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Small Faces - You better believe it lyrics

somebody asks me if I love that girl You better believe it (You better believe it) If somebody says she's a whole ... lot worth You better believe it (You better believe it) Since I saw that girl I can't

Saigon - Believe it (feat. red 5ive) lyrics

Intro: Red 5ive] Oh Clap [Chorus: Red ... 5ive (Adlibs - Saigon)] Whoa, oh We keep rising to the top Whoa, oh And ... Whoa, oh And that's what it gon' be Whoa, oh 'Cause you

Hawkwind - You'd better believe it lyrics

wandered far in lands unknown Until I came ... to my earthly home Far away I found life's dreams Drifting ... on a silver beam You'd better believe it, It's so easy to

3 Doors Down - Believe it lyrics

town boy with a big town dream Wants to fly, ... but he can't find wings And they said he's only ... wasting his time You taste that dream too far, it ... s time for you to change If it's alright by you, can I just

Marky Mark - You gotta believe lyrics

and the Funky Bunch We comin' back at you one more time ... there who slept on me Do yourself a favor, and wake that ... ass up You gotta believe [x4] Steady ready to

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Believe it lyrics

could happen to you, a defect from the wasted ... outskirts of los angeles with a crumpled-up pass for the ... RTD and no authority or trajectory on the brink

Saigon - Gotta believe it lyrics

Chorus: Just Blaze (Saigon)] Whoa-ohh, we keep risin ... Whoa-OHH! And that's what it's gon' be Whoa-OHH! Cause you ain't gon' stop me They got you workin two jobs tryin to make

Russell Brenda - It's something lyrics

ooh, ooh, it's something You and I have something How I ... long to be around when When you can see that You and I have ... something Come on, oh, oh, it's

Maribelle Añes - Better off alone lyrics

. Verse 1: all alone it's okay I know my girls got ... my back I can handle that and get ... my day on my own but it's alright they be chasing ... but I ain't wasting I don't fall for these guys I'd rather be single (getting

Golden Earring - It's over now lyrics

you tell me what it's all about now? There's a ... rumor spreading all over town yeah You'll ... never guess it or understand, baby Start living with a new idea It's

Cimorelli - Believe it lyrics

You've got no money, but you've got it all And we can ... take it if you want You think the time goes on and on You got the whole world on a roll ... Lauren: Say it loud Shout it out Time for

Badfinger - You ask yourself why lyrics

more you see of your love The more you must try ... away those reasons to cry It's no surprise you wonder why ... You ever believed it But still you have a reason why You

Dolly Parton - Better move it on home lyrics

ve been sittin' here a' looking At the clock big daddy ... Already you're a half-hour late I've ... been a' pulling back the curtains Peeping out the window Wish you wouldn't make me wait You better move it on home, boy You better move it on home

Raelynn - Better do it lyrics

you say it, you better do it If you say it, you better do it ... If you say it, you better do it You better do it You better ... do it You know, you know I find you cute But I can

Night Ranger - Better let it go lyrics

pull me out of this rut I'm in I've got to see the light ... Before it gets too dim To face it is the only way ... To fight and stay ahead Of the ... games that we play I'm the one that's losin' losin

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Better do it right lyrics

told me "boy you best behave" Cause ... Santa keeps a list of all his faves And if you don't ... shape up You ain't getting squat But the devil on my

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - You gotta want it lyrics

gotta want it You gotta want it You gotta want it You gotta ... want it Don’t sit there while you waste away Tied up in ... what you’re not I watched you slowly fade away Laid out

Aria - You'd better believe me lyrics

called me the "Iron Snake" Tombed in the ... city Hell All my life in Prison Such a f***ing feeling, ... known so well But I could break through the walls

Db Boulevard - Believe lyrics

ve got to believe You better do it, believe 'Cause you ... ll be fine, believe You've got to believe Didn't ... sleep at all last night Didn't feel all right Sure it's

Cece Winans - It aint over lyrics

you got a bad report And it doesn't look good to you Put ... a praise on your lips This is what you gotta do Speak to your situation without hesitation

Millencolin - Take it or leave it lyrics

even close to magic and a failure can't be a star take a piece of madness and a bit of ... mystique pinegals are hard to find, can you believe it? Do you wanna believe in nerds? the decision is

Alexander Arthur (june) - You better move on lyrics

ask me to give up the hand of the girl I ... love You tell me I'm not the man she's worthy of ... But who are you to tell her who to love? ... her, yes, and the Lord above You better move on Well, I

The Hollies - You better move on lyrics

ask me to give up the hand of the girl I ... love You tell me I'm not the man she's worthy of ... But who are you to tell her who to love That ... her, yes and the Lord above You better move on Well I know

George Jones - You better move on lyrics

ask me to give up a hand of the girl I ... love You tell me I'm not the man she's worthy of ... But who are you to tell her who to love Oh, ... yes and the Lord above. You better move on Well, I

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - You better move on lyrics

ask me to give up the hand of the girl I ... love You tell me, I'm not the man she's worthy of ... But who are you to tell her who to love? ... her, yes, and the Lord above You better move on Well I know

Gabry Ponte - You will believe lyrics

Darkness Of My Soul, Searching For Another Life With You, ... I'm Just Fallin' Deeper And Deeper In My ... Hole, No Matter What I'm Going Through, Day After Day

Pink lyricsPink - Better life lyrics

ve been up late watching you breathe Wondering if you're ... going to leave Don't tell me ... what you see That you actually believe it F***, I ... And all those photos that you like of a better life, better

Attack - You're not free lyrics

up to the sky, there’s no bird what can fly At this ... day Feel my horse slowing, the mists they are growing ... go here away Coldness is creeping, the trees they are

Vince Gill - You better think twice lyrics

know it ain't none of my business When it comes to the ... affairs of your heart It's really hard for me to say ... this But you trouble's gettin' ready to start Well I've

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - You gonna fly lyrics

Two Three Baby Don't think twice Just like that you gotta ... brand new life Hop in this truck and run through the ... red lights Yeah where you wanna go baby name the town

Less Than Jake - Richard allen, it's just cheez lyrics

t call me Rich don't call me George just ... call me cheez that's who I am Civilized? yeah until ... the keg runs dry and he's tried to drink from 9 to 5 then

Patty Loveless - I just wanna be loved by you lyrics

there's a lot of things we could do tonight Go ... do the town, and see the sights But you and I got better ... things to do You know it's true I feel you deep down in my soul Oh you got me and I

N-dubz - You better not waste my time lyrics

N-Dubz, N-Dubz, N-Dubz It's like first things first You'd probably think I'm a chap with good manners Well, you're ... wrong I'm the scum of the earth I'm

Fastball - Better than it was lyrics

I had it all planned out My dirty fingers moved about To ... make a mess of everything around me I don't claim to ... know my way I still run in circles everyday Running around

B. B. King - You won't listen lyrics

you won't listen to nothing I tell you, woman, you keep on ... doin' as you please Yeah, you won't listen to a thing I ... tell you, baby, you keep on doin' as you please But I've

Jessica Simpson - Betcha she don't love you lyrics

Shu do do do do Last night i saw you out hanging with ... another girl tell me what thats all ... about you used to be my world. Six days ... and seven nights since we tried to say goodbye

Jon Bon Jovi - It's just me lyrics

know your favorite old pair of shoes The ones with the ... hole in the toe you won't lose Your favorite ... scratched and used But still you love to play when your

Artist Vs. Poet - You better run lyrics

met on a Friday night, She was kinda drunk and ... making eyes, So I made them back. We danced 'til the morning light, But I ... couldn't get a kiss goodnight, What the hell was that?

Aventura - You're lying lyrics

me you were more than just a lover I made you part of all my ... dreams I bragged to my fellas about you I made you my wifey, mother ... of my kids Why you have to play yourself by playin me? You disrespected me like if I was a kid Why you

Mary J Blige - You gotta believe lyrics

Mmmm oh, you must believe, you must believe Hey yeah You ... gotta believe Gotta believe, gotta believe in me You ... gotta believe in me (gotta believe me) That I won't never

Neil Sedaka - You better leave that girl alone lyrics

that girl, she's with me, And I don't like ya ... hangin' around my personal property ... You had your warnin', So don't make me mad, ... 'Cause when I get through with you You're gonna feel real

Joe Bonamassa - You better watch yourself lyrics

Intro] You better watch yourself You better watch yourself You better watch yourself I've got my eyes on you ... Well you steal my heart, and you go

The Pigeon Detectives - You better not look my way lyrics

I'm alright, But I'm much right for seeing, If you should ... come here tonight, Well you better not get in my way, You better not get in my way. Well I

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - It's nasty lyrics

and gentlemen It's now the time For the Grandmaster Flash ... and the Furious Five MC's!! (said at first in ... almost a whisper, getting gradually louder) We're

Pat Benatar - You better run lyrics

ya tryin´ to do to my heart What ya ... tryin´ to do to my heart You go around tellin´ lies And ... now you wanna compromise What ya tryin´ to do to my ... heart You better run, you better hide You better leave, from

Jim Croce - You don't mess around with jim lyrics

got its' hustlers The bowry got its' ... bums And 42nd street got a big Jim Walker He a pool-shootin ... son of gun Yeah he big and dumb as a man can come ... folks all get together at night you know they all call big

George Jones - You better treat your man right lyrics

better start to treatin' your man a little bit better You ... better wear a smile when I come home and not a frown You better give me everything I ... need in the line of lovin' Or there'll be a day when your old sweet man won't be

Bro`sis - You better not come home lyrics

U can’t be trusted, boy you got busted, got me angry and ... disgusted, what’s this, attitude no gratitude, what you doin’ on the side boy, got me

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Believe it or not lyrics

it or not, everyone have things that they hide Believe it ... or not, everyone keeps most things inside Believe it or not, ... everyone, believe in something above Believe it or not,

Baillie & The Boys - You better do better lyrics

honky tonked again all night Then woke me up wantin' ... me to hold you tight This time you're out of luck, you're ... sleepin' by yourself And let me tell you

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - You better run lyrics

got no reason, to lie to you What's in the cards, that's ... what I do I was born a-running & laughing out loud With my feet on the ground &

New Model Army - Believe it lyrics

the unlit room With my head in my hands The walls between ... us now seem unscalable I cannot control Anything ... There's weapons down beside your bed And every night I count

Nomy - You better die young lyrics

little girl on your way to class Loved by all ... cause you got that ass Cutest eyes and ... the greatest smile For a year, for a time, ... for a little while Somebody told me that you got old Looking for someone

Notorious B.i.g. - It has been said lyrics

feat. P. Diddy, Eminem, Obie Trice) [Eminem + {B.I.G.}] Ih.. ih, ih (it has been) It ... has been, it has been, it has been It has been said, ... {what?} Strapped to beds, pipe bombs, dynamite, lead Money

The Who lyricsThe Who - You better you bet lyrics

better you better you bet. You better you better you bet. You better you better you bet. You better you better you bet. ... I call you on the telephone my voice

The Audition - You gotta believe lyrics

tried, I tried to never let you fall And I'd lie, I'd lie to ... see you coming home And I can't believe all the words ... that you said to me What you said to me, It's shameful to

Judas Priest - Better by you better than me lyrics

could find a way to ease my passion You listen to the blood flow in ... my veins You hear the teaching of the wind Tell her why I ... m alive within I can't find the words My mind is dead

Anthrax - You gotta believe lyrics

can die screaming Or you can give me what I want I'm ... gonna get it, get it either way And I can't let it be ... Viciously Relentless pursuit of vengeance And I won't let

Cimorelli-sisters - Believe it lyrics

got no money, but you got it all, and we can take it if you want, you think that time, ... goes on and on, you got the whole world on a ... wrong. Say it loud, shout it out, time for us to make a

Peter Criss - You better run lyrics

you tryin' to do to my heart? What you tryin' to do to my heart? You go around tellin' lies You ... fool around with other guys What you tryin' ... to do to my heart? [Chorus] You better run You better hide You better leave my side Yeah

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