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No Angels - You could be the first lyrics

could be could be the first So what about diving ... In the falling rain And what about ... waiting Yeah I suffer the same Let's sleep in a field ... Where the grass is green You could be the first In the

Boards Of Canada - You could feel the sky lyrics

god with hooves, a god with horns A god with hooves, a ... god with horns A god with hooves, a god with horns A ... god with hooves, a god with

Bethany Dillon - You could be the one lyrics

I talk to you sometime this afternoon? ... I'm reading into Because you and me come at this ... I'm just trying to be honest with you Now that I've found you in the most unexpected places

Brian Mcknight - You could be the one lyrics

could be the one Did you say you had to leave Can you stay the ... night with me Is that the way it has to be How I hate ... to see you go But it's ok Because I know

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - You could be mine lyrics

Fit ta burn and I'll rip your heart in two An I'll leave you lyin' on the bed with your ... ass in the air I'll be out the door before ya wake It's ... nuthin' new ta you 'Cause I think *we've seen

Matt Maher - You were on the cross lyrics

before is gone Alone like the coming of the frost And a ... stony heart And where were You when all that I've hoped for? ... Where You when all that I've dreamed?

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - You feel so lonely you could die lyrics

one ever saw you moving through the dark ... slips of paper somewhere in the park Hidden from your ... friends, stealing all they knew Lovers thrown in ... airless rooms, then vile rewards for you And

The Bridgeheads - You could be lyrics

could be everything you could be all I had could make you ... beautiful could make you all you’d say I would do anything to ... make you happy don’t even know how

James Morrison - The only night lyrics

was young And I was a victim Of her ... up my shirt And left the marks of her disdain I couldn't take it no more I couldn ... t spend another night alone I couldn't take

Vicky Psarakis - You could lyrics

could wake one day From the frightening light inside your ... mind You could catch the smell Of autumn leaves withering Maybe one day if you ... disagree to live in sloth You will climb a higher tree You could feel the wind Blow your face and t

Mike + The Mechanics - You can be the rock lyrics

could be the rock I could be the rollercoaster I don't know ... how to stop Even when the party's over You could be the light Even when there's no ... to keep on hiding When you climb this wall You're not

A Loss For Words - The torch and the name lyrics

can't see... the sunlight anymore. I swear you stole my eyes. You could ... split the skyline with machetes, To set the ... atmosphere on fire. The Fallout snows down in red and

Motionless In White - Just when you thought we couldn't get any mor.. lyrics

that says here i am and f*** you if you cant understand me. ... Alright motherf***ers, listen up loud ... Cause there's a new f***ing sheriff in ... town And if you're with me, put your hands in the air

Shakespeare's Sister - The trouble with andre lyrics

It's nothing to do with you or me He remembers a time ... was sweet Now he can't feel the ground under his feet And ... she said "The trouble with Andre Is he thinks he hides

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Run into the light medley lyrics

Who are we to play with hearts? And throw away it ... all Who are we to turn each others heads? Who are we to find ... ourselves in other people's beds? I don't like

The  Chainsmokers lyricsThe Chainsmokers - Erase lyrics

week ends since you've been gone It doesn't feel ... is a broken machine Need you to come set me free Keep on ... playing the music baby Keep on playing the music baby My heart has

Dokken - Erase the slate lyrics

darkness Aggravation is the inspiration into madness ... Soon the day will come when all the ... see It's a matter of time / the sand will run out Waiting

Scheepers - The pain of the accused lyrics

loved everyone. But then I've made a big mistake and ... like living a bad dream There's no waking up, no waking ... Guilty conscience is extreme The pain is all I've got, It's

Sel'm - Erase the cast lyrics

Ooi kabusatte kite mo makenu you ni... Erase the cast Sure ... Jiyuu ni...toberu nara... Erase the cast Kimi ni ore wa ... hitsuyou nai ka? Koko ni ore no sonzai

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The train (feat. carla morrison) lyrics

Pretty face tryna chase the train And I could look the other way but it still won't erase ... the pain And I pray that she stay the ... Yeah, yeah, yeah Just another reflection in the window

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Just can't get enough lyrics

m addicted wanna jump inside your love I wouldn't wanna have ... it any other way I'm addicted and I just ... a new meanin Perfection mama you gleamin Inception you got a

Caliban - Erase the enemy lyrics

smashed. Cruelty comes down the land and there only losers. ... Fight up until the end. Death becomes daily and ... boggy. Blood flow through the streets. Mandkind means

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Erase the doubt lyrics

down From your thrown And tear off your ... wings Do you still feel so above After the arrows Sting Can you give ... To believe anything Can you erase the doubt And make

Overkill - The wait / new high in lows lyrics

quot;Aw, you up against it now mother ... f***ers! You think you're big time?! You gonna ... f***ing die! Big time! You ready?! Here come the pain! ... to stop, I hear it beating in the dark, It keeps me up here,

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The war inside lyrics

such potential go unrealized The natives speak in tongues and ... Somewhere deep down in the subconscious wrapped in ... riddles lies The meaning of this life we try

Divine Souls - Erase the burden lyrics

more day without my deepest love Another ... I struggle to survive from the life you left behind But ... come again When my life be erased from the burden I'll be

Fun Factory - Pain lyrics

can you feel the pain can you feel the pain can you feel the pain the pain of my heart ... can you can you feel it tell me can you feel ... it can you can you feel it the pain of my heart pain pain

Lostprophets - Hello again lyrics

why so old?, Wasn't time your friend? I must be told ... has it gone Don't accept the blame, I would not complain, ... 'Cause i'm sure it wasn't your own fault That you never

Mica Paris - You put a move on my heart lyrics

love's on my side When the world, seems a lonely place ... that won't leave a trace, of the blues I just think of you, ... me, holding me tight And these special feelings, won't

Ramones lyricsRamones - Take the pain away lyrics

went out today for a walk in the rain I was so sad and blue I ... could feel any pain I was worried about ... I am running away from myself there's too many demons around

Poisonblack - Pain becomes me lyrics

To fall from grace To breathe its ever dimming dusk ... Through my eyes, you could see the hurt I crave Through ... my eyes, you'd see there's nothing left to save I

Smokie - You took me by surprise lyrics

took me by surprise, The things you said, you know I ... That I was just another fool within your eyes, But ... So I'll be on my way, The games you play are not the

Beck - Erase the sun lyrics

and fountains they named for you Stacks and zealots Wither ... Hari-karis barely a tear for you Hairy fairies spinning the ... golden looms Wake up the ghosts and lepers Aching in their slavery smoke Delinquent

My American Heart - The keys to my organ lyrics

you know you're fake? Stop giving for the ... bring change. Let's end your selfish games. Will you ... lose your touch? Will you be enough to take control?

Emiliana Torrini - The man with the golden gun lyrics

that's second to none, The man with the golden gun. ... on a roof top somewhere, In the next room, or this very one The man with the golden gun. ... hired, It comes just before the kill. No-one can catch him,

Against All Authority - The mayhem and the pain lyrics

s living with a fire in his blood and it ... burns like a mother f***er I've picked him up ... off the ground when his cells were ... to stay motivated when the ends in sight and the world

Fearless Vampire Killers - The pleasure of the pain lyrics

the back alley cabaret Where the girls and the boys are ... claimed We'll find solace in the sticky floors And the body ... In this climate of restraint With every bottle drained a

Heavenly - The dark memories lyrics

Weak is our mind It could be the devil hiding inside ... everyone Throughout these visions, it's reality But ... on my way So close to the edge Black is the night

Ben Moody - Just like everybody lyrics

I don't have much in common with the world outside. No one ... how much I have to hide. With that I'm really very ugly ... lie today, But I know no one could ever love me anyway, And any

Bob Catley - The pain lyrics

disbelief stained the blackest of mornings Lost ... This wasn't meant to be the end of the story Now that ... it's done, the pain lingers on in the world

The Damned - The pleasure and the pain lyrics

I try to reason out of bed These feelings locked inside of ... me Will never see the light of day Slowly upwards ... faster down Reach the top and hit the ground So

Mcrae Tom - The boy with the bubblegun lyrics

to the second reel, glad that you can make it We thought your ... s not what we expected But you punch above your weight and you're stronger than you look

Better Than Ezra - Just one day lyrics

you could change the choices that you made, Would ... you do it- today? If you could spin the world the other way, ... Could you do it on faith? If time ... stand still, What would you do? What would you say? If

Dj Starscream - The pain after lyrics

- The Pain After - TMVSC "WAC TAPE ... quot; 07 - The Pain After - TMVSC "WAC TAPE ... quot; 07 - The Pain After - TMVSC "WAC TAPE ... quot; 07 - The Pain After - TMVSC "WAC TAPE

Is Pain - The pain is killing me lyrics

to destiny Devil is right there And he's gonna talk to me ... is naked And I feel into the heat Here I am time is ... burning in my life What you want is not into this home

Nano - Just be friends lyrics

Wareta GURASU Kaki atsumeru youna Kore wa ittai nandarou ... Koe wo karashite sakenda Hankyou zankyou Munashiku hibiku ... friends Just be friends… The night before, I realized

Dead Kennedys - The man with dogs lyrics

But I'm well known For I am the man with the dogs I stare at ... you shopping Watch while you're walking Two dogs run ... around your toes You turn around Two eyes break you down Now, who does that guy

Miss Li - You could have it lyrics

want you to know: I've got a hand ... No, please don't go. But if you leave I understand, cause I ... Cause I scream, without a reason. And I act like you don't please me And I am a

Angel (us) - You could lose me lyrics

has got you turning green You talk too loud and you run ... around all night You tell lies but your eyes don't ... I've had enough and I think you know it You better change your ways or I'll change my mind

Ashes You Leave - Where the pain is lyrics

beneath the surface a sinister realm is ... hidden With failure, sadness and self ... doubt is ridden And here the impending shadow of all pain ... reigns While the hand of weakness is the only

Dropkick Murphys - The dirty glass lyrics

darling dear I long for you now night and day Your pain ... was my pleasure, your sorrow my joy I feel now I ... ve lost you to health and good cheer ... Darcy, when I met you I was five years too young A

Mac Dre - The pain lyrics

came to bring the pain Pain nigga (uh) This don't feel ... like pain to me (no pain, no gain) No Pain (hit em' with the heaters) [Verse 1] ... Potna I'm vicious, you better check my statistics

Neuroticfish - Pain lyrics

is the end of the pain I found my heart, I can't ... explain, The feeling you merited in my heart. This ... feeling could tear me apart. Outside I ... but inside I'm on fire. It's you, I wanted to hold. This is

Jello Biafra - The man with the corkscrew eyes lyrics

man with the corkscrew eyes Sees through ... Who not to trust And what they'll do He alone Sees ... For what it's worth And there lies the pain The man with the corkscrew eyes Sees

Sinate - The pain lyrics

A rage I can no longer hide There's no denying the depth of ... this pain I know I'll never be the ... same You will never know The pain The pain RAGE! PAIN

Elton John lyricsElton John - The messenger (with lulu) lyrics

lives can ever do us harm Then the voices railed against us ... then the path was steep Now the sounds are softer, now the ... road is ended In your arms, I'll sleep Turn away

Ice Nine Kills - You scratched my anchor lyrics

t attempt to take the pain away Let it go You're dead ... enough to know that what You do makes who you are So here ... in deception Don't act like you don't know How to build your

Phora - The white owl lyrics

got my game from the man who lived his life on the ... he said "Keep living you life cause time never stops ... one day we all go Whether you like it or not". he told

Ihsahn - The pain is still mine lyrics

Dripping sweet and cocky from the tongue Vaguely describing the taste of blood. A distant ... cry arise From the fathomless well That is my ... soul. I can not hear the words So I throw my heart in

Alesana - The last three letters lyrics

I hope this message finds you well as these endless ... every single word secretly paints a fairytale of when we ... .. eyes forfeit sight to the pain cold scalpel's steel

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