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Agnostic Front - Empty dreams lyrics

day in my life Land of broken dreams ... But I must move on Another day gone by ... Things aren’t what they seem But I must be strong I ... was stuck inside an empty dream I work so hard for nothing

Iron Fortress - Death eludes me lyrics

They said good-bye their mothers cried Their lovers ... corpses scattered 'round The empty eyes and silent screams ... Quite prayers and empty dreams And I seek death, and death eludes me The wars I've

Ministry - Worm lyrics

sucks And death is calling Every day I ... keep my chin up But my spirit's falling Every day ... Last night Won't see the morning Every day I see the

Disciple - Empty grave lyrics

reckless, left breathless, my weakness out on display My ... heart was so broken, my scars had drowned out all my ... faith It was hard to see my worst enemy hiding deep

Godley And Creme - Worm & the rattlesnake lyrics

Eddy not Bert Weedon Wanna mingle with the riff raff and ... Oh yeah, oh yeah I wanna smoke my cigarettes in peace I ... brush out the parting and comb in the grease I wanna trade my tie for studs and buckles

Dog Fashion Disco - Worm in a dogs heart lyrics

are a worm in a dog's heart, A newborn mongoloid child, Operating at ... Covered in vaseline and immaculate skin, And fantastic ... pigmentation, You are a milky tear in a dead mans eye,

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Worm infested lyrics

graveyard, Searching for a female corpse Dead for thirteen ... The perfect whore to fill my need Dig her body up ... Crack open gruesome tomb Ceremonial Covert

Abscess - Worm sty infection lyrics

forming on my skin I dont even know why ... must be from that place Ive been the ... place I know as worm sty I think I...I wanna kill ... I I wanna slash 'em wide burning my blood is

Abominant - Severed dreams lyrics

lie empty, no thoughts in my head. Just knowing what ... tonight will bring. The somber shade of star lite sky. ... It begins when I close my eyes. Awaken from sleeping

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Death is not the end lyrics

haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the ... Falls down and does not mend Just remember that death ... the end, not the end Just remember that death is not the

Failure - Empty friend lyrics

came here to be shallow And ... you spill out all your dreams Sucked them up like a ... too willing to leave Some empty friend Who talked me ... into sleep Sweet dreams And threw my wings Into

Jamie's Elsewhere - Empty eyes (feat. garret rapp) lyrics

world holds it's gravity over my head You call this ... will never be one with the simple minded We see through the ... be blinded You're blowing smoke from your mouth Actions

Legacy ( Mex ) - Empty tears lyrics

Bad days come good days go How can life ... go so low? It filled me with immense sorrow And I ... Sacrifices are constantly made Thoughts and feelings simply fade away This loss has

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Death is not the end (nick cave & kylie minog.. lyrics

haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the ... and dows not bend Just remember that death is not the end. ... the end, not the end Just remember that death is not the

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Death is not the end lyrics

haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the ... and dows not bend Just remember that death is not the end. ... the end, not the end Just remember that death is not the

Clutch - Worm drink lyrics

ll March No Longer I'll Fight No More You Can Send Out All The ... Track Snivelers, But I'm Done With War. Wind Him Up ... Bring Him Back Conscript, Deserter.

Mortem - Death rules supreme lyrics

scythe, rides through the tombs A silent figure known as ... the reaper Death Rules Supreme The ancient ... souls roaming the graveyard Await the ... time for damnation to come To claim the earth as

Scandroid - Empty streets lyrics

known And now I walk these empty streets alone In my memory the past is fading The ... s hard to focus on it when I'm running out of time… REF: ... Surrounded by streetlights at midnight My destination is

Lord Belial - Death as solution lyrics

As I saw you die Repugnant emotions growing Running away ... from life Despicable pathetic death as solution With lack of ... Spineless as a crawling worm Despicable pathetic death as

Brad Paisley - Death of a single man lyrics

when we got the news Confirming our worst fears I said he ... wouldn’t make it six months And others gave him a ... the next I’d never seen him wear a tie But he looked so

Ramones lyricsRamones - Worm man lyrics

m a worm man I'm fed up There's no hope I ... wanna puke I want some dirt [CHORUS] I'm a w ... w-worm man Gonna crawl in a hole ... Nobody's my friend I'm no good to anyone I want some dirt Well all right, well

Dave Matthews Band - Dreams of our fathers lyrics

I’m choking, I’m choking On the smoke from ... and I scrape But I can’t seem to get out But who then, who ... is this That’s scratching from the ground Oh, it’s my world

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Empty eyes lyrics

little girl, almost a woman So pretty, so young ... Dancing alone above the meadow Smile on her divine ... Red lips and green eyes The most beautiful creature That mortaks have ever seen But

Nokturnal Mortum - Death damnation lyrics

lord of the abyss, multiple my power All the demons, give ... me your evil power From the place where infinity ... breathes with fire, From the place where the life

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Empty handed lyrics

just happy to hide Behind dreams and broken lies There's a ... crack in your perfect smile That's been growing a ... long did you know You took me for granted I don't

Grinderman - Worm tamer lyrics

know they call my girl the Snake Charmer Here ... she comes rising with the yellow dawn ... I would do nothing to ever harm her I guess that I've just ... long You know they call my girl the Worm Tamer She

Hopes - Empty days lyrics

see these empty days,last sunset in the ... sky I hear the rain, in my mind, is this a meaningful life ... are our hopes? where are our dreams? There's no hope for tomorrow, no hope for today

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Scum lyrics

your mind Nothing but fear You ... can't face life Or believe death's near A vision of life ... An existence created From empty dreams Hide behind T.V.

Skinny Puppy - Death lyrics

his hands dream the whole week radiance ... once started shot struck home so it goes inches towards ... drawn and racked doesn't mean a thing nature perverts

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Empty walls lyrics

empty walls, Your empty walls, Pretentious ... attention, Dismissive apprehension, Don't ... waste your time, On coffins today, When we ... decline, From the confines of our mind,

New Eden - Empty man lyrics

Lost to his vanity victim of his mind Son of a fallen ... age bound and distorted man Bound by the modern ways ... hopeless empty man A modern man of highest learning

Demiurg - Death grasp oblivion lyrics

bitter soil, twisting in the mud of days that past Drowning ... the possibility of a painless death And then the death sets in ... empty sucking open bin It needs

In Legend - Empty place lyrics

the world A world to me And yet no home For you ... donʻt see: You compromise Our legacy By your ... actions youʻll be known No commitment to our space of life

Ash - Death trip 21 lyrics

story of a man who did never exist Lord ... in his sleep His face incomplete You got a taste you're ... ve seen your eyes in the bottom on my glass You died in your

H2o - Empty pockets lyrics

it's deception Falling on America's weak They say we're ... out on half ass trailer park dreams So now we're living with ... racists, blk/white hatred I'm trying so hard to love my

After Forever - Empty memories lyrics

it's cold, cold as stone Must welcome these memories as ... shallow as my eyes have slowly become ... s bitter agony Here are the memories as empty as my life

Citylights - Empty goals lyrics

ninety eigthty seven, summer melting faces Under the ... of sun lucky baby’s born Primitive but pure-preordained to ... mediocrity 25 years gone by, tell me what

Sieges Even - These empty places lyrics

more time you find yourself huddled in ... silence. Nicotine mingles with a mimic's tear, ... tarnishing moments forlon... Remember the ... stages that you were compelled to wander Where ideas

Converge - Empty on the inside lyrics

inside searching - for all my life empty on the inside ... aching - for all my life empty on the inside hunting - ... for all my life what made me whole is slipping through my

Black Label Society - Empty promises lyrics

s uncertain So far from home Hopes of tomorrow Gathered ... flown CHORUS: I gave you my word Swore with my blood ... You gave me empty promises With nothing in return

Close To Home - Empty roads lyrics

flooding the scene, It's 3AM and I'm fighting back sleep. ... So much running through my head again, This f***ing ... drive is got me thinking that it's better

Easy Rider - Death of dreams lyrics

wake up in the morning... I see the news Is ... to worry About this problem! The truth is worst than we ... we ever change our way? Maybe it´s not important If we

Frightened Rabbit - Death dream lyrics

asleep on the floor An open mouth, screams and makes no ... sound Apart from the ring of the tinnitus of ... or not Butterflied arms, tell me that this one has flown

Joan Armatrading - Empty highway lyrics

Like the tears running down my face Watch the rain ... Like the tears running down my face Sometimes it feel ... like the sky' is violence Sometimes it feels like nobody

Death - Empty words lyrics

and promises share a bond Through the ... be Are tattooed in your mind The power to let go Is ... sometimes hard to find The answer ... Or the words of a trained mind In a precious world of memories We finds ourselves

Grave Digger - Death smiles at all of us lyrics

gates of hell Sacrificed for mercy the price you have to pay ... A storm comes up empty streets lonely rats Cry ... following the tunes of death Laughing eyes will show no

Masters Of Reality - Worm in the silk lyrics

up oracle, you feverish germ You scratch of the wool, ... the incubus' squirm La da da da da da da da da ... da da da da Not kind were my thoughts, for the ghost on

Midnight Choir - Death second inches away lyrics

s face it woman This ain't working anymore Let's face it woman We ... at the door I can hear him knocking 'till one of us ... us hits the trail I say, time to move on baby You and I,

Centinex - Dreams of death lyrics

of torture Victim of pain Darkness and evil Smash your head Far beyond ... Children scream Hear their voices In your ... dream Lord of power Rip your

Flotsam And Jetsam - Dreams of death lyrics

a land that no one comes from. In your mind when your eyes ... a happening that's real or make-believe? Are the things ... try to run away but you can't move, yeah. Wake up! Wake up

Fueled By Fire - Dreams of terror lyrics

s from whom is behind her Screaming with ... terror in mind The nightmare attacks There's nowhere ... to run Theres something screeching out side ... Now she's trapped in her dream With blood on his gloves,and

Love And Death - Empty lyrics

tongue A careless venom I live caught in your web ... tug on the line And you eat me alive Tell me how you’re ... better than I Why are you so empty inside? You’ll never ruin me

Leaves' Eyes - Empty horizon lyrics

miss you like I'm losing my own life I'm drifting to somewhere I can't find ... and the power to let go Of something I can't control I ... try to reach you I am alive but I can't breathe Oh

Pvris - Empty lyrics

there's a light inside of me, But it's time that I come ... clean I'm not what I seem, no Some would say I'm ... been obsessed with life and death and emptiness, I guess

Centinex - Death glance lyrics

lifeless, total silence Unmercifully it cuts right ... through you Open mouth with starring gaze Last ... sight was its superior Death glance Death glance Both

Choking Victim - Death song lyrics

day it comes my way in different shapes and ... forms greed, hate and jealousy ... the valley in the shadow of my deeds consideration's ... always there the ends to meet the needs I give you money you give me death you

Death Angel - Empty lyrics

survive in a world with no shame Every time I see this place ... I am reminded why I'm so disgraced The world ... goes up in flames One last blade in my heart

Miss May I - Empty promises lyrics

hell, we fight for our bottomless grave. Disgraced by you, ... Captive to our own fate entombed in ourselves. There’s no more distance to reach. ... Horizons are dead in our dreams. You’ve blocked out the

Setherial - Death triumphant lyrics

fields I see life and death collide Symphonies played ... A cold, dark and empty space Where depressive minds blossoms When the ... night of heresy came Heaven embraced by fire and flames

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - Death and destiny inside the dream factory lyrics

your mind and feel the passion, baby ... Death and suntan, still in fashion, ... they can afford it, baby Permanently vile and fascinating ... down Please stop calling I'm so sick I think i'm falling

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