You’re My Sunbright You’re My Day Light Hiding In The Shadow Of My Mind Give Me The Moonlight Not Even Star Can Shine So Bright lyrics

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Sandra lyricsSandra - Shadow of power lyrics

me the way to you You make my life come true Where's the key to the ivory tower In the shadow of power Did we never wake up In the shadow of power You were meant to be my oasis My shelter of calmness Feeling warm and safe For you give me strength Freedom f

Budgie - Give me the truth lyrics

me the truth, give me the truth Righteous you are to follow the star Give me the truth, give me the truth you do Why don't we see oh the simplicity? You might think that I'm falling down on my luck But you were wrong `cause you know That what you get is the undilu

Agalloch - In the shadow of our pale companion lyrics

vast valleys I wonder To the highest peaks On pathways through a wild forgotten landscape In search of God, in spite of man 'til the lost forsaken endless. . . This is where I choose to tread Fall. . .so shall we fall into the nihil? The nothingness that we feel in the arms of the

Kamelot (usa) - The shadow of uther lyrics

to the legend a new king will come rise in the morning horizon brave and believing for wars to be won born with the heart of a lion he will fight for a country unite till the last drop of blood confines the oath till all will respect him wherever he roams deep

Abney Park - The shadow of life lyrics

I push this boulder up this rocky hill if I lose my footing this rock will kill Perpetual dusk has me dimly lit So I can't see the top or know how far it is Now life is a constant and death is a beast Everytime it's been fed its presence's increased I feel its wing

Manfred Mann - Give me the good earth lyrics

me the good earth that I was born on Give me the sunshine, the grass and the trees Give me open skies that I can dream on Give me the flowers, the birds and the bees Give me the good earth to lay my head on Give me the mountains, the cool summer breeze Giv

The Comas - The science of your mind lyrics

me make this go away Like you burned up all my faith Ediolating all day Help me make this go away The science of your mind Is not like mine So go and find Another kind In the presence of another The days will find a way To kill the pain off frame

Arkona (poland) - In the glare of the burning churches (gravela.. lyrics

Give me the power To destroy the christian gods Give me the rule over the fire To burn the houses of god Give me the power over the wind To crush the forest of crosses Give me the black sword to kill All those who swore him the faith I will desecrate the holy temples Destr

Rpwl - The shadow lyrics

walk into the night Glad you teach me where to go Even out in the moonlight I walk at your heels without a goal I've been to every place on earth every place that you have been before I'm always on my way but I just follow, I got no home

B.g. The Prince Of Rap - The colours of my dreams lyrics

WHEN DREAM AND THE DREAM I like your Pink and green and white Blue and gray and light And what if REQUEST I hope your right RIGHT BY MY SIDE As Pink and green and white Color my dreams TODAY Color my dreams TODAY Color my dreams Color my dreams

B.g. The Prince Of Rap - The colour of my dreams lyrics


Amel Larrieux - Shadow of your smile lyrics

day we walked along the sand, one day in early spring You held a piper in your hand to mend its broken wing Now I'll remember many a day and many a lonely mile The echo of a piper's song, the shadow of her smile The shadow of your smile, when you

Bobby Darin - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile when you are gone Will color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my love, and see All the lovely things you are to me Our wistful little star was far too high A tear drop kissed your lips and so did I Now when I reme

Feed Her To The Sharks - Shadow of myself lyrics

ve spent my whole damn life Fighting through adversity No mountain was too high I swam the depths of Savage Seas Now I'm f***ing drowning My dreams are paralyzed And all that I've been yearning Is fading like a candle in the night Can you save me now? Lift me off the ground I n

Brenda Lee - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile, when you are gone Will color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my love, and see All the lovely things you are to me A wishful little star was fun to have A teardrop kissed your lips and so did I Now when I remember spring, All the joy tha

Dominia - The shadow of the lost prophet lyrics

is the ancient word of Truth He is the child who was sworn In the Battle of Light and Darkness To defend the immortal dawn He forgives the chosen one's knowledge And changes the future of the damned In the chasm of Despair He kisses the feet

Marvin Gaye - The shadow of your smile lyrics

ll never forget you, baby The shadow of your smile, When you are gone, Will color all my dreams And light the dawn Look into my eyes, and see All the wonderful things you are to me A wistful little star Was far too high a teardrop kissed your lips, And so did

Professor Green - In the shadow of the sun (ft. max elto) lyrics

say that life is always easier After you let yourself come undone They say they'll give you whatever you want And they'll be waiting in the shadow of the sun And I'll be waiting in the shadow of the sun Seizing time where no one's been before Close the curtains, what you wai

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile when you are gone Will color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my love, and see All the lovely things you are to me Our wistful little star was far too high A teardrop kissed your lips andd so did I Now when I remember spring All the joy th

Beholder - The ring of freedom lyrics

m gonna reach the island I'm gonna break the spell I am the only real hope for my land To find the ring of freedom I will be facing hell I feel inside me the power of faith Tonight the bright stars show me the way To find the Oracle I have to be a

Cemetery Of Scream - The shadow of notre dame cathedral lyrics

scream is break'n a silence of the birth Days're crash'n against the wall of the cry The mist wears the moonlight in the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral Insane dreams of your dead feathers Tradition seems too hard to understand Trails of smoke are stranglin' the la

Sacrecy - The shadow of me lyrics

dream I'm starring in Has been seen in too many nights before. Never a happy ending. Find my way out of the maze of distressing. There is still hope that one day I won't feel so neglected. The closer I get to the light The bigger is the shadow leaving behind. Caressed by r

Altar Of Oblivion - In the shadow of the gallows lyrics

world lies in ruins My star is descending The final step on this laths of justice Heading towards me on my ravishing ride Servile to the sinning The court marks the beginning When the curtains fall I remain in the middle No time for adventures, this speec

June Carter Cash - The shadow of a lady lyrics

She was standing on the corner With a suitcase in her hand She held her head up high As she turned from a man Tears fell from her eyes But she couldn’t hide the shame Sir, I think you know me But just let me explain Chorus: I took my light down from the door, sir I

2cents - The mark of my pen lyrics

mark of my pen, where should I begin Well I am the ink and the ink is running thin There's a weight on my chest, not atop but within Begging me each day to stop and give in Like an ocean of water, cold, black and dim I am the ink and the ink is

Seventh Wonder - The edge of my blade lyrics

came from the mountains up north And the memory remains Like blood on my sleeve That won't go away A man from the mountains up north He ripped of a smile From this little boys face When you went away A little spark grew And the art of hating you Hold me father Embrace

Kaledon - The shadow of azrael lyrics

remember when we fought together against the hordes of Azrael as a single untiring man we fought the monsters of the nightmare We commanded the force of the kingdom we brought the light between the shadows how many times have i saved your life ? how many times have y

Overkill - Shadow of a doubt lyrics

me your love, give me your money Give me your soul, let me have it honey All lined up, paint 'em red All lay down, praying me dead Here you go baby, a birhtday surprise Bes believe your eyes Cover them in roses Cover them in lies Dress them up

Dawn Of Silence - Shadow of guilt lyrics

Mistreating Betray and fail The ones you really love See the darkness in disguise Denying and lying Your fragile mind Navigates you blind As the guilt controls your life On your own this war to fight You cannot win On your own You have to live

Fightstar - Give me the sky lyrics

d give the world to you and I mean it But only if you give me the sky So I can watch over you all day And keep the clouds away The tears roll down from your eyes And stick to your cheeks like glass The salt in your mouth Has dried your words for now I'd give the world to you

Jewel - Give me the rainbow lyrics

drops don't you cry for me Blue sky is all I wanna see Raindrops don't you cry for me And don't come back tomorrow For I think today I'll simply laugh and say No more grey skies for you I'll smile like the sun Til the fever catches on And I feel good through and through [

Melissa Etheridge - The shadow of a black crow lyrics

am levitating somewhere down the road With a price on my head and the shadow of a black crow He's been on my tail for close to three days Just a little souvenir of my wicked ways I would rather die fast than to ever live slow Father forgive me what my mother don't kno

Architects - The shadow of doubt [australian deluxe editio.. lyrics

Happiness or a broken bottle This is all that we'll want to see tomorrow You'll never know, what comes next Still we'll never trust Hands around our necks Around our necks Cross your fingers and hope for the best Count the lights on the wall, try to get some

Audiovision - The rock of my soul lyrics

or White? Day or Night? Life or Death? What can I say? It's hard to find The middle link Evil is up All I was sing It's time to seize the day Before it is too late Ah-ah-ah! You are the Rock of My Soul! You have it all! Ah-ah-ah! You are the light of my fl

Diabulus In Musica - Under the shadow (of a butterfly) lyrics

s so much you'll never know Cause you think our life it's so short There're so many place to see And no time to realize your dreams Over the hills, under the sky Feel the sun, touch the snow and smell the Rain Feel the freedom, spread your wing

Ice Mc - Give me the light lyrics

Dreadatour aka I to the C to the E Comes again to demolish the dancefloor style ! We're people in the night Looking for the light Everybody's here tonight Just follow the light We're people in the night Looking for the light Everybody's he

Jenny Berggren - Give me the faith lyrics

can see you're lonely You go to lunch alone again And my excuse ain't good enough You think you lost me as your* friend But I miss you too, and I need you But I got so much to do I wanna know why my priorities Are seldom me and you ==CHORUS== Give me

Destiny - In the shadow of the rainbow lyrics

nothing will be the same What can stop the cry-outs of pain The end has come for the warhorse crusade No one can hide in this masquerade Someone says the end is near But we've got nothing left to fear Deliver us from torture Deliver us from pain Can you f

George Benson - Give me the night lyrics

dark has fallen You know the spirit of the party starts to come alive Until the day is dawning You can throw out all the blues and hit the city lights 'Cause there's music in the air And lots of loving everywhere So give me the night Give me th

George Jones - In the shadow of a lie lyrics

lead a rich rewarding life, a wife, a home, a car But generally you can find me down in some dim lit bar I hold all the pleasures of the world, this fact I can't deny But I'm living, yes, I'm living in the shadow of a lie. My wife's first husband and mysel

Love Like Blood - In the shadow of the sun lyrics

reward will be submission and a lack of self-control We all need some permission or a rise of self-control With my awkward conduct the past is just a hole Unwanted feelings spread a lack of self-control In the shadow of the sun Your life your thoughts your fears With t

My Dying Bride - The crown of sympathy lyrics

the light and feel my warm desire, run through my veins like the evening sun. It will live but no eyes will see it. I'll bless your name before I die. No person in everything can shine, yet shine you did, for the world to see. All a man hath will he give for l

Nega - In the shadow of the rain cloud lyrics

ga kyou mo hareru koto wo shirazu hikari wo... Anata no sukina hana saku koto wo shirazu naite iru Kimi wo aishita koto saemo shinjitsuna noka wakara nakunaru Ame wa yasashii kio saemo nagashite tsumi no ato dake nokosu Shinri ga mie nai... Hikari ga mie

New Empire - Give me the world lyrics

your breath, 'cause you've taken mine away You can give it back on another day Have you noticed two plus two doesn't equal four always? So count me in, you can count me in, As you breathe it in, you can count on me Just give me the world and I will give it back to you Just tell me

Marcy Playground - The shadow of seattle lyrics

Like tin angels falling down Like a mission and we're halfway there From some old dried up fried forgotten town Why Won't they let us be ourselves With our potential we could toe the line And show the bastards up with our divine Light Seize All the records from the pa

Adamantra - In the shadow of the cross lyrics

smiles When she puts the pencil down From her hand For the last time She closes her diary And says a prayer by the bed Raising her head to the wind She lets the rain wash her face And take away the tears Doesn't feel any pain She does not hate anymor

Dina Carroll - Give me the right lyrics

was only today I noticed the way I'm denying the signs You've been giving Took somebody to say They noticed the change You're what my life Has been missing And I won't let go 'Cos tonight I will give everything Give me the right To make lov

Dragonforce - Give me the night lyrics

gradually, endlessly the perfect disease Everyone's a winner but you're down on your knees Sanity is passing one more shot if you please For the one final game I won't be playing Still the same tempting voice in my mind Losing grip on it all

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

demons watch out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my thrill of the chase Death could be the end If pain is your friend Morning will come Bad days are gone I'm out of contro

Hellogoodbye - The thoughts that give me the creeps lyrics

woke up tired and feeling old And I wondered why by bed was cold And I thought could you have gone? And if so where and how long? And why would I let you go? Why would I ever let you go? Oh but sometimes my mind could tell my heart that yes is

Lost Horizon - The kingdom of my will lyrics

from wastelands Black were their skies My armour's still bleeding Ripped by fire and ice Watch the horseman wing out of the night He's coming to save you, prepare! For now he arrives Mounting through stormlands With the wind in my hair The spell I've

Ashes You Leave - The ever-changing lyrics

the gift from the weeping skies The sheer sight of it will burn your eyes The raw primal power from the celestial portal That will tear at souls of each and every mortal Tender hearts will tremble, feeble minds will break In a new Eon’s rise, this is ΧÁOΣ awake ... seein

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - In the shadow of the valley of death lyrics

have no future Heaven wasn't made for me We burn ourselves to hell As fast as it can be And I wish that I Could be the king Then I'd know that I am not alone Maggots pull on shirts(?) We sell each other shit Sometimes I feel so worthless Sometimes I feel discarded

Samael - The shadow of the sword lyrics

This is a true story, based on reality A mass of frenzy, a poison sold as remedy They tell you knowledge is a curse but ignorance ain’t bliss They tell you love one another while waging war for peace Delusion, fraud and deception The foundation of religion Is it

Schultz Mark - The time of my life lyrics

packed his bags when he was just 18 To see a world he thought he'd never seen But he knew when he met her That she was the girl He'd been waiting for And each night they spent talking on the front porch swing And like it came straight out of a movie scene But o

Wolf lyricsWolf - In the shadow of steel lyrics

have just found out I'm the chosen one I am the great Sir Knight Rescue young maidens Fighting evil dragons I'll defeat all the giants In the shadow of steel I am Don Quijote Of La Mancha Evil forces stand back! And you black knights Out of darkness You'll beware of my attac

Darkthrone - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the Goat in the Mirror Eyes Burn like (an) October Sunrise As Once they Gazed upon the Hillside Searching for the Memories... In the Shadow of the Horns only seen by the Kings of the Dawn (of the) First Millennium upon the Thrones In the Shadow of the H

Harmony - The window of my soul lyrics

me her, the one to guide me Save my soul, from the withering illusion Call her name, her name to save me Send her here, here to bring us prosperity I will forever embrace The light you will give to me Never will I be all alone Walk beside me Mir

Anachronaeon - The whereabouts of my father lyrics

I pour my words into this diary The press claims that my father disappeared when I was young I would like to comment on this "fact" so that I can keep my pride intact When God assigned me to my task He told me to get away from my f

Heaven Shall Burn - The bombs of my saviours lyrics

years we hide in blackness, We have to sink into oblivion This agony of fear absorbs my thinking This anguish suffocates my souls I saw countless acts of treason Once this heart was filled with force and comfort But now there is nothing anymore The home I kne

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