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Paul Simon - Peace like a river lyrics

like a river ran through the city Long past the midnight ... curfew We sat starry-eyed We were satisfied And I remember Misinformation ... followed us like a plague Nobody knew from time to

Showaddywaddy - Who put the bomp (in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp) lyrics

d like to find the guy who wrote the song That made my ... baby fall in love with me. Who put ... the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp? Who put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong? Who

Dog Eat Dog - Who´s the king lyrics

s The King? You're the King if you can sing like the ... king of Rock & Roll Filled with soul and all f***ed up on Demerol Like the King you're only headed

New York Dolls - Who are the mysery girls lyrics

s the one that wants to take her home and make 'em say they wanna stay a year Who's the ... one that wants to take 'em home and make 'em crawl ... right thru the years oh baby Who's the one that wants

Minnie Riperton - The song of life lyrics

la, la, La, la, la, la, la, la... Come sing the song of ... life There's a song that sings to me All of life's ... music in sweet harmony And you can sing this melody

Nick Carter - Who needs the world? lyrics

oh I stare at your face into your eyes Outside, there's so much passing us by All of the sounds, all of the ... sights Over the earth and under the sky Too much

Dave Edmunds - I knew the bride (when she used to rock and r.. lyrics

the bride looked a picture in the gown that her ... mama wore When she was married herself nearly twenty ... seven years before She had to change the style a little

Jason Gray - The end of me lyrics

s okay, this is just the end Don't be afraid, this is ... where it begins, oh 'Cause everything here had to fall apart But in the ruins of a broken heart I found peace

Kirk Franklin - Why we sing lyrics

asked the question Why do we sing? When we lift our ... hands to Jesus What do we really mean? Someone may be ... wondering When we sing our song At times we maybe crying. And

Dark Moor - The city of peace lyrics

resounds the river with bright foams of silver ... and the wind's an aromatic stroke Where some ... people's living in peace, and God's giving his blessed

My Morning Jacket - Like a river lyrics

has blown Leaves have fallen Days grow short River ... flowing Bird has flown Misty morning Half ... well-worn River flowing Finally home Sun is shining

Black Stone Cherry - Peace is free lyrics

feels blue sometimes You gotta keep your head up, and keep ... on tryin' And if you feel the urge to raise your hand You ... can start a revolution or start a band You better sing

Lyrycyst - Song plays on lyrics

musics about Letting out what You want to get out Just ... let it flow Speaking grip rip rock Deeper than hip hop The music is within ... Like the way that they grimlock Compassion is a

Public Enemy - Who stole the soul lyrics

again, this is it Turn it up ... Here we go But this time the rhyme Gonna ask who did the ... crime Then let's get down to the nitty-gritty Like I wanna ... know who Picked Wilson's pocket Afth

Stevie Nicks - Love is like a river lyrics

used to call me wicked I used to call ... you friend They say your life is wild Compared ... to what... lifestyle You must have ... many things... to remember Cause nothing else in your life

Onward - Who saw the last star fall lyrics

saw the last star fall Who heard the first note of death's song Why is it now I have to wait No place to hide, no true ... escaping Left all alone for no man's sake My planet home will lose today Who can feel the ocean's cry Who

Delirious? - Grace like a river lyrics

of mysteries that you could love someone like ... me in your hands eternity and yet you have the time for ... me a love so undeserved you held ... nothing in reserve Heaven played its symphony I took your

Dispatched - Like a river of sand lyrics

are old and sick Waiting for the night Lonely ... in your heart The times have been hard Outside your ... help You're freezing your balls You will raise your hand To see what's behind Like a river of sand Will open

The Who lyricsThe Who - The song is over lyrics

song is over It's all behind me I should have ... find me Our love is over They're all ahead now I've got ... to learn it I'm gonna sing out chorus: I'll

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The song is you lyrics

hear music when I look at you A beautiful theme of ... every dream I ever knew Down deep in my ... heart I hear it play I feel it start Then melt away I hear music when I

Miracle Of Sound - The man who rocked the world (david bowie tri.. lyrics

Sophia Strange in ‘73 Her daddy’s yelling tirades at the ... TV Hey man be cool!! Sweeping the ... screen - rebel freak with a twist A skinny genie come to

Kristin Chenoweth - The song remembers when lyrics

was standing at the counter, I was waiting for the change When I heard that old ... familiar music start It was like a lighted match had been ... tossed into my soul It was like a dam had broken in my heart

Creed - The song you sing lyrics

up and had a face to face Guess my reflection had a ... lot to say Why let my worries steal my days ... just brings me down Does the song you sing Have enough meaning Inspire us to sing along

Dark Millenium - Peace in my hands lyrics

are fed by the guilty sun guilty for ... keeping the life command winds groa to storms, ... storme bear further sons thia is my breed... thia is my ... cycle of need. If you pay for me - I cannot be.

Lil' Flip - Who is the best freestyler (lil' flex diss) lyrics

Lil' Flip] Monday night freestyle Let's get ready to rock Lil' Flip & ... Redd V.S. all hoe ass niggaz If you hear your name you are a motherf***in whore Yeah,

Gwydion - The terror of the northern lyrics

the verge of a new century Pious lands were ... hit by tragedy Villages licked by flames... Trail ... of charred outposts becomes With ... bare sails to penetrate the sea Warriors carry axes through the sand Few but valued as a great war-band Which consumes

Jj Heller - Why is it colder lyrics

am I to do with you Have I done enough I've got ... to give If this is how you want to live, I guess I'll wait ... outside Why is it colder when you're here And why do I cry

Alica Rose - The song lyrics

we have heard it at the same time I fell in love with the song you did the same thing ... the damage was that we did not know He walked ... further with the rhythm in the leg are you looking at me

Bleachers - Like a river runs lyrics

you were still here My hands shaking with regret I've ... held this dream for such a long long time And I wanna ... get up To the rhythm of a wild, to the rhythm of a wild

Kottonmouth Kings - Who's the criminal lyrics

freedom song, goes out to anybody, who's ever been ... judged, harassed, Or thrown in jail for ... smoking the plant marijuana. F*** it, now why you gotta judge me, who the f*** are

Hatesphere - The fallen shall rise in a river of blood lyrics

Music: Peter Lyse Hansen / HateSphere, Lyrics: Mikael ... Ehlert] The lords of darkness have their decree The ... end of all life, no one will go free ... The fall shall rise in a river of blood Follow me lead ‘case I am their god The

Newsboys - When the tears fall lyrics

ve had questions, without answers I've known sorrow, I have known pain But there's one ... thing, that I'll cling to You are faithful, Jesus You're true When hope is lost, I'll call You saviour When pain surrounds, I

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Who needs the peace corps? lyrics

s there to live for? Who needs the peace corps? Think ... out I'll go to Frisco Buy a wig & sleep On Owsley's ... floor Walked past the wig store Danced at the

Dappy - Who's the daddy (benny banks feat. dappy) lyrics

do my thing. I’m getting paper, f***ing hate, I’m gonna ... see you later, All it is, a low range, around few exchanger, You interrogate, BBD ... interrogators, I’ll not be running

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Who got the camera lyrics

Verse 1] Drivin down the motherf***in highway the flyway ... hey bitch, you goin my way? Now I got a passenger I ... look at the miniskirt, now I'm askin her

Jinjer - When two empires collide lyrics

be over right now…. Nightmare! This nightmare has just ... begun! Two eagles are cruising around over my land. Two eagles are trying to ... break a branch they've already bent Two martial birds

Gwar - The price of peace lyrics

fall upon you prepare to meet your fat mankind ... is an insect we must exterminate final solution a global ... genocide so shall we conquer so shall you ... die life-must-cease price-of-peace thirsty

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The pirate of penance lyrics

pirate anchored on a Wednesday And why he came to port, I ... wonder To see a lady, so my friends say She dances for the sailors In a ... smoky cabaret bar underground Down in a cellar in a harbor town I know

2pac lyrics2pac - Who do you love ? lyrics

its the thug in me Ever since I ... was a young scrub I was a thug on the corner with my ... niggaz slangin drugs Im runnin from the ... narcs when they pass by dont ask why Im a hustler till my ass die Even if I do come up I

A Jealousy Issue - Who crucified the chaperone lyrics

ON! just grab my hand baby sitting down is giving up ... just this once baby shutting up is giving in ... pry those petals from their wet walls so we can hit the floor it's the rhythm of

Adastra - Who threw the first stone lyrics

hear, the old man tell a tale Local old fool, target of ... laughter Drunken reeking, face forever pale Starts talking, story follows after ... Hear me tell my tale Pleased to know your name You are

Blitzkrieg - Who takes the fall? lyrics

want to see the nations under single rule, it's ... absolute power in the hands of a fool. The bird of Armageddon,wings pointing to the sky, reflected like a harlequin,no tears left to cry.

Kate Bush - The song of solomon lyrics

Song of Solomon The song of everyone Who walks the path Of the solitary heart The ... soul cries out Hear a woman singing Don't want your ... bullshit, yeah Just want your sexuality Don't want

Donovan - The song of the wandering aengus lyrics

wish out to the hazel wood Because a fire was ... in my head And I cut and peeled a hazel wand And ... hooked a berry with a thread And when white moths were on the wing And moth-like stars

Donovan - The song of wandering aengus lyrics

wish out to the hazel wood Because a fire was ... in my head And I cut and peeled a hazel wand And ... hooked a berry with a thread And when white moths were on the wing And moth-like stars

Gary Barlow - The song i'll never write lyrics

Verse) Although it’s here in every breath I take I just can’t bear ... to share the thought Don’t wanna hear my voice or find the ... door (Pre-Chorus 1) For the first time in my life I

Hall And Oates - Who said the world was fair lyrics

there’s enough to go around why can’t I get mine If ... everybody knows they’ve been lied to If ... everybody knows it, then why are they waiting On a gas line

Peter, Paul And Mary - And when i die lyrics

when I die, and when I'm dead, dead and gone There'll be ... one child born and a world to carry on There'll ... be one child born to carry on I'm not scared of

Peter, Paul And Mary - The song is love lyrics

of all, I would like to say a word or two, I know you won ... t be thinking this applies to you, But it's true, ... and it do. All your life you have had to

Ashes You Leave - The song of the lost lyrics

was I supposed to know That a wounded soul would heal so ... You needed love but love is dead Ready to paint the world ... in red Why did you ever let me see The

Baha Men - Who let the dog out lyrics

Who let the dogs out {woof, woof, woof, ... woof, woof, woof} Chorus: Who let the dogs out{woof, woof, ... woof, woof} Who let the dogs out{woof, woof, woof,

Betraying The Martyrs - The righteous with the wicked lyrics

men Stood up and left The looked down toward Sodom Abraham walked among them to see them On their way Shall I ... hide from him? What am I supposed to do? Become the father of all nations

Bonaparte - Who took the pill lyrics

who took it?) – who took the yellow little pill? (who ... took it? )– who took the yellow little pill? (who ... took it?) – who took the yellow little pill? (who

Camarada Kalashnikov - The song with camarada kalashnikov lyrics

song with Camarada Kalashnikov The song with Camarada ... Kalashnikov The song with Camarada Kalashnikov The song with ... Camarada

Alice Cooper - The song that didn't rhyme lyrics

a song, it was wrong from it's very first ... struggled on every line It wasn't fast, wasn't pretty, wasn ... t serious or witty The song that didn't rhyme The band

Dream Theater - The rover / achilles last stand / the song re.. lyrics

was an April morning When they told us we should go And as ... I turn to you you smiled at me How could we say no? ... With all the fun to have To live the dreams we always had Woah the songs to sing

Inxs lyricsInxs - Who pays the price (demo) lyrics

it's dark sometimes When the people are shoving Pushing ... you into the ground And you cry in the daylight ... With the sun in your eyes Even though ... you know you're not alone And it's all been felt before

Kris Kristofferson - Song i'd like to sing lyrics

na na na na na na na....) There's a song I'd like to sing ... Do you know the song I mean? It don't always sound the ... same But it's always good to sing. Maybe it

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Why lyrics

might take too long to turn the lights back on I guess I lay ... awake, I guess I lay here and break Could you pour me ... one more drink? A glass of gasoline Help me burn my pain,

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