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L'ame Immortelle - Believe in me bonus track lyrics

dedication for the cause And the wishes I ... ve withdrawn blessed me with nothing but the blame For friendships lost and virtues ... gone My loyalty and honesty held nothing but decay

Good Charlotte - You're gone (bonus track) lyrics

were young, you were bright, you were beautiful, you were ... everything anyone could want from a child. You were not supposed to leave ... this world that way, you were not supposed to leave

Air - The way you look tonight (bonus track) lyrics

like the way you look tonight No blood in your vein, ... what does it mean ? Trashy art everywhere, on the screen Slow motion ... aftertaste, I've had foresight That's the way you

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Lay down beside me (bonus track) lyrics

... Ohh, yeah, yeah.... Something about the way you moved ... yes I can't deny it The way your body swayed As I watched you from behind That got me so

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Don't leave me (bonus track) lyrics

t leave me Cuz you need me I never wanna be without you ... Don't leave me Cuz you need me I never wanna be ... without you I woke up this mornin' ... From a dream That you were sayin' goodbye We had

Down - Invest in fear (bonus track) lyrics

of the best. Knife sharp going for the breast Full lips ... She's the sweetest f*** you ever had. Pill pushing all ... while mocking death. Sharing blood with beer, a dark

Fiction Family - Friday i'm in love (bonus track) - the cure c.. lyrics

don't care if monday's blue Tuesday's grey and ... wednesday too Thursday i don't care about you It's friday ... i'm in love Monday you can fall apart Tuesday

Joshua Radin - Where you belong [itunes bonus track] lyrics

I'm down in London Town And I've left the ... greener grass And I need someone to tell me That this won't ... last And I need you more tonight Cause the rains won't

All That Remains - Let nothing bind me (bonus track) lyrics

nothing bind me Nor stand in my way Struggle defines me ... the end I fall and rise up On no one depend I am my own ... master I own my sovereignty Your failure is no disaster And

Hot Chip - My brother is watching me (bonus track) lyrics

shake My brother is watching me A baby is in my arms We ... stairs My brother is watching me Wash my hands, shave ... my head I won't be leaving soon You feel so warm You feel

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Too much you for me (bonus track) lyrics

thing about a small town. Your life goes by as your drivin' ... out. The house you were livin' in the barn that we did it in. Girl I just wanna forget it

Alunageorge - Watching over you [deluxe edition bonus track.. lyrics

eyed Laying awake at night listening to ... the careful fights Listening to my heart beat like I'm in ... a fight Something's not right and I'm thinking ... You can't say no if you don't know And he can't hurt you

Choppa - Bonus track 2 lyrics

what's happ'n, what's crackalting fool on your end What's ... happ'n, hustle up and buy you a Benz Uh rock your ice, ... represent your shit Man what's happ'n with

Say Anything - Here's to you. blue eyes (bonus track) lyrics

than 10, my mother bought me my second tape. I wore the ... speakers out, with songs about laziness and rape. ... wants to burn out just like you. Thank God I'm not a clone

Luke Hemmings - You found me lyrics

found God On the corner of first and ... Where the west was all but won All alone, smoking his last ... cigarette I said where you been, he said ask anything

Nia Peeples - You make me wanna lyrics

your finger on my pulse Feel how it races ... Put your hand over my heart Wish ... places Bridge: So you could feel how it pounds me ... everytime your around me Chorus: You make me

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - You found me lyrics

found God On the corner of first and ... Where the west was all but won All alone, smoking his last ... cigarette I said where you been, he said ask anything

Apoptygma Berzerk - You keep me from breaking apart (according to.. lyrics

m only here because of you And because you never left me behind Saying thanks in my ... own way I say it with a song that soon will fade away You keep me from breaking apart

Poison The Well - Pieces of you in me lyrics

never understand when you always act the same oh ... beautiful your lips taste of red copper ... always excited me I need to hear your laugh ... when I'm dying on the other line you perform better when I'm

Mark Ronson lyricsMark Ronson - You gave me nothing (feat. rose elinor dougal.. lyrics

s the last time I'll be hypnotized I'll be ... Oh Oh Oh All the things you used to say to me Just to ... get your way Oh Oh Oh I reached out for your hand And you threw it

Debbi - You take me there lyrics

look at my life and the seasons that change The one thing ... that stayed you Just the beat of my drum ... and I know that you'll come Through troubles to carry

The Fray - You found me lyrics

found god On the corner of first and ... Where the west was all but won All alone, smoking his last ... cigarette I Said where you been, he said ask anything

Logan Johnny - You raise me up lyrics

so weary, When troubles come and my heart burdened be, ... I am still, and wait here in the silence, Until you come ... and sit a while with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains, You raise me up,

Ben Rector - You and me lyrics

s been a real long time since I seen you girl It's been ... a real long time in another world I got scars to ... prove that I don't need you but the heart knows that I

Gravitonas - You break me up lyrics

I bang on the door to your squad Sometimes I wish I ... believed in your God I'm bleeding from walking the night in your shoes Why ... do my knees keep on hurting I guess I can scare you

Rachael Lampa - You lift me up lyrics

on a cloud Dancing on a day dream I don't have a ... how good this life can be You lift me up Running in the ... rain Singing in the sunshine Telling all the world Why

Montell Jordan - The you in me (featuring bishop eddie long) lyrics

I’ve spent my whole life running from you Even though ... there’s been some things you needed me to do I did it my ... way and hurt you over and over again But you

Air Traffic Controller - You know me lyrics

You know me. You know everything about me now. ... My heart is in your hands and you know you could ... break it, but wouldn't you rather make me sing like this

Anointed - Not the i but the you in me lyrics

have walked into my life You have painted all my dreams ... Til the color of your love is the color of me You ... can look into my heart And you can read my mind You can read

Fireflight - You give me that feeling lyrics

to say? But I still can't find a way To tell you how you ... ve captured me And turned it all around I ... need to say it out loud This force inside is driving me And I

Melissa Steel - You love me (feat. wretch 32) lyrics

Verse 1: Melissa Steel] Baby don't hold ... it back, you've been screaming your feelings all night ... Then you don't say one thing, one thing You ain't all

Midge Ure - You move me lyrics

around my head Shaking me blindly Killing me kindly Running around my heart beating me ... softly Beating me every way And I have never ... felt this emotion before Ooh, I if I could stand up

Riot ( Usa ) - You burn in me lyrics

pleasure, It's always the same Playin' with fire, it's a ... dangerous game Turn back the lies, turn ... back the night It's deep within me, a spell I can't fight

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - You need me (true tiger remix) (ft. scrufizze.. lyrics

and Dot We've got a villainous plot to make billions ... watch Bringing the hot flows skipping ... across Delivering some of the illest bars, killing ... ooh ooh ooh ooh, yeah we're doing the damn thing Man think we

Segismundo Toxicómano - Bonus track lyrics

Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus ... Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus

Ghost - La mantra mori (bonus track) lyrics

Focus On Your Death We Focus On Your Death You Share Not The ... Blood of Ours Thus We Focus On Your

Wolfgang Petry - Bonus track wie beim ersten mal lyrics

halte dich fest komm noch ein stück zu mir du bist jung ... wird gut versuchs noch einmal von vorn es gab eine ... zeit da warst du zu klein für die große welt ich gab

Andre Nickatina - Bonus track lyrics

smoke cannibus check this out you better work it trick filmoe for life with a grain of salt a ... tiga like me hate to take a loss finikey ... and helifikle know it aint simple hit you with cocaine

Behemoth - Satans sword i have become [bonus track] lyrics

and triumphant To no avail for the dungeons and chains of ... the inquisition Poor and lonely are my adversers Who serving the beast for million years ... .. How simple it is... For many years my semen hath

Behemoth - In thy pandemaeternum [bonus track] lyrics

Art thou blind and deaf? Old man! ... Decrepit and hideous Hidden in woods of madness and anxiety ... the refugium of love Whereas your love as a cockroach Under

Emery - Bonus track: closed eyes, open hands lyrics

It's automatic when the money is in our hands. People ... always try to look beyond their own lives, but I know ... that it won't last. Pride comes before our fellow man. Oh

Foster The People - Bonus track: chin music for the unsuspecting .. lyrics

the door and fell down on my floor Got al of my papers ... Seems that I've been wanderin' for a little too long Yeah, ... the desert can be hot if you waste it Took a stab in the

Good Charlotte - Crash (bonus track) lyrics

so strange To be back at your place You look away A ... smile creeps across your face Remember the sounds, ... laughs, the screams, the crashing plates How we’d lay awake

Ramones lyricsRamones - Smash you (bonus track) lyrics

out on the avenue Lookin' for something to do Didn't know ... when we first met That you would be such a pest Don't ... go callin' on the phone I don't need your dial tone You've

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Bonus track lyrics

want to be real Not some conscience to myself The way you ... worship, never ending Some idol who’s pretending to be ... true How you put upon yourself A man who never seems

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Bonus track lyrics

want to be real Not some conscience to myself The way you ... worship, never ending Some idol who’s pretending to be ... true How you put upon yourself A man who never seems

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Haunted [japanese bonus track] lyrics

steps on the stairs Aren't really ... there Feel like there's someone watching me Shadows on the ... hall When I look theres nothing to see You say that you let

Dear Whoever - Bonus track: a place for the end lyrics

the eyes of fear To see the one pain Of this soul my dear ... my head That there is nothing now And will be nothing in ... the end Oh nothing in the end Oh I'm on my knees

Foster The People - Bonus track: love lyrics

my name is Mark I play gentleman's ... games And I just slip through and ... creepin' Through the night's parade, ... hand or two, I tip my hat to you. I'm always runnin' and a

Good Charlotte - Jealousy (bonus track) lyrics

every lie I ever told, for every line I ever sold For ... everyone I ever hurt before I could always find a ... good excuse I could always find something to use I could

Good Clean Fun - [bonus track] lyrics

Mr. Issa from Good Clean Fun You might remember me from such ... albums as Shopping for a Crew, On the Streets Saving the Scene From the Forces of ... Hardcore I'm here to talk to you today about SEX [Kelly:]

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - You wrote the book on love (bonus track) lyrics

I first met you my life turned a page ... Chapter one was how true love was made You taught me with your kiss Things about romance I missed, oh ... You knew everything from A to Z What pleases you and what pleases me Girl

Foster The People - Bonus track: broken jaw lyrics

it a lot All the words come out my broken jaw I don't ... know anything But then I act like I know ... everything Don't wanna talk about it What ... do you see when you dream about it Well I had

Lecrae - Bonus track i love you ft. chris lee lyrics

sometimes we get so addicted to self ... that, you don't realize you hurting other people, ... specially the people you care the most about. [Hook ... and I hope to live to make you smile, Cause I don't deserve

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - You're so vain (bonus track with johnny depp) lyrics

walked into the party Like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped ... below one eye Your scarf it was apricot You ... had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself gavotte And

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Dead in the water (bonus track) lyrics

shore as the night is slipping through my hands I fall into the sea like the empire ... built on the sand I've been thinking ... bout the days when we had no money That photograph of you,

Secondhand Serenade - You are a drug (bonus track) lyrics

was just another day Emotionless and stale Everytime I ... try to reach you I always seem to fail You ... re living in this shell And you don't recognize your sin You

Choppa - Bonus track 1 lyrics

Choppa] While you walking I'm running, while you shooting I'm chopping Got me confused with them dudes, but who ... is you to be knocking Now I be marching like a

Foster The People - Bonus track: downtown lyrics

turn around man I'm gonna take you downtown You ... it My fear and doubt is set in place by a lie I glorify you ... that's the only way of life yeah I take

Aborted - Surprise! you're dead lyrics

Bonus Track For Europe] [Faith No More ... No More, Album 'The Real Thing' 1989] Surprise! you're ... dead! Ha ha! open your eyes See the world as it ... used to be when you used to be in it When you

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