You Don't Know Like I Know What He's Done For Me lyrics

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Richard Smallwood - What he's done for me lyrics

You don't know like I know What the Lord has done for me You don't know like I know What the ... Lord has done for me You don't know like I know What the ... Lord has done for me You don't know like I know What the

Nazareth - What's in it for me lyrics

want me to be your friend Stick by you through thick or thin What's in it for me What ... s in it for me You'd like me to deal you in Hold your ... hand right to the end What's in it for me What's in it for me You want me to be your

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - You don't know lyrics

VERSE 1:] I can remember my mother told me Don't ... let no one speak for me When it comes down to His blessings ... No one can give Him praise for me but me [CHANNEL:] Just

Patsy Cline - He will do for you lyrics

my soul was in sin And my heart was in shame I didn’t know jesus Not even his name Then I heard a voice ... say Won’t you come unto me And he will do for you What

B. J. Thomas - What your love did for me lyrics

when I didn't have a dream to call my ... own So blinded by my pride that I could not see Remember me The one who said I ... ll make it all alone Take a look at what Your love did for me I've

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - What have you done for me lately lyrics

s up girl? He stood me up again Again? Mmhmm Well what's ... up with this guy? Do you really like him that much? ... Yes honey, I love him, he is fine, he does a lot of nice things for me I know he

The Kinks - What's in store for me lyrics

wanna know what is to be To see what life's ... cut out for me I'm waiting for my fate 'Cause I know I've done wrong I wanna know just what's in store for me I wish I had a crystal ball To see

Natalie - He is perfect for me lyrics

! They say it's normal! How I hate him ! He is so evil ! I hate it ! Hah ! You do not know what or who I'm talking about ... After only three days sent me --- certainly know where ..

Carpenters - He came here for me lyrics

in a stable He came here for me Born of a virgin He came here for me God's only son ... come to set the world free Born ... of God's love And He came here for me Savior of the

Faith Hill - What's in it for me lyrics

we had a good thing baby You pulled the wool over my eyes ... Should've seen it coming baby Now all I see is a ... cool love dying Honey I don't want to hold you down Why you gotta own the lock and the

Karmin - What's in it for me? lyrics

t matter how you sell me I am just another number Even ... when it's not for money Use me like a cash register You ... fool me once fool me twice, but the ends don't meet

Amy Diamond - What's in it for me lyrics

ah ah ah Okey It's so confusing You sure ... been messing with my mind Eh eh eh eh yeah You cut me loose and Suddenly we're doing fine I'm not a perfect little girl But I should get what I deserve And I refuse to be

Ella Fitzgerald - Boy! what love has done to me! lyrics

fetch his slippers, fill up the pipe he smokes I ... cook the kippers, laugh at his oldest jokes Yet here I ... anchor, I might have had a banker Boy! what love has done to me His

George Gershwin - Boy! look what love has done to me [extended .. lyrics

fetch his slippers, fill up the pipe he smokes I ... cook the kippers, laugh at his oldest jokes Yet here I ... anchor, I might have had a banker Boy! what love has done to me His

Cece Winans - Just like that lyrics

he woke her up this morning she saw something on his mind His eyes were cold and distant and his spirit was unkind He said I'm off to find ... myself and I won't be coming back She said ask the

Hezekiah Walker - Do you know like i know lyrics

Do you know like I know The real meaning of Christmas ... It's all about Jesus (2x) It's the time of the year Christmas season is here And the ... streets are filled from here to there People

Kj-52 - Will you ever know? lyrics

if what if what if what if what if what if you was ... transported in time To the place and the spot ... where Christ had to die What if you beheld with your own

Amanda Lear - Mother, look what they've done to me lyrics

mother, look what they've done to me Oh mother, look what ... they've done to me Why all the shame and all ... the pain? Explain! Oh mother, why are they ... lookin' at me? Do you know what they're askin' me? He gave me a small broken doll but he

Four Disco Girl - You don't know my name lyrics

baby, baby From the day I saw you I really really want ... to catch your eye There's something special 'bout you I ... must really like you Cause not a lotta guys are

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - You don't know my name lyrics

Don't Know My Name Baby, baby, baby, from ... the day I saw you, I really, really wanted to ... catch your eye. There's something special 'bout you. I

Sacred Warrior - He died lyrics

died for you and I on that day As He hangs on ... the cross for you and I He said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do ... quot; It's time you realize what he has done for you

Montell Jordan - 4 you (featuring schappell crawford & the ful.. lyrics

ll do anything for you He can deliver you If you ... want Him to God'll do anything for you He gave His son to ... you He gave his life for you You may be wondering Why

Shaggy - Thank you lord lyrics

this one goes out to the father ... For shower of good blessings Right now I gotta give ... thanks And praise most I [chorus] [KY-MANI] ... Thank you Lord for what you've done for me [SHAGGY]

Anne Murray - (he can't help it if) he's not you lyrics

my new found love, So many things do fall through. Still I don't pretend That he's the friend ... that I'm used to. And I blame myself for every cruel and

Mc Hammer - Do not pass me by lyrics


Artist Vs. Poet - He's just not me lyrics

s just not me, And he never will be. And he buys nice things, But what we had was free ... So tell me I'm wrong- Tell me that you've ... been missing somethin' all along. So when will you see, See that you're so

Cassandra Complex - What can i do for you? lyrics

last thing you did before you went away You built a bonfire of our dreams, made it a ... holiday You filled it with pain, you filled it with ... champagne Said goodbye darling, said never again What

New Edition - You don't have to worry lyrics

me up yo That's right New Edition (You don't have to worry) ... Chorus: I know that things ain't right Seems like all we do ... is fight And it's been on my mind You don't have to worry I'm

Diggy Simmons - What they been waiting for lyrics

see the shoes right, You like the way I walk, I got it ... cool right, I hear them people talk, And what I'm saying is what you hating ... for, You know who it is, What you've been waiting for [x2] Wha what you been waiting for I know

Sandra lyricsSandra - What d'ya think of me lyrics

of my dreams Only the moon is still awake Calmness ... entrees my soul Have I succeeded in life Where have ... they all gone My childhood dreams? I lie awake

Il Volo - You don’t have to say you love me (io che non.. lyrics

I said, I needed you You said you would always stay It ... wasn't me who changed, but you And now you've gone away Don't you know that now you've gone ... And I'm left here on my own Now I

Alan Parsons Project - You don't believe lyrics

eyes with your vision My choice but always your decision ... My play with your direction Well it's my lead but ... always your connection But when i look into your eyes you don't believe me B

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - You don't know lyrics

Missy] Now see, the one thing I like about the niggas Is ... boys That they been sleepin' wit' the same chick, and ... laugh about it But see, a woman, could

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Done did it lyrics

He don't do Another thang, said (Already done enough) If ... He don't do Another thang, said He ooo (Already done enough ... table And clothes on back, said (Already don't enough) If

Victoria Beckham lyricsVictoria Beckham - Like that lyrics

on, yeah Close your eyes, baby count to three ... And tell me now Did you think of him, like it used to be ... It ain't no surprise Cos he's out of love, and he's out of

Kurt Carr - Been so good lyrics

s been so good I just can't tell it all He's ... been so good to me I just can't tell it all He's done so much for me I just can't ... tell it all, oh Been so good, done

Eddy Arnold - It is no secret (what god can do) lyrics

It is no secret what God can do) The chimes of time ring out the news another ... day is through Someone slipped and fell was that someone ... you You may have long for added strenght your courage

Lecrae - Prayin for you lyrics

God, I'm prayin' to you for somebody, who knows you Lord but ... just hasn't, hasn't been seein' you in the right view ... lately, Hear me out... Father, I'm prayin'

Kj-52 - 47 emcees lyrics

me busta a rhyme tell a story like Slick Rick and put a sermon like eric in ya ear like a qtip ... now it's common sense that Ja Rules ... but I'm a tell you about Jesus who's the leader

Neil Sedaka - What have they done to my town lyrics

have they done to my town, Is this the place I used to know? No friendly faces as I ... look around, I guess they moved out long ago ... What have they done to my town, Where are the fields I used to run? It seems

Aaron Watson - What she don't know lyrics

said she was not the one for me There was nothing I could do ... to change her mind She said she was sorry but some things aren’t meant to be She ... was unaware that she was robbing her heart blind (Chorus)

Jj Heller - What love really means lyrics

cries in the corner where nobody sees ... He's the kid with the story No one would believe He prays every night ... "Dear God won't you please Could you send someone here Who will love me?

Ray Charles - What have they done to my song, ma lyrics

mama, hello mama it's me How you feeling mama? Hm ... hmm, that's alright I've got something I want to ... talk to you about If you don't mind And I ain't mad, mama,

Dead Or Alive - What have u done (2 make me change) lyrics

can't believe the changes That you're ... making in my life Like a storm you blew in Showed ... me how to live Something had to give The simple life, the endless nights The

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - What have they done to the rain lyrics

a little rain falling all around The grass lifts its head to the heavenly ... sound Just a little rain, just a little rain What ... have they done to the rain Just a little boy standing in the rain The gentle rain that falls for years And

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - What i've done lyrics

this farewell There’s no blood ... There’s no alibi Cause I’ve drawn regret From the ... truth Of a thousand lies So let mercy come And ... wash away What I’ve done I'll face myself To cross out what I’ve become Erase myself

Misty In Roots - Jah see jah know lyrics

see, Jah know Who will stay and who must go Jah ... see, Jah know Who will stay and who must go I ... often wonder, if everyone would see Jah Jah I often say to myself, Am I livin' a righteous life? So tell me, who is to know Which way life would have one go? Tell me

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - It is no secret (what god can do) lyrics

chimes of time ring out the news, Another day is through. Someone slipped ... and fell. Was that someone you? You may have longed for ... added strength, Your courage to renew. Do not be

Tyler Hilton - Don't forget all your clothes lyrics

t forget all your clothes, They'll be in my ... way after you go. And I'm not mad; I don't mind, But ... if you really want to go, Leave ... nothing behind. I don't know why You're acting this way.

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - You're gonna get it lyrics

You wore out a brand new trunk ... Packin' and un-[D7] packin' your [G] junk Your daddy's mad; ... He's done got pee-eeved You're Gonna Change [D7] or I'm a

Leann Rimes - What i have done lyrics

my love what have I done? Oh my love what have I done ... I shot an arrow in your heart that I can't take ... back When I said, "You were my first love But you

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - You don't know jack lyrics

asked me for a dollar, I said "Go get a job" I ... up my collar and started walkin' off He said "I don't ... blame you, I know what you think. I'd just spend your money

Hellogoodbye - You sleep alone lyrics

dear, love's such a chore Something you've got but you never ... show It's like some deed left undone Or a reap you'll never sow It's like you ... ll never get it done It's like you'll never get it done It's like you'll never get it done Where's your heart? where

Tim Mcgraw - You got the wrong man lyrics

eyes say that you've been hurt before And you ... t take the heartache anymore You think I'll do what he's done ... to you Break your trust and be untrue But

Next To Normal - You don't know (reprise) lyrics

It’s been four weeks since the treatment And my mind ... is still a mess And whats left of me remembered Well ... it’s anybody’s guess. ‘Cause ... my past is like the weather It will come and it will go I

Oi Polloi - What have we done? lyrics

m lost for words when I think of the depths to which we sink Sometimes there just seem ... to be no depths To which our species will not sink. ... Surely, in this day and age We should be

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - What have i done to deserve this lyrics

always wanted a lover I only wanted a job I've ... always worked for my living How am I gonna get through ... How am I gonna get through? I come ... here looking for money (Got to have it) And

George Strait - I found jesus on the jailhouse floor lyrics

once was a time when I was dead inside I cussed ... the Lord for the day I was born And prayed to the ... Devil to die Just when I thought the Devil had won

Clay Evans - I won't complain lyrics

ve had some good days I've had some hills to climb I ... ve had some weary days And lonely nights ... But when I look around And I think things over All of my ... good days They out weigh my bad days So I won't

Sergey Lazarev - He said she said lyrics

enjoys the game they play. He blew her happy ... ending, Then refused to take the ... blame. And when she tells him what he's done To make her ... feel provoked, That's when things get really fun A fire

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