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Plain White T's - You and me lyrics

and me, we like the same kind of music That's why we, ... make a good you and me We got style, baby we know how ... to use it That's why we, make a good you and me You know

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - You and me lyrics

traced the outline of our summer cloud Blow our wishes to it ... and wave goodbye, for now And then we wander through the ... streets of London Town You, you and me You, you and me

Bed & Breakfast - You and me lyrics

and me Remember the first date You hid yourself ... behind a tree And I thought you were late You and me So ... ashamed and so shy We tried to be so very cool But

Gala - You and me lyrics

or later You’ll understand Sooner than later You’ll ... hold my hand Speaking those words I’ve ... Our destiny is stronger than your fear I would come to you

S.o.j.a - You and me lyrics

s you and me, it's always been And how I ... feel about you, there's no end But you make me ... chase you around, all around And then ... you need me there when you fall down, down And when

Dj Antoine - You and me feat. b-case & u-jean lyrics

I didn't want to believe her There's nothing left to say We ... had days when we were together Spending time that I can't ... forget Can we go on, make it last forever Or shall we

Bowling For Soup - You and me lyrics

I needed was an answer i didn’t ask for nothin ... more and she said, “just leave your ... jacket at the door” and we were locked inside again it ... started here we go if you can help me let me know.

Jamie Cullum - You and me are gone lyrics

time I see what's written on your mind I turn away and drop ... my guard Your high horse will be the ... leader of the blind Tender love and truth ... I loved it all my life Feel the rhythm in your very bones I

George Jones - You and me together lyrics

we found a life together And it's a gonna last forever ... Nothing can hurt me now 'cause you are mine. We put away all of our sadness We're walking every day with

Life As We Know It Soundtrack - You and me lyrics

and me, we don't like each other Your world it seems just a ... little small I've tried there wasted endeavours Just ... seems to prove It's the way that you are It's the

Drew Ryniewicz - You and me lyrics

t know I was looking for you But I was looking for you ... is gone It's funny how you drive me a little bit crazy ... I want you right here beside me 'Cause fiding you is like

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - You and me (acoustic version) lyrics

want to go I am staying at home tonight 'cos I don't want to ... know You revealed a world to me and I would never be Dwelling in such happiness, your ... ee-oh, eh-ee-oh [x2] Aahh, you and me it will always be You

Rosanna Pansino - Perfect together lyrics

you were the popcorn I would be the movie ... If you were strawberries Then I would be the smoothie If you were October I'd be apple ... cider And if you were the waffle fries Then I would be

Hellogoodbye - Figures a and b means you and me lyrics

presented presently there's no I in team no me in us ... no you in we I'll write down letters ... but I cant let her see pass them forward with a foreword they

Gabrielle Aplin - You and me (moments) lyrics

can climb the highest mountain Reaching up ... to catch our dreams Together there is nothing we can't be ... Dive into the deepest oceans Dance upon the rolling seas Make a moment,

Lil Cuete - You and me lyrics

s just u and me (just u and me) Done feeling so dam low (So ... I know u looking down on me (I know your looking down) There's only one way to go (there

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - You and me together lyrics

like we found ourselves Up against a ... one wants to call After all we've been through Do we let ... our friendship end You need me and I need you No, we will not break Never break

Roger Daltrey - You and me lyrics

here Threw troubled days We've made a new life And ... Our lives complete For can't you see It's me and you You and

Rosanne Cash - The way we make a broken heart lyrics

have to miss, this night with you Now you're guilty of this ... secret love, as I am too You'll get used to telling lies, ... when she cries Now that the strings aren't attached, you

Chloe - You and me (feat. marlo) lyrics

walk so far To feel you near We will never Be again ... still need to scream it loud We can never Be again With ... frozen hearts We failed our parts But it's

Brantley Gilbert - You and me against the world lyrics

tears in your eyes, have got me seeing red I hate how they ... get to you, with all the lies they spread Intense small town ... talk, like the devil on your shoulder It’s over…baby

Alice Cooper - You and me lyrics

I got home from work I wanna wrap ... myself around you I wanna take you and squeeze ... you 'till the passion starts to rise. I ... wanna take you to heaven that would make my

Alistair Griffin - You and me (tonight) lyrics

you ever loved someone, But you waited just too long, To ... tell them what you're feeling. Maybe I was just ... too proud, To say I love you right out loud, Found the

Stephen Jones - You and me lyrics

& me Me & you (x3) You & me & me & you ... & you & me & me & me & you As long

Piano - You & me lyrics

you and me We build the wall Between you and me We ... built the wall But we forget But we forget To make a door To make a door Between you and me We drew a line

Save Ferris - You and me lyrics

I use to think I loved you so But now I met someone new ... and I really just don't know And i've tried to let you know ... just how I feel But somehow my emotions mixed up what

The Byrds - You and me lyrics

Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental

3-11 Porter - You and me lyrics

and me are gonna be free To fall in ... love with some dignity You and me, low life desire You and me, low life desire You and me ... our night Sharing dreams and a burning flame You and me,

Hogland - The night (feat. johnning) lyrics

re burning with the sun, yeah We shine so bright ... Like all the stars combined, uh We own the night We're flying with the angels Dancing on the clouds

One Night Only - You and me lyrics

i want to so why do I see you you and me, equality ... thats how it should be you and me you and me, equality ... thats how it should be you and me people say that i creep

Niall Horan lyricsNiall Horan - You and me lyrics

got a young heart And it's wild and free And I don ... it starts But it ends with you and me It's a hard road As ... far as I can see And I don't where I'm going But

E.m.d. - You and me song (originally by the wannadies) lyrics

when we fight I try to make you laugh Til everything's ... forgotten I know you hate that ba ba da da ba ... da ba ba ba ba Always when we fight I kiss you once or

Freternia - The unexpected lyrics

t be afraid I will guide you I've faced the darkness ... I kepp I've seen before what you are about to meet I ... crossed the river of hate I've felt the ... anger I've felt the pain I have faced the

Hard-fi - You and me lyrics

I think I'm stuck here Then I see you I wanna' touch you I can't explain it away I ... really want you' want you Say that, 'Do you think ... that' will make it?' Have you in my life I hate it 6 o

Arin Ray - You keep me hangin´ on (the supremes cover) lyrics

why don't ya babe 'cause you don't really love me You ... just keep me hangin'on Set me free why don't ya babe Get ... of my life why don't ya babe You don't really need me But you

Indigo Girls - You and me of the 10,000 wars lyrics

and me of the 10,000 wars Dividing life ... into factions of pleasures and chores A bed to be made and ... a bed to lie in A hand in the darker side And our sights

Ll Cool J - You and me lyrics

} Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha ... ha, word up {Take me away, baby} Uhh, uhh, uhh.. ... uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you

Manfred Mann - You got me right through the heart lyrics

there are pretty young boys With shiny new toys ... that make the most noise The way you look you can easily ... afford To slam the door on any given nightstore

Musiq Soulchild - You and me lyrics

never thought on the first night You would bare ... what you hold so dear to life And share with me all your ... innermost fantasies baby And afterwards in my arms you

Nomy - You and me lyrics

I'm awake when I don't live There's no one here no one to ... give You're sitting here you try to see I'm somewhere ... else what's wrong with me I really want to know

Joanna Newsom - You and me, bess lyrics

picked our way Down to the beach Watching the waves ... entrails from a gut of the sea Hoarding our meals ... Alfalfa and rolls Trying not to catch the cold eye of the gulls I hope

The Chordettes - Just between you and me lyrics

in the sand We were holding hands You whispered I love you ... Just between you and me Everyone had gone We ... stayed on and on Vowing to be lovers Just

Dave Matthews Band - The riff lyrics

how time slips away looking at the ... creeping across my face I remember the little kid living in ... dead. Please don't leave me, baby please don't leave me

Olive - You and me lyrics

and me can´t you see. How are hearts are one? ... Please believe and don´t deceive Now our ... journey´s just begun. The sunlight in your hair. Makes

Oliver James - You and me lyrics

and me can´t you see. How are hearts are one? ... Please believe and don´t deceive Now our ... journey´s just begun. The sunlight in your hair. Makes

Brooks Elkie - You and i (are you lonely) lyrics

and I had everything You and I, we had the world A lifetime it seems We love and it's ... start all over again Are you lonely Do you miss me too ... Are you lonely Feel the same way too I want you back at

City Of The Weak - The difference between you and me is… lyrics

this battle’s never ending We’re not dealing with the enemy ... they’re in disguise you see I swore I’d keep my ... defense, somehow I drew too close To this

Jennifer Paige - Between you and me lyrics

say the road of life Is paved with ... good intentions we have No matter how we try ... To keep our promises, sometime we just can't Little bit of ... faith can be wondrous It's the only place we can turn to

Anne Murray - Now and forever (you and me) lyrics

Like a ship without a sail, wandering aimlessly lost (She got ... control Now that I've found you (now that I've found you), ... this is all so new You and me, we've got a destiny Starting

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You and me lyrics

I'm sharing all my love with you Oh, I know - I can't live ... without you girl I can't live without you Take me away - make my day ... Everytime I see your face Oh, I know - I can't

Downplay - Just you and me lyrics

am a hunter, I am the fear behind your disguise. I ... closer, I'm drawing near and I'll find you! 'Cause one ... by one they all come 'round, One by one they test

The Moody Blues - You and me lyrics

leafless tree in Asia Under the sun there's a homeless man There's a forest fire in the ... valley Where the story all began What will ... be our last thought? Do you think it's coming soon? Will

Ben Rector - You and me lyrics

s been a real long time since I seen you girl It's ... been a real long time in another world I got scars to prove ... that I don't need you but the heart knows that I always do

Shane Filan - You and me lyrics

I look at you And I can't believe the view ... Laying there next to me And always feels brand new busy ... pacted bars taxi cabs and cars life is fast probably

Foxy Shazam - You and me lyrics

through the years we've stayed together Friends we've made, but love always ... change with age Like weather rains the pain it fades And with out the rain we'll dry, we'll wither up and die Just

Joan Franka - You and me lyrics

was five, you were three We were dancing in the street And you looked just like an angel. You looked up a side the sky Saw ... the birds and wondered why They could fly away, so high.

Declan Galbraith - You and me lyrics

everything’s right And everything’s cool It’s the ... That is so far from right And I know I’m not the only one ... I who used to fail How you used to be That happiness is

Parachute - You and me lyrics

my gun and watch the door, pick the lock and cut the phone, keep your head up ... nobody who can stop us. Grab the bags when sirens call, we're ... out the window through the yard, keep it locked up

B. B. King - You and me me and you lyrics

took me way back in the country You fed me on love and greens You laid my head ... upon a feather bed And I sure had some mighty sweet ... dreams Don't you know we got something going on You and me, me and you Love can be

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