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When She Comes I Go To lyrics

Browse for When She Comes I Go To song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed When She Comes I Go To lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to When She Comes I Go To.

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Ben Rector - When she comes around lyrics

ve noticed And you've found true ... And with both fists I'm (needing/leading?) you And ... I've got doubts And they talk so ... loud In silence Is where you're found When she

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - When she comes lyrics

this world keeps turnin' 'round London Bridge ... keeps burnin' down but it'll be all right, oooh No ... one hears our silent screams In this land of ... broken dreams but it'll be all right, when she comes It'll be all right, when she

Injected - When she comes lyrics

she comes in all degrees, no more need ... all away, you can't say Try to kick a line in time, no more ... time Burn the taste down on ... knees, you can't see What I want, I can't say Breaking

Lindsey Buckingham - When she comes down lyrics

is waiting She is waiting She is dreaming She is dreaming ... And we're all going to meet her Yes we're all going ... to meet her When she comes down When she comes down She is watching She is watching

Donald Lawrence - When the saint's go to worship lyrics

Solo:] When the saints Go to worship. That's when the king Of kings Shall come in. When the saints Go up in praise. ... That's when the spirit Shall inhabit This place.

Airfare - She comes around lyrics

you see the shoes and shirt that she wore? Oh my god. ... Did you see the way she looked when I talk my filthy ... talk? Oh no, the girl she never saw snow come down

Kris Kristofferson - When she's wrong lyrics

on and take her, it ain't no surprise boy I knew ... that someday it had to come Just let me offer a ... word to the wise, boy Oh, take a good look ... turn around, boy, and try to forget her She's gonna hurt

Jewel - She'll be comin' round the mountain lyrics

ll be coming round the mountain when she comes She'll be ... coming round the mountain when she comes Coming round the ... mountain, she'll be coming round the mountain, Coming

Lit - She comes lyrics

sense Goes out the window like a cigarette I take a hit ... again When all her friends They talk about me in a ... past tense I take the hit again She walks in in the middle of the night Like we're good to go All screwed up but it just feels right And I don

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - When she says baby lyrics

days it's tough just gettin' up Throwin' on these boots ... and makin' that climb Some days I'd rather be a ... no-show lay-low Before I go outta my mind. But when she says baby, Oh no matter what

Jettblack - When it comes to lovin' lyrics

girl's on fire I'm talkin' top of the line, head of the ... heap She's so hot she burns my blues away Now I ... m no liar She's got a body so fine she'd make a

Love - She comes in colors lyrics

thought in my head I think Of something to do ... Expressions tell everything I see one on you Woh woh woh ... woh my love she comes in colors You can tell her

Against All Authority - When it comes down to you lyrics

stands a target behind the counter. And she burns ... alittle more from every encounter ... Spit on, again and again, till her eyes are bloodshot. ... Now, its slowly sunken in. "Theres gotta be more

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - She´s given up talking lyrics

s given up talking Don't say a word Even in ... the classroom Not a dickie bird Unlike other children She ... s seen and never heard She's given up talking Don't say

Fastball - She comes round lyrics

she belongs to me But she doesn't know it, oh yeah She ... comes walking down the street She don't ... notice me And she comes 'round She knows how to turn

Rough Silk - When the circus is coming to town lyrics

was a groupie – a die-hard rock´n roll fan. The ... word “fan” comes from “fanatic” – the word “candle” Comes ... from “can”. She used to wait outside at the backstage

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Here she comes lyrics

begins to steal the light Confusion throws another ... mystery It's out for focus with eye So now you wonder is ... this just a dream Here she comes, here she comes She's gonna

Inspiral Carpets - She comes in the fall lyrics

up, wake up, this must be some kind of fear In the short time that I have got to know you I have found ... here a wrong way to go about it It's just this fear, the

Raging Slab - When the cock crows lyrics

s a woman and she lay me low She's a woman ... she can shake my soul All the good girls Get paid in Pearls ... But she's a woman in a bad mans' world Don't

Clay Walker - When she's good she's good lyrics

black frame glasses and her hair back in a bun, From 9 to 5 ... she looks just like a school librarian. But mister come this friday, When shes punching

Nevermore - She comes in colors lyrics

followed the sun And infinity bent into twilight Last ... slave into the grave again Until tomorrow, follow ... the sun Until tomorrow, in your eyes She comes to me

Primal Fear - When death comes knocking lyrics

s a sign in the sky And the thunder is ... calling my name When it comes to the point Agony turns into pain There's no surrender! ... I know I'll never give in I won't stop fightin' When

Marvin Gaye - When love comes knocking at your heart lyrics

here I am alone, thinking aimlessly Seeing other girls in ... love & wishing it were me If I could only find the key & make love ... come my way I would trade this loneliness for true love any

Matt Terry lyricsMatt Terry - When christmas comes around lyrics

days, turn to grey, put the headlights on ... Snow and rain, wiped away, I can't keep my eyes on the ... road When I'm driving home, I got tears, running down, burning in my eyes and you and I,

Alice Cooper - When hell comes home lyrics

wants to take me for a ride Daddy likes to drink when ... daddy drives He's pounding on my door He wants to ... come inside Yeah daddy wants to take me for a ride That's

Midnight Priest - When midnight comes lyrics

woke up from the dead In a wicked evil dream On her body ... nothing's left Hot a single memory Across the ... cemetery gates Running to the city lights A thousand

Cheap Trick - Good girls go to heaven lyrics

girls do Some girls don't Don't mean type ... Lay me down Can't seem to sleep My mind's been thinkin' real deep All my ... thoughts are runnin wild Out of control-outta my mind 'Cause good girls go to

Dr. Hook - When she cries lyrics

one knows my lady when she's lonely No-one sees the ... fantasies and fears my lady hides There are those who share ... But no-one hears my lady when she cries, but me No-one hears my

Masterplan - When love comes close lyrics

put a spell on him She had his heart in her hand And when ... she squeezed a litte bit too hard She tore the boy to pieces Looked into the mirror I was hypnotized There

Gabe Bondoc - She is lyrics

runs free and the sun in my sky But she comes to me when she's got nowhere to hide She tried to leave once but she didn't instead came crying My ... shoulder her head I count the seconds that she isn't around Every single minute is a new treasure found

Bondoc,gabe - She is lyrics

runs free and the sun in my sky but she comes to me when she`s got nowhere to hide she tried to leave once but she didn`t instead came crying my ... shoulder her head i count the seconds that she isnt around every single minute is a new treasure found

Domain - When it comes to love lyrics

in my heart where it's cold and lonely Keeping ... memory of you So far apart I wanna have you only This time no doubt about it This time - and when it comes to love

U2 lyricsU2 - When love comes to town lyrics

was a sailor, I was lost at sea I was under ... Before love rescued me I was a fighter, I could turn ... on a threat Now I stand accused of the things I ... ve said Love comes to town I'm gonna jump that train When

Plan Three - When everything comes to an end lyrics

you say we're doing alright? Or would you change this ... life for another? Do you run or ... stay and fight? Go on your own or stay together? ... As we all fall in line We're blind in our hearts

B. B. King - When love comes to town lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I was a sailor, I was lost in ... sea I was under the waves, before ... love rescued me I was a fighter I could turn on threat

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - When christmas comes lyrics

whole world Feels a little bit more love When Christmas comes When Christmas comes And ... everywhere that you go People singing "Let It ... Snow" And hanging up That mistletoe And

All Them Witches - When god comes back lyrics

me up primitive I'll die like a slave Ridin' on the wings of that Jesus snake Ten ... thousand souls in your right hand Never lost ground to ... man Ten thousand souls in your right hand Juggernaut

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - She cant let go lyrics

has the innocence and vision of a child How can I ever ... really know her? We're riding on a carousel That's running wild Around in circles 'til it's over And every time

Six Degrees Of Separation - When autumn comes... lyrics

Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund...

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - When it comes to us lyrics

turning up when it comes to us He is come and get you when you had enough You are gonna ... drop when it comes to us But we do it again Go ... and when it comes to us Way we dress Believe it

Fiction Family - When she’s near lyrics

cover is blown I'm faded and dreary When my ... love is away My cover is blown When she leaves me ... alone I'm weathered and weary The nights are the days when my

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - When tomorrow comes lyrics

your dreamlit eyes Shades of sleep have ... driven you away. The moon is pale outside And you are ... far from here. Breathing shifts your careless head ... by the chaos of our lives. Another day - another night Has taken you again my

Foreigner - When it comes to love lyrics

the day seems so far away When I walked into your life And ... the look in your eyes, how it took you by surprise But it ... felt so right Then I drew you in, told you anything 'Cause I wanted you so bad

Alan Jackson - When love comes around lyrics

for me hasn't been easy I've let true love fall to the ... the years and the tears I've learned what love's about ... And this time I'll be ready When love comes around When

The Monkees - When love comes knockin' (at your door) lyrics

love comes knockin' at your door Just open up ... and let I'm in. It's gonna be a magic carpet ride; ... So little girl now don't you run and hide. ... I know that you've been hurt

Pillar - When tomorrow comes lyrics

sunshine of a new day Shines upon my face I don't know ... where to begin I don't know how it came to this If things don't change ... maybe I'll Be the one that you can't

Grim Reaper - When heaven comes down lyrics

heaven comes down, look out They say I ... m a loser, and it's tearing me apart, But I'll show ... them they're wrong, and believe me I don't fool around

Infinite ∞ - When love comes lyrics

ttaeneun nado mollae sarangi ol ttaeneun josimseure ... sarangi ol ttaeneun sonagicheoreom ige saranginga bwa ... sarangi ol ttaeneun dalkomhage ... sarangi ol ttaeneun kkumeul kkudeut

Jackie Chan - When april comes lyrics


Craig Mack - When god comes lyrics

da f***'s going on inside the biz Shit ain't raw no ... more Fake is how it is I hear brothers talking 'bout ... shooting and killing Then going home and chilling Frontin'

Nazareth - When jesus comes to save the world again lyrics

can see it in your eyes You’ve been ... searching for something In a world you despise There ... just has to be something You can see through the lies Now that you’ve found your

Astral Doors - When darkness comes lyrics

on the bible; hand on the book that ... speaks of war Two different faces of the world ... and for always; look there behind the walls of time To blind ... world and see [Chorus:] When the darkness comes; screams

College 11 - When love comes around lyrics

I saw him passing by Right in front of my eye I couldn't ... let this love just slip away So I took him by the ... hand And said 'hey there my friend' Would

Saxon - When doomsday comes (hybrid theory) lyrics

is futile There’s nowhere to hide We’ve run out of options We’ve fought with the tide We wait for tomorrow To ... see if it comes Defences are pointless It

Tasmin Archer - When it comes down to it lyrics

ve done nothing wrong but it seems so long since we've ... shared some time and i say i don't mind but oh when it comes down to it do you really ... wanna? but oh when it comes down to it i suppose it's

Colt Ford - She aint too good for that lyrics

her pinstriped suit she's so sophisticated she can't ... help it her diploma got her makin 200k while she's ... cruising in a jet black benz she can sip expensive wine and nibble cheese on a cracker in a

Hank Williams - When god comes and gathers his jewels lyrics

ceremony was over A lad stood alone in tears For he had ... just said goodbye To the one he had loved through ... the years. He stood all alone with his head

Jefferson Airplane - Go to her lyrics

to her She waits She lies Beating for you Go to ... her She waits She lies Screaming for you I ... never thought I'd see the day When the ... would move up and say Go to her She lay Waiting for you

Tim Mcgraw - She never lets it go to her heart lyrics

I go, They're starin' at her Every man I know, ... He wants to have her. I guess I oughta be A jealous ... man. I look the other way They're hittin' on her Every night and

George Strait - She let herself go lyrics

wondered how she'd take it when he said goodbye. Thought she might do some cryin': lose ... some sleep at night. But he had no idea, when he hit the road, That without him in her life, she'd

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