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Dagoba - Year of the scape goat lyrics

wishes of the new year's eve "Make this year ... better than the last one..." Hope, ... will disappear With the damned animal's year ... Chinese science of astrology Predicted the

Falsettos Musical - Year of the child lyrics

we go, Let me talk with father alone. Now as the bar ... on and hum. Since this is the last loving thing we?ll ... probably ever do together, Let?s act adult and not go

Amoral - Year of the suckerpunch lyrics

my face Attached to a lie in the headlines I won't let it in ... straight out from my mind These vultures they're out for my ... Here I am, standing with the best of them In the year of the suckerpunch Here I am,

Badly Drawn Boy - Year of the rat lyrics

one, one, one) June is on the run for so long Pushed and ... pulled then shunned It was so wrong These fours walls crashing in won ... Everybody needs to know it's the year of the rat Every day we

Lloyd - Year of the lover lyrics

Love, Rico; This one for the radio Don't make plans for ... dinner I'm a put you up on the stove And take off all of ... your clothes girl watch me cook Until

Mercenary - Year of the plague lyrics

is the year of the... This is the year of the.. ... . Plague! This is the year of reflection deception And ... feeling the fear of rejection Come through my

Seven Witches - Year of the witch lyrics

calls to fight for their lives We´ll make a change ... in the world The spirits alive Take them, ... take them away Far from this shame ... Through years they´ve been led astray Year of the witch Darkness will fall

Al Stewart - Year of the cat lyrics

movie In a country where they turn back time You go ... strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre ... a crime She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running

Deadlock - The year of the crow lyrics

the sky, into the blood drenched skies... his ... soul flew away to rally the death-hordes up in heaven.... ... blood and honor... hunt down the unworthy and the traitors

Pyramaze - Year of the phoenix lyrics

face unveiled (Verse) The time has come, the stars ... it's meant to be, i see the signs out of the ashes, of ... a new beginning, this is the hour (Bridge) Thirsty

Lights - Year of the cure lyrics

all dream about love 'cause these are the things we know for ... sure If we have to scream at the top of our lungs To live ... what we're for We'll make it the year that we find the cure

Bury Tomorrow - Year of the harvest lyrics

put all our hope in northern stars I hope the end of the winter isn’t too far It’s ... that’s forever pulling me The feeling of wanting more than ... Our hope is in each other We must not stray from the

Primus - Year of the parrot lyrics

the year of our Lord Call it 1994 A ... fine vintage of mimicry There are those that take their ... parrots you see I've seen the likes of Kate Bush And Van

Chimaira - Year of the snake lyrics

on these feelings This awakening ... to accept when all I had was their words I’ve seen the devil ... and I’ve kissed the mouth of sin Bloodshot eyes and

Runrig - Year of the flood lyrics

your truth today co far away the rains and the ocean I see ... I see your skies open in the year of the flood it’s ... blazing trails through the shadows and the veils all

Converge - Year of the swine lyrics

carry the loyalty of dogs so you shall be led to the slaughter as swine It all ... you whispered adorned with the best of intentions Bleeding ... softly It's late and my ears can

Bloodbath - Year of the cadaver race lyrics

black and white moving cloud of wings in the sky A flock of ... approach while blotting out the sun Their shrieks are ... deafening To the human ears Of those who

Pharaoh - The year of the blizzard lyrics

I am your shelter From the storm outside There is no ... darkness Deep snow surrounds the house And there’s no getting ... trapped inside this fortress The doors are frozen locked The

Meat Puppets - The monkey and the snake lyrics

tweet tweet) This is the story of the history of night ... From the beginning it has never seen the light It takes a while to ... never understand It holds the gift of darkness in it's hand

Cancer Bats - Arsenic in the year of the snake lyrics

like a hex in the winter night, Black clouds ... on a serpent's back, Goddamn them all! Bad vibes thrown ... a hurricane To break down the skeptic in my head And I

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the year of the wolf lyrics

The Year Of The Wolf, all the world smelled good, In the ... snow and the ice, all the rest was blood, In the time of the tribe, we took a ... lives, When I ran with the wolves, and the hunting was

Blackmore's Night - The temple of the king (cover of rainbow) lyrics

day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered ... well When the strong young man of the ... rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell One ... day in the year of the fox When the bell began to

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The temple of the king lyrics

day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered ... well When the strong young man of the ... rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell One ... day in the year of the fox When the bell began to

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The monkey song lyrics

ape Here we go 'round the dry thistle Monkey can climb ... t sing and I can't dance And the monkey don't have to wear no ... pants Here we go 'round the dry thistle Monkey can climb

Firewater - The monkey song lyrics

narrator) Right now, by the miracle of recording, we’re ... to a happy song A song that they televised nationwide – we ... had so many requests for them to do it again that that’s

Orange Goblin - Monkey panic lyrics

t feed the monkey, don't crack the whip Monkey ... poison, don't fail to kill Monkey breaks those chains tonight, ... you better head out for the hills Now it's time for

100 Monkeys - The monkey song lyrics

wish i was a monkey, i’d sleep in the trees ... i’d do my best to imitate the man, who does his best not to ... just like a man, but none of the obligations yeah everything

10cc - The monkey and the onion lyrics

the monkey peel the onion See the monkey cry He ... peeling faster 'Til the onion is no more Now at last ... Wild ambitions and far off dreams As we run in all

Dolly Parton - The monkey's tale lyrics

the monkey's had a better tale than you ... Compared to yours all their chatter sounds so true The ... it seems to me that at all the monkeys should go free And

Shinee - Year of us (y.o.u) lyrics

geu iyu you you [Onew] Years will come And years will go ... trying to show you) [Onew] Years will come And years will go

Eddie Rabbitt - The best year of my life lyrics

you You lovin' me, yeah There's something about The way ... you kiss It's in the stars, baby We can't miss, ... along My heart was down Then you walked right in And

Manic Street Preachers - The year of purification lyrics

Purification The ravaged corner Cold and ... that needs discipline The year of purification The year of ... Depopulation Crescendo of craving Sullen and

Johnny Burnette - The fool of the year lyrics

I never thought she was the cheatin' kind I lost my ... and now I fear That I'm the fool of the year Ring, ... ring the bells and spread the word around The king of

Rage Against The Machine - Year of tha boomerang lyrics

front line It seems I spent the '80s in a Haiti state of ... Straight incarcerated, the curriculum a cell Block I ... Instructor come separate the healthy form tha Sick Ya

Paul Simon - The late great johhny ace lyrics

a magazine And thinking of a rock and roll song The year was 1954 And I hadh't been ... that long When a man came on the radio And this is what he ... Ace fan But I felt bad all the same So I sent away for his

Mud Flow - The number one play of the year lyrics

to be anything Anything other than me Twisting and ... I give it up to you too There you are again Moving like ... an animal Then you stay here Step aside

Eldritch - The last days of the year lyrics

off the streamers and lay down the ... covers The story's over Love conquers ... all happy endings The wicked is tamed, he's got the ... days Waiting for spring, for the doorbell to ring So far

Paradise Lost - Year of summer lyrics


Rainbow - Temple of the king lyrics

day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered ... well When the strong young man of the ... rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black ... bell One day in the year of the fox When the bell began

Iu - The age of the cathedrals lyrics

place. In Paris fair, this year of grace. Fourteen hundred ... eighty two. A tale of lust and love so true. We ... are the artists of the time, we dream in sculpture

Abney Park - The circus at the end of the world lyrics

and gentleman, welcome to the circus at the end of the ... sing, but don't worry! None of it means a thing!" ... girls and boys To this place of light and noise! Where

No Use For A Name - The feel good song of the year lyrics

never thought the day would come when I Would ... be the poison in the pen I use to write You said ... you were alone in somewhat of a nervous tone I guess it

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The ballad of the harp weaver lyrics

quot;Son," said my mother When I was knee-high &quot ... You've need of clothes to cover you And not a rag ... have I. There's nothing in the house To make a boy's

Phil Ochs - The ballad of the carpenter lyrics

a hero you will hear Born in the town of Bethlehem At the ... turning of the year At the turning of the year When ... his name For he argued with the older men And put them all

Editors - The weight of the world lyrics

a light on those you love They will be there when you die ... Baby there’s no need to fear Baby there’s no need to cry Every ... my broken bones Back together we …? Lift the weight of the world From my shoulders

Coheed And Cambria - The black rainbow lyrics

To believe in our doubt The hurt we allowed We had sworn ... to believe them And scattered across our ... To believe in our doubt The worst I'm afraid The hurt we

Coheed And Cambria - The lost shepherd (demo) lyrics

saves me a place at the window I'm on my march to the end of me I've buried cold ... within this heart I lost the cure, the plague, the start ... stand much) I've done all of these things for you Stain

Morrissey - The teachers are afraid of the pupils lyrics

When your spirit's on trial These nights can be frightening ... transports sadness To some other mid-brain And somebody here ... Will not be here next year So you stand by the board

Cold - The day seattle died lyrics

all the lights down low Trying to ... voice on an open chord they line up around the world ... by fame We could all feel the shotgun hit the floor Never ... Drowning in misery The nightmare began when you

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - The good die young lyrics

know what I want? I want the beat to drop ... you hot but you crazy.. why they wanna? don't know... ... It's the money that - makes shit get

Coheed And Cambria - The broken lyrics

Little markings clue the find Your red lips speak of ... painted figures The teeth of mangled little listeners The ... that hide your rusty scissors there And hooded men are

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The beginning of the end lyrics

ll be left behind This is the beginning Watch what you ... think, they can read your mind This is ... see it in my eyes This is the beginning. My reflection I

Closure In Moscow - The church of the technochrist lyrics

in the eye Jetsam on the tongue You’re lost in your ... flesh, you covet the impermanent No sisters, no ... brothers No fathers, no mothers No daughters and no sons

Kingspade - The krowning lyrics

all been summond here On the great day in the year of the ... Spade, 2004 To witness the krowning of sir D-Loc... And ... Richter... Will now join the ranks of hip hop royalty It

Seven Witches - The prophet is you lyrics

s the one you dreamed of A child with stoned face ... Visions of clueness Dreams of endless days He's the one ... you've searched for The one who holds the key An

A Dream Of Poe - The lost king of the lyre lyrics

I go to see him White hair of cinnamon smell on dusty ... chambers of ancient lore Locked behind ... Death´s door. The venom in his scream fills my ... song As the voice fades away The Sun

Coheed And Cambria - Pearl of the stars lyrics

bear She's my angel from the west There will never be one ... go I will know Follow you to the stars And when the world ... burns apart there'll be a place for your car

Dragonhammer - The end of the world lyrics

thousand sixty, year in the future The world is going ... People are mad without the choice To survive or die ... Destination and mistery of human life Evil corporations

Four Year Strong - The security of the familiar, the tranquility.. lyrics

walks alone, the streets deserted He steps on ... to welcome him back Who is the man in the mirror? He ... wonders as he stares in the eyes of a stranger He's

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