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Bay City Rollers - Working for the people lyrics

the show Got appointments with the agency now, now Yet ... the people Well we won't quit til they turn down the sound, ... hard to sleep in the open With nothing else but guitars and

Janet Devlin - Working for the man lyrics

Holding me, locked up Waiting for the sun to rise Red ... night Can someone help me with this fight Against the ... place, at the wrong time Working for the man Living for the

Escape Club - Working for the fat man lyrics

out the windows But we're working up there still Till the sun ... all I can Till then I'm working Working for the fat man ... taken all I can But I'm still working Working for the fat man I'm

Roy Orbison - Working for the man lyrics

of lot of lot of work to do Forget about your women and that ... water can Today you're working for the man Well pick up ... meet I'm gonna see you make it on time And don't relax, I

Anti-nowhere League - Working for the company lyrics

to think what kind of a day it it They're all the same, ... We're all here and we're working for the company We have no ... by We're all here and we're working for the company We have no

Chris Rea - Working on it lyrics

how I’d love it girl, just you and me Take ... day and fly But oh this job, it’s got the best of me Tell ... the kind that won’t wait I say tomorrow, he say today

Baby Animals - Working for the enemy lyrics

this round Tell yourself it's all too hard Working for ... the spies Tell yourself it's all too hard Working for ... back you must have been Working for the enemy Working for

Pj Harvey - Working for the man lyrics

the night i look for love Endless strength from ... behind the wheel I'm just working For the man Pretty things ... in my car Take them flying, it's not far Take in handsome,

Lower Than Atlantis - Working for the man by day, sticking it to th.. lyrics

m working this day job all week long, ... With the nine to fivers where I ... don't belong. It's a means to an end and it's ... there's no doubt, That the working day is over and I want out.

Loverboy - Working for the weekend lyrics

Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right ... Everybody's working for the weekend Everybody wants ... Everyone's looking to see if it was you Everyone wants you

H.e.r. - Wait for it lyrics

He keep callin' I wanna pick it up, but I keep stallin' I ... feel some type of way It's late at night, and babe I ... ain't get dressed for nothin' I ain't put on this

Cliff Richard - Working after school lyrics

school I can’t go dancing with you Working after school ... Won’t be romancing with you Saving up my money To ... buy a ring for you Working after school No time to kiss

I Fight Dragons - Working lyrics

can see And all the girls with the empty eyes agree All ... this working, it's not working They graduated with a big ... They're frustrated because it's not how they thought it

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Julie's been working for the drug squad lyrics

giggle[s] at the screen cos it looks so green There's ... realise That Julie's been working for the Drug Squad Julie's ... been working for the Drug Squad She can't

Richard Smallwood - It's working (romans 8:28) lyrics

my sister and my brother For there is one who loves you ... like no other He's working it out On His word we all can ... 2 All things work together for good To them that love the

The Dubliners - Working man lyrics

s a working man I am, And I've been down ... God if I ever see the sun Or for any lenght of time, I can ... hold it in my mind I never again ... sixteen years, He quarreled with the peers Who vowed there'd

Brett Dennen - Stand up for it lyrics

you love You have to run to it, stand up for it If there is ... you love You have to cherish it, stand up for it Who draws ... Everyone of us capable Of working for, working for good and working for evil If there is

Amasic - For you & me lyrics

would it be, If that there was me? It looks so unreal, I just can ... see the light? He's just working for, living for, dying for ... everyday, Giving his life for you & me. This is not

Common - It's your world lyrics

Tripping on heights, wishing for Nikes in different flavors ... Butch through the bay bay With waists so they weigh they ... A skinny nigga, young girls with penny figures So many

Rick Ross - "it's my time" lyrics

(Rick Ross talking)] It's my time (Rick Ross) It's ... (Finna' lay back on this shit man) (Dade County dope boy) ... nigga, that's fact You can hit me on the cell pimp, that's

Rick Ross - It´s my time (feat. lyfe jennings) lyrics

[Rick Ross talking] It's my time [Rick Ross] It's ... [Finna' lay back on this shit man] [Dade County dope boy] ... nigga, that's fact You can hit me on the cell pimp, that's

Master - It’s what your country can do for you lyrics

we reached the final exit, as they unleash their hate ... struggle to evoke free spirits, returning their control in ... control, life is passing by for sure Regain control in

Elevation Worship - For a moment lyrics

be still you are with me In this hope I abide ... in this trial And I know, it's only for a moment And ... everything is working for your glory But I need, your

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Pissed punks (go for it) lyrics

s here, so let's start right with lots of beer. I said &quot ... Hey gang let's hit the booze, hey gang give me ... re feeling great, so let's split this joint 'cos it's getting

John Denver - It’s a possibility lyrics

people play, about the politics of hunger and the politics ... of need, how the politics of power seem to be the ... politics of greed, for all the times that you

Montgomery Gentry - For the money lyrics

let me tell you a little story about my family ... Daddy almost made a living with eighty acres and a plow He ... bought that place twice over working for someone in town Ah, but

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - For real, for real lyrics

of one too many bottles. got it crackin' now Looking at the ... crystal ball, it's got me actin' out Let me ... rain it in, hold up tho we came to ... win My situation ain't change me, I just

Can't Stop Won't Stop - For the love lyrics

t question my love for what I do Since my terrible ... s innate how I create from within comes without a doubt a ... penchant for penning my penny thoughts til ... s how I know life is short for sure so I'm doing what I love

Bleeding Through - For love and failing (featuring. ben falgoust.. lyrics

lost his way. Still looking for it everyday. I''ll face ... you wish to throw at me. Without trying i would never fail ... and i fell in love with failure I can''t see

Dave Matthews Band - Stand up for it lyrics

Smell like smoke and fire it's burning in us all. You

Delerium - Run for it lyrics

And i can´t hide the hider with you hanging around I can´t ... and i won´t You better run for your life, love, i´m walking ... (x2) I can´t love a hater, it´s a losing game Never love a

God Is Not With Us Today - No time for it lyrics

the fire And if we hate it we just give it a kick Your ... mouth off But we never fell for any old trick CHORUS You ... else can be livin this life for you Said you were there but

Mudhoney - Dyin' for it lyrics

floating by Everything before that belongs to someone else ... s life I lost touch with everything I used to be ... beat You got me dyin' for it baby You know I'm tryin

Coalesce - For all you are lyrics

by sound and honored with a lack of penetration. ... and licking roses, the bitter fruits of bickering politicians. And there he stood a ... of perfection. Careless and fit with contempt for me. Could

In This Moment - It is written lyrics

all doubt. I’d starve for it, I’d die for it, I’d bleed for it No matter how. I’m a ... slave for music. F*** me now

Thomas Anders - For you (feat. sound chateau) lyrics

you - It seems to be a miracle... ... you're holding to me. But for so, please come to me. ... Nothing else I need, it's real, I only want to take it up to your pure heart. Could

Blackfoot - Payin for it lyrics

Used to walk in the night A little teaser, full time pleaser ... under the light Lookin' for a buyer that was lookin' to ... night yeah And she's payin' for it now Chorus: Came a

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - She was asking for it lyrics

me back Back to the scene It's coming back I remember ... eye The night she died It left me empty Hollow inside ... at my skin I know now it's not my fault She was

Cimorelli - Hope for it lyrics

out in the sea praying for waves To carry me till the ... more And I will still hope for it I will still hope for it ... good And I will still hope for it Demons, twisting the

Daichi Miura - Daichi miura- go for it lyrics

you gonna do when I come for you What you gonna do what ... What you gonna do when I come for you What you gonna do what ... Chuumoku no mato wo otte akitara sutete Tokei no hari ga

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Go for it lyrics

'till they're gone Before you are gonna start the game ... If you can at all Wait 'till they're gone Before ... to the entrance door Where it will all start If you really

Evermore - It's too late lyrics

morning: hesitate, I can't get out of bed I ... like the dawning of the day It's too late, to let all your ... away I'm running from the city lights I'm running from

Hardcore Superstar - Beg for it lyrics

My brain hurts so I'll rest for a while Good luck! Hy head ... inside Slowly I die Beg for it Lift me up let me touch ... the sky Beg for it No more demons standing by

Juvenile - Run for it lyrics

Juvenile] I be comin' up wit da glock toy You can stop ... yo face and hand I ain't wit dat playin' My daddy showed ... me how to play it in a situation My daddy tol' me I ain

Amy Lee - It's a fire (portishead cover) lyrics

need to Recognise mistakes For time and again So let it be ... known for what we believe in I can see ... no reason for it to fail 'Cause this life ... oneself Testify or tell It's fooling us now So let it

Lil' Mo - It's your world lyrics

tell me Girl you gotta stand for something Don't fall for ... might try and sell me It feels so good to hear her ... tell me It's your world baby girl, you

Nate Maloley - For you lyrics

pull up Let's get it I pull up in the same ... You know you bad And I can't forget the times that we had But ... really it's something special, what we ... Story of my life, I heard it plenty times So I can put it

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - It's alright lyrics

being forced in Afghanistan Revolution ... brink of oppression I hope it's going to be alright I hope ... the music plays forever Forests falling at a desperate

Poo Bear - Work for it feat tyga lyrics

mma make you work for it I'mma make you work I'mma ... make you work for it I'mma make you work I'mma ... make you sweat for it That good kinda hurt I'mma

Shinedown - Asking for it lyrics

Far across that line Turn it up so you can hear the bells ... drain We know all too well It's a living hell Careful ... what you say and who you say it, who you say it to Careful

A-ha lyricsA-ha - There's a reason for it lyrics

t know how it got away from me Don't know ... go, you see Don't know why it took a sudden turn Didn't ... And everyone is worlds apart It must have been this way from

Angus & Julia Stone - My word for it lyrics

I don't need this after all It was a place for me And all ... son He says you'll play it on your broken guitar He ... says you play it on your broken guitar Don

Anti-flag - I wasn't asking for it lyrics

chance I wasn't asking for it But now you're asking for it ... or bury me I wasn't asking for it You cannot break my spirit Your lie won't even chance

Iggy Azalea lyricsIggy Azalea - Beg for it lyrics

you beg, I'mma make you beg for it I'mma make you beg, I'mma ... High price, but I'm worth it, baby Can't play with ya, I ... breaking what the word is Hit the stage, ass shaking like I

Bayside - Ask for it - bayside lyrics

up pieces I've left behind For months you've been mine ... Still doesn't make it alright I fell deaf to ... I didn't mean to but you ask for it I meant everything I said

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Beg for it lyrics

I woke up before the light Thinking about ... scream Tell me your favorite love song girl I'm gonna ... play it while your toes curl Girl ... [Chorus:] I'm a make you beg for it Beg for it I'll give you

Dead Sara - Sorry for it all lyrics

song is not for you It's for everything I wish to be ... chance And you are sorry for it all And I care nothing is ... you listen to me When I say It takes one more chance to

Dying Fetus - For us or against us lyrics

really like. What is there for you and I? (Nothing short of ... uprising, we're begging for it. Live for us, or live for ... is the key. shut outside, with no defense (from factory to

Eddy Arnold - It's my pleasure lyrics

pleasure just to please you It's my pleasure and I'm glad to ... If you let me make you happy it's my pleasure It's so ... adore you every moment living for you When your sweet lips

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