You Are My Sun Bright You Are The Day Light Hiding In The Shadow Of My Mind lyrics

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Rage - Reflection of a shadow lyrics

search for personality We people always think the clothing makes a man In fact there's such ha difference in all What we think and how we understand My left is your right Your day is my night Their darkness is our light Reflections of a shadow (shadow) Reflections of a shadow

Katherine Jenkins - Abigail's song (silence is all you know) lyrics

you're alone, silence is all you know. When you're alone, silence is all you know. Let in the noise and let it grow. When you're alone, scilence is all you see. When you're alone, scilence is all you'll be. Give me your hand and come t

Atlantic Starr - Silver shadow lyrics

shadow Glowing shadow Shining brightly For all to see I remember gazing on this quiet night The stars were bright as they could be Wonderin' if things would ever go right And if there was a spot up there for me Then one star got brighter by the minute Strange that i

Kazaky - Last night lyrics

cambiò il giorno in cui la cielo cadde sulla terra e io mi sentii senza peso. Scesi come pioggia bianca e sapevo che tra la folla esistevamo solo noi. Non ho chiesto il suo nome, senza dubbio, si chiamava, Amore. Last night Last night Last night

Maria Mena - Shadow lyrics

wish you'd see it on my face But I'm caught up in those long lost days And how can I then make you see When I don't even know me Following my footsteps home This time I'm walking alone Trying hard to be someone I don't even know I feel like a shadow Walking behin

Nightcore - Nightcore hollywood undead ghost lyrics

am witness To all the sickness Are all you guilty? If I am guilty Then I know that We are all alone Halo, where the paint shows? Saints are saintless So I'll say this You are never going back home I am wicked, they won't forget me They know, I'm empty and they sent 3 Yeah the

The Meteors - Dog lyrics

he likes the alleyways The alleyways the alleyways Old dog he likes the alleyways He walks them every night He don’t like the bright light streets The bright light streets the bright light streets He don’t like the bright light streets he likes to hide at

Pantera - I'll cast a shadow lyrics

end will crush the light And sends a message, It won't please The naked eye Without and end there is no light To foretell, to blind you The law of the claw reigns on and after still When I die, I'll cast a shadow And I rise, I'll cast a shadow I'm leavi

The Decemberists - A beginning song lyrics

s commence to coordinate our sights And get them square to rights (Get them square to rights) Condescend to calm this riot in your mind Find yourself in time (Find yourself in time) If I am waiting, should I be waiting? If I am wanting, should I be wanting? And

Sentenced - Shadegrown lyrics

have dwelled in the dark so long that I have become the night Here only the chilling Northwind can give warmth to my life There comes the morning light and brings the pain ...slashing my heart It goes by slowly and makes the pain last forever tears me apart

Lena Katina - Paradise (feat.sergio galoyan) lyrics

that I like Is something that I want I could never be the one I could never be alone Cause nothing really feels Just like you and me together Flying through the sky Every time you´re next to me I ´ve been hiding all my life I´ve been hiding now I´m free Please

Milk Inc. - Shadow lyrics

re out of sight As I step into the spotlight Without you on my mind No more telling what I should Or shouldn't do That's behind me now I'm living in a new tomorrow There's no question how I'm standing my own ground Without your shadow, wo-oh Your shadow hanging over me I'

Vader - We wait lyrics

wait in hiding, we lie in wait We secretly draw great plans Of spaceless kingdom of the soul Of triumph of the will We wait in hiding, we lie in wait We slowly change our blood For the arrival of the eon Of the new mind and love The absence of war does not mean peace

Sinbreed - Shadows lyrics

m hiding in the shadows Always by your side In the dark of the night Covering the light As time decays I take control Bring you to your knees Now it's time the end is near You know I am here I lie to your face But you must obey Say do you remember

Chris August - Let there be light lyrics

m tired of secret keeping, livin’ in the dark I'm ready to say the words You were speaking back at the start Come and flood the corners of my heart [Chorus:] I say let there be light, I need mercy tonight Wanna feel it like the sun is rising Revea

Elis - Twinkling shadow lyrics

desire is religion And I lead your mind towards my aim Lust lies his lips will tell Seems to be your wishing well See his smile and in his hands you will give your soul I abuse your innocent nescience Your believe pumps power through my veins But

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Shadow lyrics

body's warm But you are not You give a little Not a lot You coup your love Until we kiss You're all I want But not like this I'm watching you disappear But you, you were never here It's only your shadow Never yourself It's only your shadow Nobody else It's only

Default - Hiding from the sun lyrics

s 7 'o clock the moon is turning the streets are burning and all roads lead to nowhere Hear talk in the back room getting louder don't know when I found her you'll know it when I get there Don't fall though the cracks there's no turning back once you've fallen in it b

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Ghost lyrics

Johnny 3 Tears] I am witness To all the sickness Are all you guilty? If I am guilty Then I know that We are all alone Halo, where the paint shows? Saints are saintless So I'll say this You are never going home I am wicked, they won't forget me They know, I'm empty and they sent

Shel - I'm just a shadow lyrics

I go the cold wind blows every little touch'll darken your soul I'm just a shadow turn off the lights and roll the dice everybody knows I can't play nice I'm just a shadow If you lose your way you better fall on your knees and pray I'm no savior, I'm just a shadow and if yo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shadows keeper lyrics

shadow's creeping, only one way left to go You hit the bottom where the silence only grows It's never alone You feel the fire burning sweet within your skin You're holding on to all the branches crashing in It's pulling you in But you f

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Electricity lyrics

through you to me Thunderbolts caught easily Shouts the truth peacefully Electricity High voltage man kisses night to bring the light to those who need to hide their shadow deed Go into bright find the light and know that friends don't mind just how you grow Midnigh

Lene Marlin - Sitting down here lyrics

m sitting down here, But hey you can't see me Your words cut deeply, They're just some other lies I'm hiding from a distance, I've got to pay the price Defending all against it, I really don't know why You're obsessed with all my secrets, Yo

Emmylou Harris - The light lyrics

see the light I see the light at the end of the tunnel I see the light and it’s burnin’ bright I see the light it’s the light at the end that I run to And the light, darlin’ is you In the lonely heart of darkness I have stumbled and I have strayed Always searchin’ but never

Cage - The lords of chaos lyrics

have we waited 100 years since our master's death, hiding deep within what little shadow remained, The Great Holy War had been Lost, HELL No more just we few left to execute his one last wicked plan, Only now was it possible to even attempt his Return, We would use their own fil

Martinelli - Cenerentola cinderella lyrics

the day now comes to the ending and the neon lights up the city There's a girl who's tired of waiting; When it's time I'm sure she'll be ready And you know where she'll go she's the star of the night show. She's been hiding behind the windows She's been hiding un

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Sonnet 43 [feat. síán phillips] lyrics

most I wink then do mine eyes best see For all the day they view things unrespected But when I sleep in dreams they look on thee And darkly bright are bright in dark directed Then thou whose shadow shadows doth make bright How would thy shadow's form form happy sh

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - When i most wink (sonnet 43) [feat. anna proh.. lyrics

most I wink, then do mine eyes best see For all the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee And darkly bright, are bright in dark directed Then thou, whose shadow shadows doth make bright How would thy shadow's form form happy sho

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Light inside lyrics

yeah theres a place in no way outta sphere do ya I want burn the midnight oil does it fool ya when you think theres no way out of here let it fool ya saying as i do with ?? the light inside is burning bright the light makes everything all right the light inside is burning

Enigma - In the shadow, in the light lyrics

promise you, for all my life I'll be Always on your side In the shadow, in the light. I'll follow you, wherever life goes But I'll always be aside In the shadow, in the light. But if we don't understand... Hell is happy, heaven is sad And that's the result

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Lullaby lyrics

are the sun to the earth You are the light of this world Won't you see Why won't you see You are the hand I can't reach You are the words I can't speak Won't you sing Why won't you sing I will walk 'til I've no shadow I will walk 'til I've

Slash - Shadow life lyrics

shadow life will only break your heart It steals the light and tears a soul apart Like a shadow in the dark I know you're living in a shadow life Better watch your step Should you stumble, you're gonna fall 'Cause daddy's secret are the killing kind Rope around your neck I

In Mourning - A shade of plague lyrics

eyes from tears and all the sleepless nights Touched skin can never be washed clean again You are burned by the fire of his flame Trapped in the filth and all the f***ing shame Pushed down by disgust and desire Numbing the wounds with other wounds

Running Wild - Black shadow lyrics

to your eyes to reduce brainsize To discern no black lies they feed up on you They try to disable your soul of being stable Like the wolf in the fable to devour your heart [Pre:] On and on the blakish world to come Codes and signs until resistance is done [Chorus:] Just

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Turn out the light lyrics

lover, why is there light in the itchy gitchy evening and it's dark outside And what's the difference between wrong and right wrong and right Isn't it funny how pain goes away and then comes back another day The air feels very good today good today Lover,

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - In the lobby lyrics

zee chain in the lobby An ocean of bodies and then there's me And I hope I'm not losing my life tonight And it's all about the hang And it's all about the crowd that hangs And it's all about the hook Somebody is losing their life tonight I followed my shadow and it lead

Amy Grant - Shadows lyrics

are two of me One does the right thing, One cannot see. Standing back to back, Who is the strong one In the last act? Every path I take, Roads I go down, Choices I make, Take me right between Patches of light and Darkness in me. Oh, we have to keep A watch on our shadow

New Years Day - Bloody mary lyrics

Mary, Bound and buried Shut your weary eyes Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary For what you've done, you've been buried alive She screams her voice away so she stole mine Spoke my words but they didn't taste right It's imitation but I'm not flattered And she'll

Beast - Shadow lyrics

Shadow, Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow Ha, Rainy Cloudy No light Darkness Day N Night neo tteonabeorin Geuttaebuteo eojjeomyeon Maybe nae jonjae jachega eobseojyeotji Back in the day hwachanghan nalssi hwaryeohan bulbit Hangsang ne gyeote

Semlah - Perennial movement iii lyrics

and unpredictable twists and turns Entangled in the wicked ways of the world No bright star to guide me, to lead me home No angel to sleep beside me, I'm all alone Nebulous tapestry, faces from my past All of which I believed would last Why must my world so furiously spin

Pantera - I am the night lyrics

am the lightning and the storm all hell broke loose on the night I was born a child of fire and burning flames look to the east and you'll see hence I came Might throw you into the darkness or save you by the light of the moon and stars ev

Mr.kitty - A new hour lyrics

A sadder face New hiding place Something to chase A week has passed My wounds won't heal Remember when The pain was real I want to die alone tonight Please do not try to save me Walking away from the bright light Darkness will c

Alkemyst - Nameless son chapter ii: the falling star lyrics

smile at the rising sun It fills my heart with fire I touch the green leaves Oh, They’re thinking about me Clouds are opening now To let my lungs breathe light T feel the night is coming, bright The falling star crosses the dark with my dreams on the top

Kyler England - Battle cry lyrics

gathered up all the sticks and stones Built a wall to keep out the ghosts But they walk through walls And i'm trapped inside Oh oh oh oh Filled my lungs up with air And hoped they'd carry me off like a hot balloon somewhere But now i can't bre

Evolove - Let me in lyrics

say you? There's trouble in your eyes You can see it for miles Something's wrong You haven't been yourself You've been distant and secretive. Why would you say nothing's wrong When its written on your face Let me in, let me in You're so far from where I'm st

Rachel Macwhirter - Say i matter lyrics

at me. Tell me, what am I to you? I'm not leaving until you tell me what I wanna know. Did I never shine bright enough for you? Couldn't you see me through the shadow? The shadow of another, of someone that I could not be. A shadow hanging over me.

Sahg - Shadow monument lyrics

this fear that you hide In the darkest corners of your mind Shadows reach, you're running blind Searching for an exit you can't find A shadow monument was raised upon this ground Within its shadow you're forever bound Wicked deeds, twisted mind

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - In your shadow (i can shine) lyrics

hate my life I can't sit still for one more single day I've been here waiting For something to live and die for Let's run and hide Out of touch Out of time Just get lost without a sign As long as you stand by my side In your shadow I can shine In you

Eyefear - A clouded mind lyrics

there is light There will be always shadows There will be peace At the end of the world It's not what it seems to be Just like a dream hiding in this moment Changing directions Spinning in rhythm Thoughts run through my head Return for me it's not what it seems to be

Alice Cooper - Shadow of yourself lyrics

you been gone I see your skin So pale and drawn So grey and thin You're just a shadow of yourself A shade of a different color Let me create you, let me help You're just a shadow of yourself With all my love With all my heart My masterpiece My work on you is a piece of a

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Evil is but a shadow lyrics

Verse 1] Evil is but a shadow That always accompanies the good You can try to have a world A world without the shadow But it'll be a dark, dark and cold place world Cause it would be a world, a world without light too Oh, ohh, oh [Verse 2] The lights of nature The light

F.k.Ü. - Agent amy steel lyrics

in the days we first sighted Her shields gleaming bright up in the sky Now the day is getting so much closer She will return for the masses to see You can't stop her, she's already coming Too late, no hiding She's an unstoppable force You can't stop her, she's already co

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Trust in you lyrics

am the one, your help I’ve refused You're offering hand just set off the fuse I am the rock that pushes away I gave up tomorrow to spite today Too proud to beg Too stubborn to try I’d look in your face And spit in your eye But I’m willing to find what’s really inside

Bowerbirds - Bright future lyrics

future bright pink bright light in my eyes all these desert cities giant heart down in this dust fell to the earth at a fascinating speed further up in the ponderosa the nervous coyotes caterwaulin' their choruses foreboding couldn'

Covenant - Last dance lyrics

is my white shadow a shadow of myself this is the last shadow there´s no one left to blame You are my black widow a widow in the rain you are my eternal widow and keeping me insane This is my bright shadow a shadow of my face this is the single shadow there's not

Nazareth - May the sunshine lyrics

the sun, the sun shine bright May the sun shine bright on you May the sun, the sun shine bright May the sun shine bright on you Someone woke me up again last night Talkin' to me about my last time Don't tell me I know it's late Please, please lay me down a line P

The Lurkers - Shadow lyrics

shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow My heart's in the shadow His heart's in the shadow My heart's in the shadow His heart's in the shadow. go go (oh no) (oh well) I heard you got a new boy, he's got more than me He's lots of fun to have around, he

Cinema Bizarre - The way we are lyrics

have been told There's only one way to go But we're live different lifes Dreams to unfold Like a kaleidoscope Reflecting hundred skies No hiding No faking This life can be amazing You want it You need it Beware!It's so contagious Call it strange This is

Breed 77 - A safe place lyrics

in Hide inside myself and I trust nobody else Farther from The truth, the lies, the open Truth the lies are open Watching, waiting, asking Fallen, deeper, hiding Hiding, hiding, hiding, hiding Fallen in In a hole I dug myself, ain't no room for no on

Coleske - Take me where the sun is shining lyrics

me where the sun is shining Where the air up in the skies are in my eyes And I will fly Overcasting sight A view that wears the colour of the night Appearing everytime I feel alright No definition too close to see what's in front of me Distance ca

Meyssa - White morning lyrics

been all night out Looking for my way to paradise Running from white morning I got secret in my heart There’s fruit you called pearl I eat it every day When I get to the shore Heaven’s door isn’t closed any more Yeah it’s just night All the colors

Mean Streak - Sin city lights lyrics

hollow man, a broken dream Trying to save my soul I try to find, some peace of mind Lost beyond control The night is black, I'm crying out My wasted soul tonight The memories, are haunting me I see a distant light You got something I want, you got something I need It mak

Rory Gallagher - Shadow play lyrics

the flinty light, it's midnight, And stars collide. Shadows run, in full flight, To run, seek and hide. I'm still not sure what part I play, In this shadow play, this shadow play. Well, In the half-light, on this mad night, I hear a voice in time.

The Afters - Light up the sky lyrics

I'm feeling all alone With so far to go The signs that know we're on this road Are guiding me home When the night is closing in Is falling on my skin Oh God, will you come close You light, light, light up the sky You light up the sky to show

Nightmare (fra) - Paranormal magnitude (part ii) lyrics

.. hiding the light Burning inside Coming back to life Rising Shining in the mist! Searching... hiding the

Birdy - Shadow lyrics

up to the music of your heart Saying I, I Could have been the wishing that it lasts Saying I, I Only you ever make me scared Cause only you can take me there So wherever you go, I'm your shadow Desert to ice flow, I will follow Wherever you go, I'm your sh

Dark At Dawn - At the night´s plutonian shore lyrics

the dawn draws nearer And brings the fiery sky The songbirds sing the earliest lullaby I wish you will remember When once you'll hear me cry You'll have to, 'cause I'll never leave your side Turn to black and disappear whenever she awakes

Alan Parsons Project - Shadow of a lonely man lyrics

at me now, a shadow of the man i used to be Look through my eyes and through the years of lonliness you'll see To the times in my life when i could not stand to lose, a simple game And the least of it all was the fortune and the fame But the dream seemed to end

Eric Burdon - Darkness, darkness lyrics

darkness Be my pillow Take me in and let me sleep In the coolness of the shadow In the silence of the deep Darkness, darkness Hide my yearning for the things that cannot be Keep my mind from constant turning Towards the thing that cannot see Thing that c

The Birthday Massacre - Alibis lyrics

saw you in a photograph The answer is in your eyes It's dragging me back to everything else We left behind You're hiding inside a perfect life A picture of us I'm hearing you whisper alibis There is a shadow here But there's no light behin

Norther - Cry lyrics

words echoing deep in my mind Fearing the hurt of things to come you dwell in the days left behind To live or die Wandering the strange ways of time Life can go by in a blink of an eye and minutes can hold you for thousands of years or never let go ---chorus--- The light is

Sinamore - Silence so loud lyrics

was you that I found from ashore No longer breathing - Soaking the end With no shame, without any single tear Still feelin' that I had fallen again Why the silence gets so loud Do you think it's hiding the crime I see how fear lives in it's eyes Only broken shield to hide

Skye - Bright light lyrics

deep and I feel a heart hiding in the night Hiding in the dark I'll reach in after the part I feel down inside Under the rock I'll take my brightest light I'll take my rope I'll pull you out I'll pull you out to love again When you're beneath so ha

Genesis lyricsGenesis - In hiding lyrics

me up, put me down Push me in, turn me round Switch me on, let me go - I have a mind of my own In hiding Far from the city of night And the factories of truth I stand upon the mountain A million miles from my home And the faces of fear I have freedom t

Sing It Loud - Shadows lyrics

days are used for nothing But tearing myself apart Nights I'm spending wasted Alone in the dark Is this all my pathetic little life I hope I won't throw away My chance to get it right I am hiding in the shadows You've been standing in the light I hope you understand I'm s

Jack Savoretti - Lovely fool lyrics

the silence of your mind You should ask yourself What it is that makes you who are In the valley of your soul You should take a walk But you never go that far It's strange That I should know you better than you do You lovely fool So strange That everybod

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - My shadow lyrics

never leave me You’ll never leave me You’ll never leave me You’ll never leave me I wish I could have another minute, to finish this fairytale. Hear your voice and get lost in it, cause all I got is broken details. You were my world and everything in it, so how did you

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - In hiding lyrics

shut and lock the front door. No way in or out. I turned and walked the hallway, and pulled the curtains down. I knelt and emptied the mouth of every plug around. But nothing's sound. Oh, oh. Nothing's sound. I stayed where my last step left me.

Gravity Kills - Inside lyrics

live in the bright light, Walking in the dark midnight, Skin pale from the street light, Kill time nothing to do, Inside looking outside, Clawing at the door shut tight, You can't run and you can't hide White lies fearing the truth See ghost in the shado

Zayn lyricsZayn - Bright lyrics

found my life in between shots and getting high The cage I was in fell away when she asked me to dance again I found my life in between a first kiss and a last goodbye The dust settled down, now I can see through the crowd I'm loving the colorway Surrounding your colo

Hedley - Hiding place lyrics

can't feel your heart beating When you're staring at it on the ground You can hardly even see it through the ashes all around You can't run like your free when You can't give up what's got you down What if you can find healing if you let me

Charlotte Church - Dream a dream lyrics

the night is still and the sea is calm Lonely shadow, you fall upon me Lay by my side fear not tonight Lonely shadow, you'll find a new light Dream a dream and see through angel's eyes A place where we can fly away Ride with me upon a shining star Above the mo

Lordi - Devil hides behind her smile lyrics

come home, and she's there waiting So sweet and tender honest kind Dim lighting, candles burning That bitch must have something to hide She's a bit too nice this evening Suspicion makes me a bit vile I'll skin her before morning And find out what's behind that

Terry Reid - Silver white light lyrics

I'm looking for I'm guilty of Disregarding natures eye I'm looking to the skies I'm failing to observe the beauty That's given unto me It's just a silver white light Silver white bright light night up above you It's just a silver white

Nosgoth - Entwined visions lyrics

the sun behind the earth does hide The mischievous shadow in front even at night Howling shadows at the innermost of mine Chased by an enemy and friend at one time Presence of pain hunted by thee Thou art often shrouded in mystery Beautifull

Mirel Wagner - The well lyrics

lean in to the well black water what can you tell a shadow swallows my reflection mother I see nothing at all the moon belly full of light all big and bright all alone in the sky alone as I a shadow swallows my reflection mother I see nothing

Angelzoom - Otium lyrics

cum dignitate Otium cum dignitate Otium Sun shines bright My heart is laughing I'm happy What I do is nothing A light heart Otium cum dignitate Otium cum dignitate Otium A light heart Worries have to be driven far away

Bauhaus - Who killed mr moonlight lyrics

green lakes And the idocy of clocks Someone shot nostalgia in the back Someone shot our innocence And all our colors have run A broken arrow in a bloody pool The wound in the face Of midnight proposals Someone shot nostalgia in the back Someone shot our innocenc

Johnny Nash - I can see clearly now lyrics

can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright), Sun-Shiny day. It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day

The Mission - The light that pours from you lyrics

still remember the very first kiss And the blood on the sheets And like the stars that shoot through the night We crash and burn in the heat. There's never any shadow if don't have light; The darkest hour comes before dawn. And Heaven knows the colour you bring to ever

Skinny Puppy - Immortal lyrics

looking for something is what to say keep looking at nothing to go away you take my picture a portrait prize behind my image your father's eyes just looking for something NOW it looks like something from far away inside the image grows and makes the shadow fade behind

12 Stones - Tomorrow comes today lyrics

I face the sun The burning has begun I live to find a way A never ending faith My heart is on display And I long to find a place For light to shine right through All of the shadows on my face So shine for me and anyone Cast a shadow on the sun The light to find my way I h

Dr. Dog - Shadow people lyrics

rain is falling it's after dark The streets are swimming with the sharks It's the right night for the wrong company And there ain't nothing 'round here to look at Move along move along The neon lights on Baltimore Every shadow's getting famous In so

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Hiding all away lyrics

went looking for me, dear, Down by the sea You found some little silver fish But you didn't find me I was hiding, dear, hiding all way I was hiding, dear, hiding all way You went to the museum You climbed a spiral stair You searched for me all among

Chloe Kohanski lyricsChloe Kohanski - Total eclipse of the heart (the voice performance) lyrics

Turn around) Every now and then I get a little bit lonely And you're never coming round (Turn around) Every now and then I get a little bit tired Of listening to the sound of my tears (Turn around) Every now and then I get a little bit nervou

Dream Theater - Surrounded lyrics

comes too early and night time falls too late And sometimes all I want to do is wait The shadow I've been hiding in has fled from me today I know it's easier to walk away than look it in the eye But I will raise a shelter to the sky and here beneath this star tonight I'll

Richie Sambora - Seven years gone lyrics

change of season slipping through my life I can't recall believing that I'd make it here alive Steady wind is blowing the clouds don't look the same You can't deny the thunder when you're living through the rain Chorus I Like a moth dances with the lig

Ghost Machinery - Out for blood lyrics

is said but it still sound hollow Do you think that you're done? Infected being the bringer of sorrow Your life is under my gun Lurking in corners hiding from (the) light Just beneath the surface of conscience Lackeys of darkness bow to the beast In the faith (

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stealth lyrics

these planetarium skies I run towards you The horizontal bungy pulls me back Though I adore you They say that we will never know it Unless we surrender to it There are signs everywhere Telling me that planet Earth Is just one big trip But I'm held hostag

Blindside - Where the sun never dies lyrics

think I saw a place in the distance We've always known it was there When I have breathed for the last time I'll walk out to the end of that pier There is that place in our conscience So talk so loud so you won't hear and forget But I'll still call it home Where the sun never

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