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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Need someone to hold lyrics

sun came up and pushed away the clouds. Stumbled back to my ... room, really don't know how. I won't ... wake up 'til this afternoon, Been out walkin' all night again.

Rough Silk - We all need something to hold on to in this l.. lyrics

take my hand - I´ll be by your side Guide you ... through the darkness `till you reach the light Let me ... give you hope when the ghosts arrive - we all need

East 17 lyricsEast 17 - Someone to love lyrics

thing in the morning when you just arose Your eyes still closed, you're getting up ... You're feeling down Maybe it's 'cos your ... can't hide, your face was smiling While your heart wears a

Sean Maguire - Someone to love lyrics

feels so good when I'm with you Girl ecstasy, ... yeah yeah It's just the little things you do That makes me ... wanna be right there when you need Someone to love 'Cause if

Mary J Blige - Need someone lyrics

where you stand, it's no way to change it No way to make it ... make sense And it's lonely there, there in the spot light ... Well honey, don't I understand?

Crystal Tears - When the night is cold lyrics

you dancing, your figure's in the air I sail away to places I ... ve never been I dream away to chain your look in me When ... the night is cold — I feel you holding my hand When the night is cold — I hear you

Dave Matthews Band - When the world ends lyrics

the world ends Collect your things You’re coming ... with me When the world ends You tuckle up yourself ... with me Watch it as the stars disappear to nothing The day the world is over We’ll

Joan Jett - Hold me lyrics

tears for us tonight, we've really got to try ... Everybody's got their problems And secrets that they ... try to hide No fight or fuss tonight, be gentle as you can

Drake lyricsDrake - Get it together lyrics

Jorja Smith] Hello I've been hurt so many times It got to a point When I ... I can't do this anymore I need someone to hold me I need someone that needs me I need someone

Welshly Arms lyricsWelshly Arms - Hold on i'm coming lyrics

t you ever Be sad Lean on me When the times get ... bad When our day comes And you are ... down In a river of trouble And about to drown Well ... just hold on I'm coming Just hold on

Hobbie Stuart - Someone to love you lyrics

feel like I known you well And you should believe more ... in yourself 'cause I've had a bad year ... it's been hell but now I'm starting to feel ... myself since I met you. And your

George Jones - She needs someone to hold her lyrics

packed her few belongings left a note and now she's gone ... And I can't stand to think of her out there so all ... alone As soon as she's gone far ... enough to know she's out of sight She'll pull off the highway and she

Dream Street - Dream street - someone to hold me tonight lyrics

don't understand Can't help the way I feel It's crazy but it ... s true, ooh-ooh 'Cause when you touch my hand I know ... this feeling's real Tell me, are you feeling it too?

Dream Street - 10. someone to hold me tonight lyrics

don't understand Can't help the way I feel It's crazy but it ... s true, ooh-ooh 'Cause when you touch my hand I know ... this feeling's real Tell me, are you feeling it too?

2unlimited - Someone to get there lyrics

book We share our dreams together And we will be who we ... want to be wherever Life is a mystery The world ... can be your saviour But let love be your gravity forever

Jon B - Someone to love lyrics

t even like to think about it I don't know ... what I would do without it I only know I ... live and breathe for your love Baby you came to me in my ... time of need When i needed you, you're there for me

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Wild is the wind lyrics

quot;Wild Is The Wind" I tried to make ... You know I tried so hard to be What you hoped that I would be I gave you what you ... wanted God couldn't give you what you need

Robin Gibb - Someone to believe in lyrics

all need somebody Some stranger in the dark You know I really love to love you I gave it ... everything I got To find you in someone else's ... arms But I was always dreamin' of you The

Amanda Jenssen - The rebounder lyrics

time I'm alone I just think of his voice ... I go out every night just to drown it in noise I'd rather ... don't care who you are But I love you Just need someone to hold I don't care who you are I

Aly Michalka - Someone to fall back on lyrics

ll never be a knight in armor ... fighter; Don't count on me to storm the barricades And ... take a stand or hold my ground; You'll never ... scars or wounds I don't walk on coals, I won't walk on

Donots - Someone to blame lyrics

were so quick to say goodbye so tell me did ... even try? you burned a hole in my disguise and left a ... scar larger than life I guess we´re victims ... of a circumstance so please conceal the evidence

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Get ready lyrics

need someone to make it last No Romeos who'll love and ... leave you fast They fade away Tonight you're ... not gonna be alone Making love on the telephone Baby,

Flaw - Get up again lyrics

again A very temperamental process, beginning with all ... this side of you is speechless Overwhelmed with an ... And infecting whomever it pleases, we've been living this

Linda Ronstadt - Someone to lay down beside me lyrics

s somebody waiting alone in the street For someone to walk ... up and greet Here you are all alone in the city Where's the love that you took to your ... side Lonely faces will stare through your eyes in the night And they'll say

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Someone to love lyrics

to love. Someone to love. Deep in my heart is a ... feeling. A feeling that keeps me awake at ... That you're gonna stay for the rest of my life. Someone to love. Someone to hold to. The lucky star inside your eyes.

Melody Thornton - Someone to believe lyrics

need someone, one heart to beat Ride alongside my own, ... I need someone to believe That I will fight, till the day I will fight, all the ... way I will fight Lord knows I won't stop, until

The Amity Affliction - The weight down lyrics

down Weighed down on the way down I've lived behind ... a mask so long, so few know Who I am, they know other sides of me That ... though my hands are made of stone And I break everything I

Ball David - When the devil wants to wrestle lyrics

there's someone out there their heart is filled with doubt ... If they standing in the shadow and the candles blows ... out And the devil is there with you, he's got you in

Willie Nelson - Someone to watch over me lyrics

is somebody I'm longing to see I hope that he turns out to be Someone who'll watch over ... me I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood I know I could ... always be good To one who'll watch over me Although she

Mike Oldfield - When the nights on fire lyrics

was hoping, could you be my inspiration ... whatever should become in the candlelight I was dreaming, ... was it my imagination tomorrow never comes in the candlelight When the night's on

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The elephunk theme lyrics

I hope you're ready Come on, let's go! Let's go! Let's go ... Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! (Yeah ... yeah, yeah...) If you want to start a party throw your

Midnight Oil - When the generals talk lyrics

there on the platform He is speaking to the ... people The people are responding With clapping and a cheering But the ... meaning of the message Not revealed to

Akon - When the time's right lyrics

what up, I go by the name of Divine, I got my boy ... Akon in the back But before I bring him ... out, I want all the ladies Come on, ok ok ok ok, ... Come on all my ladies in the place today Come on, ok ok

Blur - When the cows come home lyrics

Wake up with purpose and polite efficiency Stuff vitamin ... pills down your half guarantee A kiss and cuddle with a lucky girl You get ... watered Makes your hair curl And when the day draws in

Harem Scarem - When the morning comes lyrics

I wake up in the morning I can't recall the ... night before Did I say I love you when I didn't even ... your name cause I Woke up laying flat on the floor ... I was acting pretty stable But I know that ain't a

Brian Mcknight - When the chariot comes lyrics

song] Oh, oh, gidyup All of these flowers For this friend of ... ours, it's such a shame All of these people All of them ... equally feel the same There's silence and weeping Looks

Jefferson Airplane - When the earth moves again lyrics

golden Hannibal Carthage days marchin' onto ... Rome knockin' on the door and findin' nobody home there Rome she cut our army down ... and left them in the snow so now I go to where I

Phora - When the sun goes down (feat. chris gee) lyrics

my head and pray, for my family and sins and those who've ... passed away. It truly amazes me the things that I ... seen, and it seems so surreal cause it ain't make-believe.

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - When the sun rose again lyrics

run 'till you drop Hide, everyone ... knows We all trade in never-befores Selling out for the score Pray, ... squeal when you're caught Cry, it's not ... my fault Time to trade in never-befores Selling out for the score It

Huey Lewis - When the time has come lyrics

s gonna clear up and the sun will shine everybody's ... know things are gonna change when the time has come walls are ... gonna crumble and fall into the sea oh, all men will be humble that's a guarantee a little

Blue Öyster Cult - When the war comes lyrics

quot;When the bones of our oppressors have ... turned to dust; And the cause that we serve rules the ... world. In a vision, visitation, all hail the revolution!"

Aeon - When the war comes lyrics

With force you say that you will crush me I await our battle ... When that day comes I will be looking For you to kill ... When the war comes crowned king I will

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - When the levee breaks lyrics

it keeps on rainin' Levee's goin' to break If it ... keeps on rainin' Levee's goin' to break When the levee breaks I'll have no place to stay Mean old levee

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - When the eagle screams lyrics

the heart of battle we were tested, All of us ... were in the front line too, We were in the thick of it ... it, But we had much more soldering to do, I'll tell you

Newsboys - When the tears fall lyrics

I have known pain But there's one thing, that I'll cling to You are faithful, ... Jesus You're true When hope is lost, I'll call You ... saviour When pain surrounds, I'll call You

Cheap Trick - When you need someone lyrics

does it feel to be on you own While the ... night slips away You toss and turn like a ship in the ... storm Have you lost your way I can see by the ... Youve been hurt before Hold me close like the very first

Reo Speedwagon - Someone tonight lyrics

don't run away. Some say i'm cold-blooded. I'd say i'm just ... not that way. I need someone tonight. Someone to hold on to me tight. I need someone tonight. If i could convince

Gavin Degraw - Need lyrics

tells lies, you slam doors You think twice, oh ... oh oh oh He makes plans, you change yours Two ... you got this secret you keep Like the looks that you steal

Redlight King - Times are hard lyrics

or later life will pull you in Make you choose to either sink or swim Somewhere down ... the line it's gonna' break your ... Put you out and make you wear the scars. All these dreams

The Hollies - You know he did lyrics

made a fool of you I said he would You ... know he did How many times did I say He'd let you down ... Well it's a sin You're playin' a losin' game Well you

Michael Bolton - Need you to fall lyrics

your fortress That you fixed to keep the rapids out Atop the ... walls of tamed emotions looking down At the fools who ... tried to come alive Through someone's eyes and hope they'd be alright And somehow something

Boney M - Hold on i'm coming lyrics

t you ever, feel sad Lean on me, when the times are ... bad When the day comes And you're down ... In a bit of trouble And you bite the ground ... Just hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm

Ferry Bryan - Hold on (i'm coming) lyrics

t you ever feel sad Lean on me when the times are ... bad When the day comes and you're down In ... a river of trouble and about to drown Hold on, I'm comin'

Alex Hepburn - Hold me lyrics

ll hold you close tonight I won't let go until ... you're sure You're not alone Now don't you hold your ... tears inside I'll never judge you Or make you ... feel less of a man Let me be the one to come

Boston Building - When you need somebody lyrics

hold more than I show and speak less than I know Won't someone ... show me how to grow the fields? Like everything I know is ... destroyed by all I don't But when I'm holding your wheel These broken

Dina Carroll - Run to you lyrics

one ever said life would be easy There are days when ... I paint on a smile Yet the good time appear when you're ... you mean so much more in my life I need your love more

Dj Wich - The long way home ft sixin lyrics

only time you lose is if you give up You ... got to live doing and just die trying ... Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself ... But sometimes it's like I'm looking at someone else I want

Scarface - Get out feat jayz lyrics

Wsup, wsup witcha? Tryin to get this loot Yeah ... [Jay-Z] Dope, coke, or all the guns you need, nigga [S] ... You could get them thangs for a lesser fee [JZ

Nironic - The long way home feat sixin lyrics

only time you lose is if you give up You ... got to live doing and just die trying ... Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself ... But sometimes it's like I'm looking at someone else I want

The Rembrandts - Someone lyrics

ve been together now for such a long time ... Through every trial we'd ever care to go When I look back I almost can't believe it We're not the same ... people that we used to know With all the years

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