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Noah And The Whale - My broken heart lyrics

when you're following your heart I never had the time to show ... I could depart with my whole being, go back to the start ... Oh I promised more in vows then I ever give with my heart but I'll be lonely Oh I'll

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - My secret heart lyrics

look at your picture And stare into space I think I must know Every line on your ... you'll never know The feelings I keep Like the man in the ... You're way out of reach So dreams are all I have Because we're worlds apart All

Sally Oldfield - My damsel heart lyrics

my damsel heart of secret art And my Roman ... earrings flashing in the dark, You got ... angel eyes, you got a devil's smile, And with my young ... maiden's charm I'll keep you for a

Sash! - With my own eyes lyrics

my own eyes I saw a light shinning so bright With my own ... a feeling That made me cry With my own ears I heard a message And it was true I tell ... it to you Cause it was all All about

Gryffin - Whole heart lyrics

got problems in the streets again Drowning in the ... violence, it's getting pretty tense A lot ... of hunger in the faces I see A lot of bitterness, ... communal emptiness Don't trust the water,

Shakin' Stevens - With my heart lyrics

one for me in the world. She went a long long way away with my heart. You red hot lips your fingertips. Oooh, you ... make my heart flip-flip. You went a long

Kim Richey - My whole world lyrics

d almost convinced myself it wasn't true Till the ... very moment he walked in with you Now I'm pretending I'm ... not staring at the proof There's ... no denying that inside I'm crying As I watch you

Lecrae - My whole life changed lyrics

Hook: Lecrae] Let's just say I saw the light Let's just ... say I heard the truth Let's just say I ain't' the same no ... I'm out here looking new Let's just say I left the game

Bay City Rollers - My teenage heart lyrics

must my teenage heart keep sharing you, Why must my ... teenage heart feel blue, And if I spend my ... whole life sharing you, My teenage heart will still be

Naomi King - My whole life lyrics

oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Im a small girl with big city dreams ... And I know as far as it seems Its far away, its far away ... and I wont give up Ill live my dreams or not at all Not at

Brenda Lee - My whole world is falling down lyrics

whole world is falling down, falling down, ... falling down My whole world is falling down, I'm losing my baby Told me that ... your love for me was true Said you'd love me your whole

Vonda Shepard - My whole world lyrics

whole world is built on this To dream about your love ... And to live inside your kiss Well how can I manage to ... live like this? Is my fate how finally turning My

Bif Naked - My whole life lyrics

You'd better hope, I don't say, "Now or never" ... 'Cause you know I could My whole life I'm searchin' for Someone like you To take me

Bo Burnham - My whole family... lyrics

Uh, thanks. Umm...welcome to my show; it's called, "If ... You Sing Along I'll F***ing Kill ... You." Uh, this is a song.) Everytime I go to

Bo Burnham - My whole family thinks i'm gay lyrics

I go to dinner it seems like I'm getting a little bit ... thinner I'll sit down at the breakfast table ... I look at them I find there's a single question on their

The Slits - My whole world lyrics

dying dying dying My whole world Is dying Then I'll be ... free From crying My life was so divine And ... everything I had was mine You found a way and

Got7 - My whole body is reacting lyrics

uh sepo hanahanaga da baneunghae ... da baneunghae cheoeumieosseo geureon gibungwa geureon ... neukkimeun nansaeng cheom neukkyeoboneun ... georaseo geuraeseo museopge ppajyeogasseo algo isseosseo dalkomhalsurok

Moving Mountains - With one's heart in one's mouth lyrics

all is lost You've got nothing more ... to fear Than me and lover's plight Draped across your ... tangled flesh and bones Your taste is all I know Someday you'll find me Where

Azrael (jap.) - My blackest heart lyrics

Like an angel I am smiling Many faces lie in me ... They are always fighting I'm a betrayer ... of all Like stabbing the knife Into the ... back Though I'm living as a man Acting as a gently

Paula Abdul - My foolish heart lyrics


Dark Tranquillity - With the flaming shades of fall lyrics

burst in wild explosions; Fiery, flaming shades of ... fall All in accord with my pounding heart Behold the ... and yellow dying Colours unfold into dreams In hordes

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - With a heavy heart (i regret to inform you) lyrics

loved her He whispered He entertained her ... Did you know her? He whispered Did they embrace her? ... Oh, God Oh, God Oh, God She won't be there with a

Jazmine Sullivan - My foolish heart lyrics

Oh Oh Oh [Verse 1:] My foolish heart it made me fall ... in love with him. I know it goes with how ... it's feeling. Oh Oh Oh. My foolish heart was broken when

Slechtvalk - My bleeding heart lyrics

soul hungers for human blood, Every day I ... yearn for more With every kill, my human heart ... turns into stone I have killed sworn ... enemies, betrayed my closest friends I have dishonoured my clan, 'cause I once drank

Feed Her To The Sharks - My bleeding heart swims in a sea of darkness lyrics

as I wither away And fall into darkness Again... When will I break ... away... The chains to my dying heart? Falling to ... darkness will I fade away? When will

Parlor Mob, The - My favorite heart to break lyrics

cannot cut this fairy tale, And treat you ... how I please. Thank you for the fun of ... And leave you on your knees Tear your little heart out ... Where everyone can see Place it right beside you

Blur - My terracotta heart lyrics

the bright rays We got in summertime Seemed like a ... breath of fresh air Back in the summertime ... When we were more like brothers But that was years ago So

Diana Vickers - My wicked heart lyrics

hush secret Your secret's safe with me Hush hush keep it ... ll need you for love Cuz I share her When you brush my ... lips And deliver You were made ... for this I know I should go All my wicked heart It's out of turn for you

Brooks Elkie - My foolish heart lyrics

night is like a lovely tune Beware my ... foolish heart How white the ever constant ... moon Take care my foolish heart There's a line between ... love and fascination That's hard to see, how many names such as this For they both

Nancy Elizabeth - Heart lyrics

him I removed my very skin, my blood poured out on the floor ... Nothing ever seemed ridiculous, there was ... I could not endure because glory glowed at my core.

Imperia - My screaming heart lyrics

it must be magic Speak to me, I beg you Magic, ... it must be magic Your voice, like ... music to my ears And I still love you (I still love ... you) And I still love you There was a

Marirose - My broken heart lyrics

Verse 1) Why did you leave me ... here in the dark? Was so surprised when you wanted to ... be okay But the other boys are screaming my name Askin ... to but i'm afraid (Chorus) X2 Cause my broken heart

Sally Oldfield - My drumbeat heart lyrics

kalandeya... Never-ending my drumbeat heart is beating out ... a song for the sun, Undivided, the endless ... light is shining down on everyone, Then ... the word "Let there be sky, let there be stars, let

Sam Cooke - My foolish heart lyrics

night is like a lovely tune beware my ... foolish heart How wise the ever constant moon take ... care my foolish heart There's a line between love and fascination that's hard to see

At Vance - My bleeding heart lyrics

all that is left Are these broken pieces of my life ... And I'm asking myself Was it all worth it Were I was ... wrong What was my mistake I gave you all I had (to

Francesca Battistelli - My paper heart lyrics

like a valentine That’s been ripped apart and left ... girl In a crazy careless world My dreams were torn ... and scattered on the floor But ... been picking up the pieces, Lord ‘Cause Your love is

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - My foolish heart lyrics

white the ever constant moon, take care, my foolish heart! There's a line ... between love and fascination, That's hard to see ... on an evening such as this, For they give the very same

Mcrae Tom - My vampire heart lyrics

I'm lost Adrift in the dark I'm ... clutching your words To my vampire heart once more So ... in the light Turn me to dust If it don't end in Bloodshed dear It's probably not

Willie Nelson - My broken heart belongs to you lyrics

lost my mind so long ago I wanted everyone ... to know I wanted everyone to see My broken heart belong to ... thought of you And a broken heart was nothing new I wanted

Officium Triste - My charcoal heart lyrics

heart is in pain the feelings for you won't be the same My heart a diamond it won't be ... Black like coal, all you will see The pain from feelings of

Sentenced - My slowing heart lyrics

and I had none Now the game is over and it's all gone My heart is worn out to keep beating My lungs exhausted by all this ... breathing My mind's too tired to keep grieving

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - My selfish heart lyrics

selfish heart wasn't bit no good to you At least not the way it intended to, ... ooh Your love was young, but it wound my old soul When I said goodbye I wasn't ready, no no But I don't

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - My violent heart lyrics

and i, we may look the same but we are very far ... apart there's bullet holes where my compassion used to ... be and there is violence in my heart into fire you can send us from the fire we

Rilo Kiley - My slumbering heart lyrics

my dreams, i see myself hitting a baseball In a ... green field somewhere near a freeway I'm ... all tan and smiling and running from third ... base It's hot and the kids keep on playing the driving

Mandy Barnett - With my eyes wide open im dreaming lyrics

My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming Can ... it be true I'm holding you close to my heart? With My Eyes ... Open, I'm Dreaming You're with me now sharing a vow never to

Luna Obscura - With my demons i'll celebrate my fall lyrics

saw myself in an empty mirror Screamming silently and crying ... tears of blood So much pain in my heart I suffer in my darkness Emptiness before my loneliness My

Kimbra - With my hands lyrics

my amends A resurrection The needle and the ... thread I'll start with my hands This is your salvation Your reincarnation ... I hear them snickering when they smile This be my clockwork With my

Ben Harper - With my own two hands lyrics

can change the world with my own two hands Make it a ... better place with my own two hands Make it a ... kinder place, oh with my, oh with my own two hands With my

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - With my eyes closed lyrics

you never send me away Makin' me a ... find me a life Change, there's no changing What cannot be ... changed, And you are witness to a silent conversation,

Cold - With my mind lyrics

world Where deception's free Things I can't control ... me Did they try to take My identity So what the hell ... I will take your thoughts away And I'll ignite your

Jack Johnson - With my own two hands lyrics

can change the world With my own two hands Make it a ... better place With my own two hands Make it a ... kinder place With my own two hands With my own With my own two hands I can make

John Michael Montgomery - With my shirt on lyrics

Key West spring break We were twenty ... one in perfect shape We stayed oiled up and half naked ... all week long But that was ten years and twenty pounds ... ago Girl you're still a "10" but I'm somewhere below So tonight can

Mumford & Sons - White blank page lyrics

to her And give her your heart, your heart As well as your ... you lie next to her And confess your love, your love As ... well as your folly And can you kneel

La Dispute - All our bruised bodies and the whole heart sh.. lyrics

now tell me how your story goes. Have you ever suffered? If so, did you get better or have ... lover laying in your bedroom with another and then Did you let

Mallory Knox - Heart & desire lyrics

path we take is paved with mistakes, bad moves & promises made That we left inside the ... darkness through our brightest days As we walk along we

Automatic Loveletter - Heart song lyrics

babe, I got my eye on you Standing there on Beacon Avenue ... I want you dead Your every shot down Love after sight ... Ain't messing around And you take my

Brennan Heart - About time (ft. max p) lyrics

track is all about time Progress, ... evolution It’s about time to close on a ... decade of hectic Life’s electric when you’re living ... in the fast lane I got no reason to

Hawk Nelson - Sold out lyrics

for the door And I won't sit down won't back out You ... can't ever shut me up Cause I'm on a mission And I won ... In a world full of followers I'll be a leader In a world

Miss Li - My heart goes boom lyrics

My heart goes boom boom And My heart goes boom boom I don ... me I don't need no pills or therapy Freud might work ... for some But that just ain't for me No, I don't

Front Porch Step - Whole again lyrics

Found You Broken, And I Lost My Need For Sleep. You Bit My ... Both In Way To Deep. The Scars Across Your Wrists, Displayed For All To See But The ... Skeletons I Hide Have Much Thicker Skin

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