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Chamillionaire - Failure's not an option lyrics

it baby Still here, how many years I've been doin this ... Y'all better recognize who it is [Chorus - Chamillionaire] ... uh) Now turn the speakers up and the beat stay knockin (hold

Fit For An Autopsy - The colonist (ft. ray mazzola of full blown c.. lyrics

rest? The darkest days come and go, They never seem to end ... Inhuman, inhumane, inane existence. Barely existing. ... dead for years. Blood sweat and tears. Disinformation and

Anthrax - This is not an exit lyrics

know I'll never be free Change doesn't come easy And if ... Fear, a contradiction Co-existense, darkness brought to ... t seem to fit me right Pain is my way, of self expression

Bea Miller - This is not an apology lyrics

loud, you turn it down You wanna talk, but what about? I wanna dance, you cut me off Who ... on me I hate to be so mean But I just have to say This is not an apology I'm just a

Shontelle - Life is not an easy road lyrics

Chorus] Life is not an easy road A true you just a ... you lose the battle more and more (It seems you lose the ... battle) Life is not an easy road You have to play

Beecake - This is not an exit lyrics

ve been feeling kind of foolish There's nothing up but sky ... And there's someone making ... every tree that has to die And I've been feeling so lonely ... And a wolf sleeps at my door

Raunchy - This is not an exit lyrics

hold my hand and join me here tonight Let me ... Let's get drunk we've got nothing to lose tonight Give it ... suddenly seems like the worldis coming down on me I must try

Saves The Day - This is not an exit lyrics

the plugs out of the dam. And we still stand knee deep in ... undertow will grab our heels and won't let go. And while we ... legs quivering, the water rises now to our teeth when we

Blindside - Come to rest (hesychia) lyrics

don't fail (don't fail) not now come to a rest that ... you are just scaring me failure is not an option have to ... so much to live up to so many expectations trying so hard

Cryptopsy - The frantic pace of dying lyrics

are living candles And we will watch them burn ... Their frantic pace of dying Is so hard to maintain Into ... of men:) «make a joyful noise unto the lord» Scream and

Slaughterhouse - We did it lyrics

but hustle? Grind, go hard man We in a position where we ... gotta succeed, by any means necessary Failure is not an

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - Give it a go lyrics

is the final moment, can't let them lock me down I'm ... ready and I know it, I gotta make it ... count This time may never come again And I'ma fight, I'm going for

Conflict - An option lyrics

to make a statement Which is - I'm no saint, samaritan ... So here is my confession Frankly, I ... one! Just what the f*** is going on - are we at war or not? In fact what is war? The

Clairvoyants - The only way out is through lyrics

so dire? I'm gasping for air and pm pushing so hard But ... that things will improve But nothing is changing and things ... It seems I'm unable to stop this There are times when nothing goes right, every word is

New Found Glory - Failure's not flattering (what's your problem.. lyrics

leave this rock unturned Cause you ... You believe what you want And you say whats been said And ... Whats your problem Cant you see it And you go and

City Sleeps - Not an angel lyrics

the bells chime like there is no tomorrow (and you're gonna ... gonna ever gonna belong to another, no Never gonna ever ... gonna belong to another, no Leave me alone I am

K's Choice - Not an addict lyrics

it in and breathe it out And pass it on, it's almost out ... but on the floor It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel ... I feel so hot It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel

Seventh Wonder - Not an angel lyrics

when alone I'm not lonely Even when you're hot ... I am cold as ice Another day another lie And there is nobody ... I'm falling Wake up my dear and smell the salt Don't hide

Savage Wizdom - Not an illusion lyrics

trigger Here we go It's not an illusion This is for real ... your body like a child This awesome display will blow you ... away As every note strikes upon it's prey It

August Burns Red - An american dream lyrics

breathe. Forgive us for now is too late. This is not an ... American dream. This is no longer an American dream. ... our children to believe this is destiny. Spoiled rotten,

Gungor - God is not a white man lyrics

is not a man God is not a white man God is not a man ... sitting on a cloud God cannot be bought God will not be ... boxed in God will not be owned by religion But

Cruachan - Is fuair an chroí lyrics

always care, I was nadve and I was wrong, To you, I do not belong! Ailill; Say what ... you want to say, You always try to ... in life are different. If this is how you feel in your heart

Porcupine Tree - Is not lyrics

Neobsahuje text Neobsahuje text Neobsahuje text Neobsahuje text Neobsahuje text Neobsahuje text...

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Happiness is an option lyrics

is not easy It is not easy Looking from a window ... was almost dead My body a prison Why did I do it Someone want me not to But I still went ... remember, that happiness is an option) It is not easy But

Devil You Know - "a new beginning" lyrics

Until the enemy submits This life... We Live... To feed ... of a nation burning down Failure... is never an option As ... long as we stand As long as we've got

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Best friend ft. eminem lyrics

way To the father, son and holy spirit I hold you ... trumpets blow with your appearance I can almost hear it My ... best friend When you wish me Hell upon my soul and

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Call that an option? lyrics

age again Forcing errors, miscalculate - a decimation game ... again Several hundred thousand deformations... Sink down ... in disbelief that the meltdown and

Divided By Friday - Closer lyrics

re holding on Our hope stands strong And I can't deny ... me I said I'm waiting on a chance And now, our hearts are ... lies ahead We'll chase this dream tonight 'Cause it will

Dangerkids - Inside out lyrics

many times have I had it and lost it? They bring up the ... past, I’m changing the topic, and ... telling me to give up and drop it, echoing constant, ... but failure’s not an option, don’t be obnoxious. I’m

O.c.a.d. - Release the hounds lyrics

way to far, through way to many nights/ its been way to hard ... theres been way too many fights/ there's some people ... who have started, when this journey wasnt thought of/ who

Machine Gun Kelly - Go for broke ft. james arthur lyrics

Look, I started with a dollar and a dream, right So I could ... 'em how to aim for the stars And take it to the arenas from ... the streetlights Damn, oh this is what the top feels like?

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Big shit poppin lyrics

you say Big shit poppin, and lil shit stoppin (3x) Ball ... on these niggas being broke is not an option [Verse 1] ... why you asking them? Don’t listen to them suckas when they

Beneath The Sky - Option for the lonely lyrics

say that the world is falling apart. Wouldn't you ... already know, that the world is dead to us. Let us return ... the favor. By putting an end to all of this. Living

Cipher System - Objection lyrics

ground March of the irrelevant, concatenated Bringing the ... mass psychosis in production Meet thy ... maker through clearance of lies The bloodstream ... Meet thy maker through clearance of lies In silence I

Dragonheart - Spreading fire lyrics

appears To reap the soul and flesh of the soldiers ... they come, now the black king is here On the ground looking ... to the stars With bows and arch’s, arrows and steel

Icon For Hire - Carried away lyrics

say, I say...) Yeah! This is as weak as they come, this ... all my caution Breaking down is not an option Haven't you ... Aren't you tired? Well, this is where I draw the line

Pestilence - Laniatus lyrics

and ripped from existence, gateway to the unknown ... compels, maintaining the ego is subsistence, spirit guides ... to dwell. Escaping destiny is not an option, to face your

B5 - I must love drama lyrics

do I put myself through this Why do I even try to make ... it work When I know this ain't gone change Why do I ... back when I know that this is wack What am I going to do?

Born Of Osiris - Resilience lyrics

in waves As cycles divide and unite us It comes in waves ... These visions are unsightly The day ... you walked in Cycles divide and unite us You should've

Havok - The root of all evil lyrics

Christ in a time of fear Ideas and ... by flesh Non-believers perished Now you can see It's ... ideology Creed is gone It's their permanent ... see no evil Loss of power is not an option Surrender your

Havok - The root of evil (demo version) lyrics

Christ in a time of fear Ideas and ... by flesh Non-believers perished Now you can see It's ... ideology Creed is gone It's their permanent ... see no evil Loss of power is not an option Surrender your

Malevolent Creation - United hate lyrics

grow, united hate Done what is in our path, blind to the ... be undone, united hate Join and become one, die if you are ... alone Fail is not an option, united hate Hungry,

Sick Puppies - Poison lyrics

we've been Starting over Is not an option You're like poison on my tongue So ... but I like it, I love it Poison on my tongue And it keeps ... I heard it makes it all okay And wait until we both are naked

Demonic Resurrection - Trail of devastation lyrics

storm is coming An army of a thousand warriors, ... Watch over us, father Do not let us fall Brace for ... attack, retreat is not an option Fight them 'til death, a

The Flobots - We are winning lyrics

gangsters sit down to plan an after-school program A ... religious fanatic posts footage of an ... a father playing catch with his son An adult film star ... couples, fully clothed and smiling A record executive

Kings Of Convenience - Failure lyrics

the Guardian as a shield To cover my ... thighs against the rain I do not mind about my hair Your ... re gonna get those trousers changed Failure is always the

Outkast - Mighty o lyrics

ode ode oooooo [Verse 1: Andre 3000] You ain't a hater can't tell Either wish me well, ... hell or go to Yale Study human behavior so that you know who

Pripjat - Acid rain lyrics

forgotten, voiceless No help is on the way Evacuation is not ... an option On toxic ground they all ... Doomed to pay the price For mistakes they did not make Taken

Annihilator - Both of me lyrics

lie awake and try to reason why These ... treat us so unkind Just wanna taste the freedom one more ... time Just wanna leave it all behind We ... us be So close to heaven, I can almost see the light A few

Conor Maynard - Dynamite lyrics

to do What to do It's another one Conor Maynard Your ... boy Anth I got one life Imma ... t give a what yeah Turn this up What it do boo Just take ... my hand I came to dance I ain't come to romance

Jupiter Society - Defeat lyrics

run Today we run, we hide and hope for mercy Stay away ... No sympathy From now and on time will not pass All ... in vain Your only wish was to survive This world

Koffin Kats - Choke lyrics

down my head Yet sleep is not an option With the weights ... you've laid upon my chest Wishing I could run But you'd ... catch up anyway And I'm gonna end up losing No

Abaddon Incarnate - Entrusted with disgust lyrics

hurt Horrid reality, the anger was born Now stand and ... you will burn I warned you not to and you didn't listen Now ... delight I damn you with my anger My fists will beat you

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Biggest fan lyrics

Cause I know everything you want And no one asked you if you ... got a man And do I care, I don't That's ... sex you baby Girl you better not change your mind Cause girl

Canton Jones - Already gone lyrics

Verse 1:] I'm in a zone and I'm already gone, And it's ... stoned Ain't high off chief and budda I'm high off Thank ... you Lord, Praise you Jesus, Hallelujah And

Dope - Die, boom, bang, burn, f*** lyrics

I! don't need your acceptance So what should I do? I! ... don't need your resistance I! don't need your prayers ... I! don't need your acceptance I'll be sorry so you

Harakiri For The Sky - Panoptycon lyrics

folks: Nothing in this world worth having comes easy ... at all, For every decision that comes to our mind, we ... will wait for us, only the ocean knows, but you can be

Agnostic Front - Peace lyrics

must be made that no one wants to make The result is ... It's them or us, we don't want it this way Death is ... certain and lives are at stake Whose ... must fall? No one can see eye to eye, all we see is

Jungle Rot - Their finest hour lyrics

the heed our call on land or on sea or ground we ... gain we fight this battle what is our aim ... at all cost no hope is lost forced to retreat

She Wants Revenge - I don't wanna fall in love lyrics

to say That I knew that this would happen That things ... would go this way But I cannot deceive you This was never ... planned I know that you're the ... think that I am the right man? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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