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Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - When the world was beautiful lyrics

remember when the world was beautiful And starlight filled the sky ... When your eyes would smile at me ... No man was happier than I I remember when the world was beautiful And

Anita O'day - When the world was young lyrics

happen to be a boulevardier, the toast of Paree, For over the ... noise, the talk and the smoke, I'm good for a laugh, ... I sat and recall. Are the apple trees, blossoms in the

Eddie And The Cruisers - Songs From The Film - When the world was young lyrics

are all the good things Honey We've ... for so long Where are all the sweet dreams baby Where do they belong I remeber we swore ... forever Together we'd stand strong And we

Kansas - When the world was young lyrics

and amazing time, how it's wasted is such a crime And the ... we heard still echo in the distance Filled with ... had everything to gain But the pride that comes before a

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - When the world was at war we kept dancing lyrics

As you make your way across the pond Girls, don't forget ... all of your corsets Memorize them in a little song Shake it ... loose Cut a rug, lean into the f***ing youth Choreo, we

Robert Plant - 2.when the world was young lyrics

am I've been here since all the time began Oh oh, I'm here ... and then Go round and round and back ... hard and strong and free The messenger will hold the key

Her Name In Blood - When the world is gone lyrics

When the world is gone In the fire I'll scream your name ... Whoa With the world in flame You can finally ... be gone Heaven has failed me the last time It's not a game,

Musical Hamilton - The world was wide enough lyrics

seven eight nine— [BURR] There are ten things you need to ... [BURR] We rowed across the Hudson at dawn My friend, ... I watched Hamilton examine the terrain I wish I could tell

Dayseeker - The world was quiet lyrics

s been a long time coming, the consequence of why my pride ... got the best of me, now it's been 2 ... and we still don't speak When we first met, I knew even then that you were different I

The Rakes - The world was a mess but his hair was perfect lyrics

phone Keep trying to stop the night from falling to pieces ... The night goes on and on and on ... on Talking shite through the night Just trying to stop

De/vision - When the world disappeared lyrics

to please Wrong side of the track Stabbed in the back ... Just mending the cracks Then you came down my way And ... all the things you'd say were amazing ... And the world disappeared All the clouds

Goo Goo Dolls - When the world breaks your heart lyrics

remember the night, I was singing to you, By the light ... of the TV. You had a bed on the floor, I couldn't give you ... all that I need." All the darkest nights, All the

Dave Matthews Band - When the world ends lyrics

the world ends Collect your things ... You’re coming with me When the world ends You tuckle up ... yourself with me Watch it as the stars disappear to nothing The day the world is over We’ll

Kyler England - When the world stops spinning lyrics

s a charcoal sky tonight See the hills on fire for miles The ... air is hard to breathe Home is hard to leave Even ... now I will let you go When the world stops spinning I

Chroming Rose - When the world cries lyrics

tribes That kept you on the way It's been a toy of talk ... You're exterminating me WHEN THE WORLD CRIES Now you 've ... get to die In a world of mistakes WHEN THE WORLD

Gamma Ray - When the world lyrics

me, only shells left from the fight Victims of the ones ... that turn the day into the night Survivors stumble ... through the field, they're calling for the priest

The Police - When the world is running down, you make the .. lyrics

had for years James Brown on the T. A. M. I. show Same tape I ... years and years Turn on the radio The static hurts my ... t been out in years Turn on the stereo It's played for years

Magnum - When the world comes down lyrics

no one has called If they had known I think they might ... 'cause you've got it all There are times it's hard to ... swallow When the world comes down on you May it

In Flames - When the world explodes lyrics

m right here, When the world explodes, Try to remember these words, When the world ... explodes! In the darkest of nights, You are ... endless fire inside, Across the waters and back to shore, There's space in time, you guide

Barry Manilow - When the meadow was bloomin' lyrics

April weather When the meadow was bloomin' We walk ... together To the top of the hill Upon the clover When ... the meadow was bloomin' We dreamed together

The Guess Who - When the band was singin lyrics

now they started Skinny Minnie and it ... turned to Ginny Ginny With the Dizzy Miss Lizzy Blues, She ... strollin' and I knew that I was rollin' Had to tell my big

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The world ender lyrics

had a name but they took it from me I was the ... a place where I lay my head They burnt it to the ground and the sky turned red I had a ... life and a place in the world I had a sweet talkin’ wife

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - When the night lyrics

The Night Was Beautiful And Mellow, Mellow And The ... Light Of The Night Fell On Me, Fell On Me ... A Happy Fellow, Fellow And The Light Of The Night Fell On Me

Herman´s Hermits - The world is for the young lyrics

was looking in the mirror last night My grey ... hair turned to black I was looking in the mirror last ... came back I remember the time when I was seventeen

Van Morrison - Before the world was made lyrics

I paint the lashes dark And the eyes more bright And your ... You're just looking for the face you had Before the world was made Before the world was made Before the world was

Snow Ghosts - And the world was gone lyrics

forever, but I blinked and the World was gone You wade ... through the water, slowly your hands ... but I blink... And the World was gone And the World was

Hall And Oates - Who said the world was fair lyrics

get mine If everybody knows they’ve been lied to If ... everybody knows it, then why are they waiting On a ... it must be a test to weed the best from the rest But

Kongos - The world would run better lyrics

over And I guess I thought I was all right A cup of coffee ... a heavy thing seem light The world was spinning With the ... solutions in the palms of our hands And I

Lee Ben - Love me like the world was ending lyrics

is the first day of the future, And all i want is ... shoes. I can see so clearly when your smoke gets in my eyes. ... your lies. Baby can you hear the message i am sending? Love

U2 lyricsU2 - When the love comes to town lyrics

was a sailor, I was lost at sea I was under the ... before love rescued me I was a fighter, I could turn on a ... Now I stand accused of the things I've said When love

Kevin Federline - The world is mine lyrics

m a pirate on the seas, call me Captain Hook ... fairy tales I walked through the concrete jungle wit just a ... sippin on OE Back in '93 when the world didn't quite know

Alan Jackson - Where were you(when the world stopped turning.. lyrics

were you when the world stopped turning on that ... September day? Were you in the yard with your wife and ... stage in L.A.? Did you stand there in shock at the sight of

Lower Than Atlantis - If the world was to end lyrics

the world was to end, would I plummet or ... but my mind won't allow me the idea Have you ever felt ... your life to start? Seems the same from day to day And

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and ... grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The invisible man lyrics

am the one who wants to show You a ... secrets of your cheating world Wherever I will go - No one ... can see me 'Cause I'm the invisible man I'm a ... one goal Rise up to heaven when the time has come I have no

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The invisible man-live lyrics

am the one who wants to show You a ... secrets of your cheating world Wherever I will go - No one ... can see me 'Cause I'm the invisible man I'm a ... one goal Rise up to heaven when the time has come I have no

Carla Bruni lyricsCarla Bruni - Before the world was made lyrics

I make the lashes dark and the eyes more bright and the ... s displayed: I'm looking for the face I had before the world was made. What if I look upon a

Grief - If the world was flat lyrics

the world were flat I'd walk on the ... between life and death Breathe my last breath - take my ... - all life ends Is there a hell below? No one's sure ... my soul fall lifeless into the abyss? My corpse soars

Skyclad - The sky beneath my feet lyrics

(be it Hell). Forget your mothers grieving as I pipe you down ... a shilling in my pocket--and the sky beneath my feet. ... Chameleons bask in the 'arc-lite' reflection-

Celtic Woman - The light of christmas morn lyrics

of chill December sound The farewell of the year And ... evening shadows gather ‘round And cloud the soul ... darkness brings again The light of Christmas morn ‘Twas when the world was waxing old

Dave Days - The world is ending! (and this is why) lyrics

s the end of the world It's the end of the world It's the ... end of the world and I don't mind It's the ... end of the world (Oo-oo-oo) It's the end of the world (Oo-oo-oo) It's the

Inkubus Sukkubus - The goat lyrics

the hot night as the moon rises higher He has ... fan your fire To take you to the stars, take you higher Back ... from the days when the world was young Back from the days when life was fun It is him; he

Narnia - When the stars are falling lyrics

Face to face with the liar Once again he plays his ... me, dark desire Sense the evil of his soul Lift me ... are strong You are with me when the night is falling When the world is upside down When the king has lost his crown You

Laura Branigan - The best was yet to come lyrics

a small town girl in the city lights The best was yet ... to come Then lonely days turned to ... endless nights The best was yet to come How were you to ... know That you would be the lucky one Ain't it funny how

Hillsong Young & Free - When the fight calls lyrics

ve overcome this world with love And made my fight ... fear aside And sing out into the night Even when the world ... caves Even when the fight calls Even when the

Sanctuary - The world is wired lyrics

am I supposed to be? Is this the trial? Self-deprecation ... leads to denial Can you hear the message overplayed As they ... hide behind the sun? Can you feel the future

Monster Magnet - When the planes fall from the sky lyrics

I'm going on a mission When the world burns I ain't gonna ... OK It's OK Hallelujah brothers, hallelujah girls Dancing ... in the fire with your flap jacks set

George Jones - When the wife runs off lyrics

I break the dishes and I burn the steak ... I spilled all the coffee that I try to make ... Tried to do some sewin' stuck the needle in my hand That's how ... it is when the wife runs off with another

Ben Rector - Beautiful lyrics

are days when I wake up That I don't know ... here I barely recognize the pair of eyes staring back at ... me in the mirror there was a day that I was free Not a

Javier Colon - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

was a cool summer night - I was hanging with my friends - you ... with your friends and That's when I noticed your smile - ... unbelievable - was inconceivable how I could

Kenny Chesney - On the coast of somewhere beautiful lyrics

never hold that girl she was born to see the world all i ... she mailed me barefoot in the snowwhite sand bag of ... it seems *chorus* on the coast of somewhere beautiful

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The most beautiful girl in the world. lyrics

did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? And if you did, was she ... Hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl that ... I had done I stood alone in the cold gray dawn I knew I'd

Prince - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

Could you be The most beautiful girl in the world It's plain ... to see You're the reason that God made a girl ... When the day turns into the last day of all time I can

Elysium - When pleasure turns to curse lyrics

down stairway to hell. There´s no way up, there´s no ... years of pain. A bright world turns to a black snuff ... - just - a natural choice? There - is - no suffering´s cure

Harry Nilsson - The most beautiful world in the world lyrics

come to the end And the light there is dimmer And ... You're a scary old place out there, world But I couldn't be ... my thoughts are about you The most beautiful world in the world Well the light can be

Maren Ord - Beautiful lyrics

open up your eyes And see the colour of my tears They're ... not that grey, they're not that blue, They're beautiful If you could just see what ... I see You'd know the world is not that grey And it's

Afi - The boy who destroyed the world lyrics

there was a boy who had vibrant glow, ... from him. One day through the rain I heard him meekly moan, ... Remember where, remember when, remember when we were all so

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The world is ugly lyrics

are the eyes and the lies of the taken These are their hearts ... but their hearts don’t beat like ours ... They burn ‘cause they are all afraid For every

Clan Destined - Beautiful start to the end of the world lyrics

Perfection portrayed in the frame of a girl. To gaze in ... such a sweet way to die; A beautiful start to the end of the world ... falling. I start to recall the dark spaces between. Life

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - If i ruled the world lyrics

I ruled the world Every day would be the first ... to sing And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring ... If I ruled the world Every man would be as free

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