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Wouldn’t She Love Me lyrics

Browse for Wouldn’t She Love Me song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Wouldn’t She Love Me lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Wouldn’t She Love Me.

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O'jays - Love me like a rock lyrics

And the devil called my name (when I was just a boy) I say ... in a Sunday choir Oh my momma loves me She loves me She get down ... on her knees and hug me Oh she loves me like a rock She

Fear Cult - She loves me not lyrics

of this emotion, and the torment that it brings Drawn in ... song the siren sings I've crashed full force upon your shores ... I hold your body close to me, But your heart is out of

She Wants Revenge - She loves me, she loves me not lyrics

too much, did she feel a thing? Long, dark ... halves I was torn My maybe love who wouldn't even try She ... loves me, she loves me not [2x] I saw you only

Chiddy Bang - Does she love me? lyrics

Is he moving too fast? Is she moving too slow? She ... telling me that I'm silly, but I'm only ... 2-0 And it sucks that she just want to be friends with me I try to put her on where I

Sean Paul - She want me lyrics

yeah Gal just waan me get close and she want me ... Late at night when it lonely, she say she waan feel my embrace ... [Chorus:] Gal say she want me, she want me, she

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - She needs my love lyrics

Gong long side Yami Bolo Come to tell you a little story ... Certain tings can happen but she will never know Unless she ... come ah di rasta man stage show

Queen - She makes me (stormtrooper in stilettoes) lyrics

love she makes me She is my heart She is my love She is my love I know you're ... jealous of her She makes me need She is my love She is ... my love Who knows who she'll make me As I lie in her

Charlie Brown - She makes me lyrics

I met this girl I didn't think it ... like there's much more that she wants to do cuz first she ... kissed my neck and then she kissed my chest and then she ... for the best you know she went down, down, down, down

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - She used to love me a lot lyrics

her through the window today She was sittin' in the Silver ... started to keep going But something made me stop She used ... to love me a lot She looked lonely and I knew the

J Boog - She give me lovin' lyrics

yeah, yeah [Chorus:] She give me loving in the morning ... Reminiscent the last time makes me wanna take another ... ride Oh, she give me love, love, love, yeah! Oh, she give me

Vybz Kartel - She tell me lyrics

told me that she'll never hurt me And she'll ... do me no wrong All now me cyan believe the voice like ... mi never see ti see that something so beautiful could so

Lyfe Jennings - Love lyrics

Verse 1:] I love it when her heart beat speeds ... up I love it when she says "Go deeper" ... want her, I'll keep her She'll be my girl See I don't

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - She taught me how to fly lyrics

one I love The one I love She's divine She's out to blow ... my mind The one I love The one I love She's divine ... She's out to blow my-my-my mind ... The one I love The one I love She told me to fly She

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - She knows how to love me ft. jess glynne & st.. lyrics

knows how to love me How to, how to love me She ... knows how to love me Yes indeed She knows how to ... love me How to, how to love me (yeah) She knows how to love

Elton John lyricsElton John - She sold me magic lyrics

always maybe, maybe, maybe I love you ___ for the long time ... always maybe, maybe, maybe I love you But I keep follow something out of sight She sold

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Love me ft. drake, future lyrics

kush and alcohol I got some down bitches I can call I ... Yeah, long as my bitches love me (yeah, yeah) I can give a ... no hater Long as my bitches love me I can give a f*** 'bout

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - She keeps me up lyrics

s got me nervous, talkin' a hundred ... miles an hour She's more than worth it, I swear ... she smells just like a flower I'd ... went anywhere without her I love when she says, what's wrong

George Strait - She loves me she dont love you lyrics

with her And it seems to me that you're dancin' Much too ... But I know that it's true She loves me, she don't love you ... Let me tell you friend, I'm wise to

Adam Gontier - She saves me lyrics

know, you know what you cost me, you turned your back and ... now you lost me. You went to hide. While she saves me,. With the breath ... that she gave me. She touches from above, it comes

Gary Allan - She loves me, she don't love you lyrics

with her And it seems to me you're dancing much too close ... knows that it's true that she loves me, she don't love you Well ... let me tell you friend I'm wise to

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - She dont love me lyrics

tried to hide But I came around the corner And she ... caught me by surprise There was no ... There was no ugly scene She just smiled and didn't say

Denace - She got me lyrics

Bridge] She got me where she want me She got me where she ... want me She got me where she want me [Verse 1] You're ... chicks The world is my amusement, park without the ferris

Descendents - She loves me lyrics

loves me; it's not just in my head. She loves me even though it's not ... been said, And if anything means anything, then this means ... something good. I guess I'd love her back if I only could. She loves me; I can see it when she smiles ear-to-ear. She loves

Marvin Gaye - She needs me lyrics

her yet But I can tell that she's lonely by the sadness in ... her eyes And she needs more than just a drink ... tonight She needs me to give her love and ... understanding Some good old country love and

George Jones - She needs me lyrics

her yet But I can tell that she's lonely by the sadness in ... her eyes And she needs more than just a drink ... tonight. She needs me to give her love and

Mary Lambert - She keeps me warm lyrics

says I smell like safety and home I named both of her eyes Forever and ... a morning sunrise all the time, all the time yeah This ... Even if I wanted to My love, my love, my love, my love She keeps me warm, she keeps me

Aaron Lines - She called me kansas lyrics

sat and watched the sun come up With a blanket wrapped ... t hold her close enough to me That was love I won't forget ... And I still remember what she said She called me Kansas

Cheap Trick - Love me for a minute lyrics

wanna change your mind but Some girls run home so optimistic ... About the love in their lives See the ... fashion magazines And like some x-rated movie Oh, that

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - She flies me away lyrics

m thinkin' differnet now, Oh shes a star, she makes me fly.. ... Taking me places, I've never seen.. ... Two worlds apart, but she don't mind.. Cause she's got

Kendrick Lamar - She needs me (remix)[bonus track] lyrics

I haven't heard from you, come back to me Come back, I need ... I miss you, I miss you, come back to me, I miss you ... city Random cars, TEC's with me Like I miss you so much,

Puddle Of Mudd - She hates me lyrics

a girl, thought she was grand fell in love, ... a week or two then it all came unglued in a trapped trip ... I was living one big lie She f***ing hates me trust she f***ing hates me la la la love I tried too hard and she

The Beach Boys - She knows me too well lyrics

knows me She knows me Sometimes I have a weird way of ... showing my love And I always expect her to ... know what I'm thinking of She knows me I treat her so mean I don't deserve what I have

Richard Sanderson - She loves me again lyrics

loves me again All this time I kept to dream in my mind ... And I find her just the same She loves me again I have ... reasons then to come and to go There were things

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Love don´t love me lyrics

foot 9 She's got legs for days (For ... her own little sexy sway No, she don't waste no time Moving ... (To the floor) And when she starts to move she had me

Zayn lyricsZayn - She don't love me lyrics

I question myself all the time, asking what I don't know ... But I've seen you gone over love I think I know she don’t love me That's why I f*** around

Zayn lyricsZayn - She don't love me lyrics

t I question myself all the time, asking what I don't know It ... But I've seen you gone over love [Chorus] I think I know she ... don’t love me That's why I f*** her right I

Rick Astley - She wants to dance with me lyrics

wants to dance She wants to dance with me Oh ... yeah (dance with me) There's a girl I've been ... I really get the feeling that she likes me 'Cos she said so,

Black Kids - Love me already lyrics

a real whore, Spending her time with Theodore Now Teddy, he ... needs enemies? My mother, she told me, "You're being ... crazy" Don't tell me what my problem is Just tell

Budgie - She used me up lyrics

sweet sixteen when she caught my eye She made a ... first time love like an apple pie I got all ... choked up when she ran around She just used me ... up and she threw me right down Right down on the

James Ingram - She loves me (the best that i can be) lyrics

love she makes no demands She waits for me with open hands She understands My love gives me ... all I need She understands the fears in me ... And when I'm down You know she cries her tears for me 'Cause

Lunchmoney Lewis - Love me back lyrics

by the job, bringing some to eat And when she get off, ... I'ma rub her feet I love the people she want, when we ... watch TV She treat me like shit, I treat her like a

Gary Allan - She gets me lyrics

broken hearts And a woman's love, aint been hard for me to ... when your gone all the time. I aint no easy man to ... understand, Thank God she can; And she gets me, Yeah she gets me, And she takes me

Daniel Schuhmacher - She loves me lyrics

Don't you try to convince me coming down again Oh no ... perfectly fine up here Cause she told me She loves me Thats ... to know Oh oh oh oh oh oh She needs me And I could never

Jj Heller - Love me lyrics

you please Could you send someone here who will love me? ... " Who will love me for me Not for what I have ... done or what I will become Who will love me for me

Kix - Love me with your top down lyrics

with my face Yeah! Rock me! Roll me! Love me! Love me ... with your top down! Rock me! Roll me! Love me! Love me ... with your top down! Come on baby, bring your girls

Melody Fall - She made me fallin here i am lyrics

s a time u think everything's filthy ... of it at all And that's why she's there coming from my dreams ... To fix everything I got She's not a common girl, she made

Secret Service - She wants me lyrics

out she said she wants me Showing off like the refugee ... Thinking that love is a game Trying hard she now ... her restless eyes Telling me I am to blame Baby, I've

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - She loved me lyrics

was the summer of '89 I fell in love and i ... learned to drive Me and Becky didn't waste no time Went zero to 65 one night ... could stop us But one day time caught up with us And woke

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - She shook me cold lyrics

the night was cool and still She sucked my dormant will ... Mother, she blew my brain, I will go back ... again My God, she shook my cold I had no time ... her to the ground Father, she caved my head Oh, Lord, the

Hall & Oates - She got me bad lyrics

the hills faster than light She knows I shouldn't be here, ... is all but gone (Chorus) She don't believe in long term love She just wanna hit and run ... this stuff She the devil with an angels's

Kendrick Lamar - She needs me lyrics

Kendrick Lamar] One time Reporting live, Compton, ... California She go to work, she go to school ... feel comfortable My pops love her too, she's compatible She's independent, she handle her

Blue - She told me lyrics

was a girl I knew, she was more the beautiful She ... her own - 5 foot 8 or more. She was a real wild child and ... nothing could hold her back She was my sis best friend so now

Fabian Buch - She drives me crazy lyrics

girls clueless She doesn't know - oh This love ... was over A long time ago oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, ... oh, oh Sun up to sun down She's always around How can I

Thomas Dolby - She blinded me with science lyrics

s poetry in motion She turned her tender eyes to me ... as any harmony Mmm - but she blinded me with science ... "She blinded me with science!" And

Jc Chasez - She got me lyrics

A beauty by her side She was so hypnotic Staring ... It was so mysterious But something that I liked What you ... do to me I can't explain You're so ... to do Girl I can't deny She was traveling through space

George Jones - She loves me lyrics

But we still get together sometimes I'll admit I don't like ... what she stands for But she loves me right out of my mind. ... I'm looking for someone who's gentle And someone

Lyle Lovett - She makes me feel good lyrics

s got big red lips She's got big brown eyes When she treats me right It's a big ... surprise She won't do anything That she ... said she would She makes me feel good She makes me feel

Ludo - Love me dead lyrics

the sea. 'High-maintenance' means You're a gluttonous ... queen Narcissistic and mean. Kill me romantically ... my soul with vomit Then ask me for a piece of gum. Bitter

The Mission - She conjures me wings lyrics

ve been too drunk to love Too drunk to care Looked ... been drinking too much to remember The whole of the night ... blind And still I'll drink some more She is the wine that

Eddie Rabbitt - She loves me like she means it lyrics

who likes to hang around with me and the guys She said she ... wants me all to herself Now, ain't ... that nice? She's got those lovin' eyes That ... make me wanna stay Yeah, she's my lucky day She loves me like she means it She loves me, I can feel it And lookin'

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