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Why U Talkin About A Fight But Brought A Knife lyrics

Browse for Why U Talkin About A Fight But Brought A Knife song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Why U Talkin About A Fight But Brought A Knife lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Why U Talkin About A Fight But Brought A Knife.

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The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Talkin' about you lyrics

me tell you 'bout a girl I know I met her walking down an uptown street ... She's so fine I wish she was mine I get shook up every ... time we meet Talkin’ bout you (nobody but you, baby)

Ray Charles - Talkin' about you lyrics

is my friend, when all friends are gone I'm talkin' 'bout you, I do mean you ... Who is my friend, when all friends are gone I'm talkin' 'bout you, I do mean you

Tracy Chapman - Talkin about a revolution lyrics

t you know They're talkin' about a revolution It sounds like a whipser Don't you know They ... re talkin' about a revolution It sounds like a whisper ... While they're standing in the welfare lines

Chuck Berry - Talkin' about my buddy lyrics

buddy finally made a record and took to the road and played ... guitar He met this girl from ... Pennsylvania stuck by his side in love and war ... Fearful and fussy, but so faithful, poor and devoted, real

Lil' Corey - Stop talkin' about me lyrics

about me, talk about me, talk about me, talk (Mmm) (Talk) Talk about me, talk about me (Ooh), talk ... about me, talk (Yeah) Talk about me, talk about me (Mmm), talk

Eminem lyricsEminem - Talkin 2 myself ft kobe lyrics

Intro] Aiyyo, Before I start this song man. I just want ... to thank everybody for being so patient. And bearing with me ... over these last couple of years. While I figure this shit

House Of Lords - Talkin' 'bout love lyrics

don't know just where I'm going I don't ... I knew where I belong I'm talkin' about love I'm talkin' about love This world is cold and I'm so lonely Inside my heart I can't go on Without you

Isley Brothers - Fight the power lyrics

is truly wastin' There's no guarantee Smile's in the makin' ... You gotta fight the powers that be Got so many forces Stayin ... on the scene Givin' up all around me Faces full a' pain I

Toby Keith - I'm just talkin' about tonight lyrics

I'm not talkin bout locking down forever, baby. ... That would be too demanding. I'm just talkin bout ... lonely people who might reach a little understanding. I

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Dats what i'm talkin about lyrics

Missy] Uhhhh Ahhhh! Have you ever been in the mind ... of a virgin? It gets hot and curious (And ooaaa) Well ... let me take you there Are you ready, boy? Come on baby,

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Why u mad at me lyrics

T.I. Talking] I got a question fo you hatin ass niggaz ... out there,Ay Why you mad at me,Ay Oh lame ass nigga why ... you mad at me Sucka ass nigga why you mad at me [Verse 1

Paul Wall - "know what i'm talkin' about" lyrics

talking] Know I'm tal'n bout, already I'm just saying ... though [Hook - 2x] It's ... going down, know I'm tal'n bout (Know I'm tal'n bout) I ... m on the grind, know I'm tal'n bout (Know I'm tal'n bout) Every penny nickle and

Asa - Why can´t we lyrics

up early this morning With a smile on my face Thought you ... were next to me But then i see you wallking away ... Something ain't right this morning Is it

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Why's it so hard lyrics

s it so hard to love one another Why's it so hard to ... love [repeat] What do I have to do to be accepted What do I have to say What do I have to do to be

Prince Ea - Why weed should be legal ft barack obama lyrics

Verse 1: Prince EA](Obama impersonator) Mr. President, ... I come to you on behalf of my generation To talk ... to you about this little plant situation See, a lot of

Nana - Why lyrics

got a problem i think you very curios about my biz you ... wanna solv´em sit down relax and me take you to a level that you neverbeen before when i ... told you that i´ll score motherf***ers now

Rough Silk - Why ? lyrics

water took the fire and landscapes ate the seas then ... preachers grew and hatred too the birth of a disease I'm afraid of new crusaders who force our freedom's

John Grant - Why don't you love me anymore lyrics

friends all say that you're no good, That you're not ... fit to shine my shoes. They say that you are not the caliber ... of man That I deserve to have. Well, I don't know that

Kontrust - Why lyrics

walk through the city feel like I`m in ... hell You cheat on me with girl number 12 ... You promised me love for eternity ... But now you are touching another girls knee My

Trip Lee - Why me lyrics

Verse 1:] Look I was born like the rest, from Adam's curse ruined Straight ... born into death, with my back turned to Him The facts are confusing, I'm a wretched man But He took me, held my hand, and my death was banned

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Why lyrics

s a breathless night - and I feel the pain This love ... is a sacrifice We can't build a fire baby in the rain ... Oh the night has a thousand eyes How deep is your love

Reba Mcentire - Why not tonight lyrics

pardon me but you have my attention Ever since you ... into the room Believe me that it's not my intention If I appear to come on too smooth ... It's not like me to make such advances But this time baby I could not resist So if

Culture - Why am i a rastaman? lyrics

being questioned to meet early on the street meny want ... to know the reason why? I am a rastaman many people see I many people ask I Why am I a rastaman? many people see I many people ask I Why am I a rastaman? cause, it´s because

Eddy Arnold - But for love lyrics

it's rainin' again and the wind's up in a roar I ... ve been swept through the streets to be washed up ... at your door But you're with him I know so I'll crawl back later on Why do I

Jadakiss - Why lyrics

Jadakiss] Aha It's dat real Yo, why is Jadakiss as hard ... as it gets Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt And why them dudes ain't ridin' if there part

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Why don't you try lyrics

am a woman Cut in two By ambitious pride Stuck in my ways Between you and my other ... life Now I have been around enough to know when love has ended But I believe that you and I deserve to be extended

Anthony Hamilton - Why (feat. jadakiss) lyrics

It's dat real Yo, why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets Why ... is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt And why them dudes ain't ridin' if there part

Psychostick - Why, oh, why lyrics

Alex. Alex! ALEX! This is a slow song, you can do that on ... one Owww I'm lookin' at you After it's all over And I don't feel quite the same ... That look in your eye Says you don't want me anymore

I Set My Friends On Fire - But the nuns are watching... lyrics

he drank straight from the faucet! HOLY SHIT HE'S FUCKIN ... IT! We only enjoy fine sparkling water! FED SOMETHING ADHESIVE TO YOUR DAUGHTER! [x2] ... Called me old-fashioned, but I think trains kick ass! I

Public Enemy - Yo! bumrush the show lyrics

Bum rush the show I am taking no prisoners, taking no ... shorts Breakin' with the metal of a couple of forts While ... we're hearin' that boom supplement the mix Gonna rush

Messiah’s Kiss - Fight or fall lyrics

creak in the silence They open ... the door Dead bodies all over the floor A groan caused by torture Kicked into ... Been kissed by the hot breath of hell Just like the

Van Morrison - Lets talk about us lyrics

talked about the birdies That fly up in the trees We talked about the moon And the ... stars we couldn't see But you keep on pretending You don't ... know what's wrong with me Come on,

Dave Edmunds - Let's talk about us lyrics

talked about the birdies That fly up in the trees We talked about the moon up there And the stars we couldn't see But you keep on pretending You ... don't know what's wrong with me Come on,

Fat Joe - Fight club lyrics

ch-ch-ch... Yeah (Terror Squad.. First Family..) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Yeah, hahahah! ... ) You see them diamonds gliserin off that three ... quarterla (Hahaha) Dat dem dere polyesther (Uh,

Amerie - Talking about lyrics

whoa, ho whoa, ho whoa, ho whoa, yeah ho whoa, yeah, ho whoa ... yeah Been so fed up With that little game Miss ... communication Wish I had more to blame Yeah, ho

Chamillionaire - Denzel washington (feat. z-ro) lyrics

Intro - Chamillionaire - talking] Money, power and fame ... like - Denzel Washington, yeah (Hey!, hey!, hey!) [Female Voice] (Chamillitary mayne ... [Chorus - Chamillionaire (Z-Ro) {Both}] Don't try

The Game - Why you hate the game lyrics

Nas] Y'all know what it is... The streets named ... me Illmatic, for that I'm still at it.. Can't hate us.... Fellas... [Verse 1 ... me on the intersection, Sex and drugs, my anthology on

Municipal Waste - Knife fight lyrics

s;ashers fate to rule the streets A game of death he must compete A piercing ... blade to the throat Will end the terror the knife invoked An unknown soldier

Eazy E - Still talkin lyrics

Baby Cryin', Scary music, laughin' voice .. ] Good ... evening, and welcome to Eazy's playhouse, you stupid muthaf***aaaaaa! [a low bass ... metal voice .. ] Now that you got the album, what

Vybz Kartel - Why again lyrics

you keep on doing it and know you shouldn't try? Why you treat your girls and eat ... your girls like they are pie? Why you keep on talkin' and you runnin' off your

Almost Kings - Talkin' bout lyrics

said that this was infinite I swore it was a ... drug I think that we confusing the lust with love Baby ... it's your kind words leading me astray And the fact

Mötley Crüe - Fight for your rights lyrics

t break the chains Can't solve the pain Can't ... rhyme problem with reason Not taking sides Just asking why Does the pain ... eat the children Who wrote

Rusty Cage - Knife game song full version lyrics

intro) You wanted more lyrics, you wanted music, so you got it! The knife ... game song round two! There is an old tradition, a game we all can play. You start by getting liquored up, and sharpening your

Lloyd Banks - What chu talkin' bout ft.oun-p,jadakiss and f.. lyrics

you can ... we getting holly chips ... now City showing unity Mellow on a nix now ... Still thinking you gangster, still don't believe you I grew up where it's rough,

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Why me? lyrics

Intro:] Oh ooo whoo whoo yeah yeah [Verse 1:] Now why ... (why) ain't it enough that you died (died)? Hung on the ... cross just to save a soul And that; s just-so-amazing so

The Audition - Talkin' lyrics

got something to talk about And I can’t believe that it’s ... true Everything around me is going to hell and we are too Can somebody save my ... soul Give me a little bit of rock and roll

Dgm - Repay lyrics

me pass through This Sunday morning, A thousand degrees ... Frozen within me Suddenly real, I can hear you say: "I cannot try to. It ... s up to you" But I'm here wondering Why we

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - They don't know about us (one direction cover.. lyrics

say we shouldn’t be together And we don't know about forever ... But I say they don’t know what they talk talk talkinabout ... Talkin' talkin' about This love is only getting

The Flobots - Fight with tools lyrics

echo one-nine hear the call through fault lines smoke ... signals, old rhymes shorted lights ... in store signs spelled in a broken code find that it is ... time to breath, build, bend, and refine you we sky tenants

Juvenile - Keep talkin lyrics

Chorus: Skip - 2X] Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (POW!) Smack the taste ... right up out of your mouth (POW!) "I wa-, I wa- ... " That's what I'm talkin' about (POW!) Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (POW!) [Skip] Since I

George Jones - I wouldn't know about that lyrics

cooked my dinner and shines my shoes Cleans up ... my Sunday hat Don't tell me nothin' at all about somethin' 'Cause I ... wouldn't know a thing about that. Well, I've just been married for about six months And your sayin' that I'm blind as a bat You said she roa

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it (part 2) lyrics

Intro: Vybz Kartel (Wayne Marshall)] See mi a seh Don, ... Corleone, time to mi strike (Ask him, ask him) you know, up ... to the time [Chorus: Wayne Marshall] Ask him why you

Ll Cool J - Why do you think they call it dope lyrics

MC's stand back You better take a chill and observe the ... skill of the man who can, so understand god damn I got a masterpiece a master plan and a ... brand new way to attack the wack cut 'em down to size to realize LL's back Don't sleep I

Primal Fear - Fight to survive lyrics

t you see the danger, Coming over you Don't act like a stranger Don't live ... like a fool Corruption - destruction It's always the same Illusion - confusion The world lives in pain

Red - Fight to forget lyrics

re a monster in my mind You're the one I can't leave ... behind You crawled inside, I watched you die ... Did you think that you could bury me? Your love is a

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Givin up the nappy dug out lyrics

DING DONG!] [Pops] Yeah [Cube] Umm, uhh is Cheryl ... here? [Pops] Well who are you? [Cube] Tell her Ice Cube ... is here [Pops] WHO?! [Cube] Ice Cube! [Pops] ICE CUBE?! Man I ain't lettin my damn daughter go out with no damn Ice Cubes man! Man what

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - About all that lyrics

feat. Fat Joe) [Verse 1 - Lil Wayne ... Young desperado straight out the grotto I'm so bad my shadow chooses not to follow ... Little nigga but see me as a f***in' rhino Lil Weezy hit

Mikaila - Talkin bout me lyrics

yeah Ah Ohhhh Yeah My friend overheard a ... conversation Couldn't wait to tell me Thought that ... this would be Some information That she couldn't keep

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Fight and scratch lyrics

and scratch, fight and scratch That's all we ever do ... There surely must be more to love Than to fight and scratch with you, you, you To fight and scratch with you Well you just bought a fawl last month And now you want a wig It looks like you couldn't understand My paycheck a

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