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Willow Smith lyricsWillow Smith - Why don't you cry? lyrics

don't you? Why, why, why why don't you cry? Stuck in ... Never seeing clearer So open your eyes now It's getting ... cloudy I see your words, they're tryna get out

Best Coast - Why i cry lyrics

nothing's there Don't know why I even care Walk around in a ... no one's there, don't know why I even care Moods, they ... I always complain 'Cause you seem to think you know

Matt Pokora - Why do you cry lyrics

Do You Cry I hate see you like this You should be with ... me If he don't make you happy Listen She sits all ... t know where to turn Haven't you had enough Of all the

Thomas Anders - Why do you cry? lyrics

know, my girl I need you to write my story You love ... to fly But now you are by my side It's you I ... decide, say hi or goodbye… Why? Why do you cry

Barry Ryan - Why do you cry my love lyrics

Do doo doo And when I saw you there I met you I wouldn't ... let you And then you laughed at me And I looked ... at you I was right And I'll be ... thinking of you In the night Do doo doo,

At Vance - Why do you cry? lyrics

left unspoken But where do you belong There are so many ... hold on what we've got So why should I pay the price And why should I roll the dice Deep

Joe Purdy - Why you lyrics

you always being so mean? Why you always being so mean? ... Cause you'd think that you could see The pain you bring ... me now So why you always being so mean? And why you always running your mouth

Hanna Pakarinen - Tears you cry lyrics

wanna see the things you see I wanna be the things you'll be Sing the songs you're ... I wanna miss the things you miss I wanna bless the ... things you bless Live the life you're

Dondria - Why you hurting me lyrics

was fine And I just knew you'd b my life long friend Every ... u was comin in But-but then, you-you began To slowly but ... me I been here rite here by your side But this isn't fair to

Prince - Why you wanna treat me so bad? lyrics

talk going 'round town That you really don't give a damn ... They say you really put me down When I'm ... doing the best I can I gave you all of my love I even gave you my body Tell me, baby, ain't

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - You cry lyrics

A different hobby Would do you good You are a complete ... catastrophe You cry Every day See you cry ... It's unbelievable How long you are playing This game

November Blessing - You cry i die lyrics

t wanna be him again When you are breaking the heart of the ... that cares the most about you It's not a game anymore ... That's a person's heart you're throwing on the floor You see I, I've lived like this

Brenda Lee - Why you been gone so long lyrics

lonesome wind blow Tel me why baby, why ya been gone so ... long Tell me baby, why ya been gone so long, Ya ... gone so long Tell me baby, why ya been gone so long Who'll

Shaggy - Why you treat me so bad lyrics

in a dancehall style wicked, whya so versatile chu why must ... so bad [Puba:] I don't know why she treat like that why ... it's scheming like a demon why must she treat so bad

The Left Rights - Why you in my physical lyrics

bird dick-f***, and he in your house) Yo, I got ... something to shut you the f*** up You ain't no ... So (Who the f*** are you then?) I am the Stick Man

Montell Jordan - Why you wanna do that? lyrics

we just met Ooh girl, why you wanna go and do that? (Do ... what?) Do that, why you wanna do that? Frontin' in ... hard to get Ooh girl, why you wanna go and do that? (Do

Ciara - Why you lyrics

used my love You used my heart The saddest ... fight, no delight, you and I Nothing left but ... sacrifice has hurt my life You roll the dice You don’t know

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Why you wanna trip on me lyrics

Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me They Say ... That's Much More In Demand You Got World Hunger Not Enough ... Time To Be Trippin' On Me You Got School Teachers Who Don

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it lyrics

la (Up to di time) la la la (You know it's Kartel!) la la la ... to do it twice!) Ask him, why you do it when you know you ... shouldn't be doin it Why you chewin it when you should be

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it (part 2) lyrics

mi strike (Ask him, ask him) you know, up to the time ... Wayne Marshall] Ask him why you keep on doin it And know you ... shouldn't try Why you treat your girls And eat your girls

Sean Kingston - Why you wanna go lyrics

took so long to get here Why you wanna go? Why you wanna ... leave me? Why you wanna go? It took so long ... to get here Why you wanna go? Why you wanna

Mya - Why you gotta look so good lyrics

find the Strength to leave your ass behind Maybe if your ... the sex was wack Or maybe if you was fat, but damn... [HOOK ... Why you gotta look so good... Damn you make it so hard to leave you

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Why you wanna lyrics

Hey T.I.P pimping Hey shorty why you gotta act like that, I´m ... I´m just trying to be nice to you [Chorus] Go and tell a ... no, wit a ass so fat Hey why you wanna go and do that love,

Beatsteaks - Why you not lyrics

the way of pain, desease in your brain they say the church's ... she's rich, more rich than you know for money they protect your soul, for a heaven you don

Cascada - Why you had to leave lyrics

Each day I seemed to love you more Nothing was going to ... hard to believe that one day you're here The next you are ... that clear for me to see Why you had to leave I just can

Flo Rida - Why you up in here lyrics

my roley's 6 o'clock Now you know you better stop You ... my squad I am G poe boy You either (uhh) or you not ... Wait a minute shawty why you came Who you know and who

Eric Benet - Why you follow me lyrics

by forbidden love before But why must she be everythin That I ... be knocking at my door Hey Why you messing with my feelings Why you follow me I can read the

Between The Trees - You cry a tear to start a river lyrics

sail away, baby Let them see your heart Let them see just ... how beautiful you are So you head on down To the bottom ... of today and yesterday And you try so hard To wash away the

Memphis Bleek - Why you wanna hate for lyrics

your ones, get your guns Muthaf***er it's on ... Who I'm riding with bitch You know the game and the name I ... says Keep uno in the head, you wouldn't f*** with this My

Chenoa - Why you doin' like that lyrics

had about enough, no more. You think I don't know, but I ... been tellin me so. Who you're with, where you go, what you do. When you're not with me

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Why you hurt me lyrics

everybody Can I get a hoe? You know what I'm saying? So I ... then give me one reason Why she do dat? Always knew dat ... [Refrén:] Oooh oooh Why you hurtin me? Tell me why

Death Cab For Cutie - Why you'd want to live here lyrics

s sleeping And I can't see why you'd want to live here I ... never ever current So save your film and fifteen dollars ... And I can't see why you'd want to live here

Katy B - Why you always here lyrics

walking next And then there you appear You touched upon my ... sleeve Then you said follow me But I sensed ... Can't enter golden times You predict into my mind Throwin

Paul Wall - "why you peepin me" lyrics

a little while [Hook] Why you peeping me, do you like ... what you see I bet you never, met a playa like me You staring at me, wondering just ... who I be I'm sure you'd like to know, why a playa

Jessi Colter - Why you been gone for so long lyrics

colter artist song title why have you been gone for so

Hazydecay - Why you lyrics

heavy hazy - it looks like you left me in the maze - don´t you feel you forgot sumthin´ ... behind you - i remembr telling you ... don´t let go! you bled me dry - sucked the shit

The Game - Why you hate the game lyrics

y'all snitchin', Witnessin' you rockin'(?) with Nas, ... at my Christening. And while you still listenin', Shyne locked ... from the cloth I came, Young homie ate his way up from

Lil Boosie - Why you thug me like dat lyrics

I promise you 2 cum home at nite Yea rite, ... I promise you 2 always treat you rite yea rite, I promise 2 ... be down 4 you n never chill but when im wit ... flying down yo cheek, y you thug me like dat cuz im

Death Angel - Why you do this lyrics

will never understand the way you are Your mind's an evil tod ... striving for more Can't you see I can penetrate your lies ... I created you but yet you still defy It doesn't matter

Thomas Anders - Cry for help lyrics

she goes I feel to blame. Why won't she say she needs me? ... as strong as she seems. Why don't I see her cry for help? ... Why don't I feel her cry for help? Why don't I hear

Rick Astley - Cry for help lyrics

she goes I feel to blame. Why won't she say she needs me? ... as strong as she seems. Why don't I see her cry for help? ... Why don't I feel her cry for help? Why don't I hear

Carlene Carter - Cry lyrics

hide this infatuation A young adolescent, such an ... But all those tears she made you cry, cry, cry Let your mama ... bye Poor little boy now why, why, why Cry baby, cry

Brick & Lace - Why´d you lie lyrics

lie lie lie Young man, you too lie Yow, you haffi cut ... could be So conniving as you, it seems You took my heart ... (Ohhh and I)Never thought you could be so cruel Try fi see

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - Love to see you cry lyrics

on Maybe I just wanna touch you Feel you warm in side again ... Maybe I just wanna hurt you The sweetest pleasure is ... pain I don't know why, why But I love to see you cry I

Kontrust - Why lyrics

city feel like I`m in hell You cheat on me with girl number ... 12 You promised me love for eternity ... But now you are touching another girls ... friends, they told me - that you are not right But they have

The Nipple Erectors - Love to make you cry lyrics

?] But you won't let me forget you And ... every time I try to please you, you just sigh Baby that is why, I love to make you cry I ... love to make you cry I love to make you cry I

Axxis - I hear you cry lyrics

said why I really don't know why - know why You want me to ... nothing left to say - to say You've thrown it all away The ... What am I supposed to say Do you hear me crying through the

Avantasia - Cry just a little lyrics

a night at the masquerade. You won some and you're lonesome ... is at hand. When she's crying just a little, just for me ... of pristine tears. She's crying just a little more just

Shakin' Stevens - Cry just a little bit lyrics

whisper good-bye Well I cry just a little bit cry just a ... it's crazy and I don't know why But I die just a little ... need to be the one that's by your side you are the beat in my

Fidlar - Cry cry cry lyrics

knows where you go when the sun goes down ... it seems you only live to see the lights ... lights have lost their glow you cry cry cry soon your ... will all be gone you'll wake up one cold day and

Hilastherion - Why (song of despair) lyrics

does the world seem so dark? Why does it get worse everyday ... that passes by? Why are people suffering until ... the day they die? Why can’t you come down and undo it all?

Heather Headley - Why should i cry lyrics

I was blessed To be loved by you But those blessings turn to ... regret from all the things you put me through I remember at ... night you used to hold me till the sun

Kym Marsh - Cry lyrics

that I never meant to make you cry, I think about you ... everyday, no matter what your friends might say, ... I, I never ever meant to make you Cry I would like to know

Anne-marie lyricsAnne-marie - Cry lyrics

ve never been a quitter But you're not gonna pull me to the ... take my crown But I thought you were different Beating to ... the rhythm of my sound But you found somebody fitter And

April Wine - Tell me why lyrics

I gave you everything I had But, you ... sittin' here all alone Did you have to treat me so bad? ... my head and moan Tell me why you cry, and why you lied to

Chris Norman - Don´t you cry lyrics

day I think of you And come what may, you’re on ... not to be So baby smile when you think of me Chorus: Don’t ... you cry, baby it’s not so bad Don’t

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Why (misty eye) lyrics

your looks. Close your looks. Close your looks. ... Close misty eyes. Close your looks. Close your looks. ... Close your looks. Close misty eyes. ... eyes. Is there a reason for your hurryin'. Is it a love cry

Meat Loaf - Cry over me lyrics

to get to A time I forget you Still tangled in yesterday ... It's so easy for you To give nothing for me Did you ever feel anything? I want ... you to cry over me Die over me Even

Cee-lo Green - Cry baby lyrics

t cry baby If this makes you cry, girl I didn't mean it Next ... is inconvenient I bet if you'd try, you could live without ... me I really don't know why, you bother to cry about me Cry

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