

do you say? What do you think about miracles? ... Miracles are somethings you dream about We are looking ... love and democracy We burn it all down 'cos all our

Rob Halford - We own the night lyrics

re not alone we have a chance you see Let's live the dreams we have in life There's ... nothing left if you can't walk with me You know ... we need to put it right We own the night And what ever

Indigo Girls - The hard way lyrics

show a little spark show the things that drew me to you ... and stole my heart and tell me ... at me as if i mean something to you our hearts are beating

Modest Mouse - The good times are killing me lyrics

good times are killing me, here we go ... got air, got water and I know you can carry on Shrug off ... can I say? Have one, have twenty more "One mores"

Arsis - We are the nightmare lyrics

figures ride towards the sunset. Searching for truth, ... only one shall return. Bring it down, tonight. Reprisal ... for our loss. We are the nightmare, the chosen silence

Hall And Oates - We are the world lyrics

comes a time when we need a certain call When the ... world must come together as one There are people ... dying, oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life The

Donny Hathaway - We need you right now lyrics

s no one else to turn to But you, yeah You're the only answer ... to the situation That we've gotten ourself into So ... master, won't you please come down And give us

Cryptopsy - The headsmen lyrics

them all now. We, we have been far too lenient, ... But your torment must suffice, Worthless years of ... achievements, Have lead us to this sacrifice. Annihilate

The Fratellis - We need medicine lyrics

need medicine and we need it now We need medicine and we need it now We need medicine ... and we need it now To get us to the end of time My soul's ... but my heart she's made of stone I'd be a good man if only

Melissa Etheridge - We are the ones lyrics

from the bottom of the well We're curled up in the corner of ... our cell Freedom is just a story that we tell I say give me ... me hell I know life is just a song If I can get the

Doro Pesch - We are the metalheads lyrics

are, we are, we are Don't bore us with your bullshit Put the money where ... your mouth is You threw the coin "I rock or I'm dead ... quot;, You had decided what it said, We

Dj - X - See how we are lyrics

fifty to a room There's too many rats in this cage of the world And the women know their place They sit home and ... write letters And when they visit once a year Well they

Chilly - We are the popkings lyrics

are the pop kings in town Everybody knows Our ... shows Tha pop kings in town When put to test We do ... tha best Tha pop kings in town With groovy songs We'll

Jessie & The Toy Boys - We own the night lyrics

is done and i've begun when the moonlight come i'm free to ... wanna have some fun, erase the sun tonight I wanna burn ... money that i don't got just line em up, take every shot

Anti-flag - Bring it to an end lyrics

ve got just 30 seconds to sing to you about... ... greed, hate Nazis and the president. The downfall of the state. We've got just 30 ... seconds to sing to you about... Sexism, corporate

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - We own the night lyrics

it alright if it's just us for the night? Hope you don ... t mind if I stay by your side We can drive in your ... car, somewhere into the dark Pull over and watch the

Hogland - The night (feat. johnning) lyrics

re burning with the sun, yeah We shine so bright ... Like all the stars combined, uh We own the night We're flying with the angels Dancing on the clouds

Benediction - We are the league lyrics

f***ed up and I'm in a mess Too many drugs have made me high ... I want to cause havoc, I want to die. We ... are the League, with the extra man We are the League

John Cougar Mellencamp - We are the people lyrics

down May my thoughts be with you If you're a black man bein' ... May my thoughts be with you If your world's gettin' a ... little to tough You know our thoughts are with you Hey, I

Al B Damned - You are what we eat lyrics

be eaten alive, You’ll be wishing you’d died, ... Caught within our grip, Your blood will drip, And you’ll ... Impaled on a stake, While you’re still awake, We put the U

Anti-nowhere League - We are the league lyrics

f***ed up and I'm in a mess Too many drugs have made me high ... I want to cause havoc, I want to die. We ... are the League, with the extra man We are the League,

Cashless - We are the youth lyrics

always try to tell us, that we´ll never reach our goals ... That we can´t change the way the world is spinning round and ... round They say: “It´s always been that

Cianide - (we are the) doomed lyrics

ve seen the future, I've known the past ... So come now and join us and death will last March ... let's rule with pride There is no future, nowhere to ... hide WE ARE THE DOOMED WE ARE THE DOOMED Bound by your chains, you try to break free

The Kinks - The hard way lyrics

like you were born to waste, You never listen to a word I say ... And if you think you're here to mess around, You're making a ... big mistake, 'Cos you're gonna find out the hard

The Knack - The hard way lyrics

like you were born to waste You never listen to what I say ... And if you think you're here to mess around You're making a ... big mistake 'Cos you're gonna find out the hard wa

Fort Hope - We are the gods (heritage) lyrics

I tell you where I've been Would you ... me what love means If I show you what I've seen Could you ... tell me what lie's mean 'Cus I've been promised a world of

Gaelic Storm - The ferryman lyrics

little boats have gone, from the breast of Anna Liffey, and the Ferrymen are stranded on the ... quai, The Dublin docks are dying, and ... Its over Molly, over can't you see Where the strawberry

Low - You see everything lyrics

with the ground See my smile Watch you frown ... it up Lay it down Life's too short to be your clown Your ... clown You see everything, but I don't

Loreen - We got the power lyrics

your soul catch the feeling Let me know when you feel it Beautiful and ... When love gets control Let your heart take a beating Let ... it pound with the rhythm Hear the sound and

Madame Macabre - The blue man (an original creepypasta song) lyrics

forgotten street nothing to see for miles save for endless ... of wheat blood running cold your eyes catch a ghostly ... silhouette feeling on edge you halt your pace then break into a cold sweat drifting along the dirt road he's right in front

Blitz - We are the boys lyrics

are the boys who can turn on the heat we are the boys and you ... re under our feet We've got nothing but the clothes that we wear We've got that ... attitude - And we don't care [chorus:] Hey!

Capsize - You can't come home the same lyrics

don't want to you to remember My face or name I ... just want to scream alone and know You ... all felt the same But paint your own picture And say what you

Nazareth - See you, see me lyrics

is the rhyme, where is the reason Who stands to judge ... home and watch it on T.V. See you - See me Now is the ... time, now is the season When we should have something to say

Cristal Y Acero - We got the motion lyrics

first started trying to get in to my life never ... realized you wouldn't come with me to ... don't let me down don't you tonight let's dance all night ... and at the end I'll make you mine We got the motion We

Damnwells - You don't have to like me to love me lyrics

s late but I'm on a roll with you I'm on a roll with you The sugar is on Honey I know your faith is making a ghost of you It's making a ghost of you

Damnwells - You don't have to like me to love me (tonight.. lyrics

s late but I'm on a roll with you I'm on a roll with you The sugar is on Honey I know your faith is making a ghost of you It's making a ghost of you

Shadow Gallery - The queen of the city of ice lyrics

Chapter 1:] Long ago the skies turned gray the ... sun had gone away and left us cold until one thousand ... years would pass and we'd sail away Trapped within

Doro Pesch - Hard times lyrics

s too real to be really right It's so ... night A broken promise on the street of dreams Left us ... here all down on our knees With one shot And one ... bite the walls collapsed with a

Low - To our knees lyrics

the love we all need Was running hard to be free ... It got caught up in the forest By the branches on the trees By the creatures of the daylight And the beasts of the night Then the mountains and

Jason Lancaster - The cause lyrics

here can look up under the seat We've all been giving the gift but the gift's not for ... me If you open the box so everybody can see It ... ticking clock sitting down at your feet Cause we've all been

Lock Up - Discharge the fear lyrics

is slipping away from us all Endless - the timeless ... fall Twisting thru the machinery of fate Sadness ... mounting scorn Wishing we were never born But we're here

Ronnie Drew - Hard times lyrics

us pause in life's pleasures and ... count its many tears, While we all sup sorrow with the poor. ... There's a song that will linger ... forever in our ears, Oh hard times, come again no more. 'Tis the song, a sigh of the weary, Hard times, hard times, come again

Richie Sambora - Hard times come easy lyrics

amazing We go through changes When times get crazy It´s up and down ... it´s hot and cold These complications Just keep ... on coming These ain´t no running When it

Korpiklaani - Bring us pints of beer lyrics

us pints of beer If you dont't drink, you can leave Bring us pints of beer We gonna ... drink now and here We've been around the world We ... ve devoured endless roads We've seen many towns, Can't

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