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Johnny Reid - You gave my heart a home lyrics

known a love so sweet Til You Gave my heart a home I ... way I feel Never had a dream this real Til You Gave my heart ... out there searchin Trying to find a key Lost with no

Slaughter - You're my everything lyrics

ll call you On the phone tonight We can rendezvous At ... hideaway, all right Don't you know You're my everything ... And I know You mean the world to me Don't you know That we are in paradise

Jim Brickman - Your love lyrics

the world I need When I have you here beside me, here beside ... me CHORUS So you could give me wings to fly ... couldn't ask for more 'Cause your love is the greatest gift of

Manfred Mann - You gave me somebody to love lyrics

it's been hard for me since you've been gone But you left me ... with the strength to carry on Though it hurts so ... gift in life I got from you Baby, baby, you gave me

Jack Johnson - You and your heart lyrics

you when you say What you are and when you blame ... Everyone, You broken king Watch you change ... the frame or Watch you when you take your aim At the sum of

Shakespeare's Sister - You made me come to this lyrics

gonna bury my head Just for you I'll be your silicone doll ... If you want me to I won't tell you what I'm ... thinking You'd never guess That what I am ... is of your making It's you who made me come to this You made me come to this It's you who made me come to this I

Helia - I gave my heart to the wolves 2.0 lyrics

end of all! So pray until' you're worn out. This is your ... latest walk! You're sinking down tonight. This is the end of all! So pray ... until' you're worn out. This is your latest walk! You're

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - You gave me a mountain lyrics

for the loss of his wife You know Lord I've been in a ... them all one by one But this time, Lord you gave me a ... mountain A mountain you know I may never climb It

Eddy Arnold - You gave me a mountain lyrics

for the loss of his wife You know Lord I've been in a ... them all one by one But this time Lord you gave me a ... it isn't a hill any longer you gave me a mountain this time

Coffey Anderson - You gave me you lyrics

cos I found you I feel brand new And the ... my soul It led me straight to You And for the first time ... not alone And I listened to how my heart starts pounding

Mikeschair - You loved me first lyrics

it my broken heart that lead me straight to You? ... Was it your broken hands that I can not ... Was it my emptiness or was it your empty tomb that pointed me ... home, pointed Me home, to you? I should have known all

Emmure - She gave her heart to deadpool lyrics

stare into a void. My life is an ... emptyness. Death, you are my mistress. I would ... do anything for you Please stand by my side I ... would do anything for you. Just tell me who must die

Dokken - Heart to stone lyrics

can't see your face anymore through our ... broken past I can't feel your pain anymore I am free at ... last this love is lost like a distant ... in an endless sea I tried to spread my wings and fly

Eddy Arnold - You don't know me lyrics

give your hand to me and then you say hello And I can hardly ... speak my heart is beating so And anyone ... could tell you think you know me well But you don't

Amy Grant - Sing your praise to the lord lyrics

your praise to the Lord, Come on everybody, ... more Hallelujah, Give your praise to the Lord, I can ... never tell you, Just how much good...that ... it's Gonna do ya Just to sing...anew... The song your

Hillsong United - You are more lyrics

1: On the day I called You answered me And the hope in ... my hands And turn my eyes To the God who heals my heart ... gives me peace CHORUS: You are more than My words could

Maria - You, me and she lyrics

like lately, you're far away Even when you're ... near Drives me crazy, that you don't seem to care Feels so ... wrong I can tell with just a touch I'm not the only one that

Shakin' Stevens - You shake me up lyrics

shake me up. You shake me down. You make me ... n' Quake & Quiver When you're around. You shake me up ... Each time you do, what you do. Baby I'm shakin' like a

Hardline - This gift lyrics

Wondering where that You might be I know You're ... down upon us I felt I heard You answer me You gave your life ... for me Lord I try To give to You the best that I can be

Lenka - Heart to the party lyrics

deep blue seas So, bring your heart to the party I wanna ... in the darkness daring Bring your heart to the party I ... wanna dance like I hope tomorrow will never come And

Sleater-kinney - Heart factory lyrics

re manufacturing hearts, we've got the perfect thing ... ve got the new love machine Heart with an on and off switch and ... a remote control Now you can program how you feel

Shinee - To your heart lyrics

To To todoke To To To To your heart To To To To your heart Heart heart heart heart ... kara kimi ni taisetsu na kotoba tsutae rukara! ... gikochinaikedo totteoki no Face (Shooting Star

Kenny Rogers - When you put your heart in it lyrics

But somehow we've got here together And who knows what ... we keep on believing When you put your heart in it It can ... take you anywhere Who's to say that we can't make it It

John Denver - Heart to heart lyrics

haven't seen all there is to see But I've seen quite a ... from Is where it's going to Your heart to mine, my heart to yours Talk about ... about opening doors My heart to yours, your heart to mine

Hind - Your heart belongs to me lyrics

with a fool He stepped on my heart, bruised me, broke the golden ... voice in my head kept saying: this can’t go on Even though I ... long, something’s wrong You know your heart belongs to me

Poisonblack - Lay your heart to rest lyrics

ve fallen from grace Into the kingdom of shadowlands ... Into the pleasure's nest This pale death on my face I've ... come to love and understand When I

Blue System - You’ll be my hero lyrics

baby tonight youll be my hero The hero of my ... scene Dont cry, dont cry your heart to me Dont lose your ... sensuality Dont try to fool your biggest friend Its nothing you can mend when a love will end

Amy Grant - Where do you hide your heart lyrics

call you on the phone But you're not at home. Where do you ... go when you're hurting? I hear you're ... down again, Lost the will to win. Why do you run when your hurting? Oh, where do you

Ll Cool J - You and me lyrics

Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha-ha, ... Uhh, uhh, uhh.. uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he ... left you Uptown, teary eyed, on the back

Rob Mayth - Heart to heart lyrics

pick me up, you knock me down You turned my ... life around Since I saw you the first time I know it's ... And if there's a chance To conquere your heart Where I

Everclear - Your arizona room lyrics

those cold dark eyes that you show to a cold dark world ... came over me When I touched your face It took me to a place ... that I've been afraid to go Everytime we talk I

Jon Bon Jovi - Janie, don't you take your love to town lyrics

here just watching you sleep Wish I could slip ... dream But the air's too thick for one of us to ... breathe I'm not fool enough to think you couldn't live life

B. J. Thomas - You gave me love lyrics

gave me time when no one gave me time of day, You looked ... of the world looked away, You smiled at me when there were ... just frowns everywhere, You gave me love when nobody gave me a

Amy Grant - You gave me love lyrics

gave me time When no one gave me time of day You looked ... of the world looked away You smiled at me When there ... t just friends everywhere You gave me love When nobody gave me a prayer That's why I

Rend Collective - You bled lyrics

bled your heart out Now I feel love beat in ... my chest How wonderful You gave your beauty In exchange for ... my ugliness How wonderful You left your perfection And

Aaliyah - The one i gave my heart lyrics

Could The One I Gave My Heart To, Break My Heart So Bad? How ... Me? So I Can Understand. If You Love Me, How Could You Hurt ... That? How Could The One I Gave My World To, Throw My World

Befour - You gave me life lyrics

I ever ever tell you What you really mean to me Well we ... laughed and cried together Always sweetest ... side by side In my heart there is a place for you

Fireflight - You gave me a promise lyrics

down on me But I know that this cannot be the end, be the end ... I feel like copping out Will You hold me up, if I just say ... I will stay I will hold on to this hope that I have You gave me a promise You gave me a

Hillsong Worship - You gave me love lyrics

gave me a love that caused my heart to overflow You gave me a ... deeper than I've ever known You have set my feet where I ... belong Put within my heart a brand new song You gave

Ola Svensson - If you gave me your love lyrics

mystery what I did wrong I gave you my love, thought we were ... strong But you never gave it You never gave it back to me I didn't walk away, I ... tried to work it out But you can't repair love, when love

Latif - I dont blame you lyrics

la la la la la Yo, baby you alright? Oh yeah Come here ... let me talk to you for a second (Ooh) I know, ... I know, I know Let me make you feel better (Oh, ga ga ga ga

Shadows Chasing Ghosts - You ain't got the minerals lyrics

land harder, than the Shit you gave my heart I'd rather see ... you drown, Bury your ashes, with a brand new ... start I'll cross my heart, and hope you die You made a

Defyance - Your love lies lyrics

an emotion burn Deep in my heart again And it's been such a ... Every time that I see your face It strikes up a melody ... Every time that I feel your grace Your memory keeps

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Bitch lyrics

Eastside Boyz Who we talkin to man, who we talkin to Any ... nigga that act like a wha (bitch) Any any bitch that act like ... a muthaf***in (bitch) Any p**** nigga that’s a

Karliene Reynolds - I give my heart to him - tudorovci 2007 fanso.. lyrics

I was has died I give my heart to him before your King, ... And in this broken flight I'll be with ... him tonight I lay my soul with him ... before your King, And I don't regret

Rock, Michael Learns To - You took my heart away lyrics

blue Turning all my thoughts to you I was without hopes or ... dreams I tried to dull an inner scream But you ... Walking on a path of air See your faces everywhere As you melt

Juicy J - This bitch by my side lyrics

got a main bitch, I got a new hoe Love my AK ... Nigga get wrong then that bitch is going off It's her ... birthday so I bought that bitch a bean She my inspiration so

Deborah Cox - This gift lyrics

Verse 1] You changed my life, it’s really ... It’s like I’m in a dream. Your sacrifice, it made me change ... the same. (Just the same) You made me trust again, made me

New Heights - You felt it all lyrics

Living shame, deep within my heart Fighting to be known ... I can't stand on my own You came and took my place You ... felt it all You died, You gave Your life For me You felt it

Thy Art Is Murder - This hole isn't deep enough lyrics

ve learned this torture from you, So grace this one last ... through the dust! Put up your legs, I'm dreaming of you! ... You're wretched! Your innocence, bitch, belongs to

Nomy - Your heart in my hands lyrics

hold your hand I tell you lies I give you words Your ... last goodbye I see you go I see you die I see you ... go To I don’t know And all the ... pain We heard them cry And you became Another why Am I the

Boston - You gave up on love lyrics

say love is all you need So the story goes ... There's no changin' what you believe But you're the one ... who knows You gave up on love You gave up so ... easily Guess you're not so tough You gave up on everything

Boston - You gave up on love (2.0) lyrics

gave up on love You gave up so easily You gave up on ... love You say love is all you need, So the story goes ... There's no changin' what you believe But you're the one

Jennifer Hudson - You pulled me throught lyrics

Seemed nothing could heal this This hole in my soul You ... reached out your arms to me Held out your heart to me ... When I was so confused You you you pulled me through I was

Brighthaven - You gave me the key lyrics

of me aches to find the way Through this ... grave Into your arms of comfort I have ... Making the same mistakes You gave me your hand in those ... desperate times You showed me where I belong

Alexandra Burke - You broke my heart lyrics

You know that I would follow you ... To the end of the Earth And ... maybe I was kinda bold You shouldn't know my words I ... was waiting for the time to remind you You were in love

Madame Macabre - Heart has value (a hobo heart themed song) lyrics

frivolous laughter, such heartache It isn't right don't ... a damn sadly it isn't hard to see that stories like this ... end badly Do you believe that your heart has

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - What's within my heart lyrics

will linger Sweetly in my heart May I hear once more ... permitted just one friend To share my game The one who ... give a damn For what I seem to be And really cares for

Carly Rae Jepsen lyricsCarly Rae Jepsen - Your heart is a muscle lyrics

it all goes wrong I've been told, I don't really like the ... ve been away, i've been away too long I wanna go wherever you are, I wanna be wherever you

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - You took my heart lyrics

quot;So tonight, I wanna talk to you about the relationship ... s about money... [Hook:] You took my heart from me I'll ... my nanna, I can't listen to this bullshit It's all good til

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