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Annette Hanshaw - Who's that knocking at my door lyrics

s that knockin'? Don't stand outside ... know it's good luck coming my way! Goodness gracious, can ... Someone's coming back to me Who's that knocking at my door? I

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - She's knocking at my door lyrics

knocking at my door But I won´t let her out no ... more I want a piece of that pie She´s driving me ... wild She´s giving me a private dance She´s playing with my

Riot ( Usa ) - Knockin' at my door lyrics

on their way I'm guessing that I'm brave, but still I give ... up, I'll tear it down alone, that's what I feel inside I look ... where I go I can not close my eyes You see what you

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Knocking on my door lyrics

- knocking on my door - ooh Oh baby when I see ... I feel like I`m in paradise My heart is beating just for you ... really know One day you`re knocking on my door And you wanna

Ted Nugent - Knocking at your door lyrics

noticed me Well, they say that love always finds a way Well ... ..I'm gonna keep Knockin' at your door Late in the ... midnight hour Knockin' at your door Ooh when there ain

Eddy Arnold - Who at my door is standing lyrics

at my door is standing, Patiently drawing near, ... are falling; “Open the door for Me! If thou wilt heed My calling, I will abide with ... the dark hours dreary, Knocking again is He; Jesus, art

Glenn Medeiros - Knocking at your door lyrics

I lived to be in love But what I had to give Was not ... look for love It's knockin' at our door I said let's ... But you didn't care What was to be our future Is now

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Who's that knocking lyrics

textextextextext textextextextext textextextextext textextextextext textextextextext textextextextext textextextextext...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - At my door lyrics

wind wakes me from my Sleep I've waited for this ... Darkness takes me to my Dreams I've waited for this ... I'll never see it til it's at my door Til it's at my door

Jodeci - My phone lyrics

left you did the same Cause my love was so true Your ... friends told me that You kept up with me I don't ... listen to me All alone I sit at home baby Waiting for the

Men At Work - Who can it be now lyrics

can it be knocking at my door? Go 'way, don't come 'round ... here no more. Can't you see that it's late at night? I'm very ... Stay away, don't you invade my home. Best off if you hang

Colin Hay - Who can it be now lyrics

can it be knocking at my door? Go 'way, don't come 'round ... here no more. Can't you see that it's late at night? I'm very ... Stay away, don't you invade my home. Best off if you hang

Deep Purple - Knocking at your back door lyrics

And none of us could reach that high She came on like a ... paradise The log was in my pocket When Lucy met the ... I can't deny it With that smile on her face It's not

Foals - My number lyrics

don’t have my number we don’t need each ... don’t need the city who create all the culture now cause ... I feel, I feel alive I feel that the streets are all pulling

Karen Elson - A thief at my door lyrics

wind rattles my windowpane He's trying to ... find a way in But my door's locked shut and my ... I can't let in. A thief at my door Steal away my love I

Brandi Carlile - The stranger at my door lyrics

have seen the fire watcher's daughter Watching ... past An all-consuming flame, that refines and new begins It'll ... 'til you die And the ones that love to tell it, hide the

Needtobreathe - Angel at my door lyrics

do I got to do to my love to make you understand ... of your heart to keep you satisfied What do I got to do to ... Where do I find the words in my mouth to cut through the air

Harry Nilsson - At my front door lyrics

a knockin' Come a knockin' at my front door door door ... a knockin' Come a knockin' at my front door Crazy little ... of despair Just lookin' for my baby but she wasn't there

Converge - Wolfes at my door lyrics

just how far i broke from myself in the name of fear and ... better me without the chase that won't leave me be wolves at my door keep all your wars i'm

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Who's that boy? (feat. dev) lyrics

yourself Yeah, have you to myself I don't need nobody ... Let's go I've been staring at ya(at ya) And I can do it ... everybody here be thinking who's that boy Wanna take you home

Eddie Rabbitt - Who's that pullin' on me? lyrics

s that pullin' on me? Who's that pullin' on me? Who's that ... pullin' on me, my friend? Pullin' on my shirt ... tail Who's that laughin' at me? (Ha ha) Who's that

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Who's that girl? lyrics

were places we would go at midnight There were secrets that nobody else would know There ... they all belonged to me Who's that girl? Where's she from?

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Who did that to you lyrics

do it first I’m gonna handle my business in the name of the ... die, he best prepare for it My judgment’s divine I’ll tell ... be no peace, when I find that fool Who did that to you,

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Who's that man lyrics

love we had Sweet emotions that we share What I see is ... I can understand somehow What had torn our dream apart How ... you broke my heart Remember when our love

Marvin Gaye - When love comes knocking at your heart lyrics

the key & make love come my way I would trade this ... any day When love comes knocking at my heart I'm surely going ... to let it in When love comes knocking at my heart Happiness will

Paradiso Girls - Whos my bitch lyrics

it from your friend that you was out last night Tried ... to go and do a thing like that? You think you're such a ... big man You think that you're the first one to see my uhhhhÂ… To get my uhh...

The Monkees - When love comes knockin' (at your door) lyrics

love comes knockin' at your door Just open up and let I'm in. ... t you run and hide. I know that you've been hurt before But ... more. Throw off the chains that bind And leave the past

New Years Day - Who we are lyrics

cliche But suffice to say That it's exactly where I'm at ... anymore The same knuckles knocking at my chamber door The same ... faces that I've always seen before Is

Anna Graceman - That's who i am lyrics

m lookin' at all these faces I'm dreamin' ... up No, No, No They say that I am crazy I say, you're ... Oh Life ain't gonna come knocking at your door, You've got to

The Defiled - Locked in freedom lyrics

in these walls, hide in my skin These are the things that I live in Out of control, ... Can't see beyond, I've lost my sight Till I die dreaming ... Strap myself in Freedom awaits What

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - The lord's prayer lyrics

Getcha! Getcha! Our father which art in heaven. ... And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from ... no... no... A knock knock knocking Knock knock knocking on

Dream Theater - Take away my pain lyrics

the edge of his bed Staring at the headlines on the paper ... He said, 'Look at poor Gene Kelly I guess he ... the rain.' You can take away my heroes Can you take away my

Erasure lyricsErasure - Knocking on your door lyrics

to be somewhere To sort out my emotions You know it's up to ... you You know exactly what to do I can't take it ... to come back -Chorus: Knocking on your door Down there on

My Enemies & I - Wolves teeth (ft. davis rider of immoralist) lyrics

when You don't even feel at home Inside your own skin? ... ears Telling you exactly What you want to hear I've ... glass You dragged me By my own feet I feel the blood

Matt Redman - Knocking on the door of heaven lyrics

on earth We've positioned watchmen on the walls Now our ... hear our cries, the tears that plead for rain We're knocking, knocking on the door of ... crying, crying for this generation We're praying for Your

Martin Kräussl - My love lyrics

to love you I can merely watch you Making your moves And ... When you think you´re cool My love is like a temple built ... you can´t even drive a car My love is like a castle on a

Michael Schulte - Knocking on heavens door lyrics

Feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on ... heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on ... heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on ... heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on

Take That lyricsTake That - Here lyrics

You went your way, I went my way Said you'll see me down ... a hell of a time To come knocking at my door And it's here, ... tonight As far away as a satelite Keeping your heart in my pocket Hope to God that I

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Who would you die for lyrics

it the way your fingers held that glass, The way your lips ... the sheets Still aching for my arms The way you move its ... more. The big bad wolf is knocking at your door Who would you

Gerald Levert - That's the way i feel about you lyrics

life is funny When you look at it everbody wants love and ... of love I'm a firm believer that if you get anything out of ... how bless we are And that girl over there telling you

Bobby Womack - That's the way i feel about cha lyrics

life is funny When you look at it Everybody wants love But ... You know I'm a true believer that If you get anything out of ... listen, hoo You're pushing my love a little bit too far I

Jordan Pruitt - My reality lyrics

just to be your friend What ever you expect from me ... it carefully Before this relationship begins Should I ... else Is it safe to be myself [chorus] All these

Shampoo - Zap pow lyrics

Us Around 1...2...3...4... Who's That Knocking At The Door? ... Crack, Bish Bash, Heart Attack! Someone's Gonna Get It,

Sally Oldfield - My damsel heart lyrics

heart of secret art And my Roman earrings flashing in ... a devil's smile, And with my young maiden's charm I'll ... I'll come ride with you now that summer's in the glen For you

Bananarama - Come back lyrics

from you in a week With my heart I thought that we had ... something special Come back my love to my heart And finish ... what you started Who's that knocking on my door Could

Jamie Grace - My first love lyrics

not long ago, You came a'knocking at my heart's door, Daddy ... held my hand as he fumbled through ... the intro, Told me that You'd love me and You'd never ... need, always gonna be, My first love, Everything about

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Stone cold sober (live at the ica) lyrics

ll be the late night lady you won't ... to you Stop talking at my face Take a rocket out to ... looking for a cure, Don't be knocking at my door, I'll never let

Eels - That look you give that guy lyrics

never thought that I could be so bold, To even ... tall and walking proud. That look you give that guy, I ... wanna see Looking right at me. If I could be that guy,

Mcbusted - Riding on my bike lyrics

was riding on my bike When I saw a girl I ... back home to mine I was sure that she was fine I was nervous ... couldn't stop it Reaching in my pocket Trying to pick up my

Shinee - Nightmare lyrics

that knocking on my door? Come and dream a dream, ... Charari na pihal su eopdamyeon du nuneul gamgo neol ... Come to me kkum sogeuro watch out baby don’t go Dasi

Senses Fail - Wolves at the door lyrics

heaven It was on the tip of my tongue And it reminded me of ... the times I was young Of catching rain in my open mouth I ... thousands of needles poking at my skin I lie in bed to

L7 - Questioning my sanity lyrics

m saving my piss in a jar This ... dead I'm questioning my sanity The paint ... are kicking in Desperation bubbles my skin There ... Crackers with black books knocking at my door The TV's

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Lily my one and only lyrics

my one and only I can hardly ... in this tree In the hopes that she will catch a glimpse of ... And thru her window shade I watch her shadow move I wonder ... if she.......? Lily, my one and only Love is in my

Mis-teeq - That type of girl lyrics

it was good, I thought that we were tight, Heard a sweet ... There's no place you would rather be, Than with me. How ... could you believe that you could tell me lies? All

Get Scared - At my worst lyrics

clean I can and I will do my best (To soldier through[?]) ... me off Please hear me out My skin is so much thicker now ... Feel it in my bones Not feeling anymore

Lil Pump lyricsLil Pump - At the door lyrics

Big Head on the beat Lil Pump Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ... This is CB's beats I be, I be drippin' head ... on your hoe I got junkies at the door, I got junkies at

Baillie & The Boys - Who will i be lyrics

come home to this evening Who's the one who'll meet you at ... the door Will it be the one you'll ... one you don't need anymore Who's the one who'll sit across the

Manfred Mann - Angels at my gate lyrics

58, 56, 54, Good angels at my door. 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, ... 58, Good angels at my gate. Throw a seven down, ... 58, 56, 54, Good angels at my door. 63, 62, 61, 60, 59,

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Let's ride (australian version) lyrics

sun is goin' down I said who's that knockin' at my door ... You got your look from a book at a weekend sale And now you ... wanna play I said what's up baby? Why don't you

Grits - Say goodbye lyrics

speak too soon We a' sing to that the girls that swoon I didn ... (end times), deep ain't it That's what strokes my voice, ... s say goodbye And I promise myself that I'm not gonna cry

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