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Here Comes The Kraken - From the deepest darkness lyrics

the deepest darkness It's staring at us The ... silence in the shadows is broken Theres no ... you love Cause hate is just the path we'll walk on ... Its face is breaking through the fogh And you can see pure

All That Remains - The deepest gray lyrics

fills my veins with lies the deepest gray forever lives ... ticks slowly forward towards the break of day five seven nine ... I say my life is lived in darkness and here I'll remain and

Carpathian Forest - The first cut is the deepest lyrics

forth to the Devil's war field And see ... Satanic eyes... I am the enemy of God!!!! And the ... purest fire burns within.. A hunger for Death!!! The ... your false Judea God... The first CUT...... A man-made

P. P. Arnold - The first cut is the deepest lyrics

you all of my heart but there's someone who's torn it ... to love again but I know The first cut is the deepest, ... baby I know The first cut is the deepest,

Project Pitchfork - The deepest place lyrics

raise the light And the darkness will fade Your shadows will ... stay If you don't move away These shadows are yours As you ... it still? Calm down for the alarm in your heart

Chris Norman - The first cut is the deepest lyrics

you all of my heart but there's someone who's torn it ... again but I know Chorus: The first cut is the deepest baby ... I know the first cut is the deepest but when it comes to being

Angerfist - Within the darkness lyrics

DArkcore and Hardcore-YES :) DArkcore and Hardcore-YES :) DArkcore and Hardcore-YES :) DArkcore and Hardcore-YES :) DArkcore and Hardcore-YES :) DArkcore and Hardcore-YES...

Haddaway - The first cut is the deepest lyrics

you all of my heart But there's someone who's torn it ... to love again, but I know The first cuti is the deepest ... Baby, I know The first cut is the deepest

The Rembrandts - The deepest end lyrics

you'd only meet me half the way I'm runnin' out of ... to say Let's talk about the weather I THOUGHT YOU WERE ... SINS AND NOW I'M STRANDED IN THE DEEPEST END Where were you

Eidolon - Within the gates lyrics

- of hope and praise The chosen one put forth - to ... those before you - far beyond the gates Beneath the tempered ... soil, what lies within forsaken graves of hate 1

Hecate Enthroned - Within the ruins of eden lyrics

of light, the ancients of dark night ... Transcending through the war of passions delight ... Feeding on the screams, a prelude to ... eternity's sigh Shading like the trees, the gods are on their

Phinehas - The deepest of graves lyrics

time my eyes fall to the stare of the unknown You ... take the night and replace it with ... to fade You sow life in the deepest of graves Somewhere ... I am When I fall prey to the snares of distrust You're

Bonfire - The first cut is the deepest lyrics

you all of my heart but there's someone who's torn it ... again but I know CHORUS The first cut is the deepest - ... baby I know The first cut is the deepest

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - The deepest blues are black lyrics

Faded you Your diamond in the rough You don't have to ... once again Will you do The thing you've always done ... me true I think you know the one One that makes me

Khoiba - The deepest nightmare lyrics

The Deepest Nightmare it is

Fueled By Fire - Within the abyss lyrics

the innocent and slaved the weak your horrible mind is ... your fate By your own hands Within the abyss! Locked up in a ... abyss your mind starts to wither away eternal blackness

I Killed The Prom Queen - The deepest sleep lyrics

ll take you down to the waters edge I'll take you ... down to the waters edge I'll show you ... feel alive As you gaze up to the sky as your cold hands ... is Lost as you gaze up at the sky I'll show you exactly

Immortal - Within the dark mind lyrics

[Lyrics: Demonaz] The dark nights landscapes and ... peeks throne Cold beneath the moon At the works of my ... I glaze my heart to be The nature of dark Awake my

Elegacy - The sign of the hawk lyrics

the deepest darkness The Sign of the Hawk Sewn on the ... And now You can set the world on fire You can see ... in your heart Pray For the human race Shame For the

Nasum - The deepest hole lyrics

see what it's like in here The deepest hole you'll ever see ... of me Keeping my cool but there's a war inside my head All ... destruction sets me free The longer the way, the harder the fall And down on the bottom

My Dying Bride - The deepest of all hearts lyrics

you Be calm my aching heart. The ache drives me to you Your ... eyes. The depth I see. So deep The ... captivates me Delicate to the touch From what I could see

Dark Princess - The deepest fall lyrics

To see your pain is such a pleasure Eyes are full of tears uncried My fall for you is hard to measure Trust me fool I never lied Let me reach out to you I want m...

Dimmu Borgir - The invaluable darkness lyrics

Tomorrow's Adversary And the wealth of uprising The ... storm will be released And the unmerciful will erect ... Hidden from the eyes of your God I will

Exodus - Within the walls of chaos lyrics

everyone and everything Within the walls there's no escaping ... turn to pharmacies All the pimps and pushers territories ... Dollars pouring in from the victims trapped within

Damien Rice - The rat within the grain lyrics

plane I've would have been there when they told you Im the ... Rat within the grain Within this big misunderstanding now ... to worry You'd be drowned within my sea I only wanted to be

Dawn Of Demise - Within the flesh lyrics

take the blood from their veins I’ll punish them ... I’ll banish strength Attack the presence of man – eliminate ... All is slain Anger rages within the flesh Life turns into

Count Raven - Within the garden of mirrors lyrics

a ride with me today Into another world we leave to stay In ... secret rendez-vous within your mind Tomorrow is denied ... before..." Look into the mirrors and you'll see

Death - Within the mind lyrics

your life from the inside out Overcoming fear ... Observing what is stored in the subconscious Trusting what ... gut responses See past the dark and use your energy

My Dying Bride - Within the presence of absence lyrics

before me And bare she walks the morning anew It is the wound ... her rain Her face under the sky is full of golden sun I ... drew her through the midnight sky on iron leaves

Benedictum - Within the solace lyrics

must find the truth that lies within the solace Kingdoms rise ... say I see a different way There is a price to pay, ... had it all, make straight the path before you But

Arch Enemy - The great darkness lyrics

greater darkness, my mind’s possessed ... salvation) Faking control Their coldness hurt me beyond ... I burn? Will I be free? The great darkness consumed my

At The Gates - The burning darkness (live) lyrics

burn To see the wormhole in your eyes fall to ... black With fear I kiss the burning darkness Forever ... I think With fear I kiss the burning darkness Forever

Demether - Within the mirror lyrics

who walk the eagle’s path This is your ... final task See the water, clearest lake There ... Far away, far away Deep within the mirror that’s her world

Ceremonial Castings - Within the kingdom of dark obscurity lyrics

This Night Has Called For Me The Moon Is Mine Nocturnal ... Forever In Dusk I Can Hear The Call Let The Dark Come To ... Dusk Calls My Name Let The Dark Come To Me As This

Odium - Within the distraction lyrics

on picket fences The choice to follow your dreams ... We are chasing our tails Within distractions beyond our ... control Because there must be something more

At The Gates - The burning darkness lyrics

black With fear I kiss the burning darkness Forever

Dark At Dawn - Within the light lyrics

to stormswept skies Towards the gates of Hades I am drifting ... with the tide On a path that candles ... desire - flames light the twilight A star has died

Darkane - The arcane darkness lyrics

Na tuto piesen od skupiny Darkane nie je ziaden text... je to cisto instrumentalny song......

Demilich - (within) the chamber of whispering eyes lyrics

re not justified to die But they want you to eat yourself ... alive Punished in the Chamber of eyes "Show

Marduk - Within the abyss lyrics

Mortals end is near Rise of the ancients are coming Mortals ... in fear Ripped up from the grave The gathering is here ... Kingdom of the dark That has made our

Pallas - The blinding darkness lyrics

mountains rise in the biblical sky They measure the miles to the moon The Dogon ... chart invisible stars in the African night A beacon ... flashes on Crawl out of the shadows into the light

Glorior Belli - The blazing darkness (of luciferian skies) lyrics

blazing darkness of Luciferian skies Vpon ... Hence remaining unknown to the race of men But the blessed ... few which exist between - The Human soul & Heaven,

Love Like Blood - Within the realm of a dying sun lyrics

are not made of life at all they are mades of death they're ... like a cancer that's covering the earth and everything you see ... blue light flashing fear there's too much stone around

Leviathan ( Ger ) - The rising darkness lyrics

my presence's defined by the absence of things who am i ... i march into destruction the fire burns inside bow to

Jupiter Society - The pilot lyrics

still desire Kate Bishop the bitch is missing Mr Henry is ... day Starts with silence, darkness and emptiness And then the deepest of sounds coming from behind

Carpathian Forest - The well of all tears lyrics

channelling hell Through the seal... The only answer ... lies within Beholder of all sorrow The root of damnation, eternal ... dedication The night closes in Dark and

Airged L'amh - The ritual lair lyrics

evil, chant of a spell over the raging sea Has taken over, ... spreading darkness Town of a god that has ... desperate losing belief Another symbol now arises [Chorus

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

Xerxes... for by mastering the art of traversing the mists ... ] Yes, master... and yet, there is one realm which ... intrigues me above all others, one era which occupies my

Battlerage - From the deepest hell lyrics

Arcane scriptures of madness Darkness reigns supreme Hidden ... black circle The goat stands in pride The ... Obscene desecration Praise the hellish beast Altars of

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud ... Gul-Kothoth] [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the ... and resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom ... in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial ... BEFORE:] [Episode I:] THE SPLENDOUR OF A THOUSAND

Prophanity - Armed to the teeth lyrics

is fading The mystic dawn is near Our ... horde is ready The final war is here Armed ... to the teeth Battleaxes and swords ... and spears Armed to the teeth Nothing has changed

Black Funeral - Thaumiel - the deepest hell - kether (satan -.. lyrics

storm and adversarial darkness Fires devastating, torment ... of the sightless Unbound by the wolf spirit cutting deep in the flesh A rape of inversion,

Crescent Shield - The endurance lyrics

I: A Third Gathering Brave men wanted For ... cold Moths of complete darkness Constant danger Safe return ... success Ernest Shackleton The south facing madman Will try

Alchemist - Worlds within worlds lyrics

creatures within the deepest oceans, you are existing ... I am in and is in me. The not yet born and dead may ... a state of mind Disregarding the impossible We believe in

Cancer Bats - Darkness lives lyrics

Chorus:] Darkness lives, in the heart of me Deep inside us ... all, darkness lives The thrill to kill like a love ... song The lust in us to destroy To ... strike the life from another Rise above, never let this

Hecate Enthroned - The slaughter of innocence a requiem for the .. lyrics

falling in crippling time In the moonlighting darkness, the ... garden divine For invoking the dark, and the blood of its ... Lord It shall punish the weak with its bestial sword The innocent blood sacrificed in the night Within darkness comes

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - The jungle lyrics

man, let your spirit go To the full extent of the meaning ... said, "And follow me to the deepest part of the jungle. ... dark and wet and warm To the sacred part." Well,

Disturbed - The light lyrics

an unsung melody The truth is waiting there for ... to find it You heard the call as you walked away A ... voice of calm from within the silence And for what seemed

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