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Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - In the hood lyrics

story you are about to see, occured ... along the main training root, on the border ... all niggas thought, huh What you thinkin' bitch Are you ... is wrong, it's the Wu bitch Ain't got a clue bitch, tie ya

G-unit - Catch me in the hood lyrics

50cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo [Lloyd Banks:] This rap ... shit plays a major part in my life She looked for jack ... but realize that i got the ride Well

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In my hood lyrics

they face up at me On some real shit son, they don't want ... that, aim that shit out the window Spray, there ain't a ... shell that bend my heat Ya'll niggas better lay

Gramatik - In my hood lyrics

My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My

116 Clique - In ya hood lyrics

all done messed up and let us in ya hood To preach the way ... the truth the life in ya hood Forget the 'lac with the ... steering wheel made of wood It's ... we see the truth of Christ in ya hood [Verse One] Aww

Insane Clown Posse - In yo face lyrics

Yo! FACE! ... (Something special!) Somet'in' special for you and yo face, ... (Go get 'em boys!) IN! YO! FACE! Paaaah! (Somthin' ... special) Exclusive! For you! Mwahahahahaha! (Something

Mike Jones - "in yo cadillac" lyrics

Mike Jones - Talking] King of the Streets Mike Jones, ... Mike I'm jammin' SwishaHouse and Big Wheel inside my cadillac I'm grippin ... wood in my fleetwood wit my Tv's fall

Rosetta - In & yo / dualities of the way lyrics

in the hands of the divine Cocoon in its warmth ... Embrace and share in a moment And sing its praise ... rest by a fire Come rest your woes sweet wayfarer Come

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - #imsippinteainyohood lyrics

I'm sipping tea in yo hood What the f*** is up, you ... buttercup? Purrp in that blunt, smoking suicide ... bloody blunts P**** boy you talking shit for Twitter, it

3x Krazy - In the name of rame lyrics

(Mike Marshall)* Oooooooh! (In the name of Rame) In the name ... of Raymond, (yeah) he was a smooth talker. ... Street balla. (In the name of Rame) Oooh ghetto

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Put yo hood up lyrics

yo hood up! Put yo hood up! Put yo hood up! Put yo hood up! Put yo click up! Put yo ... click up! Put yo click up! Put yo click up! ... Represent yo' shit muthafuuuucka

Punk Goes... - Put yo hood up by set your goals (lil jon & e.. lyrics

yo hood up! Put yo hood up! Put yo hood up! Put yo hood up! Put yo click up! Put yo ... click up! Put yo click up! Put yo click up! ... Represent yo' shit muthafuuuucka

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Put yo hood up (remix) lyrics

Intro - Roy Jones Jr.] Yeah this Roy Jones Jr. Pound ... for pound the baddest thing throwin' down The ... undisputed light heavyweight champion of the world

Mac Dre - How yo' hood? lyrics

[VERSE 1: Mac Dre] I grew up in the Bay Area, around a gang ... of robbin and shootin Looked up to legends like ... Shaw a/k/a Too $hort Blowin big hashis with dank that'll

Dorrough - Hood song lyrics

Music North side, South side, East Coast, West Coast, Mid West ... From my city to yo city (Dallas, Texas) From yo hood to my hood (say) Right now, I ... to the world... Tomeka Pearl [Hook: Tomeka Pearl] Put

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Every soldier in the hood lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] Yo, yo, yo, yo Not moving, soon Don't ... stand over there Shaolin over here, chill, chill, ... Raekwon] To every soldier in the hood, go in To every real nigga holding, keep your

Lil' Flip - Throw up yo' hood lyrics

wo0o this wat i want you to do. Go to the bar and buy ... the most expensive drink and pour It on the nigga you ... to get drunk We came to chyll in vip and smoke a couple of

Dorrough - Hood chick fetish lyrics

weaves up, tattoo, weaves up Tattoo, weaves up, ... tattoo, weaves up Tattoo, weaves up, tattoo, weaves up ... Tattoo, weaves up, tattoo, weaves up Say, I admit I got a hood bitch fetish Lil' mama got a

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Busted in the hood lyrics

B-Real] WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL... here's ... way back, when I was a teen In the hood, on the corner, ... slangin dope to fiends Had the ... little stash that could serve your need You can do what you

Jibbs - Hood lyrics

up in da hood where the streets are cold ... Either you gon' stretch or either you ... gon' fold Either you gon' ride or get rolled on ... or they pay u a visit Comin up in da hood where the

Kurupt - In a low low (feat. e-40 & the rejects) lyrics

Kurupt though We creeze ho Tear the beat like this Look ... bitch [Bridge: x2] If it ain't OG, oh girl that's a no no ... I'm probably in the hood, probably been from the low

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - In my bag lyrics

ain't neva seen it [Bridge:] She ... ain't neva seen a nigga so fly ... like me With a swagga so mean in a ride like me I'm fresh yea ... I'm a cool dude I be getting that money them bunnies like

Rich Homie Quan - Yo gotti - i know ft. rich homie quan lyrics

I know I know I know (What you know Quan?) You ain't that ... nigga you say you is (Well how you know though ... f*** just because money long You know that I know I know I

Keke Palmer - Hood anthem lyrics

People Don't Really Know What It Means To Be Hood. They Think Ur Just A ... Ur Up To Know Good. They Think These Brothers Don't Know ... Nothing Else But Bling And White Tees. And They Think That All These Women Can Do

Maino - Hood love lyrics

it when I come through Rollin' like a thug dude, top down, ... glidin' in some new I got 'em like oh, ... oh, oh I get hood love, oh, oh, oh, hood love ... They see me in the hood and everywhere I'm good And

Lil' B - Beez in da hood lyrics

music down bruh, we listening to that Bitchmob shit bruh. ... Hey, go into the other room and tell ... nigga to turn that music up, you feel me? [Verse 1: Lil B]

Lil' B - Still in the hood lyrics

I do what I do but I'm so into you I can't let go You ... see me in this trap, you see me in the Trapville, we ... kickin it '65 Still in the hood, still in the hood Still in

Max B - Fif in yo mouth lyrics

Hook:] I ain't tryna battle rap I'm a put ... the fif' in ya mouth I ain't tryna be ya homie I'm a ... put the fif' in ya mouth You's a cream puff nigga I'm a

Compton's Most Wanted - Hood took me under lyrics

how a black nigga was born in hell. And right then and ... it sh*tty. Can't survive in the Compton city. And fool ... thats bet. Cause when you grow up in the hood, you

Jamiroquai - All good in the hood lyrics

t kick me when you know I'm down baby I've ... got my reasons but you're cherry picking love ... grenades Throwing them at me again Don't ... let me see you with a sad face Don't wanna

Lil' B - Hood played out lyrics

f*** they bitch I'm like Skinny Pete, I'm on that gangsta ... roll with the clique, f*** if you think I'm bitch You could ... slick shit Money don't make you rich They just mow beef I

Juicy J - Deep in da hood lyrics

be deep in da hood, standin' the cuts Come through with ... the shit and we gon shoot your shit up We be deep in da hood, standin' the cuts Come ... the shit and we gon shoot your shit up And our choppers

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Madness in tha hood (free ride) lyrics

ride free ride Madness in tha hood keeps trying to kill ... the vibes even gam's preacher packs a 45 run get the ... we shall never die Wake up in the morn unlock the store

Capricorn - Mob in the 'hood lyrics

when the sun goes down Getting loaded. my mind all stones ... I Feel so good With the mob in the 'hood Paradise wasteland ... wasteland And the mob in the 'hood No remorse for

Kendrick Lamar - Hood politics lyrics

Every time I call, it's going to voice mail. Don't tell ... me they got you on some weirdo rap shit, ... nigga. No socks and skinny jeans and shit. Call me on

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - In the life lyrics

Rags to Riches (riches) Bet you I'mma be the richest ... months, class act I was racin' down the block As a matter ... I am) I stacked bars Comin' through your system in them

Lil Eazy E - Boyz in the hood lyrics

.... ..... ........... ......... ............ .... ...... ..... ............ ........ . . ........ ............. ... ... ...... . ........ .......

Lumidee - In it for the money lyrics

Get This Money Together Real Quick Like Wata Do Big ... Tha Home Girl Lumidee An We In It 4 Tha Money, In It 4 Tha ... Cheese I Wake Up Every Morning Gotta Get It Cause Am

Kay One - In liebe dein bruder lyrics

denk an unsere Kindheit und an die Zeit, wir ... zwei am Spielplatz ganz allein Die Sonne war am scheinen ... und es juckte kein, haben das getan was wir einfach wollten, nein ich

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In da club lyrics

go, go, go Go, shorty It's your birthday We gon' party ... like it's your birthday We gon' sip ... Bacardi like it's your birthday And you know we ... t give a f*** cause it's not your birthday! You can find

Lorene Drive - I'm the most terrific liar you ever saw in yo.. lyrics

m spinning out of control You gotta let me know This is ... t take this lightly now I'm heading back to town And this ... critical Come on baby stop your crying I'm coming home, I

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Front back(feat u.g.k.) lyrics

side to side" - [repeated throughout] [Mannie ... fre-fre-fresh! [T.I. - talking] T.I.P., aye! I know a lot ... niggaz out there, man who ain't up on this down south shit

Paul Wall - "sippin' tha barre" lyrics

Chorus:] Sip sippin tha barre Grippin tha grain ... I got 17 karrots in my piece and chains [repeat ... s the land of the trill Coming straight out the block I

Burzum - Ea, lord of the depths lyrics

Head is a Head of a Serpent From its ... Mucus Trickles... The Ears Are those of a Basilisk ... Full of Stars AHHHHHHHH EA, LORD OF THE DEPTHS! His ... Horns Are Twisted into three Curls The Base of

Trinidad James - Ea$tside lyrics

Hook:] F*** 'em up You don't like me nigga, then ... t do shit [x8] [Verse 1: Trinidad James] I'm in DC with ... Cali, call up Nipsey In Philly, I know Meek I know

Popas Band - Ea ma minte lyrics

mi spune cuvinte ce vor sa m-alinte, Eu tac ... spune ce simte si cat se aprinde, Si tac. Fiindca stiu ca ... ma minte lumina s-aprinde Ma-mbrac. Si pornesc

Oj Da Juiceman - I'm gettin' money lyrics

m gettin money I'm gettin money catch me in yo trap and ... I'm still gettin dat money, I'm gettin dat ... money I'm gettin dat money catch me in da club ... throwin nothing but them hundreds, I'm gettin dat money I'm gettin dat

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Welcome to my hood (remix) lyrics

feat. Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Mavado, Twista ... Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, ... [DJ Khaled & T-Pain talking] I'm foreal about

Smiley - In lipsa mea lyrics

spre usa Si cu ochii spre ea Zic “adio” ea zice “te rog ... Fac un pas Mi se arunca in genunchii ei goi Am vazut-o ... cu el si nu pot da inapoi… O masina parcata pe

Lil Jon - Put your hood up lyrics

Put yo hood up! [4X] Put yo click up! [4X] Represent yo´ ... muthafuuuucka [2X] Represent yo click muthafuuuucka [2X] ... [Verse 1] Well shake yo´ drink up and spray the muthaf***in´ crowd [2X] Throw yo´ click

Dmx - Where da hood at lyrics

ya niggaz must be outcha f***in mind Thinkin dog can't pull ... another motherf***in rabbit out the hat Nigga I ain't gotta check out my ... motherf***in sleeves you bitch ass niggaz F*** is y

Boondox - Sippin' lyrics

on down Sippin around Tippin up a another cupa Sippin' ... on down Sippin on down Sippin around Tippin up another ... cupa Sippin on down 12 gauge double

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Sippin' on sunshine lyrics

you get me so high buzzin like a bee hive It's just a ... But when it hits my lips I'm sippin' on sunshine Boy you're lookin' so fly Hotter than July I

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Wild in da club lyrics

s only mu-sic Holla at me.. yo! Yo! Ice Water! Yo.. yo. ... ] Try me, P.C.'ll put a clip in a nigga F*** a hole, my ... bullets'll dig a ditch in a nigga Listen, I've been

Rich Boy - Get to poppin lyrics

come When niggas get to poppin Get get down, get get g-get ... down When niggas get to poppin [Verse 1] Money, cars, ... stars, they be ballin Playas, pimps, dem hoes, dey

The Cataracs - Sippin champagne lyrics

get ya hair did, Holla at your friends too, I'll be in ... this great thing, What it do, Come through ... Sippin' champagne (champagne), Come ... All my dudes get ya perk on You can bring a blunt too I'll

Group Home - Make it in life lyrics

weed burn kid, I'mma make it in life Am I qualified for a ... Do I have to stay worried getting shot stabbed with a knife? ... Gettin caught gambling dice, to hustling ice Going

Blood On The Dance Floor - Yo ho lyrics

pirate walks into a bar The bartender asks ... What's with the steering wheel in your pants? And ... pirate says ARRR! it's driving me nuts! Now I've been

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Sippin' on fire (florida georgia line cover) lyrics

you melt me like ice in whiskey With those blue ... flame looks that you give me You can't hide what's inside ... And it's killing me right now to see you ... wanna slip off with me again Why should we go round and

Lil' Flip - Where i'm from lyrics

feat. Grafh, Gravy, Will-Lean) [Grafh talking] Uh huh yeah look here O-kay black kingdom stand up my name Grafh ya ... watch this, uh uh let me show you what it's where I'm from ya

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