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You Are The One lyrics

Browse for You Are The One song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed You Are The One lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to You Are The One.

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Cristal Y Acero - You are the one lyrics

are the one You've been breaking my heart you just left me here crying you are the one CHORUS Can't you see Love is real send your love back to me Can't you see love is true don't you know I love you You, are the one you've been breaking my heart you just le

Camel - You are the one lyrics

I'm on my own And out of my mind I realize how I've grown And changed my old line Learning how to give And not be afraid Of the place where I live And mistakes I have made You are the one changing my life You are the one making it right You are the one warming my nights

Him - You are the one lyrics

I won't surrender At any cost You're something so sweet and tender From my heart Yes I've done my evil I've done my good Just believe me honey I won't let go off you You are the one And there's no regrets at all You are the one And there's no regrets at all

Jason Munday Music - You are the one lyrics

t close your eyes, you'll fall asleep I feel your body close to me The time is right, the lights go out And now I know without a doubt That you are the one I have been waiting for And you are the one Don't wanna wait anymore You are the one It's you and me in harmony I l

The Rembrandts - You are the one lyrics

had to let you know... before I let you go Something I must say... before you walk away You are the one You are the one You are the one When all is said and done For an eternity... I've loved you silently Hiddin in my soul... and now it's

Carlene Carter - You are the one lyrics

you are the one You're the one in my heart You're my darlin' My life's greatest thrill You are the one in my heart And I know that I love you And I always will Well I've had some sweethearts And dear, so have you I know th

Slaughter - You are the one lyrics

back on time Ooh we had it made Together we had the world Just you and I It begins to fade Now I spend my time Wishin' you were here with me Oh I wanna tell you now Wanna tell you now Just look into my eyes You are the one The one I need To ma

A-ha lyricsA-ha - You are the one lyrics

are the one who has done me in Guess you knew from the start I call again, but there's no one in Don't know where, with whom you've been But I do Love you Anyway you want me too You are the the state I'm in! Catching you was so hard I fought for you, did you let m

C21 - You are the one lyrics

s early in the morning soon another day will dawn I can't wait to feel your arms around me again I believe that we could lay down the world together we could live the dream that never ends Open up the door just a little more baby let me

Nadine Coyle - You are the one lyrics

boy i was with for 6 years We had a lot of good times and a lot of tears 'til he asked me to be his forever and i said we can't be together second time i made sure he was a playboy 'cause all i wanted was a handsome man toy but when he tried to lock me down

De/vision - You are the one lyrics

very moment I saw you All my yearning took shape You're all I ever wanted Like a dream incarnate We'll be perfect forever Me and my good time girl we we're too ordinary For a perfect world I am barely hanging on Don't let go You are the one Some

Jon Mclaughlin - You are the one i love lyrics

would never, ever let you go All this fighting's really just a show That we put on behind doors that Everyone knows aren't closed All these eyes are watching in the dark Put in black wholes in the stars We used to think we are all down Into the fellow part, right now they

George Jones - You are the one lyrics

are the one, you're the one in my heart You're my darling, my lifes greatest thrill You are the one in my heart and I know That I love you and I always will. I've had some sweethearts and dear so have you And I've done somethings I know I shouln't do We tasted

Mike + The Mechanics - You are the one lyrics

from the man, who will live while he can, on his own Pass by the dream, it's movie you've seen once before Tears in the rain, as you wave at the plane As it climbs through the clouds, to the sun You are the one, oh, you are the one You make it all worthwhile, you make it all

Orange Blue - You are the one lyrics

s a mountain Which I wanted to climb With tears on my mind And there's a love song That I needed to write For someone so right And I have seen a million fading stars They were shining so bright Through a steamy night There's more that could be put in words

Pulp - You are the one lyrics

saw you last evening in a shop on the King's Road looking through the window just as it was going to close Our eyes met for an instant and then you were gone And all that evening I couldn't stop myself from thinking: "Well... Oh, were you the one?&

Sentenced - You are the one lyrics

re the light at the end of the tunnel The beacon fire in the dark The glimmer of hope and truly the meaning of my life I say this with all of my heart You are the only one for me Year to year, in words and deed In all this chaos the trace of cla

Shiny Toy Guns - You are the one lyrics

rose & a radio fire It's so contagious It's like something changing my mind I'm gonna take what's evil Your cover melting inside With wide eyes you tremble Kissing over and over again Your god knows his faithful I try - to digest my pride But passions grip i fe

Take That lyricsTake That - You are the one lyrics

hurt my mind, you hurt my soul Never believing what I'm saying I'll hunt you down, I'll make you mine You'll be the game I've started playing And if you won't be there I will know where you're going And if you won't be there I will try everyway of showing you that You a

Naomi King - You are the one lyrics

whole life I've never known someone Who could make me feel this way I'd die For you, I'd sacrifice You turn the night into the day For you I'd change the very world So I could hear you say my name It's true And one day I'll be with you Till then I'll lo

Brooklyn Bounce - You are the one! lyrics

Mos Def] {Background singers} Black (Black) Jack... Johnson ain't scared of you motherf***ers, haha {It's The Jump Off} Yeah y'all now, c'mon {It's The Jump Off} Push it up now, ha {It's The Jump Off} What you want now? {It's The Jump Off} Keep cool, now {Put your hands up,

Maywood - You are the one lyrics

re the one, who gives my heart devotion. You're the one, who brings out deep emotion. Can't hardly wait until you're stepping in. You're the one, who makes me wanna sing. You're the one, there ain't no doubt about it. You're the one, Oh, I could scream and s

Dino Jelusic - You are my one and only lyrics

sun wakes me up in the middle of a dream It seemed like it really happened I didn't know what it means I jumped out of my bed and put my new blue jeans with just one thought in my head to find the girl from my dreams I was running from place to place wi

John Barrowman - You're the one that i want lyrics

got chills, they're multiplyin' And I'm losin' control 'Cause the power you're suplyin' It's electrifyin' You better shape-up 'cause I need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up, you better understand To my heart I must be true

Grease - You're the one that i want lyrics

Tell me about it stud! Danny: I got chills, they're multiplyin' and I'm losin control. 'Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'! Sandy: You better shape up, 'cause I need a man. But my heart is set on you. You better shape up; you better understa - Because you are the one (feat. sorn) (english.. lyrics

SORN] I feel a little tremble in my heart I feel the little changes in your heart [G.NA] Although I know you’re leaving me today Can’t say a word, just let you go And just hide my everything [SORN] So close but far away Hoping you would come my way [G

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - You're the one that i want (with john travolt.. lyrics

got chills They're multiplyin And I'm losin' control 'Cause the power You're supplyin' it's electrifyin' You better shape up (oo oo oo) Cause I need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up (oo oo oo) You better understand To my heart I must be true Nothin

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - You are the treasure lyrics

are the treasure You are the dream You are the one I've been waiting for You are forever You are my friend You are a river of milk to me (x3

Aloha From Hell - How come you are the one lyrics

m not in love with you I told myself a thousend times Nothing to save or lose Still I can't get you out of my mind Why can't I break away I get lonely when you look at me Stuck in the middle where nothing is real We were over before we began So if you're not the one How

Her Bright Skies - You are the ones lyrics

I'm still the boy you raised, Learned from my mistakes, do better. And father, I'll never be half the man, But I'm trying the best I can, To keep us all together. Rather be dead than have to go through life alone, Yeah, I just wanted you to know that you are the one

Buddy Holly - You are my one desire lyrics

are my one desire You set my heart on fire Your eyes, your lips and your smile They make my life so worthwhile You'll never know how much I love you If you will be my own I will be true You are my one desire You set my heart on fire You'll never know how much I love you

Jester's Funeral - The one worth dying for lyrics

and places, bounded spaces are killing me inside. There are these days where I just feel like I should rather hide. Secret dreams, forbidden nightmares are buried deep in me. Waiting to come out and to drink the last drop of blood in me. I always dream of som

Nora Istrefi - The one lyrics

kam filluar dje nje dashuri te re e ndjej ne shpirtin tim qe s'eshte gabim qe s'eshte gabim dje te kam then ne sy sa kam nevoj per ty te gjith tani i kupton you are the one,you are the one,one zemren ma morre buzet t'i dhash shpejt shkojn minutat kur jemi

Babymetal - The one lyrics

reason why I can't understand it Open your mind We can understand it Please let me know Moshi kotae ga aru nara Let me know Oshiete hoshii Toki wo koete Bokura wa yuku Mabayui hikari no naka de Bokura no koe Bokura no yume Bokura no ano basho e We are THE ON

Casting Crowns - You are the only one lyrics

more mother with a broken heart One more family is torn apart One more orphan out in the cold One more fear that takes control One more tangled in the same old lies One more shackled to the same old highs One more scared of what tomorrow brings

7eventh Time Down - The one i'm running to lyrics

Staring at the bills and rubbing Red eyes Ain’t adding up to nothing but some hard times He’s feeling like a failure in life Head down Part of him is tempted just to Skip town But deep inside he knows enough to cry out God I’m tired of fighting this f

Jaymay - You are the only one i love lyrics

first time that i met you i knew One day i would know you even better When people tried to tell me "do not fall for him" I told myself "don't let them get to you" You are the only one i love You are the only one i love You are the only one i lo

Planetshakers - The one lyrics

lifting up Your name, We live to bring You praise, Cause there’s no one like You All glory to Your name, Cause you alone are great, And there is no one like You We will lift You higher, Higher than all other names, Cause You are worthy Jesus

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - The one i want lyrics

in my room last night Staring at the mirror I couldn't find a reason why I couldn't be near her 'Cause you are the one that started To make me feel this way And every night I'm thinking About those words you'd say Pictures going through my mind When we're to

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - You are my friend lyrics

Martin Solveig) (Oooh, oooh, oooh) Hey bully, you came to me, sounded like it could be the last time. You used to argue, this time then I saw you I think I knew what was on your mind. You know you hurt me, I think it was necessary. I got lost for a while, but I feel better n

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - The one i adore lyrics

tell me that I'm beautiful, You tell me I'm your angel And you say, that you want me to be with you And you say, that you want me to be yours And you, are the one that I adore, The one that I'm fallin for You, give me feelings I can't describe

Jason Castro - You are lyrics

for meaning. Looking for love. Looking for something to never give up. You are the one. You are the one. Looking for purpose in all of the pain. Looking for someone to hold in the rain. You are the one. You are the one. You are life more beautiful. You are love more powe

Eva Cassidy - You are lyrics

we were oh so young We played those silly games Never knew about love Would know it if it came We swore we'd never part Thing's would always be the same As we got a little older All things do change But that was long ago Seems a lifetime

Dee Dee - The one lyrics

wonder where you are, near or far away. I wonna be with you... every night and day. I am looking for an answer in your eyes. I am searching for your love deep inside. Your love is everything I live for. Your voice is what I hear. Your touch is everything I dreamed of. ‘Ca

J. Geils Band - You are the only one lyrics

s very hard to define it Just why I feel this way There must be all kinds of reasons So many things I could say And I know I'm not mistaken This is love and that's for sure (Chorus) You, you're the only one You're the only one You, you're the only one

Austin Mahone - The one i´ve waited for lyrics

built my walls up high But now they're falling and you're the reason why And with you I'm not alone Cause you are the one I've waited for But my heart's been locked away I hid inside just so I'd feel safe I'll give in, won't be afraid Cause you are the one I've waited for

Less Than Jake - You're the only one that i want lyrics

got chills they're multiplying And I'm losing control Cause the power you're supplying It's Electrifying! You better shape up cause I need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up, you better understand To my heart I must be true You're

Magic Voices - You're the one lyrics

the one you´ve got it all in your hands you´re the one you´ve got the power and strength a moment of glory a moment of joy ´cause of you a dream comes true you´re the one see your light shining bright like a miracle irresistible meant for you made it through you´r

Emily Osment - You are the only one lyrics

is a long time, I'm not gonna lie Is that a promise you can make? Are we in the right place at the wrong time? Right now I really need some space Together on the front line, look me in the eye Tell it straight to my face Are we going to work it out or pack it in? I guess this is

Shakira lyricsShakira - The one thing lyrics

morning when I woke up I was choked up I was living without a purpose Always jumping over hurdles Doing circles In the dark with a broken compass I can't explain the way it feels I could trip on my own words I made mistakes that much is cl

Between The Trees - The one thing lyrics

just you and me and the fear I wonder if you are as scared as I am I'm taking your hand and pulling you near Bliss, the gentle touch of your lips An endless moment where time is slowing down Now I can't feel the ground I just wanna breathe in this feeling

Florence + The Machine - Are you hurting the one you love lyrics

you hurting the one you love? You say you've found Heaven but you can't find God. Are you hurting the one you love? Bite your tongue till it tastes like blood. Are you hurting the one you love? So many glasses on the tabletop. Are you hurting the one you

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - The one lyrics

me Tell me that you want me And I’ll be your completely For better or for worse I know We’ll have our disagreements Be fighting for no reason I wouldn’t change it for the world ‘Cause I know The first day that I met you I was never gonna let you Let you slip away A

Sergey Lazarev - You are the only one lyrics

can never let the word be unspoken We will never let our loving go come undone Everything we had is staying unbroken, oh You will always be the only one You’re the only one Won’t ever give up ’cause you’re still somewhere out there Nothing and no one’s gonna keep us apart Br

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - You are i am lyrics

ve been the one to shake with fear And wonder if You're even here I've been the one to doubt Your love I've told myself You're not enough I've been the one to try and say I'll overcome by my own strength I've been the one to fall apart And to start to question who Yo

Pharao - You are my man lyrics

days, ..... A wonderful time, no-one ......... heart I think of you, soft and warm Come on and hold me in your arms When I'm lone you pick me up I'm so glad that we are two I wanna look in the sky Cause ....... and the .......... is so blue You are the one, you are my man (you

A Thorn For Every Heart - You're the one lyrics

s a circle and it spins me around. A broken record always making the same sound. Target time I get my hopes up just to find I only get let down. Like a season that refuses to change. A stubborn winter growing colder every day. Give me something that can warm me

Barbie - You're the one lyrics

people say You can't be found You're not around Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Some people say That you're not real A fairytale Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh They say that dreams are for sleepin' I'm wide awake and believin' Open my eyes and see You're right in fron

Diabolical - The one who bleeds lyrics

I am the fire that is burning in your eyes A memory that never dies In your raped and strangled mind I am the performance That is played in front of your eyes A final disentaglement of your mind But you are blind II. I am the enemy in the mirror that you can not reach

The Hush Sound - You are my home lyrics

will you wake up, Open your eyes, It's the first day of a new life, you'll see, Cotton at the windows, Pollen as the wind blows, It's the first day of a new life with me, Soft as your skin is, Why so hard to let me in? You're the one I want t

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