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Who Sings Song So Let Me Be Your Flashlight In The Dark And Ill Be Your Escape When It Gets To Hard I Lead The Way lyrics

Browse for Who Sings Song So Let Me Be Your Flashlight In The Dark And Ill Be Your Escape When It Gets To Hard I Lead The Way song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Who Sings Song So Let Me Be Your Flashlight In The Dark And Ill Be Your Escape When It Gets To Hard I Lead The Way lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Who Sings Song So Let Me Be Your Flashlight In The Dark And Ill Be Your Escape When It Gets To Hard I Lead The Way.

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Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - When it comes to us lyrics

turning up when it comes to us He is come and get you when you had enough You are gonna ... drop when it comes to us But we do it again Go and when it comes to us Way we

Foreigner - When it comes to love lyrics

remember the day seems so far away When I walked into your life And the look in your ... eyes, how it took you by surprise But it felt so right Then I drew you in, told you

59 Times The Pain - When it all comes down lyrics

now here's a question who died and made you king What gives you the right to cheap ... shot someone else's thing Thought I knew where I had ... you but I was obviously wrong Starting to show your real side which you've kept hidden for so long When will they all see you through Always

Domain - When it comes to love lyrics

in my heart where it's cold and lonely Keeping the memory of ... you So far apart I wanna have you only This time no doubt about it This time - and when it comes to love I

Modest Mouse - The tortoise and the tourist lyrics

get ready What a wonderful trip's ahead Well, wake up, get ... get ready Such a wonderful trip's ahead We get dressed as ... ghosts With sheets taken from the bed Inside our socks we hide

Sea Wolf - The cold, the dark and the silence lyrics

don't lie, don't lie to me that you're not afraid, my ... love. I know you well enough to know you can't be alone. If you were to roll, to roll ... down your window you'd find the wind, the ice, the trees

Silver Dust - So let me know lyrics

wouldn't be the same without you You're always on my ... heels It could be otherwise, but with you I'm stuck ... untill the end So let me now So let me now Search

4him - When it comes to livin' lyrics

s only one thing that matters in life in spite of the way it might seem it's not when you're ... born it's not when you die but what have you done in between so don't spend your days

Jettblack - When it comes to lovin' lyrics

girl's on fire I'm talkin' top of the line, head of the ... heap She's so hot she burns my blues away ... Now I'm no liar She's got a body so fine ... she'd make a grown man weep It comes to mind I think she

Flotsam And Jetsam - Your hands lyrics

jaws Lowly weekends break tonight Beaten fools, beaten dogs ... Stolen deals, inside jobs Coldly run fingers ... through again Swollen faces, beaten dogs All turn away and

Aaron Carter - When it comes to you lyrics

yeah (oh yeah) Six thirty mama get you out of bed e ... mail what you gonna wear to you girlfriend Skip you ... Breakfast, forget your backpack When your half way,

Hunter Hayes - Flashlight lyrics

get lost sometimes, like everybody else, lose track ... of my lifelines, lose track of myself And there's all kinds of reasons to be scared and run away It's a

3 Doors Down - Let me go lyrics

more kiss could be the best thing But one more lie could be the worst And all these thoughts ... are never resting And you're not something I ... deserve In my head there's only you now This world

Seelennacht - The dark priest lyrics

m your destiny I'm your faith I will convey you through the dark So let me be your guiding light I will hold you when you fall I will protect you

Silent Force - In from the dark lyrics

place there was light A place that was free ... from the dark A place that would show; all ... that was hidden in time An idea so real an idea of what to ... say Idea thats placing us all in the path from which we are stray [PRE CHORUS

Escape The Fate - Let me be lyrics

me be your first time Let me be your last Celebrate your highs And lift you when you ... crash The only name you breathe Let me be, let me be Let me be a slow song Let me be a

Da Blitz - Let me be (remix) lyrics

Blitz Miscellaneous Let Me Be Let me be Let me be me Let ... me be But dont leave me oh.... Let me be Let me be me Ill be free at last Let ... me be what I want to be Let me be what I want to be cause I

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - The dark: return to the dark lyrics

you sometimes I see things that others won't believe ... Fold em' let em' hit me raise it Baby can't you see? ... That all of it's illusion The conclusion soon will be So let out your inner animals and

A Close Second - Until it gets to you lyrics

on your way down from a high You probably never ... thought could get so low Even with all of those ... that you’ve faced In spite of all these honest years

Cauterize - Wake to the sun lyrics

gloomy weather doesn't break it any Break it anymore The ... sun abandoned us for blue skies somewhere Blue skies somewhere warm The world outside ... my window is scratching at my door There's only stories Of what life was like before (Take me away) Where the skies aren't (Shades of grey

Johnny Flynn - The box lyrics

lived in a box by the rails Only thing he knew, you ... don't fail When you live in a box by the rails Don't ... comb your hair, don't comb your tail Sweep my mess away

The Drums - Let me lyrics

clock ticks on the wall A knife spins in the Dark He's ... closing his eyes for the last time He's going to be ... her They might hate you, but I love you And they can go kill themself They might hate you, but I love

Mc5 - Let me try lyrics

ll be your singer You'll be my song I'll lay you down softly I'll love you long I'll ... be there To keep you satisfied If you'll only let me ... try, hey hey Let me try, hey hey, yeah You've been neglected You've been

Fu Manchu - Let me out lyrics

where you are, and you'll be like the others. last time ... you said, what you want and you suffered. read what they ... write, time will tell they discovered. fear in their eyes,

October Tide - Lost in the dark (and then gone) lyrics

s a white room in my dreams A shot in the head ... A head full of lead That's the only way to survive The only ... way to go ahead There's a red room in the house

Nick Lowe - Between dark and dawn lyrics

you feel your all in and you've decided you cant win ... tell yourself it wont be for long your between dark and dark you've got too much time you cant kill your wheels

Queen - Let me live lyrics

take a piece of my heart Oooooh, take ... a piece of my soul Let me live, oh yeah Why don't you ... take another little piece of my heart Why don't ... you take it and break it And tear it all apart All I do is give All you do is take

Assemblage 23 - Let me be your armor lyrics

me take the fall, Let me take the blame, Let me carry ... you from hell, To home again. Let me walk for you, When your legs are weak. Let me find the words for you, When you

4him - In your care lyrics

Mary sleep I will be there soon Entering earth through your ... precious womb My child oh My mother of earth Give Me the gift of birth Sleep ... sleep may you dream of love And peace to the earth through your Newborn Son Oh raise Me with

Mac Dre - It don't stop lyrics

One: Free Throw] Well let me introduce myself A young go ... getter mind locked on havin' wealth Livin' wild with this thug style, I got these hoes ... Tuggin' all on my Avirex clothes A young brown Mafioso, I

Notorious B.i.g. - Let me get down lyrics

feat. Craig Mack, G-Dep, Missy Elliott) [Notorious B.I.G ... ] To my motherf***in man 50 Grand, the alcoholic man Inject a ... tall can in his bloodstream if he can Biggie Smalls, the

Beatsteaks - Let me in lyrics

we talk it through It doesn't get us anywhere ... Everytime we talk We lose, we're getting nowhere Think about all that ... you feel Think about all that you give Think about all that we get Everytime we look at things it never

Jason Castro - It matters to me lyrics

dreamed about your golden eyes Every time I saw ... the sunrise I picture you alone with no one there to hold you Now I touch your soft, soft skin So perfect like porcelain Here we are, delicate once again It’s so true

Darkseed - The dark one lyrics

- in every line and word I'm singing Demons - haunting me whenever I think Nightfall - a ... dying man Nightfall - yes, I am Beasts inside me roar The dark one is my name All right, here's the dark one speaking I introduce my mental world

Delyno - Let me feel you lyrics

ey ey Love to hold you in my arms Hey ey ey Let me ... feel you Fine as I could be since I know That you're ... only playing with me I just fly so free Everytime

E-dubble - Let me oh lyrics

clock keeps tickin' like a metronome. And my thoughts keep ... tellin' me to get me home But my balls keep tellin' me ... to let me OHH OH- just let me OHH That clock keeps tickin'

Forgot Tomorrow - Let me in lyrics

can't do another day in this life In this rut stuck in this ... nine to five I never thought in a million ... years This is how I'd spend my day to day I can

Golden Earring - Cool as it gets lyrics

black six tockies ready for rockin’ That’s ... all your mama needs They get close to dyin’, ... overboard and flyin’ You’re all she ever wanted to be Gonna spread your wings and do wicked little things

Levellers - The last days of winter lyrics

spy with my little eye The sun shining brightly The ... clouds rolling by The last days of winter Now seem ... so far away And everything looks green When it used to

Paolo Nutini - Let me down easy lyrics

me down easy Though your love for me is gone Let me ... down easy Since you feel to stay is wrong We are ... broken by others But we mend ourselves We take comfort in strangers But I don't think it helps If every fool were a

Paragon - The blade in the dark lyrics

aching body Slowly hits the ground And footsteps echo, ... fading quick away A pale curtain, paints the picture grey Live your life in isolation You fear the blade

Maverick Sabre - Let me go lyrics

can still taste you on my lips, your tenderness You always gave me something The way ... you made me feel before you left See you're jadin' me, dazin' me And I just

B. B. King - Hard workin' woman lyrics

a hard working woman, works hard all day long Got a hard working woman, she works hard all the time She's a hard working ... woman, I call her that gal of mine

Falling Up - The dark side of indoor track meets lyrics

You must wonder how I sleep Shaking spells end As ... the cuts lined up my knees I guess I'm weightless As I ... tape my eyelids up But now I wonder That I may have ran too Far Watch me float by

Nina Hagen - Let me entertain you lyrics

me entertain you Let me make you smile Let me do a ... few tricks Some old and then some new tricks I'm very versatile And if you're real good ... I'll make you feel good I want your spirits to climb So let me entertain you And we

Humble Pie - Let me be your lovermaker lyrics

me be your lovemaker Let me be your soul shaker Let me be your lovemaker Let me be your soul shaker Around this time ... last summer when you and I first met I thought I was cool

Icarus Witch - In the dark lyrics

and scheming I sit alone in an empty room Struggle to find the mercy but never do My ... heart's full of sorrow But this path I did not choose You ... made your bed, I'll make you lie in it too My soul's on fire - My mind's a bitter mess

Isley Brothers - Let me down easy lyrics

love behind me? Though I need you to satisfy me Destiny will prove to divide me For ... you're a part of me I feel the love within you Your beauty lies deep within you Touching me

Naomi King - Let me let you go lyrics

s a world out there for me For me to run into There's ... a world out there I see There's more to life than you There's a world out there to thrive There's more to life I

Stephen Lynch - Let me inside lyrics

you show me your heart? Will you open it wide? Expose the ... raw nerves Will you let me inside? Can you tear down the ... wall? For the mortar has dried Will you show me your

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The magic lyrics

then I remembered the magic, Forgot that you can't plan it. It's always there in front ... of us Just trust and it happens. And the star dust ... from the universe of this planet I just get stressed when I try to understand it. And I remember the magic, Forgot

My Dying Bride - The dark caress lyrics

hide myself away in the dark I can't find my way in this ... hole This twisted life is so cruel I'm so sick I need to ... find her soul to save me I remember the King And his

Nicky Romero - Let me feel ft. vicetone lyrics

only Time could disappear, We would be this way ... until the end, 'Cause the speed of sound can hit When ... we're missed, Without our heart and soul, We

Plushgun - Let me kiss you now and i'll fade away lyrics

know that it’s too soon but it’s the final test, Cause ... playing all these games is just a time to waste, As soon as I met you, it all began to fade, So let me kiss you

Jay Sean - Your love (remix) feat nicky minaj lyrics

Jay Sean] Damn lady this thang is on You can stand in Louis Vuitton You ain't ... gotta do nothing Let me show you what love means And ... lady close your eyes You can feel me in between your thighs And I don't

Akanishi Jin - Let me talk to u lyrics

try to be just perfect you're fine just ... the way you are And even if you fall just so I can catch ... you right away I'll keep both my hands free ... Any time I love you I now know how to smile genuinely I love you Even in my

Thomas Anders - The heat between the girls and the boys lyrics

wore jeans like a boy We shared the same toys Plays Cowboys and Indians ... Were the best friends all those years Until ... that day, i saw her walk my way My heartbeat was racing I

Autopilot Off - Voice in the dark lyrics

there's a light leave it on If there's a way Some how thin ... airs taken your place Get over Nights coming on Its getting late I hear ... my heart starting to break And I'll wait for you Faith is

Jones Bentley - Let me be with you lyrics

you know I just want you to see Everything you do to me ... Just because you’re scared of what ... has been before Baby it’s time We really got something good

B.o.b. - When you gon let me lyrics

know what's on your mind You've heard it all before ... You probably hear the same question everywhere you go ... (they all be asking) When you gon' let me f***? (x4) There's so much on your mind You

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