You Are Sitted On The Throne, Lion And The Lamb By Oche lyrics

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Get Up Kids - Lion and the lamb lyrics

ve never been One for war Sand were sinkin in as thick as ... oil Lion and the lamb there all gone there all gone ... slaughter the lion and the lamb for our home for our home

Bethel Music - Lion and the lamb lyrics

s coming on the clouds Kings and kingdoms will bow down Every ... break As broken hearts declare His praise For who can stop the Lord Almighty Our God is a

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The parable of the old man and the young lyrics

Abram rose, and clave the wood, and went, And took the ... fire with him, and a knife. And as they sojourned both of them together, Isaac the first ... born spake and said, My Father, Behold the preparations,

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - You are so beautiful feat. alex britti and pa.. lyrics

are so beautiful To me You are so beautiful To me Can't you see You're everything I ... hoped for You're everything I need You are

Paddy And The Rats - The ghost from the barrow lyrics

He was known as a thief But they fell in love with eachother ... tryst under cover of nights They made vows to another On one ... taken away To be killed among the prison walls When she

Less Than Jake - The upwards war and the down turned cycle lyrics

my friends always talk about The stories of moving on and ... getting out Then packing up and heading south Their heads ... full of hopes and dreams They’re just like me My

Hüsker Dü - The tooth fairy and the princess lyrics

t give up, Don't let go, Don't give in, Don't let on. ... In your bed, Late at night, Red ... hot red, Don't get up

Natalie Merchant - The blind men and the elephant lyrics

much inclined went to see the Elephant Though all of them ... were blind That each by observation Might satisfy ... much inclined Well the First approached the Elephant

Gto's - The ghost chained to the past,present,and the.. lyrics

see all the people I want to see I be ... all the people I want to be And find all the treasures I want ... to find Along with the images, they're so unkind

Mortemia - The pain infernal and the fall eternal lyrics

art the fire within Thou art the source of all dreams Thou ... art our moral and sin, cursed within Thou art the pain infernal and the fall

Loreena Mckennitt - The english ladye and the knight lyrics

an English ladye bright, (The sun shines fair on Carlisle ... wall,) And she would marry a Scottish ... still be lord of all. Blithely they saw the rising sun

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The altar boy and the thief lyrics

night in the safety of shadows and numbers ... Seeking some turf on which nothing encumbers The ... buying and selling of casual looks ... printed in x-rated books Your mother might have tried to

Dagoba - The white guy (and the black ceremony) lyrics

being, like a hidden face of the moon A great secret that ... Orgy of big breasted girls -then- The darkness took my soul ... cruise I' ve passed over the road, Where wine turns to

Mountain - The animal trainer and the toad lyrics

a year I was so confused and didnt know what to play But then I met a man who picked up ... his horn and showed me just what to say ... He was skinny and lean and he kept himself clean and he

Lacuna Coil - The ghost woman and the hunter lyrics

at the sun no rays down on me I call you in my arms ... embrace is unreal You're moving on we'll never be ... my tears I cry aloud You're moving on you'll never be

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The mumble rumble and the cocktail rock lyrics

Mumble Rumble And The Cocktail Rock Woke up this ... shock I heard a mumble rumble and a cocktail rock ???? beat ... like a slide trombone Goddess Diana plicking all

Kiss - The street giveth and the street taketh away lyrics

man, gotta take a stand, so you think that you've been had ... I'm here to bet ya, street's gonna get ya, well two out of ... Hey man, it's gettin' out of hand, cross your heart and hope to

Light Your Anchor - The old men and the scene lyrics

in time, where we lived the stolen phrases that you ... when did talk get's so cheap And now I feel like Ernest I am the old man and the scene every ... time I hear them talk my heart screams

Pj Harvey - The whores hustle and the hustlers whore lyrics

to me of universal laws The whores hustle and the ... me people bleed Speak to me your song of greed Speak to me ... of your inner charm Of how you'll keep me safe from harm I

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The peking king and the new york queen lyrics

I heard a story you can judge it's worth About the sun and the moon This time they came down to earth They ... passed in the heavens each day up above

Nevermore - The blue marble and the new soul lyrics

planet Earth... Tread your steps carefully For the ... ground can twist and turn Tread your steps carefully For the ground may ... twist and turn Choose your friends wisely For just

Michael W. Smith - The throne lyrics

above the highest heavens On a throne of crystal light ... Dwells the God of all creation Rays of wonder crown His ... Human voices blend with the angels Giving praise to God

Insyderz - You are my all in all lyrics

Jernigan, Dennis; You are my strength when I am weak You are the treasure that I seek You are my all in all I'm seeking ... to give up I'd be a fool You are my all in all Jesus, Lamb of

4him - You are holy lyrics

before Your Throne Ive come to worship You And ... worship You alone Here within my soul A song ... Until it to overflows Chorus: You are holy, You are holy I will

Dark At Dawn - The throne of tenebra lyrics

wideness of the air is my domain Mine is the ... sky Mine are the omniscient eyes Brother of the tempest and the wind Master ... of all The Gates of Tenebra within

A Girl A Gun A Ghost - The fox is restless (the lamb is found) lyrics

your breath gets weak and your vision’s cloudy who’s name ... will you call out? Their tendons sing like piano ... wire, Their muscles solid, forged from the strongest iron. Why am I the

Necromantia - Pretender to the throne (opus i the usurper's.. lyrics

of my blood Impudent son of Erihtho You dare to ... provoke my power So come and feel my ruthless wrath On ... a night of a fiery moon Your witchborn mother summoned me

The Hush Sound - You are my home lyrics

will you wake up, Open your eyes, It's the first day ... of a new life, you'll see, Cotton at the ... windows, Pollen as the wind blows, It's the first

Gwar - You are my meat lyrics

are a woman I am a man You are my meat Get in the pan You are my meat So die like the rest ... As I consume your flesh It's all for the best ... You are my meat You are my fat Don't try to fool me

Agnetha Fältskog - The way you are lyrics

take me high, out of the blue, You're by my side ... whenever I need you The way you smile, the way you move, Why ... I try, I can't get over you. All through the night you

The Dubliners - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go slowly drifting ... by In the park the lazy bees Are droning in the ... flowers, among the trees And the sun burns in the sky Now the sun is in the West Little

Arcane Symphony - You are free lyrics

mesmerizes our souls you'll forget about fears and ... believe me you can go don’t listen to those screams your heart is beating loudly ... Remember that you can be free but don't

Dave Days - You are a pervert lyrics

I can't believe That you actually clicked this A perv ... like you Your life must be inflicted Well ... thanks for the view It really means a lot ... That's right, one mill, two mill I'm still on

Kiuas - And the north star cried lyrics

ago when the gods were still young and guarded the heavens ... With might the four furious winds swept ... across the snows Proud, fearless and ... free the children of Ukko walked the

Secret Service - The way you are lyrics

take me high Out of the blue You're by my side ... Whenever I need you The way you smile The way you move Why ... I try I can't get over you All through the night You

Sleeping At Last - You are enough lyrics

we woke up The world was figured out Beyond ... examine it, To add our question marks to periods. At the ... we found an envelope… “You are enough.” These little

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The lake lyrics

it was my lot To haunt of the wide earth a spot To which I ... could not love the less So lovely was the loneliness Of a wild lake, with ... black rock bound And the tall trees that towered

Bob Catley - You are my star lyrics

search isn't over There are more places to go I will ... look to the mountains And the valley's below I'll follow ... the stars They'll show me the way And the time will come

The Dubliners - The irish rover (with "the pogues") lyrics

July, 1806 We set sail from the sweet Cove of Cork We were ... with a cargo of bricks For the Grand City Hall in New York ... 'Twas a wonderful craft She was rigged

Sixpence None The Richer - The fatherless and the widow lyrics

and the widow Stricken down by the hand of death Grasping ... for security Anticipation of the imminent next Of the ... imminent next The fatherless and the widow Find their souls filled with fear Her

Babyface - You are so beautiful lyrics

are so beautiful, yes You are to me You are so beautiful You are to me Can't you see? Can ... t you see? You are everything I hoped for And you are everything I need And you are so beautiful to me You

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The hand that rocks the cradle lyrics

Life, Too Young, Who's Eyes Are Choking, Can't Rest, Can't ... Sleep, For Dreams That Set You Falling. Don't Feel The ... No Holy Water, No Light In These Eyes, No Place For Dreams

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You can cry on my shoulder lyrics

because you know I love you so much Don't be afraid to ... tell me you're sad Because you lost his love Though your ... love is not for me I don't wanna see you in mysery, so

Manfred Mann - You are- i m lyrics

are - you are - you are [fading] You are - you are ... [fading] You are the moment Martha's mad man came ... out of the darkness You are - you are -you are [fading]

Opera Ix - The naked and the dance lyrics

fresh humidity of the green moss wets my skin, my ... to who adores a god, over the sacred stones of the ... Our bodies clinging each other, what is of the One becomes

Runrig - And the accordions played lyrics

the bracken green on the hills see the gifts of every ... summer suns sinking low in the long grass always rising and ... falling down there’s bluebells growing under the trees and I will be there in

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - You are the treasure lyrics

are the treasure You are the dream You are the one I've ... been waiting for You are forever You are my friend You are a river of milk to me (x3

Becoming The Archetype - The sky bearer lyrics

Carried the sky on My BACK I Caught it the ... day that it FELL ALL Of the world had turned BLACK And ... stared into THE MOUTH OF HELL It crushed ... all the mountains And the tops of the TREES For a

Beyond The Bridge - The primal demand lyrics

can a single drop perceive the whole surrounding sea? (x6)

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The moon is in the gutter lyrics

moon is in the gutter And the stars wash down the sink I ... am the king of the blues I scape the clay off ... my shoes And wade down the gutter and the moon The moon blinds my eye with opal

Cky - The undiscovered numbers and colors lyrics

and numbers And there's so many never be seen It ... s not the big picture Nothing The ... system that we call the And the areas of avid color Their origins are undiscovered

The Decemberists - The legionnaire's lament lyrics

m a legionnaire Camel in disrepair ... a frigidaire to come passing by I am on reprieve Lacking ... In this desert dry And I wrote my girl Told her I

The Dubliners - The captains and the kings lyrics

remember in September when the final stumps were drawn And the shouts of crowds now silent ... when the boisterous cheer had gone ... simple things When all are dead to love us Oh, the

Charlie Hall - The rising shout lyrics

part the heavens, touch the earth You open eyes to see Your worth And the walls are ... coming down, and the walls are coming down And every plan of ... Yours prevails Lord, Your purpose never fails And the

Charlie Hall - You are god lyrics

Kendall; Hall, Charlie; Ragland, Dustin; And You?re closer ... than any danger More grand than gold and silver You are ... God, You are God And You?re the joy of man?s desire And You are Father, Satisfier And we are

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

girl, you'll land it. You've got supplies if they demand it. You've got the looks, and the glamour, Cut by the ... chisel and beat by the hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it, and they

Annie Lennox - The holly and the ivy lyrics

holly and the ivy When they are both full grown Of all the ... trees that are in the wood The holly bears the crown Oh, the rising of the sun And the

Jethro Tull - ... and the mouse police never sleeps lyrics

green eye swishing through the rye grass with thoughts of ... mouse-and-apple pie. Tail balancing ... at half-mast. ...And the mouse police never sleeps ---

Kate Rusby - The holly and the ivy lyrics

holly and the ivy, When they are both full grown, Of all the ... trees that are in the wood, The holly bears the crown. ... CHORUS: O the rusing of the sun, And the running of the

3rd And The Mortal, The - The barge lyrics

tuto piesen od skupiny The 3rd and the Mortal nie je ... . je to cisto instrumentalny song..

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