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Why I Should lyrics

Browse for Why I Should song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Why I Should lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Why I Should.

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Prince Ea - Why weed should be legal ft barack obama lyrics

Verse 1: Prince EA](Obama impersonator) Mr. President, I ... to you on behalf of my generation To talk to you about this ... little plant situation See, a lot of politicians

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Why should i cry over you lyrics

don’t why I should Cry over you Sigh… Over ... you. Even be blue I should have known that you’d leave ... me alone And break my heart in two Although you have left

Nat King Cole - Why should i cry over you? lyrics

I don't why I should cry over you?) Sigh over you ... Even be blue? I should have known that you'd leave ... me alone And break my heart in two Although you have

Badfinger - Should i smoke lyrics

I smoke or should I die? Somebody must tell me why ... Should I laugh, should I cry Won't somebody help me? ... t know what to say You're makin' me better I've learned how

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Why should i care lyrics

in the day When I was younger I wasnt afraid ... Of giving my heart to you Now and ... again I get sentimental But I know its just a phase Im going through And every time I

Aaron Neville - Why should i fall in love lyrics

should I fall in love Turn my world upside ... down One broken heart is quite enough Why should I fall in love Why should I hold ... hand Feel my hopes start to rise It's a long way down and I

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it lyrics

la la la La la la la (Up to di time) la la la (You know it's ... la la la la la la la (They said the collabo was nice, we had ... to do it twice!) Ask him, why you do it when you know you shouldn't be doin it Why you chewin

Queensberry - Why should i believe in you lyrics

as i might I'm losing this fight Each time you take my ... head confusing Drummens my mind I wish i could go back ... Just to pretend I'm wishing my heart would finally

Sara Evans - Why should i care lyrics

Why should I care if you found somebody new And ... you look like you're in love And why should I care if she looks a lot like me And ... s all you've ever dreamed of I didn't care enough to keep

Jeff Beck - Why should i care lyrics

never care about me when I was lonely You never care ... about me when I was sad You only care about ... me when I was talented So why should I care about you now

Kate Bush - Why should i love you? lyrics

chapter says, put it out of your mind and give it time the violent purple ... the "l" of the lips are open to the "o ... velvet of all the people in the world why should I love

Citizen Way - Should've been me lyrics

read the story I’ve seen the movie I give to ... charity And tithe my ten percent These I ... remember But I so easily forget All these years ... never heard it like this It should’ve been me It should’ve been us Should’ve been

Neville Aaron - Why should i fall in love lyrics

should I fall in love Turn my world upside ... down One broken heart is quite enough Why should I hold ... hand Feel my hopes start to rise It's a long way down, and I cant fly Chorus Why should I fall in love Why should I

Gordon Lightfoot - Why should i feel blue lyrics

saw a moonlit scene I never will forget I stole a kiss at ... daybreak, I never did regret it Sometimes I wonder why I ... even try So why should I feel blue I heard the

Matt Pokora - Why do you cry lyrics

Do You Cry I hate see you like this You should be with me ... If he don't make you happy Listen She sits all alone With a face full of tears Coz

Jay Sean - Why cry lyrics

No No Oo Oohh Ohhh Ohhh I See A Face In The Mirror That ... I Just Don't Like But I Gotta Keep Tellin Myself That ... Its Alright Cuz Now Im Older Theres No Sense In Me

Sizzla - Why should i lyrics

] Yeah! know yuhself...more life,strength Ahha! Yeah man ... music is ah natural thing To the King of Kings Original thing And ah Rastaman ... ah sing Ohohohohoh! [Chorus A

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Why should i be sad lyrics

couldn't believe I did it But I was so committed My ... life was so restricted for you I just dove inside it blind Couldn't see what ... swam inside Thought that'd be romantic

Chuck Berry - Why should we end this way lyrics

I should lose you it would jurt so bad You are ... the only love that I've had Tell me why Why should it end this way You know it ... hurts me deep in my heart To know that we

Heather Headley - Why should i cry lyrics

s a time I felt I was blessed To be loved by ... you But those blessings turn to regret from all ... the things you put me through I remember at night you used to

Dj Boonie - Why do i love you lyrics

She's Leaving Suddenly That Promise Of ... Love Has Gone Suddenly Breathing Seems so Hard To Do I Can ... t Believe You Planned It I Got To Know Just A Minute Too

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Should've said no ft. taylor swift lyrics

strange to think the songs we used to sing ... The smiles, the flowers, everything is gone Yesterday I found out ... about you Even now just looking at you feels wrong You say

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Should've listened lyrics

s clothes all over the floor I don't remember them being ... here before Smell of perfume isn't here, why's lipstick on ... the mirror? And still I don't understand No pictures left in the hall, there

At Vance - Why do you cry? lyrics

I was wrong I said too many things that I should have left unspoken But where ... hold on what we've got So why should I pay the price And why should I roll the dice Deep inside I feel the shame You

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Why do i feel sad lyrics

long Now true colors are showing Makes me wanna cry, oh yes ... it does 'Cause I had to say goodbye By now I should know That in time things would change So it shouldn't be so bad So why do I

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Should've said no lyrics

s strange to think the songs we used to sing ... The smiles, the flowers, everything: is gone Yesterday I found out ... about you Even now just looking at you: feels wrong You

Diana Krall - Why should i care? lyrics

there something more I could have done? Or was I ... to be the one? Where's the life I thought we would share? ... And should I care? And will someone else get more of

Everly Brothers - Why worry now lyrics

Brothers, Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler Baby, I see this world has made you ... sad Some people can be bad Things they do and things they ... say But baby, I'll wipe away those bitter tears I

Miss Li - Why should i conquer the world lyrics

m busy so busy trying to make a selfish dream ... come true should I conquer the world? All I ... need is you This goes by cold and long without you, all by my side should I conquer the world? All I

Mortal Sin - Why ? lyrics

was swift, it came It came without warning As the black ... moon rises once again Another murder on a ... downtown street In the stone cold December wind

Smash!! - Should have love you more lyrics

are a dream come to life I thought I never would find ... me love and asked for nothing in return Except my heart for ... all time So why did I hide my emotions away That

Teresa Lobianco - Should of let you go lyrics

to think about it, I would do things that I would ... you to) To understand how I felt for you I tried real ... hard time and time again but I didn't know my love wouldn't

Maribelle Añes - I should've kissed you lyrics

I Am Mad, I won't get it, It seems like every time you give me signs, And I miss it! I did it again, I admit it, I ... left you standing there, And now I regret it

Nickel Creek - Why should the fire die lyrics

should the fire die, my mom and dad kept theirs ... alive, its early yet don't say goodnight, i know you're tired you ... ll be alright, you're shining still behind the clouds,

Neil Sedaka - Should've never let you go (duet with dara se.. lyrics

you walk into a room Your beauty steals ... breath away When you look into my eyes I find it hard to ... find the words to say Wanna ... run away and hide I just got to let you know

Petra - Why should the father bother lyrics

Why should the Father bother to call us ... His children?, Why should the Spirit hear it when we ... pray?, Why should the Father bother to be ... concerned with all our needs? It's all

Saga - Why not lyrics

know I've got everything I need So why do I still shake ... the tree There's somethin' missin' in my life Been there, ... done it, that was nice But there's still something shakin' me Why do I do the

Daniel Schuhmacher - Why do i cry lyrics

m blessed with what i do I can live my dream that's true ... Should celebrate myself right now I'm blessed with my ... friends But sometimes i ask myself is this all i can

Dire Straits - Why worry lyrics

I see this world has made you sad Some ... people can be bad The things they do, the things they ... say But baby I'll wipe away those bitter tears I ... fears That turn your blue skies into grey Why worry,

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Why's it so hard lyrics

s it so hard to love one another ... Why's it so hard to love [repeat] ... What do I have to do to be accepted ... What do I have to say What do I have

Chapin Harry - Why should people stay the same lyrics

were chasing him down Broadway on that white ... from some holy man on high. He said his chance had finally come; he'd done it on his own, He had to leave his

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Why lyrics

s a breathless night - and I feel the pain This love is a ... sacrifice We can't build a fire baby in the rain Oh the night has a thousand eyes How ... deep is your love babe No one cares

Ne-yo - Why does she stay lyrics

does she stay... mmmmmmm Why does she stay... hey.... ... .mmmmmmm Why does she stay... heyyy.... ... ...oh She hates that I don't do dishes Even though I mess up the most And she

Counting Crows - Why should you come when i call? lyrics

s 1:30 in the morning That's alright by me You ... just waiting by the phone I should give a little warning But I ... need the things I need I'm not proud to need a hand

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Why must we wait until tonight lyrics

me why Why must we wait until tonight Tell me why Why ... must we wait until tonight You're gonna take a little time Gonna drink me like ... a fine wine Write the book of love line by line But I wanna play with you

Robert Glasper - Why do we try ft. stokley lyrics

oh, oh, oh, oh Do I continue living by myself Living ... the single life to my last breath Although ... I've found someone to fulfill all my needs Why do we

Flo Rida - Why you up in here lyrics

Rida Gucci! Bird! I done bought all this ciroc ... Now lil mama on my jock Staring at ... me up and down like when my roley's 6 o'clock ... done heard about my squad I am G poe boy You either

Next To Normal - Why stay/ a promise lyrics

Why stay? Why stay? So steadfast and stolid And stoic and solid for ... day after every day Why stay? Why stay? Why not simply give in and get on with living cause everyone knows you

Colette Carr - Why are you leaving? feat. kev nish lyrics

O why are you leaving? When I desperately need you O why ... are you leaving? I guess I will not know O why are you ... leaving? When I desperately need you O why

Bianca Ryan - Why couldn't it be christmas everyday? lyrics

wait for Christmas all year long How I wish I that I could only change it Take the calendar and re ... arrange it Then every day would be so ... nice Candy Canes and all the

Lee Aaron - Should have known lyrics

should have known it When I first saw you at school.. I was ... chasin' you around And you were ... playin' me for the fool Friends would laugh at me I didn

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Why? lyrics

on my phone shows eleven thirty-four When I open up my ... today Don't really feel like waking up from bed To go ... to school or studio Grabbing a "Vogue"

Måns Zelmerlöw - Should've gone home lyrics

m trying to sell you another lie You already bought too many ... You can see it through my disguse And I'm caught already ... I don't know why I do these things Guess I love

Secret Sphere - No reason why lyrics

away like leaves by the wind His heart's a desert... ... and storm in that image ...there is no reason why As she woke up Another ... day was starting In her eyes he could see the

Austrian Death Machine - Why lyrics

arni i got this rele great idea with this song, and i think you should use it to show ... much better you are than he is. Why? Cause he already ... the second verse and he's talking trash and thank that you should... you know set him stright.

Dub War - Why lyrics

s sick of living without know cash he knows the ... dat He'll not forget what his father said It's by the ... sweet an ya brow You should make your bread But still with a bad intension To go out

Patty Loveless - Why baby why lyrics

me why baby, why baby, why baby why You make me cry ... baby, cry baby, cry baby cry I can't help but love you 'til ... the day that I die So tell me, why baby, why

Bloodhound Gang - Why's everybody always pickin' on me? lyrics

is everybody always pickin' on me? The morn' The ... The morn' The morn' that I was born my old man beat up ... doctor 'cause the doctor said I looked like Chewbacca The

Trip Lee - Why me lyrics

Verse 1:] Look I was born like the rest, from Adam's curse ... ruined Straight born into death, with my back turned ... to Him The facts are confusing, I'm a wretched man But He

Mark Medlock - Why can't we live together lyrics

s not easy use that blood thing mean it's not easy if you ... lose what you need ohh it's not easy you're my heart's ... desire ohh why can't we be lovers, you're like said, you're like fire it's not easy when you friends

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