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Where The Party At (so So Def Remix) .. lyrics

Browse for Where The Party At (so So Def Remix) .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Where The Party At (so So Def Remix) .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Where The Party At (so So Def Remix) ...

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Lil Niqo - Where the party at lyrics

Niqo - "Where The Party At" Lil Niqo - "Where The Party At" Lil Niqo - "Where The Party At" Lil Niqo - "Where The Party At&quot

Mighty 44 - Where's the party at (feat. bomfunk mc's) lyrics

b-boys! And be b-girls! The red neck _____ Of this world! Celebrating the flow, The boogey back ___, The one's that make ya, Feel at home. You'll need ___, By my side, Keepin' it ___, Really funk-a-fied A posse at my door, With the whole ______,

Omg Girlz - Where the boys at lyrics

Hahaha, OMG. Where you at boy! Beauty: Holla back if you hear me (Hear me, Hear me) I didn't come out to hang with just my girls tonight Cos' lately I'm feeling lonely (Lonely, Lonely) I need the perfect boy to rock my world that's right Everybody need some somebody All t

N-sync - This is where the party's at lyrics

This is wheres the party's at (This is wheres the party's at) Come on babe This is wheres the party's at (this is wheres the party's at) This is wheres the party's at Monday morning till Friday afternoon Stressin' me out but tonight the weekend comes around and its time t

Jimmy Buffett - Party at the end of the world lyrics

Paris Come in London Come in New York Hello Rio The bad news is the world is ending The good news is there's a party But you better get here quick When you feel like a written off actor on Deadwood About to get fed to the pigs When that preacher's bus from hell Blastin' just cow

Nina Hagen - Where's the party lyrics

Hey babe, is this where the party is? No, no, you don't know me, but a guy told me there was a party up here, you know? Nina: I know your face. Thug: Yeah, well look up the f***in' number. Nina: So are you gonna come? Thug: Eventually babe, eventu

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - At the party lyrics

Verse 1] I walked in with a pimp strut … “What up?” Door man’s like, “You on the list?” I’m like, “Shiiii… I should be there… like after the L’s” He said it’s too early to tell “F*** it, go ahead.” Afrika Bambaataa Kool Herc was looping the break beat Rocksteady was breakin

Notorious B.i.g. - Party & bullshit lyrics

was a terror since the public school era Bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezing asses Smoking blunts was a daily routine Since thirteen, a chubby nigga on the scene I used to have the tre` duce And the duce duce in my bubblegoose Now i got the mack in my knapsack

Joe Stone - The party ( this is how we do it) lyrics

is how we do it, It's Friday night and I feel alright The party is here on the west side So I reach for my 40 and I turn it up Designated driver, I'ma take the keys to my truck Hit the shore cause I faded Honeys in the streets, say Monty yeha we made

See You Next Tuesday - Man dude vs. dude-brah (where's the party at?.. lyrics

know romance I know f***ing romance you will see endless compassion as devilish charm spews from my f***ing teeth and you can't hear anymore than the increasingly faster beat of your slowly rotting heart a device that pumps evil liquids through your skin and out your

Ice-t - Where the shit goes down lyrics

T, nigga Representin Strictly Westside, nigga South Central in the muthaf***in hiddouse Check the technique, nigga Representin for my real niggas out there F*** all you buster-ass niggas Word Saturday night in L.A., time to play My peoples hummin like a vibra

Kottonmouth Kings - Where's the weed at? lyrics

know the king klick, yeah we got the bomb weed, we got the southern kali shit that make ya eyes bleed, daddy x, d-loc and that boy Johnny richter, bdub, big pak, lou, munchyz the heavy hitter where's the weed at?, yo, where's the weed at? it's in my backpack , but you can't tou

Dmx - Where da hood at lyrics

ya niggaz must be outcha f***in mind Thinkin dog can't pull another motherf***in rabbit out the hat Nigga I ain't gotta check out my motherf***in sleeves you bitch ass niggaz F*** is y'all niggaz... Y'all niggaz just thinkin I'm sittin around doin n

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Where the wild things are lyrics

wake up sleepy one It's time to save your world Steal dreams and give to you Shop lift a thought or two All children touch the sun Burn fingers one by one By one Will this earth be good to you? Keep you clean or stain through? So wake up sleepy one It'

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - The one (so so def remix) (feat. bone crusher.. lyrics

So Def (yeah) Finally found somebody that could be the one But I promised myself that I wouldn't give into love And I'm scared and I'm nervous Don't wanna be hurt anymore This is bad cuz I know that you're the one I'm going through a situation that I can't h

Fort Minor - Where'd you go (s.o.b. remix) lyrics

d you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever, that you've been gone. Please come back home. She said: Some days I feel like shit. Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit. I don't understand why you have to always be gone. I get along but the trips

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Let´s have a party lyrics

all I wanna know is where the party at But all I wanna know is where the party at Let's have a party Let's have a party But all I wanna know is where the party at Everybody Let's have a party But all I wanna know is where the party at I've been watching you You've been wa

Eddie Money - Where's the party? lyrics

you ready? 'Cause I'm ready I said are you ready? 'Cause I'm ready So where's the party? (it's right here) Everybody, where's the party? (it's right here) Where's the party? (it's right here) Come on, where's the party? (it's right her

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - Where did the party go lyrics

na na na na na Na na na na Na na na na na na Na na na na I'm here to collect your heart It's the only reason that I sing I don't believe a word you say But I can't stop listening This is the story of how they met Picture was on the back of a pack of cigaret

Anybody Killa (abk) - Party at the liquor store lyrics

Anybody Killa) There's a party goin' on, who's comin' with? To kill the rest of that malt 40, and grab ya shit I hope you got some money, cause I ain't got your back Especially how cheap you was on the chronic sack There's a party at the liqour store, don't be claimin' b

Lash - The chainsmokers- kanye ft. siren (lash remix.. lyrics

have never wished and hoped Didn't need a telescope To see where I am going I have never been the one Trying hard to hold my tongue Is my stereo At one day I'll stand with a crown on my head Like a God yeah, like a God With every step, no, I won't second guess what I want

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Where's the party lyrics

Monday through Friday Takes up all of my time If I can get to the weekend Everything will work out just fine That's when I can go crazy That's when I can have fun Time to be with my baby Time to come undone Where's the party, I want to free my soul Where's the par

Attila - Holler at ya boy lyrics

your breath for the better things. tell it to someone who cares. I didn't pay money to hear you complain. I just came to get my buzz on. I just wanna party all night. so who will join me at the nearest bar? I don't believe any lyrics people seem to write

Prince - The max lyrics

are u' U can relax now, the Max is in control Go... yeah yeah When my back is so far back it's on the other side of the wall When half a chance is all I get if I get a chance at all When the going gets tougher than the tough can go I grind the axe - that's when I go, I go, I g

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - The party song lyrics

you wanna come to a party My friends picked me up in their truck at 11:30 This thing's at a frat house, but people are cool there Reluctant, I followed, but I never dreamed There would be someone there who would catch my attention I wasn't out loo

Briaandchrissy - Party at my place lyrics

my mind made up Got it all planned out Watcha think about that? I really thought this through I'm playing now how to get it Watcha think about that? I'm gonna blow your... I'm gonna blow your mind, mind, mind Now you're mine Girl, party at my place tonight Move your

Club Penguin - The party starts now lyrics

up party penguins Haven't you heard I get a lot of distance' For a little flightless bird I'm a, Crowned queen, Of this funky scene With my stylin' diva puffle And my ice cold beats. Can I get a what, what Can I get a who, where At the coolest club around The

Eskimo Callboy - Party at the horror house lyrics

party, party at the horror house. Sex, drinks and drugs till the lights went out. Party, party, party at the horror house. Sex, drinks and drugs till the lights went out. Hey girls, it's Steve, nice to meet you. It's my first party and I hope to p

Fat Joe - So much more lyrics

is this is this is.......... [Chorus] I know you came to party so get up on your feet Yea baby just truk that body and sing along with me come on I know you been searching for someone who Satisfies you and gives you so much more [Fat Joe] Cost y

Kesha lyricsKesha - Party at a rich dude's house lyrics

pool limousines (come on let's do it) Come on let's cause a scene (come on let's do it) Cigar in the caviar (come on let's do it) I'm pissin' in the Dom Pérignon (come on let's do it) Now, come on lets do it We're gonna do it now Come on let's do it Come on let's do this Woah

Jurassic 5 - In the house lyrics

Uhh Yo, Party people, from right to left just kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself The rec-ipe for rap is to flip the script and we the Jurassic 5 and we bout to rip So ladies and Gentlemen From the music this is farfetched extreme, from the brothers

Justice - The party lyrics

me tell you what I do when my day is over. After picking the right clothes for about an hour. Oooh, I'm turning orange from all the carats around my neck. Tonight, I'm takin' out the bling and I'm dressed to impress. I'm gettin' ready for my night out on the town. I'm lookin'

Willie Nelson - The party's over lyrics

Turn out the lights, the party's over They say that all good things must end Let's call it a night,the party's over And tomorrow starts the same old thing again What a crazy, crazy party, never seen So many people laughin', dancin' Look at you, you're havin

Brokencyde - The party don't stop lyrics

we dance looking at the skies so take a chance 'cause i don't wanna be alone you baby 'cause tonight we're free just you and me and we can live in time this dream we can be together for eternity Pre chorus: I've been tryin to tell you the

Godley And Creme - The party lyrics

dong, ding dong Hi! Hey! Sorry we're late You're not the first Oh Great! Hey listen I'm sorry but we can't stay late so we parked in the middle at the top by the gate on the grass with the crass Volkswagen estate Whose is it? Mine! You're kidding, it's great! (Jesus) I just l

Marillion - The party lyrics

bought a bottle of cider From the shop on the corner They didn't stop her Thought she was older She took a bus ride To a name and a number A house full of music And a hatful of wonder And some of the people That she thought that she knew Were n

Of Montreal - The party's crashing us lyrics

re such a mystery I just want to stand and stare Nibble on your ear And smell the ocean in your hair (Ocean in your hair, ocean in your hair) I know you damage me You leave me tangled in a knot (Oh-oh-oh-oh) But when you reappear I see Neptunian blues that e

Billie Piper - Party on the phone lyrics

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Sitting at home in my own world On the phone to my best girls Hear us ringing it (We're really swinging it) What are we doing... oh. If you wanna get a new groove We can show you all the right moves W

All Time Low - The party scene lyrics

kid, you've got, a lot of potential but I think its time to move up, so go on and blow us away with your sound; Now you're everything that we've come to love, you taught us to move, so we'll show it off, just drop us the beat... Here's to the fast times; the time

Forest Rain - The party hasn't ended lyrics

I am again I'm standing alone and wondering when I'm trying to work up the nerve To tell you how I feel Colorful streamers and lights Ever month it's the same, It doesn't feel right The emptiness around me Reminds me how my heart must feel I just want

Matt Pond Pa - The party lyrics

you wake Up to the prize Of yourself And all your eyes Then nothing will Be just like this And nothing is About your will The names are sitting on the phone Inside where words are left behind It's hard to hear them coming out when there's e

Miranda Sings - Where my baes at? lyrics

m about to break it down! Wickey! Wickey! Here we go! Every time I look around All I ever see Is people being jealous And they wanna look like me I got Tyler, Ricky, Flula, Joshua, and Joey too My uncle and Lohanthony But I'm my favorite boo

Phil Ochs - The party lyrics

fire breathing rebels arrive at the party early Their khaki coats are hung in the closet near the fur Asking handouts from the ladies, while they criticize the lords Boasting of the murder of the very hands that pour And the victims learn to giggle, for at least the

Patti Page - The party(noah) lyrics

often found its way into my tower Night after night it was filled with happy people Thin happy people Tall happy people Short happy people Old and young Many races from many places My tower was filled with nice neighbourly sounds Phones ringing,knocks

Bobby Darin - The party's over lyrics

party's over It's time to call it a day They've burst your pretty balloon And taken the moon away It's time to wind up the masquerade Just make your mind up The piper must be paid The party's over The candles flicker and dim You danced and dreamed through the n

Tankard - The party ain't over 'til we say so lyrics

quot;Rock 'n' Rollers in wheelchairs" That's what the headlines say "Old geezers retire!" F*** off! We're here to stay! F*** off! We're here to stay! Even dead we'd want to play! No! No cause to quit! We're kickin' butt! Butt kickin' lot! The part

R.i.o. - Party shaker ft. nicco lyrics

hey hey, oh oh, the Party Shaker Wake up, wake up people get in on gonna rock your body Stand up, stand up We´re moving all the way to the top We flying high, so high to the sky and we land on the dance floor, right, tonight, we will blow this club way From Rio to Jamai

The Game - Hello lyrics

Lloyd:] Let's ride... [Hook: Lloyd] You ain't gotta say bye bye, baby this is hello Put your hands in the sky, that's where we gonna go I like you so I gotta put a ring on that You the one that I wanna put everything on that Let's go, baby this is hello [V

Hoodie Allen - Party at the beach house lyrics

Rank up on the beach now Yeah Everywhere you wanna be now I just had a dream that I could be a grown up Friends telling me I pop like soda While summer nights some of you woulda known A kid like moi woulda blown up Chilling naughties Gotta rock Lola Only fair matters like I'm Ca

Khia - So excited (hood remix) lyrics

Intro: Spoken] Oh My God Is This The My Neck My Back Girl Again? Always Talking About P**** [Bridge:] Is You Hungry? Can I Give You A Treat? I Got You Lickin On My Body Like Its Something To Eat Is You Hungry? Can I Give You A Treat? I Got You Lickin On My Body Like

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - The sadness will never end (skrillex remix) lyrics

legs begin to break We've walked this path for far too long My lungs, they start to ache But still we carry on I'm choking on my words Like I got a noose around my neck I can't believe it's come to this And dear, I fear That this ship is sinking t

Patty Loveless - The party ain't over yet lyrics

s a troubled wind a blowin' through my crazy life I feel the chill begin, it's gonna be a long, long, long night I hear the thunder roll but I don't fear the lightning strike 'Cause deep inside I know I'm gonna make it through alright So let the walls come tumblin' down Brin

M83 - At the party lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Aesthetic Perfection - The bitter years (speed garbage rampage remix.. lyrics

couple pieces of worthless trash, Trace fingers, Forgotten melodies, Too surreal, To be the end, The wise have said "divide and conquer", Two always seemed much better to me, I guess I'm doomed to be a number. Let the hate o

Armin Van Buuren - The sound of goodbye (simon & shaker remix) lyrics

I see is cold as ice Everything I touch is pale Ever since I lost imagination Like a stream that flows into the sea I am lost for all eternity Ever since you took your love away from me Some times Some times Some times Some times The sound of go

Lil' B - Where the game began lyrics

a long time since a nigga did came back And I bought a Cadillac, ain't bought no Maybach Like air yeezy's nigga I stay strapped The gloc 4-5, pistol whip you for pay back Front me two zips and I bet you I make that No I'm not a drug dealer but I slang crack But I dissolv

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - Party at the end of the world (live demo) lyrics

Verse] Life at last Into the front and out the back of your collision In your heart, set free And I'm not backing your decision to get clean In your mind, I'm not afraid of your condition And let go, and let go I'm not afraid of you, yeah [Chorus]

Public Enemy - Superman's black in the building lyrics

back poppin that track Gonna wreck it now Watchin yall --to the record now Catchin yall attention So shake it now Oh no find my flow Gonna break it down Came a long way You cant take it now --regulatin on the regular Do your thing. on th

Per Gessle - The party pleaser lyrics

you come around I don't hear anymore When you come around I can't see clear anymore When you move on that floor Can't seem to think anymore I'm pavin' the way the way the way For the party pleaser I'm pavin' the way the way the way For the party ple

Ceremony - The party lyrics

can’t remember The face of a person You used to know Did You even know them? Did You ever really know? Sitting at the party On the stairs They came back to You They always come back to You Some of those people You used to love Somehow it hurts to

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