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Catatonia - Why i can't stand one night stands lyrics

limbed i give in Although your bed is warm The worn ... they creak of regret And lust is the thief who steals ... While we were sleeping Now you're doing my head in The

Shaggy - Why you treat me so bad lyrics

situation here dis is shaggy gand puba style [Shaggy:] in a ... dancehall style wicked, whya so versatile chu why must ... so bad [Puba:] I don't know why she treat like that why

Flo Rida - Why you up in here lyrics

on my jock Staring at me up and down like when my roley's 6 o ... clock Now you know you better stop You done heard ... my squad I am G poe boy You either (uhh) or you not

Eric Benet - Why you follow me lyrics

by forbidden love before But why must she be everythin That I ... be knocking at my door Hey Why you messing with my feelings Why you follow me I can read the

Jessi Colter - Why you been gone for so long lyrics

colter artist song title why have you been gone for so

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it lyrics

la (Up to di time) la la la (You know it's Kartel!) la la la ... to do it twice!) Ask him, why you do it when you know you ... shouldn't be doin it Why you chewin it when you should be

Beatsteaks - Why you not lyrics

the way of pain, desease in your brain they say the church's ... she's rich, more rich than you know for money they protect your soul, for a heaven you don

Ciara - Why you lyrics

used my love You used my heart The saddest ... fight, no delight, you and I Nothing left but memories ... sacrifice has hurt my life You roll the dice You don’t know

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - You'll never stand alone lyrics

when the tears should fill your eyes And you can't see past ... t lose faith, love won't let you lose your way Because You ... you'll never stand alone I'll be standing by I

Cascada - Why you had to leave lyrics

Each day I seemed to love you more Nothing was going to ... or wrong Somehow I'm weak and strong Find myself on the ... hard to believe that one day you're here The next you are

Brenda Lee - Why you been gone so long lyrics

window All I do is wring my hands and moan Listen to that ... thunder roar, And I can hear that lonesome wind ... blow Tel me why baby, why ya been gone so long Tell

Lil Boosie - Why you thug me like dat lyrics

I promise you 2 cum home at nite Yea rite, ... I promise you 2 always treat you rite yea rite, I promise 2 ... be down 4 you n never chill but when im wit ... flying down yo cheek, y you thug me like dat cuz im

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Why you wanna trip on me lyrics

Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me They Say ... m Different They Don't Understand But There's A Bigger Problem ... That's Much More In Demand You Got World Hunger Not Enough

Katy B - Why you always here lyrics

Free from walking next And then there you appear You ... touched upon my sleeve Then you said follow me But I sensed ... Can't enter golden times You predict into my mind Throwin

Chenoa - Why you doin' like that lyrics

had about enough, no more. You think I don't know, but I ... been tellin me so. Who you're with, where you go, what you do. When you're not with me

Sean Kingston - Why you wanna go lyrics

took so long to get here Why you wanna go? Why you wanna ... leave me? Why you wanna go? It took so long ... to get here Why you wanna go? Why you wanna

Joe Purdy - Why you lyrics

you always being so mean? Why you always being so mean? ... Cause you'd think that you could see The pain you bring ... me now So why you always being so mean? And why you always running your mouth

The Left Rights - Why you in my physical lyrics

for the shit-bird dick-f***, and he in your house) Yo, I ... got something to shut you the f*** up You ain't no ... So (Who the f*** are you then?) I am the Stick Man and this is my brethren Brotha

Montell Jordan - Why you wanna do that? lyrics

we just met Ooh girl, why you wanna go and do that? (Do ... what?) Do that, why you wanna do that? Frontin' in ... hard to get Ooh girl, why you wanna go and do that? (Do

Prince - Why you wanna treat me so bad? lyrics

talk going 'round town That you really don't give a damn ... They say you really put me down When I'm ... doing the best I can I gave you all of my love I even gave you my body Tell me, baby, ain't

Hazydecay - Why you lyrics

heavy hazy - it looks like you left me in the maze - don´t you feel you forgot sumthin´ ... behind you - i remembr telling you ... don´t let go! you bled me dry - sucked the shit

Memphis Bleek - Why you wanna hate for lyrics

your ones, get your guns Muthaf***er it's on ... New millenium, and what? Bleek re-born All the ... Who I'm riding with bitch You know the game and the name I

Death Angel - Why you do this lyrics

will never understand the way you are Your mind's an evil tod ... striving for more Can't you see I can penetrate your lies ... I created you but yet you still defy It doesn't matter

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it (part 2) lyrics

mi strike (Ask him, ask him) you know, up to the time ... Wayne Marshall] Ask him why you keep on doin it And know you ... shouldn't try Why you treat your girls And eat your girls

Mya - Why you gotta look so good lyrics

It's only a matter of time, and I knew he was right [B ... One day I'm gonna wake up and find the Strength to leave your ass behind Maybe if your ... the sex was wack Or maybe if you was fat, but damn... [HOOK

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Why you hurt me lyrics

everybody Can I get a hoe? You know what I'm saying? So I ... was a freak in the evenin And if she wasn't teasin, then ... give me one reason Why she do dat? Always knew dat

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Why you wanna lyrics

Hey T.I.P pimping Hey shorty why you gotta act like that, I´m ... I´m just trying to be nice to you [Chorus] Go and tell a ... no, wit a ass so fat Hey why you wanna go and do that love,

Death Cab For Cutie - Why you'd want to live here lyrics

fuel stenches in the cabin And lights flickering at random ... the population's sleeping And I can't see why you'd want to ... ever had trouble breathing And he said, it varies from

Inkwell - Why cant sometimes and always be friends lyrics

It's time to get dressed. You sound lonely. Should I make ... the drive back home? You sound lonely. Should I make ... here we are Are we all lost and out of control. Here, here

Paul Wall - "why you peepin me" lyrics

All I ask is for her name, and she ain't never the same Am ... to the chick, she wanna stop and rewind And analyze my ... Either way I'm warmed up, and running game for miles I

Off With Their Heads - Why can't i let you go? lyrics

time is never right And I don't see it in my line of ... the middle of the night. And I wish that I could let you ... It'll never be the same And I wish I could say that I

Dondria - Why you hurting me lyrics

a man Everything was fine And I just knew you'd b my life ... never hesitate to check in And I never hada wonder what time ... u was comin in But-but then, you-you began To slowly but

Willie Nelson - You done me wrong lyrics

you tell me that you care And now you're gone, you got me ... crying No use denying, you done me wrong If I could ... look inside your heart And maybe I would know the reason

The Game - Why you hate the game lyrics

me on the intersection, Sex and drugs, my anthology on ... n***a show me the baby, And my n***a Game, light another ... Yeah, I learnt my lessons, and heard y'all snitchin',

Maria - You, me and she lyrics

like lately, you're far away Even when you're ... near Drives me crazy, that you don't seem to care Feels so ... I'm not the only one that you're thinking of Why do you

Cascada - You (cascada and robin stjerrnberg lyrics

do you remember How we would stay ... Talking 'bout our destiny And I played the piano And you ... would strum on your guitar Those were the days ... If only you could see me now I live my

Ruff Ryders - You, me and she lyrics

the house..) (chorus 1) you, me, and she what we gonna ... dude I thought I loved him and every time I asked what I ... said trust him (chorus 2) you, me, and she what we gonna

From First To Last - You, me, and the significant other lyrics

sweet nothing's into your ear The kind I knew you'd ... . Oh wait but I was wrong You sold me out so fast Quickly ... me into the shit that is your past Today you said, you

Dove Cameron - You, me and the beat lyrics

need a reason, just get up and dance When you turn up a ... music, let it blast You and me the whole world, in the ... palm of our hands Don´t let it go, don´t let

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Stand lyrics

in the place where you live Now face North Think ... about direction Wonder why you haven’t Now stand in the ... place where you work Now face West Think

Lucky Dube - You stand alone lyrics

liar, your pants are on fire You've ... help me God I cross my heart and hope to die These are the ... of situations Then I wonder why We don't mean what we say

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Why lyrics

whole song and the journey's tough Doesn't ... I've given all that I had to you Nothing left to loose The ... whole song and the journey's tough Doesn't ... up This is all I ask from you I wanna know why Can you

Love - Stand out lyrics

m supposed to love you But I don't know why 'Cause ... have nothing to with me, no You hurt my feeling And you make ... me cry And it's the kind of thing That

Melissa Steel - You're wrong lyrics

Verse 1] Can you do me a favour? Don't ever ... cross that line You think your lies could save ya You must ... ve lost your mind [Pre-Chorus] You ... suck at the game that you've never played So I'll give

Simple Minds - Stand by love lyrics

know my heart beats rhythm and my dreams still take me ... morning Get up on love and stand by me Stand by love, stand ... cover that's my game I'm your long lost brother, little

Darin - Stand by me lyrics

agree I could not imagine Why we wouldn't last They said ... we were Too different and rushed Much too fast It ... took one look into your eyes to know that I would

Platitude - You lyrics

rain Whos' behind your back? Your identity down the drain ... .. Take some time to think. You're all caught in a plan ... Leave the stupid trend and don't keep running in the sand Get some selfesteem and find

Diabolic - Stand by lyrics

is hiphop, get your muthaf***ing hands high! ... Three's for the loaded gat you hold when you wrote your raps ... t holding back no more, if your flow is wack I'm flying off

Sam Cooke - Stand by me father lyrics

Father You've Been My Friend Now That ... I'm In Trouble Stand By Me To The End, Ohoh I ... Want You To Stand By Stand By Well All Of My Money

Escape The Fate - You're insane lyrics

I’ll take you back to the beginning I was ... sinner Can see by the flames you know I’m like A little ... seams Don’t blame me For your problems You should fix yourself up Before you’re gonna

Accuser - Why me lyrics

my entire life Trouble and pain It started when I was a ... am I human or divine? Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me? ... I couldn't understand the visions that I had They

Britny Fox - Stand tall lyrics

is creepin' Creepin' while you're dreamin' Creepin' right ... up on you ???? ???? ???? Chorus ... You've gotta stand tall for youself (You've gotta stand tall

Gary Moore - Stand up lyrics

can do what you want, Nobody can stop you, ... baby. You can do what you like, No one's gonna stop you, baby. You've gotta stand ... up for your freedom. You've gotta stand up for yourself. You can say what you

Petra - Stand up lyrics

We are soldiers in his army Stand up, take a stand for Jesus Stand up so the whole world sees us ... light with all of our might Stand up, take a stand for Jesus Stand up so the whole world sees us

Liam Gallagher lyricsLiam Gallagher - You'd better run lyrics

living wonder I’m gonna meet you on the other side Well I’m ... gonna steal your thunder You’d better run, you’d better ... hide I see you, you think you’re something Well you’re

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Why lyrics

no tomorrow The pain, tears and sorrow And you never told ... me why The way you cheated and mistreated I could never ... ask you why Well I'm gonna find out,

Ray Davies - Stand up comic lyrics

I don't mind if fifty thousand yobos beat me up outside a ... ll still come out fighting. D'you know why? You've seen me on ... lowest common denominator. And this is all about yob culture

George Jones - You've become my everything lyrics

t long ago when I first met you But it didn't take me long ... to want you near And the short time that I've ... known you I've grown to love you And I can't stand the

J. Moss - You did lyrics

grace So grateful, I thank you for your presence and the ... In this moment, I partake You came, You came here even ... for all the trouble I caused you I’ve even doubted you, and

The Beach Boys - Tell me why lyrics

me why you cried, and why you lied to me Tell me why you ... cried, and why you lied to me Well I gave you ... everything I had But you left me sittin' on my own

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