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The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Tell your friends prod.kanye west lyrics

And everybody around you is so basic I'm never ... Do an ounce, get some dick Tell her friends about it [Hook ... Go tell your friends about it (About it) Go tell your friends about it (About it)

The Blackout - You and your friends vs. me and the revolutio.. lyrics

quot;How about you and your friends, versus me and the revolution ... " Take your lies, and walk through the ... door Run for, run for your life And take all that you

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Gone (tell your friends demo) lyrics

gone, I'm gone We don't need your love no more Said I'm gone, ... yeah I'm gone You don't need to talk no more ... gone, I'm gone We don't need your love [Verse 1: The Weeknd

Every Avenue - A story to tell your friends lyrics

4 A.M. Seems like every time you come back home It's just to ... to be more than a story to tell your friends Seems like ... every time you come back home It's just to

Pretty Girls Make Graves - If you hate your friends, you're not alone lyrics

along You wanted to see me fail I'd ... never suspect you In the middle of the circle ... Hiding your cover Does this city have ... to breathe? If it was up to you one of us would leave I'm telling you there's no way it would be me So talk yourself till your blue in the face Cause

Halestorm - You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing lyrics

took me to your little crib Guess it must ... big deal Got me starring in your wet dream Now it's time to ... for love No not today But you call me up and had the nerve

Reba Mcentire - You must really love me lyrics

me why do you put up with my foolish ways You never take to heart the crazy ... things I say Oh I know you could walk out on me any day ... be a darn good reason why you'd even want to stay You

Barathrum - Would you sleep with the demon? lyrics

you sleep with the demon? Would you like to be possessed? Would you give your hand for the ... seducer? Would you sleep with the demon? Just ... the dark tresspassing into your dreams seducing you at

Pleasure P - What would you say lyrics

is something that I gotta ask you And if I don't do it. It just ... laughs And I know that me and you was a thing in the past. But ... what if I told you that sometimes I sit and

Feeder - Tell all your friends lyrics

golden fields that will burn your eyes So let´s take a drive ... release Find a space that you can breath But I´ve seen a ... golden fields that will burn your eyes So let´s take a drive

An Honest Year - You and all your friends lyrics

everyday I'm sick of all the friends that remind me She's ... bringing you down, bringing you down Who knows what's ... going on through your head I hope it's me and how

Nas lyricsNas - You won't see me tonight lyrics

in love? (C'mon) Yeah.. are you ready? (uhh) For somethin ... This ain't no game (C'mon) You gotta be wit me, for real (uh ... out here (uh-huh) So make up your mind, cause I ain't got no

Gipsy - Chris brown - with you lyrics

[Verse 1] Let me talk to you Tell you how it is I was ... that body gotta get shawty Tell her what the young boy gon do ... sick that need to be hit So tell me what ya'll gon do

The Pretenders - You know who your friends are lyrics

by the canal You can see the remnants of last ... across the tunnel walls You know who your friends are You know who your friends are ... re the ones who want to see you go far You know who your friends are The last time you

Ruff Endz - Would you leave me lyrics

doin' big thing Huh, huh Would you leave with me not Huh I ... V.I.P From across the room you was eyeing me I walked up to ... 2 hennys on the rocks I seen you look over peep the face of my

Abigail Breslin - You suck lyrics

hate your dumb tattoo I wish you'd fly to the moon Where ... I'm laughing 'cause I lied, you know I said you sound like ... All Time Low You really don't even though you

Gromee - You make me say (feat. tommy gunn & ali tenna.. lyrics

first time I met ya Girl You know I had to get ya Type ... bloomingdales Do it gig, do you hair baby Do your nails Tell your friends, girl I don’t

Ace Of Base - Would you believe lyrics

believe in us if I said to you I want to Would you believe ... in us if I said I do I want you Oh, oh, oh I want you back ... But there is a danger for you to overcome Believe in us, I

Cephalic Carnage - The incorrigible flame lyrics

premonition Something you can't describe A fright that ... Red eyes glaring back If your saw your own death Would you tell your friends Visit them ... bizarre Shaman's songs call your name To lightless holograms

Janoskians - Would u love me lyrics

ve got a question tell me why You always fall for ... the bad guy Its 'cuz you like it, yeah you like it ... walking By I say hello 'cuz you don't mind it I think you

Priscilla Renea - Would you come lyrics

Afraid of trying new things You’re trying not to complain ... But it’s not what you think It’s just hard to ... all If I run out of breath would you fill up my lungs? If all

B2k - Would you be here lyrics

have a plan Could I be your man still And if you couldn ... t watch cable Would you be able to understand And if ... I couldn’t buy you diamond rings Take you out

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - You had your chance lyrics

a while Since I looked into your eyes Never dreamed I'd see you tonight And it's interesting ... We used to be close (but you didn't love me) We used to

Stephen Lynch - You'll do lyrics

look up from my PBR, and see your desperate stare) (Well, you ... There's no one left but you - {I guess you'll do} {I ... guess you'll do} [VERSE 2 (Courtney)

Now Now - Friends with my sister lyrics

sleeping on the couch Until you'd call to wake me up But not ... now, no not now You'd take the time to write it ... we drive out of this town You can tell your friends about

Now, Now Every Children - Friends with my sister lyrics

sleeping on the couch until you'd call to wake me up but not ... now, no, no not now you'd take the time to write it ... we drive out of this town you can tell your friends about

Shaggy - Would you be lyrics

..... Baby I hope you dun get offended in anyway ya ... know But your beauty is so Magnificent ... [Brian Gold - Chorus] Would you be offended if I told ya

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Would you mind lyrics

would you mind touching me Ever so ... slowly You're making me quiver Baby would you mind undressing me ... Cause I'm gonna Bathe you, play with you, rub you,

Lower Than Atlantis - Could you? would you? lyrics

say you love her, but you don't love her, She's ... another scrubber. You are miserable, and I'm sure ... it's not my place, But your new girlfriend's not to my

Joan Armatrading - Tell tale lyrics

when I see you in the morning Looking like you never done Anything wrong in ... your life But I saw you when you saw me Creeping round dead ... ya kissing all the girls But you got obsessed With the boys You got obsessed With the boys

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - Would you be happier lyrics

I do, I do, I do, I do) Did you ever dream you were the movie ... star With popcorn in your hand I did (I did, I did, ... I did) Do you ever think you're someone else inside When

Circa Survive - Your friends are gone lyrics

All your friends are gone) It climbs in ... slowly behind If you trust your neighbors They'd never ... suspect what you're like Welcome them into your life No one has to know

Brainstorm - Would you lyrics

Still can't believe what you say I drag myself through ... blackside of mankind What do you expect me to be A stranger ... I'm blind and without fate Would you see me, would you care Would you take away my fears Would

Chic - Would you be my baby lyrics

be my, be my baby Don't you tell me no or maybe If you ... beautiful Listen, open up your heart and let me in Feel ... the way I love you I love you so madly and I'll go crazy

Moewe - Would you fall for me ? lyrics

time i remember to your eyes, when we sits and eat ... waves. I don't wanna cry for you When I fall, would you fall ... I surrendered my life, what you do for me ? This is my one

Notorious B.i.g. - Would you die for me lyrics

ve been through Coming to the telly, so I can bend you Send you ... more Jealous females, call you sluts and whores Could it be ... tired I'm a roll blunts while you spin You got your license,

Hello Venus - Would you like some tea? ( 차 마실래?) lyrics

listen up! Where you at now? You ready to tell me

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - You and i lyrics

like the way you look at me baby Please don't ... Girl I'm in a motel tonight Would you tell me where you're ... take it If I had a heart you're the one who should break

Bourbon Crow - You have no friends lyrics

Never wished any death But you have changed me It´s a brand ... new day I hope you perish in every single way ... Cause you´re a disaster, you make me sick Hell you make a

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - You're probably wondering why i'm here lyrics

So am I Just as much as you wonder 'Bout me bein' in ... I marvel At the lameness on your face You rise each day the ... same old way And join your friends out on the street Spray your

Lisa Loeb - Would you wander lyrics

it's really love You would follow it forever Would you ... wander for me? Even though you think I'm lost And you know ... better Would you wander for me? This ... right behind me How far would you go outside The lines just to

Lordi - Would you love a monsterman? lyrics

you love a monsterman? Could you understand beauty of the ... Fire at will - yeah I would kill Yeah I would freeze the ... just to get a chill Yeah I would slay - Yeah I would maim

Future Of Forestry - Would you come home? lyrics

What to make of us When you go, you don’t And when you ... stay your sky away from here Would you come home? Would you ... come home? And when you go, you don’t And when you’re still, you’re restless in

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - Would you ever feat. poo bear lyrics

ever ride a wave with me? Would you ever take a chance with ... me? Would you ever take a leap with me? Would you ever change the frequency ... Would you ever? Would you ever? Would you ever? Would

Amber Pacific - Would you? lyrics

night, I can’t, I cannot get you off my mind Would you give ... our love was enough to carry you? Would you face the truth if ... it meant that you would have to follow through?

Kevin Gates - Would you mind? lyrics

of this.. [Chorus:] Would you mind [4x] I'll be your ... soldier I can stroke you in slow motion for a really ... long time, time, time After you bend over imma grip your

LeathermØuth - Your friends are full of shit lyrics

t pretend that I can stomach your face. I can't believe the ... forever, caring about what you think. . That's what I ... I'll wear a smile when I stab you in the back baby. So watch your step kid, protect your neck

Joan Armatrading - Would you like to dance lyrics

do Should I try to meet You after work By coincidence ... Should I make a beeline To your door ring your bell Ask ... to introduce us Hey baby would you like to dance Would you

Katrina Elam - Would you love me anyway lyrics

I'm just a girl, would you love me Just one against the ... world, would you love me If I can't be like ... never even wanted for myself Would you love me anyway If I'm

The Hollies - Would you believe lyrics

Don't laugh in my face You're making me feel small I'm ... in lace Compared with you I'm nothing Would you ... believe I'm in love with you? Would you believe I'm in

Patty Loveless - You don't get no more lyrics

I gave you my heart and what did you do ... You dragged it around and you broke it in two You don't ... get no more You don't get no more When you ... use up my heart You don't get no more no more

Willie Nelson - Would you lay with me (in a field of stone) lyrics

stone If my needs were strong would you lay with me Should my ... lips grow dry would you wet them dear In the midnight ... hour if my lips were dry Would you go away to another land

Of Mice & Men - Would you still be there lyrics

If I could turn back time would you still be there? I can ... about the way I left you sinking with no escape. Now ... If I could turn back time would you still be there? If I

Rotersand - Would you buy this? lyrics

you believe in God Did you ever lie to your mother Do you like cake Do you have ... falling asleep What is your favourite colour Are you ... afraid of certain noises Do you eat too much Would you buy

Sister - Would you love a creature lyrics

hypnotized alcoholized storytelling heartbroken man living in ... to lose i reach out to you would you love a creature like me ... but now it starts to fade would you kiss a monsters cheek would you hold a monsters hand would you look into my eyes and

The Damned - Would you be so hot if you werent dead lyrics

you are twice the man you used to be Excessive fame in ... quick death Would it be different If he had ... gone instead Would you be so hot if you wern't dead?

Peter, Paul And Mary - Would you like to learn to dance lyrics

to dance? Well I can show you how Gotta book here, all you ... around the room a while You can lead now if you want to, ... I dont mind. Nothin I wouldnt do to see your smile Go

Air Supply - Would you ever walk away lyrics

this moment I will follow you To the borders of my ... country Will you make those promises come true ... Will you always want to hold me Would you ever walk away from love

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Tell your momma come lyrics

, dancin', dancin' Yo, you and you, you and you and you ... kick it with my crew I get you all excited if I tell you ... we do Just come along and tell everybody no matter who

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - You tell me lyrics

me why she left me I'll tell you why I cried Tell you why I ... stayed around tell me why she lied I'll tell ... why my heart's broken tell me why she said goodbye Tell

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