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Dbsk - Will you be my girlfriend? lyrics

keodo kumkunun god gatha Ajigdo ne son gadug bein noui ... hyanggi Buduron ibsuri jonhejidon gunal Sujubo urin ... amumaldo motheji Ne maumsog gadughi Choum

Conquest - Be my light lyrics

my light Please, I beg you, be my light I want you to shine ... my way Winter night's Never been so warm and ... bright Heal me, take my pain away I'm falling I can't

Antonius A Vijay - Will you be my valentine lyrics

you be my valentine The only love of mine Stick with me through rain orshine Please be my valentine! ... In time You'll find That I'm A kind and very honest guy

Mims - Be my hustla lyrics

could be my hustla I could be your fiend Girl you make me ... lean like a cup of codeine Give me that good shit when I ... call you Baby cause I just can't face withdrawals Be my hustla, hustla, hustla,

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Will you be my girlfriend lyrics

didn’t know how to ask Un ... awkwardly I didn’t know how to broach it I ... haven't known how to do this informally Not cut out for ... dropping masks I guess I give and you give back Is that

New Kids On The Block - Be my girl lyrics

I think it's time That I let you know 'Bout the way I ... really feel I just can't wait no more Be my baby Be my ... girl Be my girl I want to be the one That steals your

The Police - Be my girl lyrics

t you be my girl Won't you be my girl Won't you be my, be my, Be my girl Won't you be my girl Won't you be my girl ... Won't you be my, be my, Be my girl Won't you be my girl

Chic - Would you be my baby lyrics

you be my, be my baby Don't you tell me no ... or maybe If you won't I will go crazy Be my baby ... When a woman like me boy Says there's ... gonna be, boy Between us something beautiful

Deep Dark Robot - Won't you be my girl lyrics

God, won't you make her mine She's got everything I like I love how she's turnin' ... me on Please God, give me what I want She's got ... a bad reputation I don't care, 'cause I'm in

Donnie Wahlberg - Be my girl lyrics

I think it's time That I let you know About the way I really feel I just can't wait no more Be my baby Be my ... girl I wanna be the one That steals your

2 Live Crew - Be my private dancer lyrics

Astrid Hey y'all motherf***ers out ... there, whassup? You know your boys are back, Fresh Kid Ice, Brother Marquee and Mr. Mixx. They droppin' some new shit; and ain't about all that

The Lurkers - Be my prisoner” lyrics

I know your on your own I can see you got no hope Aww ... baby I got something to share Come on you be my ... prisoner When I got into center fame I can only give you pain don't you know your safe with me Behind bars

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Won't you be my love lyrics

Verse 1:] When you fall asleep tonight In your ... warm and cozy room Know that I'm awake And I've got no ... no food [Pre-Chorus 1:] I am not alone My friends are

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Will you be my lover tonight? lyrics

you, will you, will you be my lover tonight? Will you, will you, will you hold me tight ... I've been waiting such a long long time To ... here you say that you'll be mine Will you, will you, will you be my lover tonight? Tell

1990s - You're supposed to be my friend lyrics

re supposed to be my friend We're supposed to get ... along Hey, you're supposed to be my friend ... That's right! Right? It's hard to get you on the ... phone You're never home! You're never at my place neither

La Toya Jackson - Be my playboy lyrics

don't care if you're rich or poor Oh baby I don't ... care if you live next door And I don't care ... of your college grades Oh baby I ... don't care how much bet you made And I don't care who

Los Colorados - Be my lover lyrics

da da dee da da da da da Be my lover Wanna be me lover ... Wanna be me lover, be my lover Be my lover. Wanna be ... me lover Wanna be me lover, be my lover Looking back on

Ott - Be my girl lyrics

t you be my girl be my girl, I want you in my world forever ... Won't you be my girl be my girl, you and I should be ... together now I heard it from your friends someone, broke your

Random Hero - Could you be my love lyrics

s screaming sex And I heard that she's a dancer ... Tequila kiss Come on, baby, won't you ... let me in You're all I'm thinking about I feel you pushing up on me I'm just the kind

Bros - You're my life lyrics

love be our tutor Let's learn by it ... s mistakes Let you be my future Never have I felt a ... love like this before Cause you're my life, ... my never ending light Love me tonight and

Gracia - Will you be my friend lyrics

trying to call your number Try to get a hold of you ... But you won’t listen anyway What can I do? ... I’m trying to reach you lately No matter what will be I’ll always be around you

Lukas Rieger - Be my baby lyrics

night i close my eyes baby you can make me smile when i see ... you fall in love, p-p-party it's so hot. You're the only girl for me, shawty only girl i ... see. You don't know how i feel Cause you steal my

Tim Mcmorris - Be my valentine lyrics

you be my Won’t you be my Won’t you be my valentine Because I adore you I’d give ... anything for you You make me smile, smile, smile ... And when I’m around you Things get kinda hazy Because I

Gary Moore - If you be my baby lyrics

you be my baby Tell you what I'll do I'll give you so much ... lovin' You gotta love me too If you be my baby If you be my baby If you be my baby I'm gonna keep you satisfied, yeah Now listen

Next - You are my high lyrics

yeah You you by myside conquor the world you be my ... guiding light mmmmm you you by my side we'll spend all ... our days passing those lonely nights you you ... are my high ohhhhhh you you are my high ooh baby you you

Vanessa Paradis lyricsVanessa Paradis - Be my baby lyrics

saw you walk down the street With ... some other girl Always thought that I was ... the only one in your world Baby can you tell me ... so Out of sight of of mind ain't what love ought to be And

Shwayze - You could be my girl lyrics

la la (4x) sha la la (4x) (girl) sha la la (4x) (girl) sha ... la la (2x) (girl) ayo cisco let’s take ‘em on a trip… ... like we had a party and put

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - You are my friend lyrics

Martin Solveig) (Oooh, oooh, oooh) Hey ... bully, you came to me, sounded like it ... could be the last time. You used to argue, this time then ... I saw you I think I knew what was on your mind. You know you hurt me, I think it

Martin Smith - You are my salvation lyrics

is a beautiful thing It takes a heart and lets it sing Love changes everything It ends the war that lies within Hold me, love me, Holy One ... I was born for Your kingdom come You are my

Paul Gilbert - Be my wife lyrics

could go to England I could go to Spain I could ... meet a girl there Love her for her brain I would send her letters ... Tell her 'bout my life Don't know 'til it happens

Illogicist - Be my guide lyrics

inside me, it begins to call Never heard before ... Beating melodies, written by my heart Make me feel about ... death Disconnected flows, between my cells Neuron burning

Aneka - Be my only karma lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found ...

Cappella - Be my baby lyrics

. Oh oh ah oh oh ah ah.... My body keeps moving The music ... - my body Is mystic Realistic The rhythm No lipstick for ... my baby tonight My body keeps moving The rhythm

Miku Hatsune - +be my sacrifice+ lyrics

no te wo tsutsumi konde Kuroku some agete irun ... desho? Kieru ondo kawaru keshiki Zouo ni michite Be My Sacrifice Koko ni tatte tsumui ... da kotoba Shizuka ni kieru sekai Kurayami no naka ni

John Waite - Be my baby tonight lyrics

s got a certain style In everything she does She's ... someone to know Just because Yeah Just because ... Ooh yeah yeah yeah Come on Be my little baby tonight She's

Lord - Be my guest lyrics


Boyfriend - Be my shine lyrics

waiting… and Just waiting Just waiting nani o ki ... ni shi teru no sonna namida o tame te dare yori mo ... boku nara kimi o wakat teru noni futari ... kara ima hajimaru Dreamin’ sono egao takaramno na no

The 69 Eyes - Be my speed lyrics

i ain't a worried man but sometimes i need a ... helpin' hand maybe men don't know but the lil' girls sure understand can't you see now baby i ain't a worried man i got the appetite to

Indiggo - Be my boyfriend lyrics

main fin them oh baby has a joy ... never, ever, i wont a let you go, never, ever, oh baby ... something joy..

2am - Be my lady lyrics

eopgo aeindo eomneun illyoil ohu gubakbatneun geot bodan ... jibeseo naseoneun ge Good Choice neowa geotdeon garosugil ... geu jeopyeonen chueogiralkka igeotjeogeot saenggagina duri geotdeon geu geori an golmoge

Everly Brothers - Be my love again lyrics

away the silly games That’s messin’ up ... our minds Nobody’s winning anyway For we had a special dream That people seldom find And then we let it slip

Inactive Messiah - Be my drug lyrics

into my eyes What's burning down for you again What's ... wrapped in ice Make it melt Look in these eyes Dive in the deepest cells of mind You crawl in my mind I live in your dreams Your

Brenda Lee - Be my love again lyrics

come and walk with me please come and talk with me Please be my love again ... The way you smile makes my life worthwhile (Oh honey) ... please be my love again I could have died when you said

Acid Drinkers - Be my godzilla lyrics

can't shoot something that doesn't exist i can ... t forget about what's in me i can't vomit what i didn't ... eat i can't hide from the shadow i can't fight with a monster cuz i don

Mortician - Be my victim lyrics

man, sentenced to death Mutilated, covered with bees Beaten and burned, hand is ... death, hook for a hand Call him five times, candy man comes ... Hook tears the flesh, rips you to death Shreds your insides

Musiq Soulchild - You be alright lyrics

people are on a search to find Within their days for that ... place Within their minds to hide And dump the load of this ... worldly life And the things that it can make you feel

Baby Animals - Be my friend lyrics

I need is a friend Someone to give me a helping hand When I'm afraid in ... the night Someone to squeeze me ... And tell me it's alright Baby baby be my friend

Joseph Arthur - Be my friend lyrics

want you to be my friend I want you to act nice I want you to be my friend I want you ... to act nice I want to live in the country I want you to be my friend Bankrupt on the

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Be my wife lyrics

you get so lonely Sometimes you get nowhere I've lived all ... over the world I've left every place Please ... be mine Share my life Stay with me Be my wife Sometimes

Israel & New Breed - You have me/you hold my world lyrics

can I say thanks for the things you have done for me Things so undeserved yet you gave ... To prove your love for me and the voices ... of a million angels Could not express my gratitude all that am and

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - You are my flower lyrics

are my flower That's blooming in the mountain so high You are my flower That's blooming there for me When ... summertime is gone and snow begins to fall You can sing this song and say to one and all

Run Dmc - You be illin lyrics

One) day when I was chillin' in Kentucky Fried Chicken ... Just mindin' my business, eatin' food and finger lickin' ... This dude walked in lookin' strange and kind of funny

B1a4 - Be my girl (jinyoung solo ft. jea of brown ey.. lyrics

maghige nal boneun ni nunbit Sum maghige nunbusin ni ... moseub Pihal sudo meomchul sudo ... Geureol piryo Eobtjanha Nan imi neol ... ara beorin geol Yeogil beoseona gopeun ni mameun Naega

Baths - You're my excuse to travel lyrics

you still want me to be there, i'd be there in a minute to say: "i love you ... enough to drive like an hour from wherever i am ... to be with you" and it is always the simplest shit

Joe Bonamassa - My mistake lyrics

m in a dream I'm flying over hills, I see it shining in the ... hay. There's something golden in my hands, And ... then I go and let it slip away. With eyes that are

Earth, Wind & Fire - My love lyrics

who we are Chances are we'll be the stars Reflection in each ... other's eyes Image of where our love will rise Making up for time we ... lost You and I have paid the cost Time we spent away

Fats Domino lyricsFats Domino - Be my guest lyrics

on baby and be my guest Come join the party ... and meet the rest Everything is gonna be all right So be my ... guest tonight We're gonna dance to ... do the stroll We're gonna Lindy Hop and Suzy Q It's a

The Good Natured - Be my animal lyrics

am searching for you I'm following Footprints, the ... scent of you I'm back again I'm back again I want some ... more Give me some more What are we ... made for? Be my animal, hunt me down Take me now

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