You Are My Sun Bright You Are The Daylight Hiding In My Shadow Of Mind lyrics

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B. B. King - The worst thing in my life lyrics

it was the worst thing in my life, the worst thing I ever ... witnessed to Yes, it was the worst thing in my life, the ... worst thing I ever witnessed to When the woman that I loved, when she

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - In my car (i'll be the driver) lyrics

can choose the channel when we're watchin' the T.V. Oh, babe--it's okay ... And you can pick the flavor when we're orderin' ... ice cream I don't mind--yeah, that's fine I'd do-

Reflexion - The thousand nails in my heart lyrics

your beautiful dress you were standing in front of me ... There was sun in your eyes and for a little while ... You made heaven come alive You wore flowers on your head

Sarah Brightman - The last man in my life lyrics

m a lady when you kiss me, I'm a child when you are leaving, I'm a woman ev ... complete. Long lost feelings stir inside me, used to think nights were for sleeping,

Cascada - The world is in my hands lyrics

world is in my hands I'm ready to go my way ... is not today So take the change Singing oh oh oh The sky is not the end I'm ready ... dance Is not too late The world is in my hands The

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The cure - world in my eyes lyrics

me take you on a trip Around the world and back And you won't ... have to move You just sit still Now let your mind do the walking And let ... my body do the talking Let me show you the world in my eyes I'll take you to the highest mountain To the

Dayseeker - Dead to the world : alive in my eyes lyrics

love, you lie still in a coma and I'm to blame I ... just want your eyes to open for me How ... quickly we're at each other's throats, completely meaning with nowhere to go The more

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The world is in my arms lyrics

was I, a gypsy, looking for a world to roam in, Now ... the world is in my arms. No more endless searching for a place to feel at home in, For the world is in my arms

Dokken - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams--it's still the same Your love is strong, ... it still remains Toss and turn all night in the sheets I can't sleep ... don't know what it means In my dreams What can I say or

Alison Krauss - Daylight lyrics

falls and I'm lost in the big parade. Hold my hand, ... darling, I'm afraid of the daylight. Shade is dark. Cool and ... for life or love. Safe in shadows; never stark as the daylight

Kaledon - The shadow of azrael lyrics

remember when we fought together against the hordes of ... Azrael as a single untiring man we fought the monsters of the nightmare We commanded ... the force of the kingdom we brought the light

Iron Mask - Shadow of the red baron lyrics

air battle stages in front of my plane A combat of squadrons ... With led bursting guns I'm in for heaven's destruction The ... sun in my back and the target below My tactic's a

The Afters - In my eyes lyrics

walk in no one seems to notice like ... a picture out of focus but it looks so clear ... to Me you're talking it feels like no one's ... listening you think you're not interesting but i

Altar Of Oblivion - In the shadow of the gallows lyrics

world lies in ruins My star is descending The final ... step on this laths of justice Heading towards me ... on my ravishing ride Servile to the sinning The court marks the beginning When the curtains fall I

Preluders - You're are blocking my sun lyrics

under pressure I don't feel the need for speed at all Slow ... down your passion I can't handle half ... fast pleasure Stay where you are if it's touch and go What's your obsession? Can it be true!

Secret Sphere - Daylight lyrics

deep sense of action, A river of ... sensations, In your mind, Can you hear them screamin ... out... And then take you down. You stop to wonder, You feel the end is near, I can

Boris Carloff - In my lonely room (feat. ghetto priest) lyrics

sit all alone in my lonely room Watching shadows ... on the wall People pass, people go, ... they don’t bother me at all In the silence of my lonely room ... I sit and think about my gloom I see my face I hear my voice in a mirror I don’t

Psyco Drama - Shadow of silence lyrics

your visions to the sky Things could change in a blink of ... some don't know Is this the end of the world? I've ... seen it in the good book I've read it in

Screaming Trees - Shadow of the season lyrics

hour is ending, can't you see There is no way now, to ... get free In the shadow of the season Without a reason, to ... without a reason And from the north woods Down on the

Laura Branigan - Shadow of love lyrics

it tonight Rainin' down as cold as ice The air ... that we breathe Is all we share between us Wearing the ... scars Deep inside our desert hearts Tell ... did love ever leave us Now the memories burn in my eyes As

Aesop Rock - The tugboat complex pt. 3 lyrics

my God They've got angels sweatin' like ... Hell, it's workin' their little halos to the bone ... combing them deserts my figure eight knotted lifeline defined traffic the way my

Architects - The shadow of doubt [australian deluxe editio.. lyrics

Happiness or a broken bottle This ... we'll want to see tomorrow You'll never know, what comes ... Around our necks Cross your fingers and hope for the ... best Count the lights on the wall, try to get some rest

Fly Project - Back in my life lyrics

1:(2x) I'll never see your smile again, You'll never ... be my friend, Sailing on the seas, hiding in the trees, ... Crying on my knees. Refren:(2x) Stay

James Bay - In my head lyrics

Intro] I'm gonna get you in my head, in my head, in my head ... I'm gonna get you in my head 'til I can't forget ... 1] I'm fed up with this profile I don't sleep, I'm

Poisonblack - My sun shines black lyrics

is gone... ashes in the wind All that was is buried in ... filth The shadows grow deeper with each passing hour The taste of life has ... too sour I am but ghost in time - Time unforgiving I am

3rd Room - In my room lyrics

room is my realm A darker corner Here, ... no fear no masks But [the] third room is just [My mind ... I can be What I am and [In My RoOm] Here I can be [In My

Children Of Bodom - Red light in my eyes part i lyrics

feel the last cry in this time Last am I, will ... end? But never am I stained black Now the end is drawing near My hate is growing, ... can't you hear? It burns me with my

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - My sun lyrics

the warm sun In the arms of the devil I've paid my debt There's a promise here to settle ... I feel your sorrow, I feel your pain Behind the darkest

Dreams Of Sanity - The empress through the looking glass a drea.. lyrics

distant whisper touched my sleep - A longing for the ... reason Before my spell will set you free - ... meet me again so bitter sweet. The Springtime's all renewing lights

Flo Rida - In my mind (part 2) lyrics

my mind, in my head, this is where we all ... came from The dreams we have, the love we ... share This is what we’re waiting ... for And In my mind, in my head, this is where we all

Mono Inc. - In my heart lyrics

still count every minute Every look in your eyes ... Every time that you're with me Every kiss, ... night Give me hope for my mission And support on my

Nocturnal Rites - In a time of blood and fire lyrics

a time of blood and fire Before the ... break of dawn Mighty swords were ... held to the sky In a land that rules by darkness ... Of evil and fire spawned ... Damnation now eclipsed the sun As black horsemen rode

Dreamshade - The world in my hands lyrics

no! I’m not ok. I feel out of place and I can’t control ... all these feelings and all my thoughts. How to clear my mind get to realize that there is

Joe Walsh - In my car lyrics

t make a difference I don't care how far We can go the ... distance In my car In my car Don't bother with ... Doesn't matter where we are Cruisin' down the highway

Anita Baker - In my heart lyrics

no baby here I go Fallin' in on the deep end one more time ... I'm helpless to stop this, there's no defense (Got this ... fire (Fire burns) Fire burns In my heart, in my life, on my mind, in my head In my house, in my arms, in my room, in my bed

C.n. Blue - In my head lyrics

my head I know you In my head I know you Eoduun jeo ... beyond light Dwieongkin nae maeumsok geu aneseo bichi ... taewojwo ijae Here in my head kkaewojwo meom chweobeorin nae mameul In my head

Secret Discovery - In my dreams lyrics

I know I could be strong again In my dreams I defeat my ... enemies Then I walk straight on whatever ... wish it could be true... In my dreams I can walk on water

Linda Ronstadt - In my reply lyrics

Matthew was a country boy until one ... day he found That cheatin' folks was easier than plowin ... ground He left his home back in Ohio, bound for Chicago's ... cut him down And as he lay there dying He said "Will I

All Shall Perish - In this life of pain lyrics

f***ing disgust me My hatred for you grows with ... every breath you take You only exist to lie, those eyes ... It's like a ball inside, the rage I hide With a smile on

Bastille - The draw lyrics

my left hand there is the familiar In my right hand there’s the great unknown I can ... see the madly different grass there but i’m drawn to wilder ... at home Don’t listen to your friends, see the despair

Delta Goodrem - In my own time lyrics

much is happening to me. So much that I can't ... even see. So many words of wisdom that I am trying to be ... even more so while I'm standing tall. My head is spinning

Lowkey - In my lifetime lyrics

I learnt life is suffering And happiness is one thing ... that money doesn't bring In my lifetime, our birth right is ... struggling It must have been, but no

Persephone - The man who swallowed my soul lyrics

looked like a young man But his eyes were old. ... was calm But he was hunting for prey. I started feeling ... he watched me sway. He stared at me with eyes black as

Elevation Worship - The lord is my rock / god you lifted me out lyrics

the waters rise My hope is sure When my world ... apart I stand secure When my way is dark Your light ... through When I don't feel you near Your word is true

Inmoria - In my dreams lyrics

up to another day of misery Waking up to another ... day of sorrow Why didn't god let me ... die in my sleep Oh death embrace me ... I dream of a place where I can breathe

Gerald Levert - In my songs lyrics

Eddie Levert, I want to thank you all for loving and supporting ... my son throughout his career. He had just finished this ... It is with his wish and mine that I proudly present the

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - In my arms lyrics

do you describe a feeling? I've only ever dreamt of ... this. DJ's spinning up my favorite song, hurry up and ... it wont be long, don't let the moment slip away. Cause you

2unlimited - In da name of love lyrics

takes me to a place Where my mind can be at ease Yeah I got my swag on Get it twisted In ... da name of love Yeah you're all uplifted Haterz, who you think you is Why you runnin'

Ayreon - The truth is in here lyrics

night I had that dream again My world was black as night ... Plagued by visions of a future world (Mr L, did you take your meds?) I sang ... about these dreams Warning man of his demise Wasted

Bella Morte - The metro lyrics

m alone sitting with my empty glass my four walls ... follow me through my past i was on a paris train ... i emerged in london rain and you were waiting there

Berlin - The metro lyrics

m alone Sitting with my empty glass My four walls ... Follow me through my past I was on a Paris train ... I emerged in London rain And you were waiting there

Evig Natt - In my death i dream of you lyrics

taste of your kiss, soothes my heart Your eyes, looking at ... me, but you can't see All of my pain, of leaving you this way ... My heart eager to speak, but

Freygolo - The same song lyrics

again I put this record on There's nothing better for me ... That to listen to these stupid songs The years 've ... passed But nothing's really changed It's

Negative - In my heaven lyrics

I'm frightened Will I ever find the cure? Mistaken, I'm ... waiting When I finally hit the floor I'm hurt and so ... wounded It's gonna tear my soul apart I'm lost in my

Pulsedriver - In my dreams lyrics

re next to me I feel that my love for you is real spread ... your wings and start to fly our love ... we can't deny Your right here to hold my hand ... take me to the promised land And your

A Sound Of Thunder - The day i die lyrics

ve wandered here for days Trying to voice my silent scream ... Nothing can bring it out I've tried to call ... leave today Never to return You are the one I love I will

Brandy - In my own little corner lyrics

command I obey But I know of a stop in my house where no ... one can stand in my way In my own little corner In my ... whatever I want to be On the wings of my fancy I can fly

Irene Cara - You took my life away lyrics

I've had to face up to the truth This i fear, you've ... left me here With the mistakes made in my youth ... wrong I just go on wanting your love There's nothing

Body Count - In my head lyrics

quot;I watch you everyday when you leave your ... building... I love the little outfits you wear. I ... know you wear em for me. God I want you." Since the day you

Martina Mcbride - In my daughter's eyes lyrics

wise and I know no fear but the truth Is plain to see she ... me I see who I want to be in my daughter's eyes in my ... darkness turns to light and the world Is at peace this

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