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Who Is The Leader Of The People lyrics

Browse for Who Is The Leader Of The People song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Who Is The Leader Of The People lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Who Is The Leader Of The People.

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Meat Loaf - Who is the leader of the people? lyrics

is the leader of the people? Who is the leader? Follow the leader! I swear I heard the man say ... something else Who is the leader of the people? Who is the leader? Follow the leader!

Girlschool - I'm the leader of the gang (i am) lyrics

my gang, oh Yeah! (2x) I'm the leader I'm the leader I'm ... the leader of the gang I am I'm the leader ... I'm the leader Well there's no one like the man I'm

Gary Glitter - Im the leader of the gang lyrics

wanna be in my gang, I'm the leader, (2x) I'm the leader ... of the gang I am I'm the leader, (2x) Well there's no one ... like the man I'm I can take you

Brownsville Station - I'm the leader of the gang lyrics

look out Out of the way You wanna be in my ... wanna be in my gang I'm the leader, I'm the leader I'm the leader of the gang, I am I'm ... the leader, I'm the leader I'm the one who put the bang

Nightmare (fra) - Leader of the masquerade lyrics

greed of power made the masses crawl You're the ... tyrant of the earth You've raised a giant shield of walls ... Now everywhere you've spread the worst (And) the battlefields

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Leader of the broken hearts lyrics

the lies, I told you now the truth Here I am with nothing ... I just give in I’ve become the leader of the broken hearts ... out what it feels like To risk everything and still survive

Bette Midler - Leader of the pack lyrics

quot;Hey, Betty? Is that Jimmy's ring you're ... "Uh huh." "Is he picking you up after ... meet him?" I met him at the candy store. He turned around

Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the band lyrics

wild A cabinet maker's son His hands were meant For ... different work And his heart was known To none -- ... He left his home And went his lone And solitary way And

Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - Leader of the pack lyrics

1] He was only 22, lost his mother age of two He lost it ... he's got to get to work, so his father don't get hurt He won ... t let this home fall [Chorus] Oh

Arch Enemy - Leader of the rats lyrics

in the slime Dirt infested minds ... Always second best, leader of the rats Spreading their disease Hiding behind trivial ... cynicism Venomous tongues spitting

Butthole Surfers - The shame of life lyrics

love the girls and the money and the shame of life ... My shallow mind is just a sign of your game of ... life There were girls in the front There were girls in the back And there were girls

Besatt - The leader of fallens (azazel) lyrics

a cherub and the leader of angels in the seventh circle ... abyss from smokeless fire in the beyond As son of fire he ... refused to kneel before son of the earth, Adam For doing this he was cast out of heaven

Polarkreis 18 - The colour of snow lyrics

back in school I believe in the children I believe in you ... honour I want you to know The black is the colour The ... colour of snow All I see, all I

Sleigh Bells - Leader of the pack lyrics

when somebody dies you see them lifting but you know, you ... need for lies and now your mother cries and nothing matters ... your run and hide pretend they never knew yo know you,

Mors Principium Est - Leader of the titans lyrics

Titan Gods, keepers of the earth Is this the end? Must the world fall down to chaos ... Losing our strength, beneath the beckoning tides Of godlings ... vein, unmaking of our children's lives

Sleeping Giant - The army of the chosen one lyrics

army composed, of walking dead, of willing ... hearts, in this our day of struggle We speak with fire, ... we break all chains, the foolish bonds of carnal minds far

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The salt of the earth lyrics

s drink to the hard working people Let's drink to the lowly of ... birth Raise your glass to the good and the evil Let's ... drink to the salt of the earth Say a prayer for the

Karliene Reynolds - The last of the giants lyrics

I am the last of the giants, my people are gone ... from the earth. The last of the great mountain giants, who ruled all the world at my ... birth. Ooh, I am the last of the giants, my people are

Esoteric - The laughter of the ignorant lyrics

look through their rose-coloured glasses, ... At the beauty of the world. They're so blind ... ignorant, That love's all they see. Any sorrow they come

Queen - The march of the black queen lyrics

Like going up to heaven and then coming back alive Let me ... tell you all about it (If the world will so allow it) Ooh ... powder - monkeys praying in the dead of night Here comes the Black Queen, poking in the

Metal Church - The end of the age lyrics

wind, it's crying out the tune Of a prophet's only ... hope to tell the world He wrote down it on ... but alas no one believes Of the vision only one man could

Red Shore, The - The architects of repulsion lyrics

With foul stench and decay They rise from their knees The ... veil is lifted and their damnation lose beneath The ... horror once unseen is now upon their existence

India Arie - The heart of the matter lyrics

got the call today, I didn't wanna ... come An old true friend of ours was talkin' on the phone ... found someone And I thought of all the bad luck, And all the struggles we went through

Gwydion - The terror of the northern lyrics

the verge of a new century Pious lands ... licked by flames... Trail of charred outposts becomes ... With bare sails to penetrate the sea Warriors carry axes

Don Henley - The heart of the matter lyrics

got the call today, I didn't wanna ... come An old true friend of ours was talkin' on the phone ... found someone And I thought of all the bad luck, And the ... me and you lost you What are these voices outside love's open

Kenny Loggins - The art of the deal lyrics

and birds But that aint who I am, that kinda cr*p ain't ... t me Cant you see Ohooo The only art I've ever been able ... to feel Is the only art that matters the art

John Denver - The love of common people lyrics

food tickets. Water in the milk from the hole in the roof Where the rain came ... Mmm. Tears from your baby sister, Cryin' 'cause she ... dress Without a patch for the party to go, Ah but you

Human League - The sound of the crowd lyrics

a backwash frame Find the copies in a carbon mount ... Stroke a pocket with a print of a laughing sound Get ... town Get around town Where the people look good Where the

Evenoire - The lady of the game lyrics

Feet caress earth Touch the breath of trees Feel the ... rhythm in your knees Fire is burning high Sisters' voices ... fill the night Forest lives you can

Blood On The Dance Floor - The age of the young & hopeless lyrics

only got one moment This is the night to own it Living in the Age of the Young and Hopeless ... we were young Proving all the ones wrong Who said we never

Insane,twisted - The beginning of the end lyrics

am the one that effects your brain ... I am the one that effects your brain ... I am the one that effects your brain ... I am the one that effects your brain

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The bells of the seven hells lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Deris] Listen to the whisper of ... the weak and blind Listen good if you want to learn ... Don´t drink it ! We are the hive We are the people We

John Cougar Mellencamp - The face of the nation lyrics

I run through this life Sometimes it breaks my ... heart Seein' old people goin' downtown Stumblin' their way through the dark And the little babies cry For their

4him - The center of the mark lyrics

love God, love people That's the center of the mark In this ... change But one thing remains the same We all need love Time ... a hurricane And through all the wind and rain We all need

Of Montreal - The march of the gay parade lyrics

the people look so beautiful While they ... re marching in the gay parade They make friends ... with trees and animals They gather up all the countries ... flags and they burn them There is nothing left on earth to

The Agonist - The mass of the earth lyrics

just wrote to tell you this; I did just my very best I ... went far but got stuck there I picked up the pieces, I ... your vigilant soldier but the mass of the earth just

Dragonhammer - The end of the world lyrics

thousand sixty, year in the future The world is going ... towards destruction People are mad without the choice ... faith for religions Evil is fighting day by day

Freternia - The woods of the elvenking lyrics

is a place between the trees Where beauty rules ... through peace Here people live in harmony With nature ... seen Wonderful songs do tell of this place Where freedom

Slipknot lyricsSlipknot - The opium of the people lyrics

Your secresies Watch how the idiots follow me Running any ... way to get out of the way Dig into the shock ... 'casue I'm staying the same But I need some vowels,

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The temple of the king lyrics

day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered ... well When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell One day

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The laws of the future lyrics

a distant place called Zlord, All the villagers were waiting for it ... With tears of anguish in their eyes All the time they ... pray to God Winds of freedom blow in our lives To

Cky - The other side of the end of the universe lyrics

white is wide What is on the other side Blackened sky ... believe your own two eyes The highest tide Coming through the nebulai All alone 50 ... million miles below Begin the journey off in space And who

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The state of the end of the millennium addres.. lyrics

making you a public fit for the 21st century. Never before ... shown so much concern for the economic well-being of its ... you from countless factions who threathens your financial

Current 93 - The death of the corn lyrics

the marshes And through the filtering glades Through the ... corn And through the scything fields The summer ... sun Dances and rages The summer sun Flies burning

Current 93 - The ballad of the pale christ lyrics

war, a blade draws blood but often tarnishes through blazing ... now breaking different shades of red we pray for blades, ... locusts call for wars to wet the earth to cover the world in

Dark Moor - The night of the age lyrics

golden dusk covers me And the beams play with the trees ... so come to my heart Because the guardian of the dreams ... departs [Bridge:] Who stole my illusions? Who

Hawkwind - The age of the micro man lyrics

s the age of the Micro Man Who sees the detail but never the ... plan It's the time of the tiny creep Who pulls the ... asleep Twenty five years of social research It's the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The madness of the crowds lyrics

the one who relys on promise Blind he who follows the ... path of vows Deaf he who tolerates words of deception ... But they who fathom the truth bellow Shout! Shout!The madness of the crowds hail

Louis Prima - The birth of the blues lyrics

They say some people long ago Were searching for ... a different tune, One that they could croon As only they ... can. They only had the rhythm so They started

Behemoth - The dance of the pagan flames lyrics

cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me receive ... fall, my every pain and misfortune and wrath will born ... you stronger than sounds of bells primeval instincts

Brunuhville - The realm of the fallen king (feat. sharm) lyrics

upon a time there was a man, a wandering soul ... Lost in the realm of our kingdom They say he was ... a king who fought a great war When the ... a roar Once upon a time there was a kingdom, a beautiful

Cold - The ballad of the nameless lyrics

same since He moved out to the edge of town Near the ... wreckage by the falls No one ever would ... Story was he came to town Then the devil took his soul

Domine - The ship of the lost souls lyrics

faith is gone, all hopes are lost Now ... all your dreams lie broken on the ground Now no more fears, ... cried out all your tears and the days pass before your eyes

Manowar - The master of the wind lyrics

The Silence Of The Darkness, When All Are Fast ... Spirit. As A Sail Calls The Wind, Hear The Angels Sing ... Far Beyond The Sun, Across The Western Sky. Reach Into The

Mortifilia - The victims of the others lyrics

behind our money They pretend to buy our freedom ... They play another dirty game Life is a ... maze Of obstacles Suffering people ... With mad face - they feel high on top of things

Nanowar Of Steel - The number of the bitch lyrics

me, oh mum and dad For the telecom sent the bill with ... wrath, But i believed that the call was short Let him who ... t a girlfriend Go and call the number of the bitch Even if

Harry Nilsson - The wailing of the willow lyrics

to the wailing of the willows, Listen to me crying ... Crying cause I know my love is gone from me Living in a ... world of different places, Looking ... see Love must lack a sense of humor, It laughs when other people cry Love, would love

Adam Sandler - The adventures of the cow lyrics

"And now a cow at bat in the bottom of the 6th inning of a ... and cow bell ringing,ball is hit and hits cow) Cow: Moo ... "And now a cow who goes skydiving for the very

Adorned Brood - The way of the sword lyrics

will kill for you All who stand against us are ... us on our way To win this battle guide our swords and ... We wade through till the victory is ours You are the

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel it in the ... atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x ... s) I feel it in the atmosphere, The spirit of the Lord is here, oh(2x's) The

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