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You Got Me On My Knees Have Mercy On Me lyrics

Browse for You Got Me On My Knees Have Mercy On Me song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed You Got Me On My Knees Have Mercy On Me lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to You Got Me On My Knees Have Mercy On Me.

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Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Mercy on me lyrics

have mercy on my soul For I have walked the sinful road That ... I'm down on my knees Lord have mercy on me, please Ohh ... yeah Jesus, I must confess That in all my loneliness I've forsaken and I

Reed Deming - Mercy on me lyrics

Magic Woman Put spell on my eye That body moving Girl you got to be mine all mine Well ... I confess I´m not impressed with ... all the rest tonight It´s only you It´s only you that I

Don Williams - Lord have mercy on a country boy lyrics

free walking these fields in my bare feet There wasn't no ... Well I live in the city but don't fit in you know it's a pity ... the shape I'm in But I got no home and I got no choice

The Black Keys - Have mercy on me lyrics

anybody wrong I done anybody wrong Have mercy on ... me If I did anybody wrong, oh Have mercy on

Jj Heller - Have mercy on me lyrics

m tired of being afraid I'm wondering how I got this way I'm ... trying to remember what life was like before ... in without even knocking on the door Have mercy on me

George Jones - Have mercy on me lyrics

mother and me know all the books of the ... bible She guided my way as long as she could But I wondered ... false idols It brought me shame, she told me it would. Have mercy on me (have mercy on me

Elton John lyricsElton John - Have mercy on the criminal lyrics

heard the dogs at night Somewhere on the hill Chasing some poor criminal And I guess ... Oh there must be shackles on his feet And mother in his ... the hound pack in full cry Have mercy on the criminal Who is

Heavens Gate - On my knees lyrics

get no sleep Looking for the one to catch my fall Blade of ... Feel the touch that started on the screen All the world was ... taking part All my love to one I’ve never seen Started to

Leo Sayer - Your love still brings me to my knees lyrics

love still brings me to my knees From day to day you feel my ... needs This flame that burns Within my heart ... never die Oh I bless the day you come along You turned my life

Invocator - On my knees lyrics

and turning wash off all my sins Contortion Forgive me, ... though I bear the cross on my wings I loved and lied to ... chance of being released by you A fatal step - the words of

Navarone - On my knees lyrics

on my knees Panic bleeds beneath my ... nails They kicked me over, kept me down, nailed to ... the ground Please don't make me beat my needs And ... kick you over, keep you down, nailed to the ground

Firehouse - Have mercy lyrics

for direction Got nowhere to place my loyalties ... ve stumbled and I've fallen My life is breaking me down like ... some disease I'm lost in the ... I'm asking is there something more? Have mercy, have mercy In the name of God have mercy Please help me, please

Richard Marx - Have mercy lyrics

of loaded guns I saw it on the news, we ain't got no ... worry But it won't be in the paper when D Day ... comes Lord, Have Mercy For we know not what we

Black Oak Arkansas - Lord have mercy on my soul lyrics

there's somethin' I'd like to talk to you ... about at this particular moment, and that's about the one ... thing that we won't be able to do together. ... Unless we all become as one. And if we all become as one

Chuck Berry - Have mercy judge lyrics

And I almost finished doing my parole Now, I'm on my way ... back down town Somebody help me, have mercy on my soul I ... court tomorrow morning And I got the same judge I had before

Eric Burdon - Have mercy judge lyrics

And I almost finished doing my parole Now, I'm on my way ... back down town Somebody help me, have mercy on my soul I ... court tomorrow morning And I got the same judge I had before

Gerald Levert - Have mercy lyrics

Chorus] Have mercy on me Have pity on me You're making me ... weak Your love is so sweet Please have mercy on me Have mercy on me Have pity on me You're

Nivea - Have mercy lyrics

. mmm) What can I do to make you forgive me For ever cheating on you See I was a fool, I plead ... insanity I throw myself at your mercy So do what you will

Everlast - Mercy on my soul lyrics

a rusty blade Standin' on the air, I walked the line ... Paid my fine, hope I know the land ... within They fight to take control [CHORUS] Lord, have mercy on my soul On my soul, on

Melissa Etheridge - Mercy lyrics

I have lived ten years plus ten ... And ten and ten again I have seen too much to pretend ... And then you wanted to come in I have survived all of ... the lies They made me wise The locks and walls

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Have mercy lyrics

kung fu sample:] You have to learn mercy Otherwise, you will learn bad ways You have ... been confined here, for one month already But you still haven't grasped this basic

Got7 - Beggin on my knees lyrics

2 3 let’s go maebeon mal hanmadie honi nagaji da ... neoui nunbit sonjit hangsang wanbyeokandeutan ... neoui taiming Got me beggin on my knees, be be beggin on my knees jogeumssik dagagaryeogo hal

Newsboys - On your knees lyrics

what her daddy said How when you're winning, you got more ... friends But are they your friends if you fall they're ... gone? Something about those kind of ... people seems wrong Who's gonna be there when the phone

Sara Haze - My own hands to hold lyrics

was alone sitting on the steps outside your door You weren't home and I've been ... through this too many times before And we go on and on, ... s like we can't break free You're bringing me down Now you got me on my knees The first time around You were so good to me

Heritage Singers - I bowed on my knees and cried holy lyrics

dreamed of a city called Glory It ... I cried holy All the angels met me there And They carried me from mansion to mansion And ... I want to see Jesus He's the One who died for all I bowed on my knees and cried Holy, holy

Ruud Jolie - Down on my knees on prs lyrics

- Instrumental Song from For All We Know

Slaughter - On my own lyrics

not to remember, but the memories lead right back to you ... Right back to you it's hard to face the reality ... when you know there's nothing left to ... I've travelled, still I'm alone, wishing I could share this

Kari Jobe - Find you on my knees lyrics

chasing me again, Breaking down my best ... looking, God, I'm looking for you Weary just won't let me rest ... and fear is filling up my head. I'm longing, God I'm longing for you But I will

Mitchel Musso - You got me hooked lyrics

time I meet You I was dreaming First time I ... saw you I was chilling Tight jeans, ... pink glasses So 80's fashion Dance in the street, nobody ... Green headband, socks up your knees I'm classy, you're

Blutengel - Down on my knees lyrics

in the sky I´m searching for you and I wait for a sign Down ... the water and up in the sky You´re searching for me and you ... wait for a sign I feel your presence but still I can´t

For All We Know - Down on my knees lyrics

only sign of life is hiding on the other side Maybe I'm ... too blind to see my enemies looking out for me. ... Today I'll play their game and settle the score in

Ruud Jolie - Down on my knees lyrics

only sign of life is hiding on the other side Maybe I'm ... too blind to see my enemies looking out for me. ... Today I'll play their game and settle the score in

Enuff Z' Nuff - On my way back home lyrics

no I've done it again, I went wandering ... And I made a new friend. My friend is bringing me down, On my hands, on my knees, See me crawling around. I never mean too, But I just seem to,

Deny14 - On my way lyrics

stay open, though it with me won't okay i can't stand on one place, i have to move away ... I've got start, it's good, but way, ... which I am alone chosen i don't know but because of him I

Jonny Lang - On my feet again lyrics

in need of restoration I am ready for you to take me higher The only thing that I ... can do is keep on praying On my own I just can't get it right ... how hard I try But with you I've become a much stronger

Bobby Darin - Have you got any castles, baby? lyrics

have dreamed about romance a lot Men ... And I'd like to do the same for you Have ya got any ... castles You want me to build, baby? Have ya got ... any dragons You wanna have killed, baby? I'll get into my seven league boots I'll get

Band Of Horses - On my way back home lyrics

my way back home, by chance I thought of All my favorite songs, where I'd gone wrong The only words that I ... could think of I'm pissing my life away in the form of a song On my way back home

Nick Lowe - You got the look i like lyrics

got the style, you got the sense That makes a man ... twang like a guitar string You hold the power and pain I ... m in late I can't think or concentrate My rocket ride will have to wait I'm in a beautiful

Johnny Powers - Me and my rhythm guitar lyrics

it's me and my rhythm guitar Just me and my ... go-lucky country boy Bought me brand new guitar And I was ... strummin' oh-of joy Just me and my rhythm guitar Just me

Raveneye - You got it lyrics

girl, what have you done to me Gave me a taste of you Now ... more Waiting, get rid of all your cool So hard to let you go ... All I want is you Try, to fill the new look

Rumer - On my way home lyrics

of sorrow, I must've followed you here Stood at the gates of ... Heaven, I watched you disappear Now I hear you say ... "It's time to walk away" But how

A Day To Remember - Have faith in me lyrics

faith in me Cause there are things that ... I've seen I don't believe So cling to what you know and never let go You ... seem I said I'd never let you go, and I never did I said I

Delta Goodrem - You will only break my heart lyrics

me your thoughts now baby Tell me ... what's on your mind Tell me what's eating you alive Tell ... me your darkest secrets Clear up ... those stupid lies Show me what's there behind those

F(x) - My style lyrics

& gentlemen, f(x)! Hey! (Uh-Huh yeah) ... jeo yeope geu dwi oenjjokpyeon Kalkkeumhan hudeuti wie ... jaekit meotjin match juha A a style meotjyeo waenji mami tteollyeo

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Me and my boyfriend lyrics

Look for me, look for me) All I need in this life of ... sin is me and my boyfriend Ride with me to ... the very end just me and my boyfriend All I need in

Converge - On my shield lyrics

looked for a handout beyond the gates and i need to ... inferno and burn down to the bone all of the arrows that ... rather i would rather, die on my shield die on my shield

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - On my way lyrics

just a finger step away Don’t price with the name and ... the letters that say where you are and it’s too far You ... are there and I am here I have the sound of your voice in my

Kid Ink - On my own feat. sterling simms lyrics

oooh ohh Did it on my own, I did it on my own ... Couldn't wait on u gotta stand on my own too Yeah ... we just weren't on the same beat Right way goin down the

New Kids On The Block - You got it the right stuff lyrics

The Right Stuff First time was a great time Second time was a blast Third time I ... it lasts I can see it in your walk Tell it when you talk

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - On my own (feat. les nubians and mos def) lyrics

on my own All on my own All on my own All on my ... own We gonna build this bridge on our ... own Original creation and let it be known No ... duplication that I can condone Constant elevation till I'm

Ferry Corsten - On my mind lyrics

is on my mind We will collide Today ... is on my mind I take my time Come across and feel Just ... feel Today is on my mind It's on my mind And ... I know that I'm alone And I know where I

Brian Mcknight - You got the bomb lyrics

can't remember The last time I felt this way You're ... keeping a smile on my face You know exactly how I tick Every ... time I light the wick Seems like you're ready to explode I want you to know [1]- You got the

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - On my way home lyrics

of my life been running, Paying ... price for living How do the young survive? We're never ... satisfied, Only if I could listen. When ... I hide? (ohohohohoh) I'm on my way I'm on my way

Emmure - You got a henna tattoo that said forever lyrics

me somewhere familiar so I can find myself again. It hurts more ... then you know and I'll ask you "Why?" Why would you lie to me? What was the point

Ross Lynch - On my own lyrics

was just a dream All these memories of you and me Blown ... away in the summer breeze It almost feels like ... we just never were All the time we spent was just a blur Now

Mica Paris - You put a move on my heart lyrics

after time, when I'm feeling low Something inside of me, lets me ... know It's alright, love's on my side When the world, seems a ... lonely place I've got a dream that won't leave a

Anybody Killa (abk) - On my way lyrics

m on my way, And I'm movin' top ... Ain't no lookin' back, so don't even wave to me. I'm goin' ... for a time to chase what I believe. In ... other words I'm following my dreams. So many set they

Rascal Flatts - Me and my gang lyrics

Straight up to Butte, Montana Singin' 'Lord, I Was ... Man' California to Oregon Even New York City got one ... kind of thang Raise up your hands if you all wanna hang

Quincy Jones - You put a move on my heart lyrics

Talking:] Baby I just want you to understand Just exactly ... how you make me feel Oooh yeah I wanna feel ... you next to me Ooooh... time after time, when I'm feelin

Ra - On my side lyrics

that it's real Supposing you're right Suppose it won't ... And nothing will get to me No one will want to have me ... Longing to be set free If only the sun would take me If only the wind was on my side [2x

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