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Relient K. - When you were my baby lyrics

still remember what happened Yeah, I know right ... outskirts of love That’s when you said keep on driving ... Although the sun’s gonna set You said you had to see how far

Paul Brandt - When you call my name lyrics

moment To try to explain it And how it has changed The man ... that I am Life has a way When you try to arrange it Of ... Of the best-laid plans Guess what I'm tryin to say, is that you

Prince - When eye lay my hands on u lyrics

be accessed in the privacy of your mind Words are intense so my dear, if U dare 2 listen ... Take off your clothes, meet me between the ... 2 cheek 2 mane I'll pull your hair, U will feel no pain

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - When you put your hands on me lyrics

you put your hands on me.. When you put your hands on me.. ... about the travel of time And I've never seen most of the ... the diamonds of pearls See I haven't danced to a musical

Eddie Money - When you took my heart lyrics

you hear the music in me? Your song that fills my ears You ... ve longed to share I found what I've been searching for Deep ... within your eyes In the past, I lived

My Bloody Valentine - When you sleep lyrics

I look at you Oh, I don't know what's real ... Once in a while And you make me laugh And I'll see you tomorrow And it won't be ... long Once in a while Then you take me down Then you walk

Newsboys - When you called my name lyrics

massages I check chapter and verse They check their ... as well be gone Let's stand and say "Amen" Some ... Could be it's time to quit When days get like this I slip

Dawes - When you call my name lyrics

all my lovers sing the big words, and all my brothers keep them ... between their whisper and the echo of their call. So ... guide me in. I'd give up my belongings and questions

Dino Jelusic - You are my one and only lyrics

in the middle of a dream It seemed like it really happened I ... didn't know what it means I jumped out of my ... bed and put my new blue jeans with just one

Jessie James - When you say my name lyrics

way Runnin' on empty Faith and black coffee You left ... get the bills paid I miss your face baby I just can't ... 'Till we're all alone And this mad world fades away When you say my name Everything

Righteous Brothers - (you're my) soul and inspiration lyrics

Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil) Girl, I can't ... let you do this Let you walk away Girl, how can I ... live through this When you're all I wake up for each day

Matt Cardle - When you were my girl lyrics

tell me that you want me You're thinking that you walk ... back in my life again Saying you need me But I've been ... from mistaken friends When someone said you sold me out

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - When you spoke my name lyrics

I first spoke Your name I used it like a blade ... sharp a mask to hide the pain When I first spoke Your name When ... I next spoke Your name I could no longer bear

Pixie Lott - When you were my man lyrics

But it don't sound the same When our friends talk about you ... is just tears me down 'Cause my heart breaks a little When I ... hear your name It all just sounds

Melissa Etheridge - What happens tomorrow lyrics

if I look hard enough I will see That there can be enough I ... there's enough If not now, when If not today then What ... about tomorrow What happens tomorrow I believe a woman

The Frames - What happens when the heart just stop lyrics

what happens when the heart just stops Stops ... for anyone The hollow in your chest dries up And you stop ... believing So what happens when the heart gives up But the

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Sing this all together (see what happens) lyrics

heads let the pictures come And if we close all our eyes ... together Then we will see where we all come from ... of us through the steamy haze Pictures of us painted

Joey Mcintyre - 5 brothers and a million sisters lyrics

in Bostontown- still know my way around. Tryin’ ‘a find ... history. So tell ya mother and ya sistah too, the New Kids ... are coming back for you. And in my heart I knew you’d

David Hasselhoff - What a feeling lyrics

a feeling when you touch my heart Love will make a ... brighter day You're my guardian angel Let your ... for me Tomorrow I can't see a way without you Lonely

Sammy Hagar - Hands and knees lyrics

2 1, 2, 3 You seem to like it when I'm down ... Kinda makes you feel tall Step right up, stand on me I'll learn how to ... crawl You treat me so unkind This may seem way out of line I'll get

Audio Adrenaline - Hands and feet lyrics

image flashed across my TV screen Another broken ... into view I saw the pain, and I turned my back Why can't I ... am willing yet I'm so afraid You give me strength When I say

Ne-yo - When you're mad lyrics

s just the cutest thing When you get to fussing (cussing) ... Yelling and throwing things I just wanna ... eat you up I don't mean no ... disrespect When I start staring Knowing that

Davis Guy - When you got a good friend lyrics

that will stay right by your side When you got a good ... that will stay right by your side Give her all of your ... spare time, love and treat her right I

Purenrg - Hands and feet lyrics

image flashed across my TV screen. Another broken ... into view I saw the pain and I turned my back Why can't I ... m willing yet I'm so afraid You give me strength, when I say

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - When you got a good friend lyrics

That will stay right by your side, When you got a good ... That will stay right by your side, Give her all your ... spare time, Love and treat her right. I

Brainstorm - … and i wonder lyrics

alive But this flame within your heart hasn't died You tried ... run away from all the things you've done Now I hope that you ... will understand Remember the times when you

Seabear - I need a home for my hands and head lyrics

I cannot wait till eight and black is black and white is ... white you can't escape your troubled mind she is ... is swimming in the trees and everyday is just the last

Ll Cool J - You're my heart lyrics

LL Cool J] Do you remember, the first time you ... to say, from the bottom of your heart {*smooch*} I love you ... for real Your eyes, meet; you feel your heartbeat Palms

Roxette lyricsRoxette - You don't understand me lyrics

ve been up all night, you've been puttin' up a fight. Seems like nothin' I say gets ... bed fit a world between me and you. We said "Good ... the silence was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Mortifilia - You are my death lyrics

are here with me You rush into every battle You ... for the first mistake Then you fastly attack So, come on! ... You are my death! I see you everywhere You breath me on my back, anyhow I don't mind your present So, come on! You

The Hush Sound - You are my home lyrics

will you wake up, Open your eyes, It's the first day ... of a new life, you'll see, Cotton at the windows, ... a new life with me, Soft as your skin is, Why so hard to

Chloe Moretz - When you belive lyrics

There can be miracles When you believe Though hope is ... It's hard to kill Who knows what miracles You can achieve When you believe, somehow you will

Sean Paul - (when you gonna) give it up to me ft. keyshia.. lyrics

out my head and into the bed girl... Cau yuh ... the fantasy.. Hey baby girl and it's you a di key...yo...mi ... yuh look inna mi eye gal I see seh yuh want me When you

Eternal 2 - What do you mean when you say lyrics

I've cried all my tears I've had enough time ... fool It's the way that you walk through my life Makes ... me wonder if I'm wasting my time Got a picture of you

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - When you believe ft mariah carey lyrics

yes) There can be miracles when you believe Though hope is ... its hard to kill Who knows what miracles you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - When i get my rewards lyrics

peace in me, I'm burning for you I'm walking the floor in the ... devil's shoes. When I get my rewards, I will bring them to ... you I shall ask for your love, and swear mine is true

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - When you're gone lyrics

I'm with you my heart sings of a joy And ... everything washes over me and cleans me 'til I'm shining ... For your touch there are no words I ... with high hopes in the birds And I know there's nothing better

Zayn lyricsZayn - You belong with me (by taylor swift) lyrics

on the phone with your boyfriend He's upset, he's ... off about something That you said coz he doesn't get your ... humor Like I do.. I'm in my room, it's a typical Tuesday

Anita Baker - When you love someone lyrics

moments never meant to last? And the last thing that I want Is ... to ever make your smile go away Keep the ... momeries take the best of what we had I can't stand to watch

Bethany Dillon - When you love someone lyrics

Those words still ringing in my head Never felt like such a ... of anyone I guess that's what you do when you love someone ... That's what you do when you love someone I was in

B.o.b. - When you gon let me lyrics

know what's on your mind You've heard it all before You ... same question everywhere you go (they all be asking) When ... (x4) There's so much on your mind You've been hurt

Lenny - You are my everything lyrics

you hear me? I'll say what's been said before A million ... times and even more You see me That look on your face And your eyes sign the grace And that's when I come to realize

Calloway - You are my everything lyrics

are songs I must sing to you There are melodies Sounding ... oh so sweet inside my solitude There are rhymes ... heart May we never part for what we have is true Don't you

Dead Swans - When you sleep lyrics

I look at you, Oh, I don't know what I ... feel Once in a while and you make me laugh. And I'll ... sleep tomorrow And it won't be long Once in a ... while, then you take me down. When you walk

Illdisposed - When you scream lyrics

suffer, and later we will unite Pearls, ... wanted, my back turned here is the fight ... here comes the pain You scream at my wrongs But ... t make it right In time all you invoked Was a game I played

Megan And Liz - When you were mine lyrics

could tell you what you wore on that first date We ... talked for hours and we stayed up too late For a ... Can we take the time to say what I like? Can we fight the

Roy Orbison - You better stop lyrics

i want you to understand me I don't want you to be ... confused I see through that line you're ... tryin' to hand me And i don't like being used So ... i think you better stop And see what you're tryin' to do Yes

Gwen Stefani lyricsGwen Stefani - You’re my favorite lyrics

. But out of everything, You’re my favorite I tried a lot ... of things, But you’re my favorite Oh, I think I ... Cause of out everything, You’re my favorite The way

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - When i close my eyes lyrics

about how long the days are And I never heard my heart beat ... Till the first night you were gone Then I know I was ... alone [Refrain:] When I close my eyes and I think

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - When you gonna wake up lyrics

promises that He don't keep You got some big dreams baby, but ... in order to dream you gotta still be asleep. When you gonna wake up, when you ... gonna wake up When you gonna wake up strengthen the

Suzi Quatro - You are my lover lyrics

are my lover and my best friend I think I've ... end 'Cause I don't know what I'd do then I was ... to man They slipped through my fingers like they're made of

Queen - You're my best friend lyrics

you make me live Whatever this world can give to me ... It's you you're all I see Ooo you make me live now ... honey Ooo you make me live Ooh you're ... I ever had I've been with you such a long time You're my

Santa Esmeralda - You're my everything lyrics

na na na ... You're my everything The sun that ... shines above you makes the blue bird sing The ... the sky Tell me I'm in love, when I kiss your lips I feel the

Bolbbalgan4 - When you fall in love lyrics

jal deudneun chaghan aende andoeneunde, andoeneunde, oh ... Like fire bulbichi kyeojimyeon on sesangi ... bollaeyo Oh~ Oh~ Oh~ You break my heart and that’s so

Usher lyricsUsher - You took my heart lyrics

took my heart and ran away Forever in my heart ... you'll stay No matter what we've been through I'm going ... to keep on loving you It's not the way that I

Billy Joel - You're my home lyrics

you look into my eyes and you see the crazy gypsy in my ... always comes as a surprise when i feel my withered roots ... a place that I could call my very own but that's all

Natalie Grant - When you walked into my life lyrics

a sign Wishing for the best And just when I thought my ... chances was gone You came to me with open arms ... a miracle out of the blue You rescue me when I turn to you

Dillon - You are my winter lyrics

I swear I tried to kill what's inside I didn't make it ... that's mine All I want is yours and how this hurts Alexander The streets, the summers

Diana Ross - You got it lyrics

than tears That's how my life has been Since you ... first appeared You opened up my heart To everything fine You put a light inside me And you made me shine From the

Louis Prima - When you're smiling lyrics

you're smiling When you're smiling And the whole ... world smiles with you And when you're laughing Oh, when you ... sun comes shining through When you're crying You bring on

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