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Trick Daddy - Bout my money lyrics

F*** that I'm goin to get my money This one in a.. Thuggin ... mutha f***in name This bout that mutha f***in money ... the life of his home boy's You can see the moon, but don't

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - You never give me your money lyrics

never give me your money You only give me your funny paper ... the middle of negotiations you break down I never give you my number I only give you my

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - You never give me your money lyrics

never give me your money You only give me your funny paper ... the middle of negotiations You break down I never give you my number I only give you my

Ja Rule - Bout my business lyrics

Tah] Yeah.. Yeah, yeah, yo I got a knack for pushin ... shit to discuss, unless it's moneybags or the SK-8, drop Jag ... [Black Child] Some of your favorite rappers is flamin,

Lil Kim - Money, power, respect lyrics

I believe in money, power and respect First you ... get the money Then you get the motherf--kin' power ... And after you get the f--kin' power You ... the f--kin' ni--az to respect you chorus (Lil' Kim) It's

Ne-yo - Money can't buy lyrics

Verse 1 - Jeezy:] You lookin' better than a ... faces nothin' counterfeit You want this ghetto D? Or that ... the counter shit? Catch you slippin' in the kitchen, on

Reinxeed - All 'bout the money (meja cover) lyrics

away and hide It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the ... see us fade away It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the ... to understand? It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the

Meja - All 'bout the money lyrics

away and hide It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the ... see us fade away It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the ... to understand? It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the

Ice-t - You played yourself lyrics

with the high bid Suckers you've lost cos players you're ... not, gangstas you ain't You're faintin', punk, if you ... ever heard a gunshot Yo, the pusher, the player, the

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Money makes the world go round lyrics

Nas] QB Chitown Money make the world go round Money make the world go round ... (What? Go money) Money makes the world go round TM ... Yo, for those who live the way

Nas lyricsNas - Money is my bitch lyrics

love you so much, dont never leave me, ... I wont let you leave The ho turned me out ... bring more hoes She major yo, the way she left them other ... she not around, Im heated, bout' to lay somethin' flat Know

Nofx - Talking 'bout yo' momma lyrics

2, 3, 4. Talking 'bout your mom... Talking 'bout your ... mom... Talking 'bout your mom... Talking 'bout your ... the show. Oh no, talking 'bout your mom... Talking 'bout your mom... Talking 'bout your

Simply Red - Money's too tight to mention lyrics

like bad luck Got-a hold on you [Chorus:] Money's too ... un-em-ploy-ment ex-ten-sion Money's too tight to mention I ... He said bro-ther like to help you But I'm unable to So I

Nf lyricsNf - You're special lyrics

you, baby, you You're something special Baby, I ... know I know what you're thinkin' Maybe, maybe I'm ... wasting your time But I promise, but I ... and forth But I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't let

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Money convo lyrics

it don't jam, I blast niggas You a lovey dovey buy a ring ... pass her to the team, nigga You went and bought that bitch ... Now she f***in' me, I know you wanna kill her And I sold

Trick Daddy - Bout mine lyrics

x2) I'm goin' all way out bout mine Best in a biscuit shot bout mine Hoes get slapped in the ... mouth bout mine Prices stay the same ... and they drop bout mine (Verse 1, Money Mark)

Lil Uzi Vert lyricsLil Uzi Vert - Money mitch lyrics

Yeah, (what?), Yeah All your jewelry look funny All your ... bitches look funny All your money look funny No big face ... I was nothing If I talk to your girl, man I swear you lucky

Messy Marv - You were my world lyrics

Use 2 Cook And Nigga Clean 4 You Jump On The Plane And ... With All The Bread I Held You Down When Them Niggas Was ... Tryin To Bust You Head Nigga My Mama Put Up

Mase - You ain't smart lyrics

What, what, what, what, what Yo, this for my niggas in the ... (What what what what) Make about a f***in' million in a week ... that we all still street Yo, yo You know a nigga that's

Gorilla Zoe - Money man lyrics

be a Hood Nigga, I can show you what It takes. (Money Man) ... tab, I call em Jackie Chan (Money Man) Couple grand wrapped ... Up in a rubberband (Money Man) Glad lock and a scale

Lil' B - Bout dat life lyrics

t suck no dick I'm a tell bout me, I'm a hold the heat. ... [Talking: Lil B] It's about ten o'clock right now. Bout ... club real fast, f*** it. You know, niggas going early,

Jessie & The Toy Boys - Money makes the girl go round lyrics

it What comes around, girl you gon deserve it When I had your back, you would act like you ... in the back, it's a fact that you put it there Take it out,

Marky Mark - Bout time i funk you lyrics

s bout time I funk u baby It's bout time I funk u baby Bout ... time I funk u baby bout time I funk u baby Well ... it's about that time that we start this

Accuser - Money lyrics

I'm spellbound by your power Money, it was love at ... I have learned my lesson Money rules the earth You are my ... My wild desire I am your slave I don't want to exist

Empire Cast - Money for nothing ft. jussie smollet, yazz lyrics

It's nothin', we get money for it [Verse 1: Jussie ... pockets stay polluted Money is dirty and we don't play ... move it Get out the way if you ain't 'bout that green

A Tribe Called Quest - Money maker lyrics

This is the Lone Ranger If you're one of the fortuante to ... The Love Movement album You are privliged to witness the ... with his first installment Money Maker Listen Colder in

Bt The Roots - You got me lyrics

x 2 (Erykah Badu) If you were worried 'bout where I ... my homies baby don't worry you know that you got me [Verse ... let's get together shit you think not, think the Thought

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Money honey lyrics

It's good to live expensive you know it but My knees get ... week, intensive When you give me k-kisses That's money honey When I'm you lover and ... you mistress That's money honey When you touch me it's

Se7en - Money can't buy my love lyrics

knew a Rider until I got you Prada, And showed you all ... the finer things I took you out that Hooptie, went from ... Guess to Gucci You even got a diamond ring (I

Bay City Rollers - Money honey lyrics

can't make you turn your head now Money-can't get you into bed now Money Honey ... can't give more than you get now. Money Honey you ... respect But I like to watch you just to see what you can get

Dmx - You could be blind lyrics

Chorus 2x] You could be blind But you gon' ... see it when you need to see it You gon' be ... fine 'Cause you gon' be here when you need to ... One of a kind First free your mind, and then you'll free your spirit Go where I go, dog

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Money lyrics

Kill for it Die for it So you call it trust But I say it's ... t care They'd do me for the money They don't care They use me ... for the money So you go to church Read the Holy

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Money ( fire island radio edit ) lyrics

Money Lie for it Spy for it Kill ... for it Die for it So you call it trust But I say it's ... t care They'd do me for the money They don't care They use me

Kurupt - Money (do it for me) (feat. rbx) lyrics

sending out a message to you premadonas And everybody ... grand This week I smoked about a million grams Everything ... bought a new house, what about you? Just got a new whip,

London - Money honey lyrics

honey can make you turn your head now Money honey can ... get you where to get now Money honey can give you what you ... can get know Money honey you ain't got no respect You

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Money lyrics

a good job with more pay and you're O.K. Money, it's a gas ... buy me a football team Money, get back I'm all right ... Jack, keep your hands off my stack Money,

Snakehips - Money on me (feat. anderson .paak) lyrics

it's the rooftop, anything you want is yours Swear to God, ... we can get it all Put the money on me I know we ain't in LV, ... scale in the key Put the money on me I know you ain't a

A Global Threat - Money lies and real estate lyrics

paying them for housing, you need somewhere to sleep they ... but their profit property money, lie and real estate are so ... out the earth living off your misery and they don't give a

James Brown - Money won´t change you lyrics

me, darling, that you had to go Done take your money, I don't care no more I ... know you're happy, try to get along ... Money won't change you Money won't change you Money won

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Money lyrics

m not the worrying kind, But you, you lose every time You ... twenty It's a crime that you don't have any money I don ... still can't seem to save any money Once step away from the

Savoy Brown - Money can't save your soul lyrics

new man And that's good for you And you got a lot of money ... will that do When he leaves you on the side And the money ... falls away You'll come running back baby

Joseph Arthur - You're so true lyrics

m strange And you're strange Don't want you to ... sun Without a plane When you're here Ah ha ha ah And ... don't you worry 'bout me babe Cuz I'm right here

Lil' Flip - Money in the bank (freestyle) lyrics

:] Im Tony F***in Montana You Want A Piece Of Me! Haha ... Southern Smoke Mothaf***a You Know What It Is Right I Got Money In Tha Bank 60 Dollars In My ... Of Dank So Lets Ride I Got Money In The Bank, Dummy What You

220 Volt - Money talks lyrics

a friend I'll be around if you can pay Some tries to break ... can say? I can overcome your juries Your ten ... commandments are my game Money talks any way you want it to

Lunafly - You got that something i need (eng) lyrics

ooh. I love the way that you wrinkle your nose When you ... at me I love the twinkle you’ve got in your eyes now The ... light I see Oh every time you blink, my heart skips a beat

Dru Hill - You are everything lyrics

Intro:] Can I play for you baby Hey yo Woody, help me ... out, yeah Hey yo Jazz, you chill for a minute, ya know? ... Uh uh uh yeah You like that? Gonna sing you a

Diddy Dirty Money - Loving you no more lyrics

with Dirty Money feat. Drake) [Dirty Money ... we receive from love, when you get hurt by the one you ... living for, Pain can make you wanna love no more,

Yuya Matsushita - You lyrics

Senmei na jounetsu de Genjyou wo dakaishite Eien no ... kanousei wo sagasuyo Do or die miushinatta ... Sonzai shoumei shitai yo Maikyuu no shinjitsu wa doko

Marky Mark - You gotta believe lyrics

Yo Marky Mark and the Funky ... Bunch We comin' back at you one more time And for all ... there who slept on me Do yourself a favor, and wake that ... ass up You gotta believe [x4] Steady

Nick Cannon - "you" lyrics

Nick Cannon] Yo lets do this for the grown ... who u rollin to the club with{you} Girl who u turnin all them ... bottles with{you} Girl who u rollin on them ... dubs with{you} Girl who u freakin in the

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - You're probably wondering why i'm here lyrics

So am I Just as much as you wonder 'Bout me bein' in ... I marvel At the lameness on your face You rise each day the ... same old way And join your friends out on the street

T.i. lyricsT.i. - You ain't missin' nothin' lyrics

rewind this song Remember you ain't missin' nothin', homes ... I promise you ain't missin' nothin', homes ... hold and the broads on pause You get home, it's gon' be waitin

Anthony B - You move me lyrics

woman could overstand hey I yo Let me take this time to ... let you know you're on my mind You move me You said man not have been kind ... but I say you're divine Because you groove

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - You want me lyrics

.. Bieber I can take you to a new world Take your ... problems away Tell me what you wanna do girl Just come ... need a new girl (no) Cause you're here to stay Let me show you what I do girl And you'll

Gravestone - You can't take it with you lyrics

All the money you ever earned is not worth the ... (bridge) Don't be afraid you better live your own life ... to live Take them down with your power Because it's the

Lorene Drive - I'm the most terrific liar you ever saw in yo.. lyrics

m spinning out of control You gotta let me know This is it ... critical Come on baby stop your crying I'm coming home, I'm ... it baby I swear I'm trying You've gotta trust me 'Cause you don't even wanna know

Sisqo - You are everything remix lyrics

somethin a little different Yo make make my voice a little ... the storm for me [BRIDGE] You don't know you don't know how ... man to do Will she cherish your heart will she break it Cuz you are everything and everything

The Hellacopters - You're too good (to me baby) lyrics

the morning you're the shining sun of day ... When sun is gone you lighten my darkened way You´re the only one who could get ... this kind of hold girl You walked right in and you took

Nofx - You're wrong lyrics

re wrong about virtues of Christianity And you're wrong if you agree with ... Sean Hannity If you think that pride is about ... nationality, you're wrong You're wrong when you imprison

Play - You found me lyrics

Is leading me right back to you I couldn't fight it if I ... one way, yeah Gonna show you how it comes to this And ... and make a wish Gonna show you how to make it last You don

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