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When The Walls Come Crashing Down .. lyrics

Browse for When The Walls Come Crashing Down .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed When The Walls Come Crashing Down .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to When The Walls Come Crashing Down ...

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A Global Threat - When the walls come crashing down lyrics

s a veteran who's rotting on the side of the street he came home from war and couldn't make ends meet crashing down your life's wasted away as you fall down to the ground walls come crashing down your life's wasted away as you fall down to the ground crash

Smokie - When the walls come down lyrics

know he hurt you More than anybody could I know he told you More than anybody should some guys don't realize the damage they do Now I know you#re thinkin' I'm everybody else How can I blame you for lookin' out for yourself You know how word Gets arou

4him - When the walls come down lyrics

long time ago Near a city called Jericho A band of soldiers All gathered around And Joshua said When it's time to go Youll be marching To the rhythm of the trumpet sound Oh there were those Who still had their doubts That they could take the town But don't you

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - When the walls came tumbling down lyrics

the first day of the first month in some distant year The whole sky froze golden Some said it was the aftermath of the radium bomb While others told of a final retribution A terrible revenge of the gods But we understood the grand finale Fulfillment of a prophecy told many

Van Morrison - When the leaves come falling down lyrics

saw you standing with the wind and the rain in your face And you were thinking 'bout the wisdom of the leaves and their grace When the leaves come falling down In September when the leaves, come falling down And at night the moon is shining on a

J. Geils Band - Till the walls come tumblin down lyrics

a hole through my TV screen Too much too soon if you know what I mean I lost my mind by the count of ten Nobody ever gonna put me back together again You gotta knock it out rock it You gotta sock it out rock it You gotta rock rock rock it Til the walls

Shelby Merry - When the darkness comes lyrics

can fall asleep on my knees and I'll hold you hand. Separate yourself from the darkness in this world and slip into a peaceful land. Hell will rise as the sun falls down, So close your eyes, I'll wake you when the day sounds. They're never gonna break m

The Blank Theory - Corporation lyrics

less I know is more But I already know Too much and now I'm held Inside a tortured face But she didn't really care And she was one of them I guess that's why she left But now it's me that's scared (They'll take away) They'll take it

The Hellacopters - Fake baby lyrics

re pushin' your luck You wanna come on thru' You're pushin' it too hard You don't know what to do You wanna get around You're gonna f*** it all up You walk on dangerous ground With the meat in your mouth For everyone to see But hey you ain't fo

Heather Dale - Crashing down lyrics

must be getting pretty tired Of the man who once inspired you Going back on what he asked you to believe All the promises of power From his glittering ivory tower Where's the height that he once told you you'd achieve? Those other men believe what you and I

Kiss - When your walls come down lyrics

liar, got your pants on fire I know you want it, you know you want it too Hey diddle diddle, when the cat wants to fiddle The kitten's gotta give him the moon And they say "you gotta look before you leap" And "we're gonna jud

Berzerker - The cancer lyrics

your life and all you know I'll see more when all the walls come crashing down White light is your only safety Any other thing might hurt you too much Every time a liar's born There is only one thought and it is murder Anytime anywhere, take your pick Welcomed to the

The Fratellis - We need medicine lyrics

need medicine and we need it now We need medicine and we need it now We need medicine and we need it now To get us to the end of time My soul's on fire, but my heart she's made of stone I'd be a good man if only my wicked thoughts were known I don't bel

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Walls come down ft. keke palmer lyrics

Out. I need to break out. Don't you feel it too? I would if I was you. I've got one life. (I've got one life) Tonight I'm gonna get it right. (I'm gonna get it right) The writings on the wall. I'm gonna have a ball. I wanna live it up. I need to let it out. Until the walls com

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Walls come down ft. keke palmer lyrics

Out. I need to break out. Don't you feel it too? I would if I was you. I've got one life. (I've got one life) Tonight I'm gonna get it right. (I'm gonna get it right) The writings on the wall. I'm gonna have a ball. I wanna live it up. I need to let it out. Until the walls c

Fanfarlo - The walls are coming down lyrics

swallowed it whole, they went for the gold, for the gold We fall for the same lies we all have the same shoes to fit. The preachers and books of your empire will fight here alone Some day the will be forgotten and die one by one. The walls, the walls are coming down The

Evergrey - When the walls go down lyrics

if you don't help me I can't get through this. I can't... Lord, I'm too old for games, Foolish wisdom And I'm tired of rhetoric, meaningless rhetoric that never changes things... Lord, just help me, Just help me... I was feeling god's pain and I've never had anyt

The Dubliners - When the boys come rolling home lyrics

always will remember well the day we went away, Sailing out of Dublin in the morning, Our hopes were on tomorrow as we kissed the girls farewell, And our dreams were on the day of our returning. There'll be dancin', romancin', and never more we'll roam, There'll be r

Chris Stapleton lyricsChris Stapleton - When the stars come out lyrics

was looking for a change of scene You were looking at a magazine It was red carpets and limousines And the grass seemed so much greener All we wanted was to get there fast So, we packed up everything we had Running on hope and a tank of gas Like dreams ain’t just fo

Blur - When the cows come home lyrics

morning Wake up Wake up with purpose and polite efficiency Stuff vitamin pills down your half guarantee A kiss and cuddle with a lucky girl You get fed and watered Makes your hair curl And when the day draws in You put on a record

The Kelly Family - When the boys come into town lyrics

la fiesta a empezado y la jente esta bailando la musica suena suena en la noche sin parar baila baila baila al ritmo y no pares de bailar esta noche tu eres reina y yote quiero enamorar When the boys come into town all the girls go crazy When the boys come into t

Dave Martone - When the aliens come lyrics

... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ..

Hall And Oates - When the morning come lyrics

went downtown to see milady She stood me up and I stood there waiting But it’ll be all right when the morning comes Now I’m up in the air with the rain in my hair I’ve got nowhere to go, so I can go anywhere And it’ll be all right when the mornin

Abaddon Incarnate - When the demons come lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Pentagram (us) - When the screams come lyrics

time that you take to find out life Is not usually worth itself Developin' a real "How to get by" And polishing all it's wealths Have you ever felt pain When the screams come you know That you're dying in vain Right Don't say I didn't warn ya You had it comin

The Police - When the world is running down, you make the .. lyrics

on my V.C.R. Same one I've had for years James Brown on the T. A. M. I. show Same tape I've had for years I sit in my old car Same one I've had for years Old battery's running down It ran for years and years Turn on the radio The static hurts my ea

Jackal - When the light is comin' down lyrics

it’s cold I feel the planet turn Reversing, forever in time, round and round Feel so alive as I play on the ground (feel so alive) A little wind in my face and I learn What summer’s like in the heat with all it’s sounds Under the sky I might get burned (under the sky)

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - When the smoke is going down lyrics

when you make your way back home I find some time to be alone I go to see the place once more Just like a thousand nights before I climb the stage again this night 'Cause the place seems still alive When the smoke is going down This is the place where I belong I rea

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - When the smoke is going down lyrics

when you make your way back home I find some time to be alone I go to see the place once more Just like a thousand nights before I climb the stage again this night 'Cause the place seems still alive When the smoke is going down This is the place where I belong I

Pursuit Of Happiness - When the sky comes falling down lyrics

night you might decide You want to sleep so deep that you rise Into the sky One moment everything becomes clear You want the sun to stop shining so bad That you just close your eyes (Chorus) Oh, no, it's not the worst thing you can do Oh, no, might be the only thing you can do When th

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Got dynamite lyrics

can't take your hand and Lead you to the water I can't make you feel What you don't feel, but you know you wanna Find out how to crack me Log in, try to hack me Underneath the surface There's so much you need to know And you might feel like you're drowning Bu

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Skeletons lyrics

see that thing That you don't see They call them scared to tell us Don't be scared of them 'Cause you're still you And I'm still me It's all irrelevant I got scared to change You could tell me everything And then we could forget it Baby, you could

Mikeschair - Come alive lyrics

still The world shuts down I can hear your voice much louder now You feel so close To where I am Like a river slowly rushing in [Chorus] You come alive and we're here together You come alive and I know you never left You're right here beside me You c

Bullet For My Valentine - Saints & sinners lyrics

is a f***ed up world Driven hard by greed and lust Insanity is taking over Let us all into self-destruct Lock, load, fire away Let it burn or let it smolder away Keep on digging your grave Refuse? Time’s ticking away When the walls come crashing down? Wh

Digital Daggers - Come crashing lyrics

your thunder calling, from a distant sky Wanna feel I've known this, for 1000 lives When the heavens falling, And I see the light Taken from my slumber, From a dream I've died From a dream I've died... Bring me back to life Every time I look in your eyes

L.a. Guns - (can't give you) anything better than love lyrics

ll be there when the others run I'll put you back when you come undone Broken angel when you come to me My arms will be your sanctuary When the walls come crashing down I'll hold you up so you will not drown I can't give you my anything better than love I can't giv

Jarrod Alonge - Unbreakable by chewed up lyrics

gave it all, we’re never looking back Let’s go I've lived another day To follow the path set before me I fight to carry on My heart grows cold but I will never fall With bloodshot eyes I see the light at the end of the road I'm tired and broken, this

Dead Poetic - Crashing down lyrics

fool the crowd with all your sentiments in vain. We are alive again. We will survive again. Don’t turn your back to every move you ever made. We are alive again. We will survive again. And all these sinners count on us to ease their pain. We’re just as lost as them,

Kings Of Leon - Walls lyrics

can get there on my own You can leave me here alone I'm just tryin' to do what's right Oh, a man ain't a man unless he's fought the fight I could never point you out You stop space in a faceless crowd Tell me what I have to say If you know what's right then you'll walk away

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The game is on lyrics

you seen this little toy When you're down it gives you joy You escape reality delve into its TV screen For the rich and for the poor For the even more secure Doesn't matter where you are Where you go or where you've been Well, there's still no guarantee F

John Cougar Mellencamp - Crumblin down lyrics

people ain't no damn good You can't trust 'em you can't love 'em No good deed goes unpunished And I don't mind bein' their whippin' boy I've had that pleasure for years and years No no I never was a sinner--tell me what else can I do Second best is what you get 'til you

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Mr. james dean lyrics

the king's horses Wouldn't make me believe Even when the walls come crashing down You still can never be A rebel without a cause A rebel to the first degree Why don't you stop trying so hard? Cause there's no men, man enough to be Another Ja

Elizabeth Daily - The walls lyrics

see how your lights have all burned out Lost to the darkness And I feel how your hearts as cold as ice Cold as ice Wanna dance with you set you on your feet again Wanna love you and hold you till the walls start to part Oh, now and then, let the light come shinin' Though I see h

Kris Kristofferson - Let the walls come down lyrics

a cold dark corner i town An old soul standing his ground Sang his heart right out at the world Passing him by I can still hear every word Of a song that nobody heard ‘Cause he sang right out of his soul Into the sky, when he cried Let the walls come down Let the lov

Sick Puppies - Walls (you changed) lyrics

hole to nowhere you're lost and you don't care But I'm still here fighting to breath Watching the world from a top your high tower A fool calling himself the king And I watched you change Dead on arrival you say its survival A self preservation technique You lace your

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Tumbling down lyrics

I not the same as you? Do I not live as you do? Do we not work the same land? Bear the same marks on our hands? Flesh and blood we're both the same, Though we go by different names, Both have families to feed, Though we see things differently, We're r

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Turning into you lyrics

day to remember The echoes and embers Are heavy on my mind The pictures are broken The front door is open The scars are left behind The tables turn Your words they burn They're leaving me undone I flinch and shake Until I break I swear to God, for once Could you just hea

Pursuit Of Happiness - Crashing down lyrics

don't need that drink - I know I've had enough How much is enough? Deciding that is kind of tough Are all those empties mine, Lord have mercy Hey, I didn't realize I was so thirsty I'm so stupid now, I want out of my skin People can see me weaving out and weaving in My pers

Exodus - Within the walls of chaos lyrics

drugs, cash, and greed It touches everyone and everything Within the walls there's no escaping the disease Sidwalks turn to pharmacies All the pimps and pushers territories Dollars pouring in from the victims trapped within Schoolyard's a place of sorrow Pray your children l

Patty Loveless - The party ain't over yet lyrics

s a troubled wind a blowin' through my crazy life I feel the chill begin, it's gonna be a long, long, long night I hear the thunder roll but I don't fear the lightning strike 'Cause deep inside I know I'm gonna make it through alright So let the walls come tumbl

Evanescence lyricsEvanescence - The only one lyrics

know you're not the only one. When they all come crashing down, midflight, You know you're not the only one. When they're so alone they find a back door out of life. You know you're not the only one. We're all grieving, Lost and bleeding. All our

Golden Earring - When the lady smiles lyrics

the lady smiles, You know it drives me wild Her lips are warm and resourceful When her fingertips, Go drawing circles in the night Then the mood is soft and sensual, hu-u And I love it, yeah I love it It's the answer to all my dreams Every time it feels like the e

The Decemberists - The hazards of love 4 (the drowned) lyrics

arrayed the rocks around the hull before it was sinking, A million stones, a million bones, a million holes within the chinking. And painting rings around your eyes these peppered holes so filled with crying. A whisper weighed upon the tattered down where yo

Savage Circus - Between the devil and the seas lyrics

s rising, darkness calling me to cross The boundaries to forbidden realms On my journey to the very core Tainted visions gain control of me When the walls come tumbling down Hollow and void is the silence around me How will I end this, I have to break free [Bridge:] Hidi

Oasis lyricsOasis - All around the world lyrics

s a bit early in the midnight hour for me To go through all the things that I want to be I don't believe in everything I see Y'know I'm blind so why d'you disagree Take me away, cos I just don't want to stay And the lies you make me say Are getting deeper every da

Bella Morte - The alone lyrics

s nothing more here and nothing's changed But hate still burns beneath this rage I sense an ending, Within my bloodless heart You will remember, When the walls came falling down [Chorus] My sins will rise up Hope is gone again Within my heart There's no

Apocalyptica lyricsApocalyptica - Come back down lyrics

am standing like a road block Buried in the sidewalk I need something more than nothing Something make me feel alive I would die to feel alive Hang me high and bleed me dry 'Cause every door you closed Every debt you owe Is waiting there wh

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - When the snow comes down in tinseltown lyrics

Santa I live in Hollywood But it's not like in the movies where Christmas is always snowy white On my list is just one wish that it would snow tonight When the snow comes down in Tinseltown You'll be dancing in Hollywood Slippin and sliding and Slei

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - When the sun goes down lyrics

s been a long day, waiting for the night to come I´check my iPhone,let me see what's going, going on, going on help me DJ,play my favorite song, make speakers shake, speakers shake Now everybody wants to sing along, sing along, when the night i

Green River - Come on down lyrics

on down to the river... Lift your eyes to the skies above C´mon in, feel my love A little bit here, a little piece there Pieces of love everywhere Come on down to the river... The river runs shallow, the river goes deep The river calls in your sleep Dig this baby,

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