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Ryan Leslie - When the beat stop lyrics

Verse 1:] Something about the way you stare It makes me ... wanna take it there Something about the things ... [Chorus:] Where ya gonna be When the beat stop Are you

Marlon Roudette - When the beat drops out lyrics

the beat drops out and the people gone We still be there, still be there for me ... child When the lights go out and the ... morning come We still be there, still be there for me

Brother Ali - When the beat comes in lyrics

the doors, let the people in Turn up the mics, ... let me speak to them Victorious when the evening ... ends It all starts when the beat begins [VERSE 1: Brother

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Beat drop lyrics

the beat drop Time to round them up And ... tell them where we're gonna go If they don't know how to work it Then I'll leave them at the door ... Gotta make it to the center of the circle, grab my

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Beat drop (2 ver.) lyrics

'em where we're gonna go If they don't know how to work it then I'll leave 'em at the door ... Gotta make it to the center of the circle grab my ... hand Tell the DJ drop the beat don't play some motherf***in

Raging Slab - When the cock crows lyrics

s a woman and she lay me low She's a woman ... she can shake my soul All the ... Get paid in Pearls But she's a woman in a bad mans' ... world Don't know where she goes... When the cock

Collective Soul - When the water falls lyrics

ways For knowledge. Now she's questioning her mother ... Yeah she's questioning her father Yeah she's looking for the ... answers To the problem that confronts her.

Sean Kingston - Wont stop feat justin bieber lyrics

Sean Kingston] I see them coming, yeah. They try to ... bring me down, but I won't stop. They want me in the ground ... but I won't stop. 'Til I'm dead, man, I won

Lil Boosie - When you gonna drop lyrics

Intro:] I'm tired of all these bitch ass niggas askin me when I'm gon drop. I got you ... (I'm ready) Cuz I'm tired of these niggas askin me. [Chorus

Girls Aloud - Stop lyrics

We get our thrills It's the good times rolled into one ... Hit the floor 'Cos the music is pure Give it up and ... join the fun No sleep for the wicked No fun for the good

Sistar - Drop the beat lyrics

Let’s go Hey, DJ don’t stop (turn up da sound) Now, let ... da beat drop (just make it pound) You ... know we won’t stop (We want it now) Everybody

Alphabeat - The beat is lyrics

s written on the wall, It's everywhere I go, ... s got my body zooming, Baby the bounce is booming, ... Everybody says that the beat is, Everybody, Everybody

Monica - Everytime tha beat drop lyrics

then bend my knees, everytime the beat drop [Hook:] I can´t ... help who I´m is when they play my shhh I just love to ... dance everytime the beat drop I love to wild out damn

Monica - Everytime tha beat drop featuring: dem franch.. lyrics

then bend my knees, everytime tha ... beat drop Rock, then bend my knees, everytime tha ... beat drop You know pimpin' make tha beat drop, and with a laptop I

Lea Michele - You can't stop the beat lyrics

can’t stop an avalanche As it races ... down the hill You can try to stop the seasons, But you know ... will And you can try to stop my dancin’ feet But I just

Dj Snake - Drop ft. diplo lyrics

To The Beat Drop To The Beat Drop Drop To The Beat Move To The Beat Move Move To The Beat You ... Gotta Hit The Floor Come Ooooooon! And It ... Goes Something Like That Drop To The Beat Drop To The Beat Drop Drop To The Beat Move To The Beat Move Move To The Beat You

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - When the wrong one loves you right lyrics

don't care, what they think how they feel, or ... what they say your're everything, i ... been warned, so many times they tell me i've ignored the ... nobody knows you like i do the only one for me is you

C2c - The beat lyrics

E-A-T The B, The E, The A, The T Can you feel it? ... The B, the E, the A, the T Can you feel it? Can ... it? Close my eyes to feel the beat Can you feel it? You

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - The lion the beast the beat lyrics

on to me Ooh I found the heart of a lion In the belly ... of the beast And I held it in my ... feel I could feel, feel the beat Gas up the easy rider And

A Dream Too Late - The life lyrics

.. I want to change from the inside out I'll give you the life, give you the life I ... you I know I can't escape the sun. So I'll sing a new song ... .. I want to change from the inside out I wont stop,

A Tribe Called Quest - The hop lyrics

nigga Shaheed in it We got the girl Kristine in it, got my ... G in it Hey, yo, inside the ghetto or in a sunny meadow ... I'ma make you move whether woman or fellow Yo, I got the medals in the warfield of

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - When the girl gets hot (the love don't stop) lyrics

Into won't take long, And she'll be mine Now she got me by ... hand Into her room we go, She throws me on the bed and I ... hit it's peak You want more, She's giving more Like an animal

Prince - The gold standard lyrics

y‘all be thinkin‘, nude is the brand new U wn Everybody‘s ... and done with style The gold standard, crazy amazing, ... upper echelon groove The gold standard, crazy amazing,

Coco Jones - Coco jones holla at the dj lyrics

off the flight with my brand new ... shoes on They ain't even out yet, let me ... in front of ya Meet me at the door, it's kinda crazy cuz I ... m popular Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up

Say Anything - She wont follow you lyrics

in my utter disgust Till the old me started to bleed and ... up to farm oil It's the pigs who's curl out to ... want an award to mark an s at the end of your test Don't dare

The Knack - She likes the beat lyrics

waiting for me at home yeah she's a raver she's outasight and ... indiscreet she don't like bullshit no no no she likes the beat we go out ... driving turn on the radio ain't no excitement there ain't no rock and roll they play a love song but the

Her Name In Blood - When the world is gone lyrics

When the world is gone In the fire I'll scream your name ... Whoa With the world in flame You can ... be gone Heaven has failed me the last time It's not a game,

Nipsey Hussle - She said stop lyrics

ve been posted on the corner from new york to ... california she say stop but I don't wanna she say stop but I ain't gonna I just got ... I just got to keep on movin' she say stop but I don't wanna she say stop but I ain't gonna

Ben Rector - The beat lyrics

Won't you just stand still She's had a white mercedes And I ... know she will And then the beat comes And then she's moving ... on the dance floor And I wonder

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - When the night comes falling from the sky lyrics

out across the fields, see me returning ... eye, you draw a smile From the fireplace where my letters to ... miles, look me over It's the end of the chase and the moon

Ima Robot - The beat lyrics

clocking out at the station hurry up and get ... friday, saturday down in the basement shower up in the ... in pink short skirts in the cold to the club oh the

Kelly Rowland - All of the night (ft. rico love) lyrics

the lights on In the middle of the bedroom The ... kitchen or the hall way Just give me a lot ... foreplay It ain't gotta be the night time Just tell me when

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - When the music´s over lyrics

the music's over When the music's over, yeah When the ... music's over Turn out the lights Turn out the lights ... Turn out the lights, yeah When the music's over When the

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - When the musics over live lyrics

c'mon When the music's over When the music ... s over, yeah, When the music's over Turn out the ... lights, Turn out the lights Turn out the lights, ... yeah When the music's over Turn out the

Evergrey - When the river calls lyrics

I was born as a hero All the tears I wept The tears that ... just kept falling All the dreams I dreamt Dies when the river's calling Liars ... Lairs I am soulless Another side of me Oh yes it's

Karaja - She moves (la la la) lyrics

her body, moves her feet, she feels the rhythm like it is ... her heartbeat, up and down, she jumps to the beat, she is ... and la, lala, lalalala, she goes la, lala, lalalala and

Jimmy Buffett - When salome plays the drum lyrics

Chorus:] When Salome plays the drum The crowd goes deaf and ... by dark sensations Partially the heat More so it's the beat She moves in syncopation Gazelle

Elvis Costello - The beat lyrics

me. Heard somebody say they're out to collar me. ... up; don't mumble if you're in the combo. On the beat, on the ... ' See your friends in the state their in. See your

Mnemic - The silver drop lyrics

my soul and feel inability to stop this today Hardline the drug ... how to hurt it to perfection The silver drop gets under my ... been here - I didn't like it then I bleed cuz - this is what

Brother Ali - The believer (feat. slug) lyrics

"Somebody told me, that the, I'm the truth Don't worry ... (Hit it!) [Break: Brother Ali - talking] Yeah, yeah ... in a swing like that right there Yeah, ah (I want

Eminem lyricsEminem - When the music stops lyrics

sometimes it's hard to tell the difference But we as ... have a responsibility to these kids Sike! [Eminem:] ... would it matter Can never be the lead-off batter of things

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The beat of black wings lyrics

one for me to sing Hard as the squawk and the flap And the beat of the beat of black wings ... "They gave me a gun" he said ... "They gave me a mission For the

Canton Jones - The password: jesus lyrics

bout to snap bow wit the devil dawg Let the beat drop Demons tremble at the name ... There's no other name that's higher than ... yours Lord There's no other name that's higher than

The Joy Formidable - The last drop lyrics

space, It's all loud Loud as the light can be made Smile in ... space, It's all loud Loud as the light can be made How come ... it's all around me? Under the bed, these boxes Wait for the spring, to bring me near It

Ricky Dillon - Beat lyrics

now? Can you feel me now? Beat makes me wanna get loud Like ... a heartbeat, boom boomin' 808's run ... imma show you how Listen to the drums go hard Like a

Raven - When the going gets tough lyrics

m gonna hunt you down Just when you think that you're a ... I'll find every clue you drop And never never stop While ... I am undercover Can you take the chance with your life When

Rise To Fall - When the instinct ...kills the reason lyrics

me understand the way you control this Every ... distinguish light - Beyond the chaos But when I think I'm ... reaching the sky It leaves me paralysed - ... We live in a world Where the pure forsaken Dreaming lies

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - When the sun goes down lyrics

s that girl there? I wonder what went wrong ... So that she had to roam the streets She don't do major ... credit cards I doubt she does receipts It's all not

Blaque - When the last teardrop falls lyrics

s so hard to lose the one you love To finally have ... You try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin' on And ... know it's time to move on When the fairy tale that you once

Foreigner - The beat of my heart lyrics

the beat of my heart Ooh the beat of my heart Always here I ... you But you won't see me On the street or underground I'll ... be there somewhere You can look

Hevein - The last drop of innocence lyrics

seems, things won't be the same. Depleted, tolerance ... We see, an eviler day. The greed, the greed's here to ... stay. The greed... tis here to stay. ... take a step back. Please, there's no way out now. He sees,

East Clubbers - Beat is coming lyrics

up and start feel emotions When you're dancing on the club ... We are the kings of the music I wanna be your ... up and start feel desire When the beat is coming up The beat is coming up Look at my

Faith Hill - When the lights go down lyrics

across town He'll be wipin' the bar, and moppin' the floor ... Countin' his tips and lockin' the doors Restlin' with the ... that tells him to pour another round When the lights go

Noumena - The first drop lyrics

Only rise to fall When these days are like yesterdays I ... m too proud to feel the same Welcome here where it ... So silent after rain, so calm the dawn The day so pale, I'll

Donghae & Eunhyuk - The beat goes on lyrics

E E Eight ui geu Beat cheoncheonhi jigeum ... on momeul gamssaoneun i beat ttara umjigyeo nan Oh ... deo nopigo And we go And the beat goes And the beat goes

The Hellacopters - The devil stole the beat from the lord lyrics

sore But it feels so good when you scream for more The ... devil stole the beat from the Lord It´s time to set things ... Got your name in blood suck the air from your lungs And they

Beady Eye - The beat goes on lyrics

that I died today Walked off the stage Faded away into the ... clouds To the gig in the sky And when I arrived The ... singing a song Yeah you know the one Are you singing along?

The Agonist - When the bough breaks lyrics

.. she was... and we face this ... and weak, dependent on others' decisions And needs. But ... Is it a plague or a gift the ability to create in the way ... of the Gods? We are instinctual

Laura Branigan - When the heat hits the streets lyrics

if you're awake or dreaming The sky is still and the city is ... You don't hear a sound but there's something in the air You ... going Your body is tired but the night keeps calling Pushing

Rise Against - The first drop lyrics

m not alone I stand amongst the voiceless Millions in the ... Here arm-in-arm We parade these streets And sing our songs ... We've had enough Is there even anything left to

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