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Richard Sanderson - Go on forever lyrics

That my life would change forever Saw you standing there, I ... Dreams are my reality The only real kind of real fantasy ... Illusions are a common thing I try to live in

Andi Deris - This could go on forever lyrics

how strong the winds are blowing They ... miss you, babe This could go on forever Go on exactly as ... it is This could go on forever Feel the rays coming

Journey - Why can't this night go on forever lyrics

never time, to say Need you tonight, lover don't fade away I ... Why can't this night...go on forever Without love, we won ... cry Where's the laughter, we gotta try What's in our hearts,

Snow Patrol - Make this go on forever lyrics

don't let this turn into ... something it's not I can only give you everything I've got I can't be as sorry as you ... I still love you more than anyone else could All that I

Emblem3 - Forever together lyrics

ll be my Monday, my fresh start I'll be ... Sunday, never be apart We got the whole week, in it ... together We got our whole life to go on forever If you could see I could

Kottonmouth Kings - Forever lyrics

you... You and me could go on forever Making songs that ... re fine Take my hand We're going for a ride You and me we ... both got each other In this life

James Brendan - Let your beat go on lyrics

from your face Said so long to your mistakes And ... questions and start over again Look ... You'll find your own reflection, A face of hardship and pain ... Your money saved and spent, Your

Evalyn Awake - Forever lyrics

paint a picture not so easy on the eyes let's give it one ... more try Call on another to make it through ... everything will be alright Only the lonely alomne tonight

James - Go to the bank lyrics

such a tease with legs that go on forever Baby come back to ... come back to me you're such good company Baby come back to ... me i don't expect you to stay here i

Blind Pilot - Go on, say it lyrics

up sound on the interstate I am my ... I left you Our daughter once told me I know a lot Now I ... off with more than I've got A hitchhiker told me I don ... Instead of painting words white How I will keep you Just

Kandi - Go on without you (shirley murdock song) lyrics

that was enough He came along, and I forgot all about you ... There is no way that I can go on without you A precious ... my eyes, and now I can see A one night affair, can be so

Elton John lyricsElton John - Go on and on (with gladys knight) lyrics

and On On and On She broke my heart, he ... me too That's something that only unworthy souls do They ... said goodbye, we say hello An ... introduction for a perfect love to grow

Rooney - Go on lyrics

little brother's dream to be on the same team some day A ... a natural, but now I don't know what to say I can't ... go on believing 'cause I know there ... s a reason I can't go on if you go on this way Well

George Strait - Go on lyrics

interrupting, what were you gonna say? You caught him ... cheatin', I don't blame you for walkin' away. ... I've been Oh, there I go interrupting your story once

Alexander Arthur (june) - Go on home girl lyrics

that it just ain't fair So go on home girl, let's call it a ... night You better go home girl, this just ain't ... right But before you go I want you to know That I

B. B. King - Go on lyrics

said Lord up in heaven Honey, what's been wrong with you ... Just give me one good reason For what we've been going ... through Oh go on 'Cause you brought me to my

Jack Johnson - Go on lyrics

twilight Behind the telephone lines Nothing to prove, or ... There's no apologies Just go on Just go on There're ... I wanna to say to you But go on Just go on We're bound

Gary Moore - Go on home lyrics

you do it Did he teach you wrong from right Why don't you go on home Why don't you go on ... home Why don't you go on home Why don't you go on ... home Gonna say it again Repeat Did

Ne-yo - Go on girl lyrics

I cant get it back, but I dont want it back, i Realized ... that, She dont know how to act Never been ... had a slight lack Of common sense I was the good guy

Roy Orbison - Go on lyrics

i don't get excited Each time that ... I try hard not to show it Go on and make me cry Go on, go ... on, go on Go on Though you think he's ... Sweeter than the wine Don't let him steal a moment I'm

Diana Degarmo - Go on and cry lyrics

that you will call So why dont you lie down beside me Open ... your heart and confide in me Go on and cry, ... here's my shoulder Why don't you try to imagine that I'd

Heart - Go on cry lyrics

on cry Go on cry Go on cry Cry cry cry cry Go on ... cry, cry, cry Go on cry Cry cry

J.k. - Go on lyrics

you slither like an eel Prisoners on the run in winter time ... You gotta try and hide All you ... soul Driving you insane, on and on you go Prisoners on

Patty Loveless - Go on lyrics

we're apart And to believe one day We'll put these years ... behind us And go on living our lives Like there ... s no hurt And nothing has gone wrong Go on living our

Lower Than Atlantis - Go on strike lyrics

of being hired To do someone else's chores. When ... nothing There's something wrong. Work keeps me adrift in my ... ship I'm just floating along. I am a servant, you have

Willie Nelson - Go on home lyrics

your watch and I know what's on your mind There's someone ... should be so right is as wrong as can be Go on home you don ... t belong here with me I love you I

Patti Page - Go on with the wedding lyrics

on with the wedding Don't bother 'bout me Let me be ... forgotten Or just a memory I'll ... But he loves you too So go on with the wedding God bless ... Jim was my true love I soon would marry, Fred The

Liz Phair - Go on ahead lyrics

go on ahead, honey You have a good time there ... so deep in your pockets, I don't Recognize you You say you ... I hope we'll be leaving soon And I fear for the year in

Ommega - Go on the spree lyrics

empty; the lock is nowhere on the door Here it's fashionable; the man can eat and ... drink The money never slumps; the bank pays ... I wished A little place on this earth A country; where

Off With Their Heads - Go on git now lyrics

enough I, It's bad enough I don't even feel like it's worth ... it. I don't even feel like it's worth ... it, I don't even feel like it's worth

Omega - Go on the spree lyrics

empty; the lock is nowhere on the door Here it's fashionable; the man can eat and ... drink The money never slumps; the bank pays ... I wished A little place on this earth A country; where

Gartner Wolfgang - Forever (ft. will.i.am) lyrics

let’s party all night long (long, long, long, long), Let’s ... make it last forever. Baby let’s party all night ... long (long, long, long, long), Let’s make it last forever. On that bogalo shrimp no

Mitchel Musso - White striped gloves lyrics

Girl Material good girl Loves giving back ... But She's my girl, do what I gotta do. Pay her to the gate ... spending all my pearls She's got me signing checks and buying

Silverstein - Forever and a day lyrics

thought we'd be together, forever But it seems I was wrong ... apart Think of what I've done for you Think of all that ... fallen apart Everything One day you'll see just how good I was (x2) And I thought

Kat-tun - White world (nakamaru yuichi) lyrics

Hitomi tojite kimi wo miru Konayuki ga tsutsumikomi subete ... toki kimi ni sasage you White World Now and Forever  ... Kawaranai mono ga aru Ikiru imi wo sotto

Marcus & Martinus lyricsMarcus & Martinus - Go where you go lyrics

you got somewhere to be? Or you ... together? Have you got somewhere to go? Baby you ... and I can lose control Do you think that what ... we have could last forever? You got your white

Lil' Flip - White cup lyrics

white, white cup (yessir) White, white, white cup (yessir) White, white, white cup (yessir) White, white, white cup (yeah!) ... [Lil' Flip: talking] I keep a white cup nigga It's Fliperachi a.k

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - White lines lyrics

Ooh-white! White! Ooh-white! White! Ooh-white! White! ... Ooh-white! (White Lines) Vision dreams of ... passion (Going through my mind) And all ... A very strange reaction (Yours to unwind) The more

Junior Senior - White trash lyrics

We wanna wear the same as Sonny and Cher And show we got ... that dick into my face Hang on man I'm a little girl I ... to my own Blub-a-rub a tit on the Letterman Show Want to

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - White riot lyrics

riot - I wanna riot White riot - a riot of my own White riot - I wanna riot White ... of my own Black people gotta lot a problems But they don't mind throwing a brick White people go to school Where

Drop Dead Gorgeous - The show must go on lyrics

loves a drama Everyone loves the drama Let's set ... the stage on fire and Hollywood will be ... jealous When the lights go out Everyone loves a drama ... Everyone loves the drama As she

Mac Miller - On and on lyrics

huh Hey Excuse me son, can I see your identification? I wanna walk into the ... in from the rooftop, what's gon' break my fall I think I ... might go on and on forever On and on forever I think this

Vanessa Carlton - White houses lyrics

'Cause when she dances she goes and goes Beer through the ... nose on an inside joke I'm so ... in bloom Summer is ending soon It's alright and it's nice

The Pleasure Seekers - White pig blues lyrics


Autumn In Disguise - White lies lyrics

It's in your eyes These white lies These white lies In ... them you mean it These white lies These white lies In ... eyes Have already fallen tonight Say it to their face

Skylark - White warrior lyrics

of it you have to stay alone in the Reign of Satan the ... World will always be. So only the pure warriors can hold ... their strong beliefs. I will die ... you can't get the truth! White Warrior... (DIE) nothing is

Shinee - Love should go on lyrics

Key] Yeah~! Our love should go on Yeah~! Our love should go ... on~! Hey ma! U, baby (gotta) like this! [Minho] ... nae mam neoreul bon keu sunganbuteo gyehsoghaeseo

The Cars - Drag on forever lyrics

pounding soft I climbed on top of you, you said get off ... must this drag on forever I tripped and stumbled in ... my endless stream of kryptonite I lit my brain with

Elvis Costello - White knuckles lyrics

down to put the frighteners on I believe she's the one that ... he's got his heart set on It doesn't matter if your ... see right through him You don't have to take it when he

Kyla La Grange - White doves lyrics

lonely when I can't slide You ... told me we were White Doves So lonely when I can't ... left to deliver So please go on your way So you coming ... we both used to play It don't make any difference I'll

Riot ( Usa ) - White rock lyrics

snow is falling, Some view, got to get the crew. White rock ... hot. I like the fever from white rock. White rock, come on ... make it hot. White fury, white rock. Up all night, sleep

Foxy Shazam - Forever together lyrics

I go on tour my son always tells me wish he had ... all the other 9 to 5's he don't understand what it is to ... in rock n' roll land They don't understand Before I go on

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - White limo lyrics

I'm thinkin' having a plan Go on with your bad self What ... stop accusin' You're never gonna take a hit on the head Now ... if you don't care Take a ride somewhere

Manticora - Forever carousel lyrics

it surges through the air one of many things you´ll find ... and round in circles you go and move into the light. The ... innocence feature on this fantastic carousel makes

Messiah Force - White night lyrics

are worse than ever Angels don't ever come down here ... Snowing on the purgatory Don't call god for some help He ... won't come, he won't come at all Snowing all

The Corrs - White light lyrics

reflection To stare back like a ghost ... in a number? 27 years Not long enough to learn from your ... tears Not long enough to live with the fear ... That you just mightn't be done before your time And all

Thomas Dolby - White city lyrics

That keep chucking up money! It turned into the kind ... That Keith feels isn't funny White City White City Keith ... Shape of an octahedron Where he could hide from

Hear'say - We go on lyrics

Another day has finally gone I wanna know is it you and ... me I gotta feeling this is meant to ... Whatever we face I know We go on and on You and me ... together On and on just you and me In my heart

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The man who lives forever lyrics

said we're all gonna die but I'll never believe ... it I love this world and I don't wanna leave it Said that ... But I love you, girl and I don't wanna lose you Don't

Black Majesty - Forever damned lyrics

Can you withstand to be contrived? Believer, you ... justice if you can't see us? Forever searching and seeking for ... signs Come dimensions away from your home to the

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