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Olly Murs - Why do i love you lyrics

heart beat, so near me, but I can't break in How easy you ... control me, look at the state I'm in You've got me jumping like I'm up and down I'm inside

Sara Evans - Why should i care lyrics

Why should I care if you found somebody new And ... you look like you're in love And why should I care if she looks a lot like me And ... s all you've ever dreamed of I didn't care enough to keep

Call My Name - Why lyrics

you Where you want to go I don't need you What do you think so I'll steel your x ... rays My heart is bleeding Now this will make sense ... My blood is boiling You drink my wine Your eyes are burning It's been some time No

Phil Collins - Do you know, do you care? lyrics

said you would, you didn't and I wanna know why And ... t make no excuses You promised, you promised, you better ... explain Tho' I don't know what the use is You

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Why should i care lyrics

in the day When I was younger I wasnt afraid ... Of giving my heart to you Now and ... again I get sentimental But I know its just a phase Im going through And every time I

Jeff Beck - Why should i care lyrics

never care about me when I was lonely You never care ... about me when I was sad You only care about ... me when I was talented So why should I care about you now

Blog 27 - Do u care? lyrics

u think about me When you were saying these words I saw your ... face and I started to cry You ask why ... Coz I thought I forgot but I didn't Thought I can wait till I see u again I was okay

Eric Saade - Why do we need fashion lyrics

the glow Ignore the answers Steal the ... show Create disasters I won't stop by your judging ... eyes You stare me down Get off my ground Imagine ... life when no need excists And no responsibilities

Diana Krall - Why should i care? lyrics

there something more I could have done? Or was I ... to be the one? Where's the life I thought we would share? ... And should I care? And will someone else get more of

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Why do you bother lyrics

hold on? Your hands are getting sore You must be scared ... of something From the time before, well... We're ... here again How long, who knows? It ... s not your right to tell me Where this trip will go Pull away You're

Garbage - Why do you love me lyrics

m no Barbie doll I'm not your baby girl I've done ugly things And I have ... made mistakes And I am not as pretty as those girls in magazines I am rotten

Dj Boonie - Why do i love you lyrics

She's Leaving Suddenly That Promise Of ... Love Has Gone Suddenly Breathing Seems so Hard To Do I Can ... t Believe You Planned It I Got To Know Just A Minute Too

K2(kadve) - Why do you do that to me lyrics

heard my music on the radio And then I saw that show ... They said things about me Last night, I ... Surrounded by those flashing bulbs They write things

Adele lyricsAdele - Why do you love me lyrics

do you love me Do you love me...? Why do you ... love me Do you love me? Why do you love me Do you love me? ... Why do you love me...? Why do you love me, do you love

Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Why do i lyrics

is not me at all, I used to be so much stronger ... Here I am holding on, when there’s nothing to ... hold on to now I’ve tried to understand, it’s not making sense If you don’t wanna

The Beach Boys - Why do fools fall in love lyrics

Bopa Doom Bopa Doom Bopa Doo Dut Ooh wah ooh wah ooh ... wah Why do fools fall in love Why do birds sing so ... gay Love is awake at the break of day Why do they fall in love Why does the rain fall from up above

Kaiser Chiefs - Why do you do it to me? lyrics

t know that we'd gotten this far now I'm ready to throw it. But we make believe there ... s nothing wrong with you. Why do you act so surprised, when ... you've got it you show it. When you cry like that and

Ll Cool J - Why do you think they call it dope lyrics

back You better take a chill and observe the skill of ... can, so understand god damn I got a masterpiece a master ... to attack the wack cut 'em down to size to realize LL's

Meinhard - Why do i ...? lyrics

am standing on the pieces of a world That just got ... shattered Like a memory of the past We ... thought that it would last What am I doing here? Who am I looking for

Barry Ryan - Why do you cry my love lyrics

doo doo Do doo doo Do doo doo Do doo doo And when I ... saw you there I met you I wouldn't let you And then ... you laughed at me And I looked at you I was right

Robert Glasper - Why do we try ft. stokley lyrics

oh, oh, oh, oh Do I continue living by myself Living ... the single life to my last breath Although ... I've found someone to fulfill all my needs Why do we

Diana Ross - Why do fools fall in love? lyrics

ooh-wah Ooh-wah, ooh-wah Why do fools fall in love Why do birds sing so gay And lovers ... await the break of day Why do they fall in love Why does

Frankie Lymon - Why do fools fall in love lyrics

wah, oh wah, oh wah, oh wah Why do fools fall in love? Why do ... birds sing so gay? And lovers await ... the break of day Why do they fall in love? Why does ... the rain fall from up above? Why do fools fall in love? Why do

Shakin' Stevens - Why do you treat me this way? lyrics

I can move a mountain. Or swim the rollin' sea. I'd do ... anything. If you'd only hear my please. ... Oh me oh my. Why do you treat me this way? I ... d walk the sun. If you'd only take me hand. If

Gavin Degraw - Why do men stray? lyrics

do the men stray Why do the women pray Why do the ... men fight Why do the women sympathize Whoa it was easier before I loved ... Before this heart was turned to stone

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Why do you want him? lyrics

saw you standing alone With a sad look on your face ... You call him on the phone Looks like he ... left you Without a trace Tears falling ... out of your eyes He's living in a disguise You've been feeling bad for so long You wonder

Impellitteri - Why do they do that lyrics

broke down my door Smashed the glass in the windows broken Then one more twist of the blade They just ... car No one here knows me for I just moved in here But now I

Marmozets - Why do you hate me? lyrics

and soul! Break, my boundaries and take like robbery, taking, taking everything Take my ... sickness! Take my list of things! I had planned is there ... anything you didn't see worth taking from me?

Matt Pokora - Why do you cry lyrics

Do You Cry I hate see you like this You should be with me ... If he don't make you happy Listen She sits all alone With a face full of tears Coz

Showaddywaddy - Why do lovers break each other's hearts lyrics

others hearts? Oh, tell me why do lovers have to drift ... When we met the world was right Now I'm crying every night Why do lovers break each ... others hearts? Why do lovers break each others

Thomas Anders - Why do you cry? lyrics

know, my girl I need you to write my story ... fly But now you are by my side It's you I need And ... there is no point in worrying Time to decide, say hi

Reba Mcentire - Why do we want (what we know we can't have) lyrics

come for the music Some for romance You gotta ... be with the boy that brought you to ... casual glance And you be making some dime even half the ... chance Now some like to look And some like to

Montgomery Gentry - Why do i feel like running lyrics

I was just a little baby My mama held my hand ... Tried to hold me steady all she ... could But I pulled just like a full-grown man Now mama ... was a real fine woman Only angel I've ever

At Vance - Why do you cry? lyrics

I was wrong I said too many things that I ... have left unspoken But where do you belong There are so many ... hold on what we've got So why should I pay the price And why should I roll the dice Deep inside I feel the shame You

Daniel Schuhmacher - Why do i cry lyrics

m blessed with what i do I can live my dream that's true ... Should celebrate myself right now I'm blessed with my ... friends But sometimes i ask myself is this all i can

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Why do i feel sad lyrics

long Now true colors are showing Makes me wanna cry, oh yes ... it does 'Cause I had to say goodbye By now I should know That in time things would change So it

Kenny Loggins - Why do people lie lyrics

do people lie? Lyin' only breaks their hearts, ... And tears their lives apart, Makin' 'em cry. ... Tell me why. Even if I try, Even if I lie to little

Lil' Mo - Why do we fall in love lyrics

Ooh love You can feel it, but you can’t see it You ... can’t taste it, but you can hear it You ... can say it, if you don’t mean it You can buy it, if you don’t need it You talk so much

Ryan Adams - Why do they leave lyrics

why do they leave? Oh, why do they leave? On the day that ... you needed them the most Simple cards and things Rose ... sunsets, no flowers for me Simple cards and things Rose

Los Lobos - Why do you do lyrics

do you do the things you do to me Why do you do the things you do to me I love you ... can't you see You got me jittery nervous all through the ... day You got me jittery nervous all through the

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Why do you have to be so hard to love? lyrics

it some man that didn't treat you right left you ... reaching out for him in the middle of the night is there ... run that makes you so afraid to get close to anyone

Murray Head - Why do we have to hurt our heads lyrics

have to play those games? Give us the truth and put the ... bad to shame Never quite sure where to lay the blame ... Is the outside unreal, or is it in you mind? Is the inside

She And Him - Why do you let me stay here? lyrics

stay here? All by myself Why don’t you come and play here? ... I’m just sitting on the shelf Why don’t ... you sit right down and stay a while? We like

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Why do you punish me lyrics

do you punish me for loving you? You're counting my mistakes, how about yours Why ... do you sentence me, too nice of tears? Convicting all ... these dreams, I've dreamed for all these

Krezip - Why do i lyrics

was shocked because I'm not so tough As tough as I ... had thought that I would be I see that I don't get control ... but I know now I'll shut you out, wiser, again

Samiam - Why do we lyrics

on your face that's how quiet i've been why do we try you ... sleep through the night i sleep through the day see how ... we can compromise everything's going to be ok why do we

Chapin Harry - Why do little girls lyrics

did the little girls grow crooked While the little boys grew tall The boys ... taught to tumble And the girls told not to fall The girls answered the telephones

Golden Earring - Why do i lyrics

swing high, we swing low Never worry ‘bout a ... dull moment You're mine, I'm yours We fight while we ... know that we shouldn't Ten dollar, ten times On sale to

Jump5 - Why do i do lyrics

do I do the things I do? Sometimes I feel like I am ... so insecure If I could learn a thing or two ... from You Then popular opinion I could ignore You are

Willie Nelson - Why do i have to choose lyrics

do I have to choose to see ... lose To walk around and sing the blues well darling I ... refuse Love is hard to find love of any kind And a love ... like yours and mine creates it's own design So why do I

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Why do i fall? lyrics

t no time to wonder Just accept ... surrender It's too late to wonder why ... Love was not my first answer But I'll see what ... is after If I smile or if I cry Why do I fall?

Blutengel - Why do even angels have to die lyrics

will never see the things I see You will never hear the ... sounds I hear You will never feel what I feel You ... will never know the coldness ... deep inside of me You will never walk on this road I

The Killers - Why do i keep counting? lyrics

s a plane and I am flying There's a mountain waiting ... these years have been so trying I don't know if I can ... use them Am I strong enough To be the one?

Jim Reeves - Why do i love you (melody of love) lyrics

Spoken] Why do I love you? I love you not ... what you are But for what I am when I'm with you. I ... But for what you're making of me. I love you for ignoring the possibilities of

Richard Ashcroft - Why do lovers lyrics

now baby Stay in bed, don't think that it's lazy Get ... ourselves another god Don't let them tell us there isn ... t one (isn't one) Stay, sweet honey ... Life's so fast, ya know it ain't funny Get ourselves

Six Feet Under - Why do you do for money honey lyrics

re working in bars Riding in cars Never gonna give it ... for free You're apartment with a view On the finest ... avenue Looking at your beat on the street

Luscious Jackson - Why do i lie? lyrics

would love to be better i would love to be free i ... when you look at me but instead i'm still crying yes instead i'm still lying sad to ... say i'm still trying not to be me when i see

Reel Big Fish - Why do all girls think theyre fat lyrics

s a little girl On my mind all the time, there's ... always one Look what she's done... She drank the tear from ... my eye, you know I sure hate to lie, why can't

A Life Once Lost - Why do you make me bleed? lyrics

try and catch myself from crying but the tears are dead. I ... can cry on your command. I can scream making my lungs ... bleed. I can stare at a broken reflection seeing you laughing at me. I pretend so that I can kill

Jessica Lisson - Why do you hate me lyrics

went to school and you didn' talk to me I didn' know ... what is happenin' Chorous: ... hate me And I so hate

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