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Dallas Smith - The song that's in my head lyrics

only three words long It turns out it makes the best love song The kind that you tune on And leave on repeat all night long From the moment you walked in my life It just keeps running through my mind I must have heard it now a thousand times I want y

Eminem lyricsEminem - Come on in (ft. d12) lyrics

feat. D12) Good mornin Haha, wake your mother f***in arses up Yo what is the what? Well come on then, you know what time it is Stop sleepin on my roof bitch For whatever it's worth it's worth me havin my arse whipped Cause I'ma have the last lift that ever g

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Words to the... lyrics

crime of the mind, it's a terrible thing to waste A sign of the times when mine is feeling out of place Could it be that it's me who's a victim of society's plan New stage - big change, a wave of the Savior's hand Words to the wise and the poor of spirit Words to

Snow Patrol - The last shot ringing in my ears lyrics

her home take her past this evening I'm not sure sure if I believe you You carry a gun for fun you use it twice as easy I'm sure she is she is someone's daughter I couldn't even feel that it was wrapped around my head I don't know what she's done I

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - In my heaven lyrics

my heaven there ain't no lawyers Don't need names on dotted lines Folks do business like they oughtta A good firm handshake works just fine We feed lawyers to the lions In my heaven there ain't no children Totin' loaded guns to school A

Easy Rider - The dream lives on + in my life lyrics


Johnny Reid - To the end of the road lyrics

a lot of time Beatin down doors Livin on a dream Sleepin on floors Waitin on my day Knowin it’ll come Trusting my faith For pushing me along Shoulder to the wheel Wind in my heels Keeping on keeping on To the end of the road Never needed much Who

Moby lyricsMoby - The light is clear in my eyes lyrics

couldn't handle the notion I couldn't handle the need And my mind is appalling me We lived under a knife We wanted so much to die The dissolution is calling me An easy out Try on someone to be Always alone and free Afraid and cruel I'm such a fo

Herman´s Hermits - The most beautiful thing in my life lyrics

thought everything was groovy in my own little world Now I find my eyes were closed until the day I met this girl But the moment I caught site of her The light of her The bright of her I could she would be The most beautiful thing in my life Where she walks, the earth is gre

Secret Discovery - To the moon lyrics

night is smooth, the shades are grey the city lights shining on my way just like a child the day is getting old and in the sky I see your face in gold I pray to the moon I pray to any star above I pray to the moon pray to your heart when darkness reig

Mandy Moore - Singing to the song of life lyrics

s a rhythm of this world In every nation A never-ending song Of celebration A song that dances on the wind Sieving through the trees It's opened up my world and sky And made them new for me [Chorus] Singing to the song of life Movin' to the heartbeat Sing

Ben Mckelvey - My imagination machine lyrics

my thoughts and fears and floating around Love to see the sight that's getting me up and down And all your favourite songs they're talking about And all your favourite lines you've read they're writing about Do you think of me? 'Cause I think of you And all the adoration

Blank & Jones - Flying to the moon lyrics

to the Moon Diving in the Sea Take my hand And follow me There's a love Tears of rain To let the music Ease the Pain Flying to the Moon Diving in the Sea Take my hand And follow me There's a love Tears of rain Let the music Ease the pain Flying to the Moon Di

Dispatch - Flying horses lyrics

river of doubt gave birth to a beautiful stone and in my hands I held it and I knew I was on my own so I picked it up and held it to the sky and in my reflection. I knew I was all alone then I saw this girl with the most beautiful hair she had it wrapped around her for clo

The Pierces - To the grave lyrics

it any wonder, cue the thunder it's raining on me this is getting frightening, there's the lightning striking the trees fire in the sky please before they take me, come and shake me out of this dream find myself alone and chilled to the bones inside of me fire

Domine - The song of the swords lyrics

the magical Shade Gate, they arrive Elric, the Pale King, Yyrkon the Tyrant, to fight Ther in a chamber, hanging in midair, two swords Dreadful and fine, forged in a time no man can recall They finally find the swords Stormbringer and Mournblade T

Gentle Giant - Words from the wise lyrics

from the wise, encourage you, carries all your taking on, Words from the wise, discourage too many people when things go wrong. Words from the wise, encourage you, carries all your taking on, Words from the wise, discourage too many people when things go wro

Nas lyricsNas - The black bond lyrics

pull a string on a lamp and shit darkens I’m living in an elegant Moroccan apartment Proletarian chicks sparkin Convo weak, and I don’t really care for her jargon Balcony is windy, looking at the stars and I be on the Henny woozy in the head, wobblin Gucci pillow on the bed whil

Patti Austin - In my life lyrics

music is sweet But the song incomplete Now in my life, Boy in my life Something is missing It's the truth, yes it's true Still there's no me and you Here in my life Boy in my life Something is missing In my life there ain't no melody oh no I

B. B. King - The blues come over me lyrics

baby gives me love As good as love can be I just leave her crying When the blues come over me Up on a mountain I'm drowning in the sea All the clocks say midnight When the blues come over me The blues come over me I pack it up and go The blues come over me

Anata - Dance to the song of apathy lyrics

s walk in a line Let's do what the person in front of us does Believ in what he believes Let's forget our identity So that we can assume no responsibility For our lives And the choices that we make Or never make Let us become one With the bloodless crowds Consequentl

Catlow - Sun in my eyes lyrics

last night, I heard the doorbell ring I was thinking crazy things. Look at the mess I'm in Well it was just a dream and in it a heartless scheme Somebody was playing with my emotions and look at the pain I'm in Make it dissapear, you don't own

Heavatar - To the metal lyrics

song is to the metal To the one I love We have seen a lot these years Though some of them were tough Still I always knew you won't leave me We have been many Now we're few You wonder: "Where are they?" I am sorry I've to tell you s

Scanners - In my dreams lyrics

know I've seen this place before I only come here after dark I step on through the open door And take the path that I must walk In my dreams I walk with you The silence of the waking world In my dreams I talk with you And then forget all that I've heard Eat me,

Asteria - Drink life to the less lyrics

slide in my sheets, And simply fall asleep Should she shatter my heart, And scatter these parts among the shaded streets, In a shallow attempt to save her skin, Then I simply wasn't shooting for stars, And tell me again, are you the reason I breathe,

Mercyful Fate - Come to the sabbath lyrics

come to the sabbath Down by the ruined bridge Witches and demons are coming Just follow the magic call Come come to the sabbath Down by the ruined bridge Later on the master will join us Called from the heart of Hell At first we light up a fire And then we h

Dan Fogelberg - Come to the harbor lyrics

to the harbor and dance with me, girl Dance by the edge of the sea The moon will be rising The tide will be high Oh, come let your fancy run free Come to the harbor And kick up your heels Let’s dance ‘til the break of the dawn The fiddlers will play us t

Joe Walsh - In my car lyrics

t make a difference I don't care how far We can go the distance In my car In my car Don't bother with directions Doesn't matter where we are Cruisin' down the highway In my car In my car I don't need no backseat drivers Leave 'em all behind And trouble it can't find

Skillet - Come on to the future lyrics

on, Come on, Come on to the future Come all, Come all the way Come on, Come on, Come on to the future The future is arranged Can you see it You know the future's in my sight Invisible kingdom Collides with space and time The universe has been orde

Emerald Rose - Come to the dance lyrics

to the dance We step in a circle Dance to the earth and your soul attune Come with us Sing for the love of the Mother Sing with the voice of the rising moon Come to the dance We do for the old ones Dance into space and time apart Send up the call To those who will h

Golden Earring - In my house lyrics

a-a-a-a-a In my house There is anything you need In my house yeah baby You don't have to wipe your feet In my house You will see that good times come In my house baby You will see here I belong And someday you're gonna be happy And someday you will feel fine And someda

Crash Test Dummies - Come down to the sinkhole lyrics

down to the sinkhole Where the mud is thick and deep Bring your special poison The one that makes you go to sleep Go and pack your bag Make sure you lock the door Don't think about it very much It's better to ignore Bring a stick for wild dogs That hunt

Crown The Empire - Welcome to the black parade (cover by. my che.. lyrics

I was a young boy, My father took me into the city To see a marching band. He said "Son when you grow up, Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?" He said, "Will you defeat them, Your demons and all

Hell - The age of nefarious lyrics

are the holiest of all, the truth be told And soulless are the soldiers of the onward Christian soul The retrograde insanity true profanity shall install All Hell be loosed where old excuses paralyze freewill This is the time - this is the day - this is

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - In my head lyrics

try to think about rainbows When it gets bad You got to think about something To keep from going mad I tried to think about big fat roses When the ship starts going down But my head is wicked jealous Don't want to talk about it right now [Chorus:] Long distance Don't

Nancy Sinatra - In my room lyrics

my room we're at the end of the harm I sit and stare at the wall each day's just like the last for I lived in the past In my room where every night is the same I play a dangerous game I keep pretending he's late And I sit and I wait All the day is

Mirel Wagner - To the bone lyrics

my little one this is how it’s done you’ll play your part and I’ll play mine but your love drags me down like the clothes when you swim down deeper down like the roots of old trees my heart has no home you’ve bruised me to the bone O my little one can’t you see

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - In my fathers house (are many mansions) lyrics

my father's house are many mansions If it were not true he would have told me so He has gone away to live in that bright city He's preparing me a mansion there I know Jesus died upon the cross to bear my sorrow Freely died that souls like you m

Ayreon - My house on mars lyrics

where are you now Forgot about your vow? You promised you'd return and take me to Earth Did you have to fight that war What was it all for? The honor of one's name, what is it worth? I'm all alone - we're all alone My future's unknown - our future's unknown I

Brand Nubian - To the right lyrics

we're gonna swing this one to the right Wanna give a shout to my man Pos K My man Big Daddy, he's cool Now Rule Mob, check it out Well honey here's a Hickie, Puba's not a quickie When it comes to skins, goddamn I'm picky Who will be the princess to occupy the p

Buckcherry - The motherf***er lyrics

it all goes down, and you feel enraged You will soon find out all your enemies have changed If you're down and out, and you wish them pain Well you do right now, make it come back around Kind of lose and make them pay, make them pay The motherf***er too gon

Crematory - In my hands lyrics

my hands - Holding the dust of time In my hands - Giving the night shadows In my hands - Seeing days gone by In my hands - You'll sleep 1000 years My life is your life - The angwish fading My thought are your thoughts - Sign of evil My soul in your soul - Judgement day My hands i

Disneymania - The second star to the right by jesse mccartn.. lyrics

Here we go... The Second Star Dream your way to the stars never stop. You and me, me and you on our way to the top. Spread your wings, we can fly to the stars in the sky To the left to the moon is the star on the right And I can meet you, I can mee

Disneymania - The second star to the right by t-squad lyrics

Here we go... The Second Star Dream your way to the stars never stop. You and me, me and you on our way to the top. Spread your wings, we can fly to the stars in the sky To the left to the moon is the star on the right And I can meet you, I can meet

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - The second star to the right lyrics

Here we go.. The Second Star Dream your way to the stars never stop. You and me, me and you on our way to the top. Spread your wings, we can fly to the stars in the sky To the left to the moon is the star on the right And I can meet you, I can meet you, I can meet you

Chamillionaire - Come back to the streets lyrics

Intro] Come back to the street (yeah) come back to the street (yeah) Come back to, come back to, come back to the street (Chamillionaire) [Interlude] Th-th-they callin me, c-come back to the street (they keep sayin my name) They-they callin me, they-they callin me (they

Loudness - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams, I was walking alone The rain falling on my emptiness In my dreams, I'm a long way from home I walk through the gates of loneliness I thought the love we had was in vain And Just another story My frozen tears, like the wind against the rain Slip

Albert Hammond Jr. - In my room lyrics

s the use of all this talkin? I can hear you as you walk away Here in my room that's where I'll be In my room After all you're so excited By all the dick you get invited to But now I know you mustn't change I won't go back 'cause you don't want me Well,

Ensiferum - In my sword i trust lyrics

men have crossed my way Promising peace or my soul to save But I already heard you I have seen what they made with their freedom But I, I have no need for your god The shallow truth of your poisonous tongue Brothers it's time to make a stand To reclaim our lives B

Lowkey - In my lifetime lyrics

my lifetime I learnt life is suffering And happiness is one thing that money doesn't bring In my lifetime, our birth right is struggling It must have been, but no matter what I keep the love within In my lifetime, I've waited for days that didn't come The battle's over,

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - In my chair lyrics

saw her talking, now My ears were burning Her feet startet walking, now They started turning My eyes were half open But she didn't see me there We ran along, walking 'cross the roof-tops In my chair Had a car in my pocket And we started moving

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The world is in my arms lyrics

was I, a gypsy, looking for a world to roam in, Now the world is in my arms. No more endless searching for a place to feel at home in, For the world is in my arms. Mexican hill flower the sky, Sappoco see here in your eye When I see you smile, I see the su

Javier Colon - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

was a cool summer night - I was hanging with my friends - you were hanging with your friends and That's when I noticed your smile - unbelievable - was inconceivable how I could ever spend another day - without you in my life - I knew I had to try to find a way to make you mine - I

Holy Mother - The river lyrics

quiet night on an endless street The smell makes me fall to my knees Desire strikes, I've been dealt by the hand A tooth for an eye, it's the law of the land I'm defecting your laws, I'm rejecting the sky I'm reflecting your face, I'm a victim of crime

Krokus - To the top lyrics

ve tryin' my beat you know it honey To make life easy They keep painting their fingers at me Just to terse me Oh my hands are tied And I'm up to my ears in work I've been comin' and join' Don't know which stake I'm in Like a son of a jerk ... To the Top I don't give to damn

Blaine Larsen - In my high school lyrics

my High School, we separate the rich from the rest. Those who wear rags from those who only wear the best. An' in my High School, they hold assemblies for the football team, But never for the kids with different dreams. An' we've got jocks and we've got smokers, rednecks an' jokers: T

Choking Victim - In my grave lyrics

the times that were good or bad, and the thought of a future that I never had. With the promise of heaven, and the threat of a hell... A reality I did dwell. And I did thrive on apathy, and ignorance taught me the way it should be. All along, all the lies I was fed, would re

Helstar - In my darkness lyrics

inside this cavity In the caverns of my soul The eternal pit of rage Begins to overflow Choking every ray of light No one hears their killing pleas Consuming every drop of life Only I can set them free I keep searching For the things I can never

Nightingale - To the end lyrics

haven’t been here in a long long time It feels so good to be home Sitting right here light a fire inside It’s so hard to explain And as the real world disappear Awaken my memories Oh, it’s all coming back to me There’s something in here, I believe it’s love That sets m

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The glory lyrics

amp;quot;I got fury in my soul, fury's gonna take me to the glory goal. In my mind I can't study war no more." [Chorus] Gonna take you to the glory Oh I can't study war Yeah I can't study war No no I can't study war Yeah I can't study war Uh I can't study war N

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