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Don Moen - Worthy you are worthy lyrics

You are worthy, King of kings, Lord of lords, You are worthy. Worthy, You are worthy, King ... of kings, Lord of lords, I worship you. Holy, You are Holy, King of

Matt Redman - Worthy, you are worthy lyrics

You are worthy Much more worthy than I know I cannot imagine ... Just how glorious You are And I cannot begin to tell ... How deep a love You bring O Lord my ears have heard

Charlie Hall - You are worthy of my praise lyrics

I will give You all my worship I will give You all my praise You alone I ... long to worship You alone Are worthy of my praise (I will worship) ... my heart) And I will praise You (I will praise You) With all

Michael W. Smith - You are holy (prince of peace) lyrics

are holy (You are holy) You are mighty (You are mighty) You ... are worthy (You are worthy) Worthy of praise (Worthy of praise) ... (I will listen) I will love you (I will love you) All of my

Jeremy Camp - You're worthy of my praise lyrics

will give, you all my worship I will give, you all my praise You alone, I ... long to worship You alone, are worthy of my praise I will ... of my heart I will praise you, with all of my strength I

Elevation Worship - You are holy lyrics

When our eyes can’t see That you don’t change Lord You will ... and honor and praise To the king who forever reigns Holy, You are Holy Worthy, You are Worthy Without an end, You are

Pierce The Veil - Just the way you are (cover by bruno mars) lyrics

stars look like they’re not shinin’ Her hair, her hair falls ... perfectly without her tryin’ She’s so beautiful And I ... And it’s so, it’s so sad to think that she don’t see what I

Disciple - You are here lyrics

are to me (you are to me), a light to see You ... came to me, and set me free You see me now, not how I was ... and clean, under the blood You sit down On your throne in

Nicholas Mcdonald - Just the way you are (originally by bruno mar.. lyrics

stars look like they’re not shinin' Her hair, her hair falls ... perfectly without her tryin' She’s so beautiful And I ... And it's so, it's so sad to think That she don't see what I

Eva Cassidy - You are lyrics

we were oh so young We played those silly ... We swore we'd never part Thing's would always be the same ... we got a little older All things do change But that was

Gwar - You are my meat lyrics

are a woman I am a man You are my meat Get in the pan You are my meat So die like the rest ... As I consume your flesh It's all for the best ... You are my meat You are my fat Don't try to fool me

Random Eyes - You are the reason lyrics

by step I run to you I’m by your side I love you so I´ll ... never let you go Just close your eyes ... I´ll carry you you´re close to something real

Colton Dixon - You are lyrics

I can't find the words To say how much ... it hurts You are the healing in my heart When all that I ... can see Are broken memories You are the light that's in the

Crowder - You are lyrics

moving like a mountain Never ending like the sea ... Like a sunrise, bringing blue skies Your light is ... Though I’m prone to leave Your side You chase me like the

Aaron Gillespie - You are jesus lyrics

matter where I have been Your grace is all I’m chasing ... Doesn’t matter when I sleep Your arms are open for me I am ... complete cause You said I could breathe I am

Michael W. Smith - You are the fire lyrics

are the flame that's growing deep inside You are the ... blazing passion in my eyes You are the aching shut up in my ... bones You are the longing that won't let me go Let

Camel - You are the one lyrics

I'm on my own And out of my mind I realize how I've grown ... And changed my old line Learning how to give And ... And mistakes I have made You are the one changing my life

Br549 - You are the queen lyrics

m a king among men down at the 'Just ... raise a glass and send a pint my way But when I leave my ... and this is what I say You are the queen and you're the

Rush Of Fools - You are glory lyrics

are the sunrise in the east You are the ocean at our feet You are the bright and shining ... star You are the love that’s in our heart ... You are glory, glory [CHORUS:]

Chris De Burgh - You are the reason lyrics

shadow in the moonlight, here she comes ... talk about it all And out in the distance, a dream is over ... All I've been working for This is not how I ... want you to see me I have done the

Patty Griffin - You are not alone lyrics

sees him laying in the bed alone tonight The ... only thing a touching him is a crack of light ... Pieces of her hair are wrapped around and 'round his ... fingers And he reaches for her

Iron Mask - You are my blood lyrics

son Anthony Petrossi. I love you so much ! A star was born in the dead of night An angel ... as the lamb The snow was falling, we’II never forget this day

Orange Blue - You are the one lyrics

s a mountain Which I wanted to climb ... With tears on my mind And there's a love song ... And I have seen a million fading stars They were shining so ... s more that could be put in words Somethings that's true

Sentenced - You are the one lyrics

the tunnel The beacon fire in the dark The glimmer of hope ... and truly the meaning of my life I say this ... with all of my heart You are the only one for me Year to

Lost Area - You are alive lyrics

s someone in this world Who's tryin' to ... cut in half your soul They left you all ... alone And now your innocence is gone You never ... lost your way You build a fortress with your pain You're here to be yourself

Debelah Morgan - You are the joy lyrics

I tell you that you're my joy? Oh, oh, oh ... Lately it seems you've had your doubts You told me that ... t sure That my love for you is true Now I don't know the

Cece Winans - Worthy lyrics

Lord your worthy, oh so worthy) (Lord your worthy, oh so worthy) (Lord your worthy, oh so worthy) (Lord your worthy, oh so worthy) (Lord your worthy, oh so worthy) (Lord your worthy, oh so worthy) And oh my soul You have

W. Michael Smith - Prince of peace you are holy lyrics

are holy (You are holy) You are mighty (You are mighty) You are worthy (You are worthy) Worthy of praise (Worthy of praise) ... (I will listen) I will love You (I will love you) All of my

Michael W. Smith - You are the lord lyrics

we stand Saved by His hand Great is Your name ... In all the earth Worthy alone Christ on the throne ... Your kingdom will reign forever You are the Lord, Most High Your

Jeremy Camp - In your presence lyrics

I stand here in your presence, Of your beauty I ... will always stand in awe, I reach my hands out ... And I lift my voice to you alone, To you alone, As I

Delirious? - God you are my god lyrics

you're my God, you're my God God you're my God, ... you're my God And I will seek you, yes I will seek you And I ... will seek you, yes I will seek you You

Hillsong United - In the mystery lyrics

seems lost There is freedom in the power of the cross Let ... the world see In Your name There is truth where ... logic fails Understanding that makes sense of our days

William Mcdowell - You are god alone lyrics

Verse 1: x2] You're not a God created by human ... hands You're not a God dependent on any ... mortal man You're not a God in need of Anything we can give By Your plan, that's just the

Bethel Music - You have won me lyrics

you’ve shown me grace You’ve lifted my shame Drawn me ... with loving kindness Washed whiter than snow ... and made me whole Jesus, You have won me You have broken

4him - You reign lyrics

before you ever said Let there be light ... after this world has had Its final night Great god in heaven you'll be Where Youve always been ... Seated on your holy throne King of all kings Looking down on

Shanadoo - You are my daydream lyrics

Itsumademo DAYDREAM You are my Daydream - Sunbeam, touching me tender Daydream - your ... surrender Take me - But baby don't wake me Cos I am ... dreaming I'll be loved by you You are my Daydream -

Saara Aalto - You are home lyrics

know thwre's something you forgot Something you left ... behind You play the role of someone you ... re not Ignoring the one you could find inside But you are home, you are safe and loved

Next - You are my high lyrics

yeah You you by myside conquor the world you ... be my guiding light mmmmm you you by my side we'll spend all ... our days passing those lonely nights you you are my high ohhhhhh you you are

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - You are my sister lyrics

my sister, we were born So innocent, so full of need ... Each night I'd ask for you to watch me as I sleep I ... was so afraid of the night You seemed to move through the

Bob Catley - You are my star lyrics

search isn't over There are more places to go I will ... look to the mountains And the valley's below ... will come When I will find out where you stay You

Cece Winans - You are loved lyrics

I`ll be there and told you I would always care well I ... really hurts the most I`m trying desperately to be heard ... Though you push me away I can feel your

Roger Daltrey - You are yourself lyrics

you wish you had the power To be just who ... you wish to be. Or you could be a most important ... person, don't you agree Or can't you see we ... like strangers I don't know you, you don't know me. Oh let's

Golden Earring - You are better off free lyrics

t ever look behind you when you get on your way You better ... keep on rolling, could be your last day And if you torture ... your brains By thinking how far Then lean on me and

Angelus Apatrida - You are next lyrics

to face, fists are prepared One by one they fall behind ... me Smell of blood, innate fear I won't let their ... to see Disbelief, surrounding cries My strenght increases

Arcane Symphony - You are free lyrics

mesmerizes our souls you'll forget about fears and ... believe me you can go don’t listen to those ... screams your heart is beating loudly Remember that you

Neil Diamond - You are the best part of me lyrics

baby's Cryin' on a Saturday night She thinks that nothin's ever gonna go ... There's no way that I'm leavin' the best part of me There ... I'd be ok alone But oh, baby I know, baby That I'd be walkin' Away from the best part of

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You are there lyrics

a smile Suddenly the sun shines for a while Everywhere ... sounds of love are everywhere And my heart sings along Thanks to you I finally got a song, Refrain

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - You are my number one (feat. ranking roger) lyrics

let go I've been around You know I can't stay forever ... And when I leave I want you to know - When I'm finally gone, I'm gonna be gone ... And on top of this list of things before I leave this place You are my number one, yes you are my number one Cause you

The Hush Sound - You are the moon lyrics

all around you as you surface from the dark. ... Emerging from the gentle grip of ... night's unfolding arms. Darkness, darkness ... everywhere, do you feel all alone? The subtle

Rend Collective - You will never run lyrics

will never run away You're forever mine You will ... never run away You're by my side Love wide as ... the sea Countless as all infinity Love like a shooting star

Boy George - You are my heroin lyrics

s great to by young Didn't anyone tell you ... life was a lousy substitute You're not packing with angels ... now In your undertakers suit It's funky ... down in gutter That's what all the

Chicago - You are on my mind lyrics

are on my mind The echo of your laughter flowing through me ... Sitting by a mountain fire And wishing you were in ... my arms And loving me completely Rocky mountain highs are very nice But you are gone and nothing's quite the

Jack Frost - You are the cancer lyrics

does it feel to see you die by my hand how will I feel when ... my suffering will end will I bleed or ... will I suffocate in pride you and me we will play the dying-game tonight [Chorus:] into the abyss down by my

Pillar - You are not the end lyrics

and a place Another slap in the face And I don't know ... what it takes To be loved by you Another shot in the dark ... And now it's falling apart But I won't let my

R. City - You are lyrics

Girl I look in your eyes as you don't wanna sleep alone ... (sleep alone) So by the end of the night, Girl I ... promise Imma take you home (take you home) Verse

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - You are my world lyrics

you insecure when you know how love is pure and ... we vowed that we’d be forever in love girl and when the morning comes you’ll see i’ll still ... be right by your side and you don’t have to worry cause baby girl you’re all mine you are my world my heaven my whole

Barbie - You are the most lyrics

somebody puts you down Never answer with a ... away from them If they make you feel ignored Just remember your adored By everyone back at ... home When we thought are hope was gone You resolved

Emma Bunton - You are lyrics

the simple things that you do to me make me feel so ... right I've been waiting for a man like you for all ... my life The way you hold me close is like I'm ... dancing alone I don't wanna let go

Dru Hill - You are everything lyrics

Intro:] Can I play for you baby Hey yo Woody, help me out, ... yeah Hey yo Jazz, you chill for a minute, ya know? ... Uh uh uh yeah You like that? Gonna sing you a

Keane - You are young lyrics

child, have faith in brighter days Stay home 'til ... still beside me I'll hold you now, I'll hold you forever ... Winter's hand will freeze your heart again Doors will

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