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Busy Signal - Step out lyrics

Your lyrically inclined to busy signal Hey (hey) hey (hey) ... testing (testing) test.. It's going [Verse 1:] Afta ... lazy Alright den [Hook:] Wuk gal Buss guns Smoke weed

Busy Signal - Do the maths feat bounty killer lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer & Busy Signal] Chea! Nah No Mercy! ... say! We run these blocks! With Maks and techs and glocks! ... Check yuh facts! Busy in da fast lane! Bullet!

Busy Signal - Badman place feat mavado lyrics

Intro:] Dasaca, Movado, Busy Hell broke loose again Gun ... a go rise Anyway, anyway BUSY [Chorus:] Inna badman ... badman place while chaslie it still a blaze Real badman

Busy Signal - People so evil lyrics

Talks: Busy Signal] Trouble again I nuh know ... Who feels it knows it duh ya see some high grade ... while dem aim fe your heart With them evil a start and dem

Busy Signal - Full clip feat mavado lyrics

] [Mavado:] Anywayyy [Busy Signal:] BUSY casava piece pop arff ... a run out rize di gun out (busy)a true di boi dem a flip so ... black work when man a tek it to the street jus like a

Major Lazer - Sound of siren (feat. m.i.a. & busy signal) lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Omi - Color of my lips (feat. busy signal) lyrics

you were fronting ’til you hit the like button Can’t

Busy Signal - Sweet love (night shift) lyrics

mi arms like a spider Body fit inna di fity way she inside ... nuh mek nobody call yuh Busy Signal me nah go Biggy Small yuh ... Baby... we makin love Let it flow, let it flow becaz me

Major Lazer - Watch out for this (ft. busy signal, the flex.. lyrics

inna di club, Selector tun it up inna di sub Music a ... Step inna di place, tun it up, tun it up Tun it up till ... inna yuh face sehh di grades It a blaze you know, you no fi f

Mavado - Real mckoy with a full clip (ft. busy signal) lyrics

Me na have time fi chase now, it take place now Tek gun shot ... tongue out Come and hype with ya gyal when wi done out If ... , so mi pop off Attack them with the 12 gauge, fi mouth chop

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Push and shove ft. busy signal, major lazer lyrics

can work it… Give it to me straight When you ... No, never play it safe No relax Boy ... moll indeed, not gonna hide it Hustlin’ you got me Your

Busy Signal - Defense/bout it lyrics

look good mi haffi sing bout it Bout it, deh a jail an a ... think bout it Bout it, pon di black berry ping bout ... it Da sexy body deh it have a thing bout it Turn

Busy Signal - Ackee seed lyrics

weh Inna mi bed, mek mi wuk yuh mek yuh crawl weh, yeah ... mi smallie When mi jamming it like a Bob Marley Pon da big ... couch inna da hall deh Wuk har mek she see peney whiley,

Busy Signal - Hey girl lyrics

wan fi hook yuh Wine pon di sitt'n, me like it wen u wine, ... First mi go squeeze up Nicky titty dem Gyal fi get wuk so me ... nar go pitty dem Unda mi grade ? grab

Busy Signal - Tic toc lyrics

Intro:] SSMG Gyal B-B-B-Busy Shake it My girl (ladies) ... turn and twist y'all Drop it down low to the floor make ... her hips flow It's another thong song like

Busy Signal - Hold me lyrics

Diggy Gal! Squeeze,let it go..Squeeze! Let it go ... Squeeze!, Let it go ,Squeeze! Let it go, ... Squeeze! Let it go Squeeze! let it go ... Squeeze, Let it go Squeeze! Eh gyal -Who

Busy Signal - My world lyrics

paradise, it nuh nice, watch'it (watch'it) [Verse 1:] ... real shotta who ready fi bust it deh dey My world gun inna, ... when heat turn on, we bring it on Give him di extra clip fi

Busy Signal - Unknown number lyrics

nuh unknown number Nah pick it up if it's a private call ... [Verse 1:] Soh who could it be Ah who dem ah pre Nuh ... mammy Yo ah regula dem kip it up block dem call But mi nuh

Busy Signal - I love yuh feat alaine lyrics

seh she nah lef dis ya man Busy! And Alaine [Chorus:] I ... shout I love you I say it loud I love you By the time ... shout I love you I say it loud (stick to Alaine) I

Busy Signal - Born and grow lyrics

the land of my birth} Busy [Verse 1:] Jamaica which ... Verse 2:] Bulla pear mi love it from mi born & grow Gi ... dem a meal wi love it from mi born & grow

Busy Signal - Agony lyrics

de gyal dem a bawl fi it Yuh know wah (ah ah ah) ... Agony [x2] We we have it (ah ah ah) we have da agony ... We have the [x3] Busy [Verse 1:] Mi buy a pack

Busy Signal - Jail lyrics

Intro:] Free up! (Busy) From captivity - Sound it ... the f**king bracelet - watch it All who dead from the leash ... - refugee Busy! [Chorus:] Seh wi nah go

Busy Signal - Tempted to touch lyrics

Its hot, its hot, iiiiits hott! Baby girl no, oh oh ... ahhhhhhhh Verse 1 Hey little girl each time you passed ... through Come on baby let's sit down, talk about it close

Busy Signal - Come over (missing you) lyrics

my baby Hope she ansa mi (busy) Hello(female voice) ... taking ova Me need you tonite ya me lovah come warm me ... ah mek we listen sum Anita Baker mek love till we

Busy Signal - Not going down lyrics

what u say or do. Cause it just might happen to u. ... say (I) there must be a britter way. [Verse 1] Tell ... a gawn like dem can't do without it. To how the time a go

Busy Signal - These are the days lyrics

Picture dis an' try fi si it wid yuh ears These are the ... weh call pon Jesus a dem commit the crimes Nuff illiterate ... pause] Different flow same spit different drugs same ship

Cruadalach - Signal fires lyrics

this land Dim glare blends with the dropping tears Of the ... is fading The Day comes to its end Signal fires lighten ... Bonfires forever bound... With our lives Signal fires

Elephant Man - Signal de plane lyrics

(Sadiki and the whole fraternity) Do what yuh feel like, nuh ... fight it Dancing nice-nice-nice ... Nuh mek yuh friend get buss Signal di plane Signal di plane,

Hires Matt - Signal in the sky lyrics

spinning while you dance with your temporary ghost Your ... you held Has left you here with Nothing but a name But a ... so much second-guessing It hurts to watch you bleed It

Busy Signal - F.y.i lyrics

dere from a where ya find it gal how you move to de drum ... up de place cause you design it, girl me a pre long time me ... call you she give me the digit, check if it legit, then me

The Crystal Method - Busy child lyrics

I guess I didn't know. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child, get busy, get busy... (I guess I did-

F(x) - Signal lyrics

radio, stay tuned I’ve got a Signal eoje kkume nareul chajaon ... ne shigeu neoreul jabeul su itge (Mono animyeon Stereo) ... dwien eotteohge kib hal su itni? Woo- tumyeonghan geu mome

Busy Signal - Reggae music again lyrics

em ???? Oh na nan a yeah It's being a long long time now, ... over and over again Oh, its being a long long long long ... wow music again, oh And it's being so so so long we nor

Busy Signal - Summn' a guh gwaan ft. bounty killer lyrics

a youth a helping under it na guh pretty.General. It ... GENERAL. Them kidnapp the pitney from school mi son fi ... fi search they have to step it up no fi dem strech 1000

Busy Signal - Tonight lyrics

.. I know you can feel it when you whine in front of me ... i love your energy Girl it's been a while that i ..night ... ym daughter God bless you with the .. If i were .. put on

Sinister Realm - Signal the earth lyrics

escape my dark tomb Terror it strikes without warning, I'm ... dying, please help me before it's too late Tell them to signal the earth, you must let them

Busy Signal - Wine pon di edge lyrics

edge, pon di edge gal. QUINT IT, QUINT IT, QUINT IT, gal ... yes mi love how you hook it baby You grip mi right, use ... di muscle hold it baby Mi call you last night

Eagles lyricsEagles - Busy being fabulous lyrics

LYRICS "Busy Being Fabulous" I ... house And I found your little note "Don't wait up ... that you're out on the town With all of your high-rollin'

Elvis Costello - Busy bodies lyrics

tell me that you don't care Busy bodies getting nowhere Ev ... rybody's getting meaner Busy bodies Caught in the ... several Service stations Busy bodies Very busy Getting

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Signal to noise lyrics

in that fuzzy picture he writing stands out on the wall so ... qwalli section send out the signals deep and loud and in this ... place, can you reassure me with a touch, a smile - while the

Snow Patrol - Signal fire lyrics

here for a thousand years, Without your arms to drag me out, ... No I don´t want to wait forever No I don´t want to ... wait forever In the confusion ... the aftermath, You are my signal fire, The only resolution

Ace Wilder - Busy doin´nothing lyrics

And you know Wouldn't want it any other way Although some ... no pain no gain I'm busy, busy, busy Doin' nothin' at all ... Don't bother to call I'm busy, busy, busy Doin' nothin' at

Jonezetta - Busy body lyrics

to feel lonely Walk around with the new shoes on, oh, Sit ... at you now on your way out, busy body Look at you now on your ... way out, busy body Your loneliness is all

Battlesoul - Signal the storm lyrics

form Banners on the hills Signal the storm Battered with ... ground Speak to me with conviction The eagle ... my vision Out of control It started will the call The

Laura Jansen - Signal lyrics

I hear they're broadcasting a signal we all should hear They ... re sending a message, it's fighting the static I'm ... be magic, my dear I'm waiting on a sign I can't believe

Say Anything - Signal the riflemen lyrics

i'll pace around, ill check with your ex-ray machine, as my ... meaningless, superiority, slottersyphanies in our ... can set them free together, with one hand on each others, and

Kat-tun - Signal lyrics

Hey girl Oshiete donna yume mite Hitori bocchi yoake matta ... no? Hey boy Hitomi ni kakuretemo shouganai ... machi ja hijoushiki Take it easy now What's going on?

K.d. Lang - Busy being blue lyrics

to take a walk And time to sit and talk But you know I’m ... too busy bein’ blue I’d have time ... Time to spend each night With someone new Time to be

Olly Murs - Busy lyrics

side by side Going nowhere, it’s really something Getting busy doing nothing We spend all ... our lives Going nowhere, it’s really something Getting busy, doing nothing No

Medial Banana - Busy lyrics

I la-la like it when my music makes me busy ... When my music makes me busy And I need it ‘couse to do ... main thing Poky: Man ah busy with mi lyrics Man ah busy with mi tunes Man ah busy with

Ayumi Hamasaki - Signal lyrics

soko ga donna basho demo ikinuite miseru yo isshou ni ichido ... idomu tame * kako wa kitto ima to wa kurabemono ni ... no zatsuon ni wa mou kikiakitara kara wakatte kureru hito

Exist†trace - Signal lyrics

kiku no sa Kono uso ni michita kuuhaku no yasuragi no naka ... ni mo nai Koe wo karashite sakebe Kimi no sugata kitto ... mitsukeru kara Koko ni iru ... kizu wo wasurete nodo uruoshite wa Kawaridasu gradation

God Is An Astronaut - Signal rays lyrics

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D - Signal lyrics

ga warau tabi ni dare ka ga naita Kono sekai no doko ka de I ... Katsute wa kibou to yobareteita Core feeling Hoko to ... wa taezu Kora wa se wo mite sodatsu I saw a light Ai

Brian Eno - Signal lyrics

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On/off lyricsOn/off - Signal lyrics

ga mita Itsumo to chigau asa Nariyamanu ... Atama no naka kiezu Matowaritsuku Tooku suri nuketa ... irarenai Hikaru hoshi o mitsume kokoro tsukande Soba ni

Butterfly Boucher - Busy lyrics

be so fun I might just like it I might just love it I ... might get busy I might get lonely I just ... don't know yet Can't wait to find out This is so

The Pink Spiders - Busy signals lyrics

together picture Of a satellite trying to fly Woo-ho, this ... my getaway Woo-ho, I guess it's better late than never It ... but whatever - At least it didn't lead me to lie Woo-ho

Catchingyourclouds - *signal lost* lyrics

La La Goes the radio It's the only thing in my room ... from the phone I've been sitting for hours on a dialtone ... 'Cause I won't say I'm Okay with tears in my eyes Yeah this

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